Tune in LIVE as Our Experts Take the Stage to Show You How to Prosper, Profit and Protect Your Wealth as We Enter a New Decade


Dear Reader,

Right now, 500 of our most loyal subscribers are in beautiful Amelia Island, Florida for Banyan Hill’s 2019 Total Wealth Symposium.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Because we’re just a few months away from ushering in a new decade…

A New Roaring Twenties, if you will.

One hundred years ago, the 1920s brought unprecedented prosperity to the common people — through advancements in industry and technology.

The New Roaring Twenties? Stands to be even greater.

According to our own Paul Mampilly: “More millionaires and billionaires will be minted in the coming months and years than at any other time in history.”

And September 12 to 14, the world’s greatest financial minds will take the stage to show YOU how to prosper, profit and protect your wealth in the New Roaring Twenties.

John Wilkinson
My name is John Wilkinson. I’m the director of premium services here at Banyan Hill Publishing and master of ceremonies for the Total Wealth Symposium.

Though we wish you could be with us in person for this live conference, we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

So we’ve devised a way for you to attend virtually.

Essentially it’s a front-row seat to the event as we issue top moneymaking insights to our live audience — and you can show up in your pajamas.

In a minute, I’ll share everything this year’s symposium has to offer and how you can access it — LIVE — with your own virtual ticket.

At the 2019 Total Wealth Symposium you will discover how to get rich from a plethora of new ideas, things like:

These just scratch the surface. Our editors plan to cover all of them and more!

If you plan to enjoy your retirement during the next decade — do you have all the money you want to make the most of it? With some to spare?

Our Experts Will Share What You Need to Know to Set Yourself up to Get Millions in the Bank

Here’s just some of who you’ll hear from:

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Technology expert and stock aficionado Paul Mampilly will take the stage to talk about “disruptification” — his word to describe companies and industries radically transforming the old way of doing things and capitalizing on new consumer and lifestyle trends.

Ideas that are so disruptive to conventional thinking and established ways are the radical ideas that change the course of history (think Nicholas Tesla, Marie Cure, Steve Jobs).

For Paul, disrupters hold an honored place. As an early investor in Netflix and Amazon, he sees these types of companies and industries as the true architects of change.

And they make for terrific stock plays. In his Profits Unlimited newsletter and multiple other trading research services, Paul looks tirelessly for the Amazons of tomorrow — and will share his “super stocks” of the New Roaring Twenties.

Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali

Real Wealth Strategist editor Matt Badiali is in a league of his own.

Matt spent the first part of his career as a university-trained geologist. Three chapters into his dissertation, he left the academic world behind to begin a whole new venture as a natural resources investor at a billion-dollar investment research firm.

By the time he left, he was the company’s No. 1 stock picker.

“To master the financial markets, you have to have an edge,” Matt says. “Something that separates you from the other 99.9% of investors out there.”

As a geologist and investor, Matt has a rare insight into the commodities and natural resource markets that few on Wall Street can claim.

“Wall Street is completely stumped by these stocks,” he adds. “They don’t follow the typical rules. So while they’re off chasing high-flying tech stocks, I’m showing my readers how to double, triple and even quadruple their money in commodities and natural resources in as little as six months.”

Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and the co-editor of Insider Profit Trader. He first joined Banyan Hill Publishing as executive editor in 2015, bringing with him more than two decades of experience as a stock market investor and financial journalist.

Jeff is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily, helping investors understand business, economic and monetary trends and highlighting the safest — yet most profitable — opportunities to invest in the stock market.

An Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010, Jeff has interviewed and learned the investing secrets of some of the most successful financiers and entrepreneurs of the era — such as Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson and many others.

Jeff’s reporting also helped identify successful investment opportunities in small-cap growth stocks and large company turnarounds, as well as across a wide variety of sectors, from “big box” retail to agriculture and developments in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman

Just as important as making boatloads of money, is making sure you keep it.

That’s where our leading wealth perseveration expert, Ted Bauman, comes in.

Most of our readers know Ted as the editor of our popular The Bauman Letter, the only financial newsletter of its kind that combines a powerful, systemic approach to investing with innovative solutions to grow and protect your wealth.

But, what most people don’t know about Ted is that his work has taken him to over 75 different countries, where he has consulted leading organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations.

If you want to know the best place in the world to store a portion of your wealth so the government, lawyers and greedy relatives can’t get to it — Ted’s got you covered.

If you want to know which countries offer the most financial privacy and who to talk to in those countries, Ted will connect you with the right people. Bottom line, if you’re looking for innovative strategies to enhance your wealth profile, Ted’s your guy.

Ian King

Ian King

Ian joined the Banyan Hill team in 2018 and has quickly become one of our most popular analysts. When he isn’t writing for Banyan Hill, he is regularly featured on Fox Business, Investopedia, Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha.

A leading cryptocurrency expert and former hedge fund manager, Ian comes with over two decades’ experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. He also brings his expertise to the Crypto Profit Trader research service and the newly launched monthly newsletter, Automatic Fortunes.

Ian has a message for this year’s Total Wealth Symposium attendees: “If you want the chance to make $1 million in the next year, cryptocurrencies absolutely MUST be a part of your investment portfolio. It is not too late to make money in this growing field … far from it.”

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi
New to Banyan Hill!

Charles Mizrahi is the newest guru on the Banyan Hill team. He has an uncanny ability to spot ongoing money-making opportunities. His impeccable reputation began at the age of 20, on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange.

Not long after that, he moved on to become a wildly successful money manager. Charles was ranked the No. 1 performing market timer — not just on Wall Street but in the entire United States — based on the actual performance of client accounts. Barron’s also ranked Charles as the No. 1 commodity trading adviser.

He has more than 35 years of recommending stocks under his belt, and he’s bringing that experience to his newly-launched Alpha Investor Report.

Ted Bauman

Michael Carr, CMT, CFTe

Mike Carr is a lot of things.

He’s one of the top traders in the world.

He’s an instructor at the prestigious New York Institute of Finance.

He helped design the Pentagon’s original communications infrastructure — an early-day version of the internet.

He was one of the developers of our nation’s most mission critical nuclear warheads — an experience that has helped him code market-crushing investment strategies.

He’s one of the few Chartered Market Technicians (or CMTs) in the world, making him a true master of technical analysis.

And he’s the developer and mastermind behind our patented Precision Profits and Peak Velocity Trader research services — high-powered trading strategies that have delivered supercharged gains of 111%, 168%, 260% and 496% in the past year.

Mike will provide rare insights into his methodology and challenge the myths that short-term trading is riskier than long-term investing, options are riskier than stocks and investors need to be right all the time.

Michael Carr

Chad Shoop, CMT

Chad is our in-house income and investment research expert. He earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in finance and economics. In addition to these achievements, he is a CMT. Fewer than 5,000 people around the world have earned this designation.

Those with CMT designation read and build statistical models that make up a valid trading strategy. Chad developed three trading systems that he uses to help readers of Banyan Hill grow their wealth: Pure Income, Automatic Profits Alert and Quick Hit Profits.

At the symposium, Chad will reveal exactly how he is able to navigate in and out of the market with the grace of Wall Street’s top traders. And how you can use these techniques to maximize the amount of money you make from each trade (and cut your losses to the bone).

Plus you'll have a chance to hear from:

Ian Dyer
Ian Dyer

Co-editor of Rapid Profit Trader and The $10 Million Portfolio, Ian is one of the top internal analysts here at Banyan Hill and Paul’s go-to guy when it comes to researching new opportunities for his research services. Ian specializes in economics, accounting, portfolio management, stock and bond valuations and many other fields. And he’ll bring his research on one thing all disrupters of the next decade have in common — that could boost your profits tenfold.

Amber Lancaster
Amber Lancaster

Ms. Lancaster is the director of investment research for Bold Profits Publishing at Banyan Hill. She has been immersed in the investment and financial research world for over 20 years. Ms. Lancaster began her financial career at Bloomberg as a data analyst and later as a team leader, where she was responsible for a broad range of research activities. Later, at Weiss Research Inc., Ms. Lancaster led a team of financial researchers.

You may have heard her discussing financial strategies on various radio programs from Fox News Radio and CNBC MarketWatch, to CNN Radio and Traders Nation.

You can also see her each week giving her financial insights in the Bold Profits weekly “Market Talk” webcast. Ms. Lancaster holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in business administration with a concentration in finance.

John Ross
John Ross

John Ross has helped tens of thousands of independent investors navigate the market.

He’s crafted a method that lets traders protect and grow their money. He refined it over 12 years of studying global macroeconomics, pattern analysis and investor behavior.

His trading style exploits opportunities created by emotions like fear and greed.

Now he’s bringing his experience and expertise to readers of his Power Trend Profits.

Brian Christopher
Brian Christopher

Brian is co-editor of Insider Profit Trader. He has an eye for identifying undervalued companies that make big moves in the stock market.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Brian was an executive for a Fortune 100 company and served as a consultant in the banking industry.

Special Keynote Speaker: Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Money-management expert and national radio host personality Dave Ramsey will be joining us for the first time as our special keynote speaker.

The Dave Ramsey Show is the third largest radio talk show in America, heard by more than 14 million listeners each week. Author of seven best-selling books, Dave’s Ramsey Solutions and Financial Peace University help people build wealth, grow their leadership skills and enhance their lives through personal development.

As You Can See, We’re Serious About Showing You How to Set Yourself up for the New Roaring Twenties — and Potentially Make Millions — by Giving You Direct Access to Dozens of Financial Experts

We live in a fast-paced world. And it’s about to get even faster.

Yes, there will be abundant opportunities to get rich beyond your wildest dreams. But there will also be risks and landmines you’ll need to avoid more than ever.

Our gurus will help you prepare and stay vigilant for anything that comes your way. But we’re also flying in a small army of investment and asset protection professionals from around the globe.

They are the best of the best at what they do. They include:

Brad Deflin is our go-to privacy expert. He will show you how to set up cyber security in your home so that you can use the internet without worry. He’ll also reveal the No. 1 mistake wealthy people make that leave them and their wealth exposed — and how to correct it.

Richard Smith, founder of TradeSmith’s investment tools, believes in the power of the individual investor. He has spent the last 15 years researching and developing algorithms, educational content and services that help investors find great investments while minimizing their risk.

Juan Fischer, head of one of Uruguay’s leading law firms, will reveal several exciting opportunities in the “Switzerland of South America,” including easy access to secondary citizenship and foreign investment, as well as a unique opportunity in Uruguayan farmland.

This event will undoubtedly be one of the most beneficial experiences of your life. You’ll walk away with tons of new ideas on how to grow and protect your wealth in any market environment.

I liken it to Warren Buffet’s yearly Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. Only you get firsthand insights from dozens of financial geniuses — and from the comfort of your own home.

Just some of what you may learn at this year’s Total Wealth Symposium:

And with a virtual ticket, you don’t even have to arrive early to get a good seat.

Attendees have paid nearly $2,000 to join us in Amelia Island — $3,000 if they bring a guest.

And they are more than happy to pay that.

In fact, attendees rave about our conferences year after year … Take a look:

“The speakers are very approachable. Everything and more is covered at this event. I learned a lot. Thank you!” — Dana Berman

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences. But bar none, the Total Wealth Symposium is the best!” – Debbie Barr

“Paul Mampilly, Matt Badiali, Ted Bauman, Jeff Yastine, all were excellent, well prepared, and on top of the game!” – Geoffrey Salzo

“Beyond the speakers, being new to Banyan Hill I just loved meeting other attendees and swapping stories!” – Wendall Dormer

“The diversity of the topics was amazing. Everything and more was covered.” – Peter Rodriguez

“I enjoyed all the speakers. Each contributed their unique perspectives and real-world knowledge.” — Michael Shiek

“I went to the symposium to discover if this could truly be a long-term relationship based on two-way trust. I came away pleased!” – Don Koontz

“You guys are one of the few people in the investment industry that I think tell it like it is, you’ve got great ideas and even though I’ve been an investor professionally for 25 years, I like what you guys provide.” – Jill Stephens

“Banyan Hill has an investment style for every type of investor. The trip to this event was well worth it.” – Pamela Dorne

Here’s everything you get when you sign up for the Total Wealth Symposium Live-Stream today:

 Again, some attendees are paying almost three grand to see us live in Florida. And there’s really nothing like being there in person.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that much to tune in via the Total Wealth Symposium live-stream.

For full access to this no-holds-bar event, you’ll pay just $995.

That’s $1,000 less than what an in-person ticket costs.

Plus, when you reserve your virtual ticket today, we’ll throw in an added bonus.

LIFETIME access to EVERY presentation

This is a benefit that is exclusive to you as a live-stream attendee.

When you reserve access today, we’ll give you full login credentials to a VIP website where we will post each and every live presentation.

That way you can watch them at your leisure, or refer back to them for years to come.

This extra benefit is yours FREE when you get your virtual ticket to the Total Wealth Symposium live-stream.

And when you sign up today…

Take an Additional 30% Off!

As you can see, the Total Wealth Symposium is our premier investment research event of the year. It’s no wonder our most loyal members fork out thousands of dollars for it.

Today, you get complete, no-filtered access for a fraction of the price at just $995.
But I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

That’s why, as a loyal Banyan Hill reader, I’m going to give you an additional 30% off the registration price.

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That’s 65% less than you’d pay if you came to the event in person. A full $1,300 in savings.

But please…

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Let me be clear: This event is for serious people only. Fact is, we’re giving you our top-moneymaking insights for the next year. The next decade, even.

We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with what you’ll discover.

With research from Paul Mampilly, money-saving secrets from Ted Bauman, natural resource recommendations from Matt Badiali and market-beating strategies from each of our experts, you’ll discover more than enough to help show you how to make you a millionaire — FAST.

If you’re ready to learn tried-and-true methods from the top minds in finance…


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John Wilkinson
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