The 3-Step Investment Strategy That Uncovered Top Gains of:

150% on EXPI in Four Months … 65% on AVLR in Nine Months … 80% on AMD in 14 Months … 88% on DOCU in Five Months … And More…


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Hi Ted Bauman here.

You see this oddly-shaped triangle right here?

There’s a secret behind this shape… known among mathematicians as a Reuleaux triangle. Some of the greatest investors of all time use the principles behind this secret to make fortunes….

Billionaires like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and George Soros…

In a moment, you’ll discover this secret for yourself… And it will change how you see investing… forever.

This one secret could give you the edge you need to help secure your financial future.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Whether you’re working, or already retired. And you can get started no matter how much you have to invest. And it’s surprisingly simple … no day trading, options or anything like that.

Our track record has already given readers the opportunity to get in on some incredible winners. Like Avalara … we closed out a portion after 5 months on 50%, then held on and closed out at 80% four months later.

And we rode Advanced Micro Devices all the way up … closing out a portion at 49% in 5 months … 72% the next month … and finally closed out for a whopping 119% gain in 13 months total.

Then there was Docusign … we closed out a portion on 50% in just two months … 115% in three months … and closed out at 98% in five months.

Exp World Holdings was a big one for us … closing a 64% gain in less than two months … 155% two weeks after that … and closed out entirely of that one for a staggering 233% in only about three months!

And we also just took 101% profits on another tech play in less than five months. (I won’t mention which company because we’re hanging onto that second half for even bigger potential gains.)

In the first three months of the year, when the Dow shed almost 5,000 points, it revealed no less than TEN winning trades.

Now, of course, that’s just one period of time. No record is perfect and we’ve had some reasonable losses too.

But when the losses became too much we knew it was time for change. That’s when we completely overhauled our strategy.

And since we first went live with the new strategy, we are averaging 9.16% gain with an average hold period of 120 days on all of our closed plays.

But the good news is that we’ve continued to finetune and perfect it. So much so that in the last six months our average closed gain is 35.95% in 101 days. The gains are not only getting bigger, they’re coming faster.

Not to mention we have some incredible winners in our open model portfolio, and I see a ton more opportunities coming down the pike.

And you can imagine … Just how quickly your wealth would explode if you can capture just some of our best winners.

So what’s the secret behind this triangle?

Well, you see, when most people invest in the stock market… they typically only rely on one of three ways to analyze stocks. But I’ll show you why that’s a major mistake.

Take a look at this board.

Behind each of these pieces of paper is a proven way to make money on Wall Street with stocks.

You may be familiar with each one as I reveal each one to you…

But there’s a deeper secret to understand here.

Take a look at the first one:

The first way of investing is knowing “where” to invest.

The technical name for this is macroeconomics.

It involves looking at the overall economy, the different sectors and industries, money flows, global supply and demand…

And based on some high-level numbers and trends like GDP, employment rate, CPI … you figure out which industry to focus on.

For example, 5G is set to be one of the biggest, most exciting developments of our lifetime. Some believe it will keep growing for the next 15 years, representing a $17 trillion opportunity. Without a doubt, it will make some investors very, very rich in the months and years ahead. And in fact, I’ll show you how you could join them in a minute.

Now, when it comes to all of this macroeconomic data, some of the wealthiest futures and option traders on the planet watch these numbers closely…

And look for WHICH industry to invest in.

It’s called a top-down approach.

The problem with this strategy however is that — It’s only good for high level investments like commodities, sector ETFs and some options.

Those are very high risk investments if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What’s more — This is an investment style that usually requires university degrees and a thorough understanding of history, economics and politics.

Personally, I’ve been involved in politics since I was a child. My father was a congressman for the state of Maryland.

As a teenager, I met Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan and Bush Senior.

Later, I majored in political science and economics …. And I eventually worked for the World Bank traveling the world to help countries with economic development.

With this knowledge, I’ve made a small fortune using my macroeconomic knowledge.

I don’t recommend anyone invest this way unless they have the background.

So that’s WHERE to invest… understanding sectors, industries and economics.

Let’s move on…

Now, you’ve probably heard of the second type of investing…

It’s deciding WHAT stocks to invest in.

Fundamental analysis.

It’s looking at a company’s revenue, income, expenses, assets and liabilities on the balance sheet, and cashflow.

In other words - the financial statements of a corporation.

Warren Buffett is famous for spending hours every day… studying financial statements and looking for undervalued companies.

Now, obviously, companies don’t operate in a vacuum.

They’re affected by the economy, whether people have jobs and money to spend, and everything we mentioned in the first circle. The WHERE.

Most investors — whether on Wall Street or Main Street — typically look at both these factors: the WHERE… seeing which industry is doing well… and the WHAT… analyzing individual stocks inside those industries.

Most news media — like CNBC, Wall Street Journal and MSNBC typically talk about the health of a company… And the earnings reports.

Obviously, it takes a lot of analysis to know WHAT stock to invest in.

Many investors have gotten wealthy beyond their dreams by betting on that “one stock”… like Apple, Google or Facebook in their early years.

I’ll talk more about this in a minute… and tell you how you can find and profit off these “one stocks” more reliably.

But first… I need to talk about the third way of investing.

It’s one that most investors ignore… yet it’s that final factor that can really tip the odds in your favor.

It’s WHEN.

If you’ve ever seen a day trader staring at six monitors of bar charts, candlesticks and moving averages…

This is someone who’s trying to “time” the market.

You may know it as “technical analysis.”

It’s knowing WHEN to get into an investment based on complicated chart analysis.

This way of making money in the stock market is extremely complex and can be a full-time job.

Thankfully, I have someone on my team, Clint Lee… who’s a CMT, or Chartered Market Technician.

A CMT is not an easy designation to achieve. A CMT must take several grueling exams to prove they can run statistical market analysis, behavioral financial modeling and risk management protocols.

Out of the 300,000 financial analysts in the USA… only 2,400 have been awarded the CMT designation.

In other words, just the top 1% of all analysts have the skills, abilities and discipline to qualify for this designation.

Clint is one of those people.

What’s more — Clint previously managed over $2 billion in assets for his former clients on Wall Street. In 2009 – right in the aftermath of the great financial crisis, he led his fund to 77% gains.

Imagine making 77% returns the year after the biggest crash since 1929. Most people would kill for returns like that during a bull market, let alone coming out of a crash.

That’s the power of knowing WHEN to invest. You can do some real magic here.

U.S. News & World Report rated one of Clint’s former funds the number one fund in its category compared to nearly 300 other funds!

As I film this, the markets are extremely volatile.

That’s why you’ll want someone like Clint on your team now more than ever.

But you see, while each and every one of these three ways of making money in the stock market — WHERE… WHAT… and WHEN — is a valid and powerful way to help you build your wealth…

The greatest investors in the world actually… as you may have guessed by now…

Use all three.

You see that small shaded area where they all intersect? There’s that odd little Reuleaux triangle again. I call that the Alpha Zone.

The goal of any investment is to achieve “alpha” — gains that exceed those of the rest of the market. The most consistent and powerful way to do that is to find opportunities right in the Alpha Zone. That’s how you uncover top gains like 88% in five months … 80% in 14 months… 150% in four months or even 100% in less than five months on our most recent partial closeout. That’s how we were able to score an incredible 10 winners of 12 closed positions while the markets were crashing.

Overall we are looking at an average gain of 9.16% in 120 days on all of our closed positions since we revamped the strategy. But remember, the last six months we’ve done 292% better than that. And I see even bigger and better things on the horizon.

To summarize…

It’s not enough to just “know” where the economy is going.

It’s not enough to be able to pick the right stocks.

It’s not enough to be able to time the market.

You need to be able to do all three … together… at the same time. The Alpha Zone.

Let me give you an example…

Smartphones have changed just about everything. As far as trends go, it’s one of the biggest the world has ever seen. That’s the “where.”

It wouldn’t take too much digging to conclude that Apple is the top company in this sector. That’s the “what.”

But if you can’t nail down the “when”, you could be setting yourself up for major losses. Yes, even with Apple.

In the last 13 years, Apple stock has soared as much as 1,642% in 13 years.

But that doesn’t mean every shareholder has seen those kinds of gains. In fact, for some people who got the “when” all wrong, they could have lost as much as 39% in three months on Apple!

Timing matters!

Here’s another example…

With the increase of online small businesses, this was an industry ripe for someone to make e-commerce easier for stay-at-home entrepreneurs.

That’s our “where”. The “what” is Shopify. They made starting an online store super simple. So easy anyone can build a site and collect payments.

It’s quite the business model and not at all surprising that shares surged 346% in just over a year.

But you still have to time the investment properly. Getting the wrong “when” could have meant losing as much as 30% in a little over two months.

Now obviously —

Finding stocks in the “Alpha Zone” – hitting all three criteria of where, what and when — can be overwhelming … and quite frankly, difficult without the correct training and tools.

That’s why — for the last several years I’ve worked on creating a team of analysts and ex-Wall Street insiders…

A team that can analyze the market, the leading industries, the stocks and the charts to find the most profitable investment opportunities for my readers.

Someone like Clint Lee, for example.

And together — We’re looking to find stocks that hit all three of these criteria…

The WHERE, the WHAT and the WHEN. The Alpha Zone.

I call these stocks, not surprisingly:


They’re in the right industry.

They’re the best stocks in that industry.

And based on Clint’s analysis… we’ll also show you when it’s the right time and the best price to get into these Alpha Stocks.

Like when Clint uncovered for himself a 66% gain on Helen of Troy in 17 months… 45% on Keysight Technologies in one year… or a 54% on Starbucks in two years using the same strategy he’ll be sharing with you.

Here’s what you need to know:

Over the last 32 months, we’ve spent a ton of money and countless hours testing a strategy that would find these Alpha Stocks for us.

We’ve shared it with a few people. And based on the feedback we’ve received, they are making a killing.

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Tim W. wrote us:

“I got in on this trade a little late and I didn’t sell any positions for profit as you suggested. Instead, I held onto all my shares … and as of today, about 6 weeks later, I’m up 117%.”

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Bill L. emailed:

“Ted and Clint have proven to be right about the markets on any given period. Their recommendations are easy to follow. I’ve lost money following different research services. But I’ve made money with this one.”

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David G. said:

“Thank you for the EXPI recommendation! I see the stock is up over 200% since you first recommended it. Wish I’d bought more!”

Now, it’s always important to remember that as with all investing, this strategy carries risk. Not all of our recommendations are winners, of course. And you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. But as you can also see… the potential here is tremendous. And again, we’re only talking about straight stock recommendations here … nothing complicated. No options. No day trading.

It’s not every day that readers of a financial publication get access to the research and insights of a former billion-dollar fund manager like this.

But that’s exactly why we’ve created a research service like this. To give Main Street folks a fighting chance.

And now that we’ve perfected this strategy, we want to share it with you.

We call it the Profit Switch.

The moment you agree to give it a try, you’ll get access to all of our research and analysis.

First and foremost — You’ll get complete details on every stock we find in the Alpha Zone.

And every week, I’ll also send you a special podcast and transcript where I discuss developments in the stock market and our model portfolio. With the markets in constant flux, I’ll give you a long-term perspective on our positions, not just headline-grabbing sound bites.


And you’ll have the chance to help grow your nest egg quicker, and with the same speed and confidence that the greatest investors enjoy.

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Will B. emailed:

“I started with $34,000 and I’m up $2,000 in about a week!”

Mind you, that was in the thick of the coronavirus volatility.

Now it’s your turn.

As you can imagine, this kind of analysis isn’t cheap.

After all, we’re only hunting for stock opportunities that fall into the Alpha Zone…

We’re targeting major trends – like cloud computing, a market poised to explode 188% in the coming years… 5G as I mentioned before, set to become a $17 trillion opportunity … and more. That’s the WHERE of macroeconomics, leaning on my unique background of politics, economics and history…

Then there’s the WHAT of picking the right stock with my team of analysts…

And finally the WHEN using the skills of a CMT who previously managed billions on Wall Street.

Which is why, under normal circumstances, a one-year subscription to my Profit Switch research service is $3,995.

This is a bargain, considering the firepower behind the analysis you’ll get.

But — you won’t pay half that today…


In fact, I’m not even going to ask you to pay $1,000.

My entire reason for creating Profit Switch was to level the playing field. To give individuals like you the same type of edge a hedge fund would leverage to make their clients wealthy.

And I don’t want anything to hold you back from giving it try, so you can see its moneymaking potential for yourself.

So, despite the time and money we spent developing it, I’ve convinced my publisher to make access available for a ridiculously low price.

Beneath this video you’ll see the very special offer I’ve arranged for you.

I’ll be frank, I have NEVER offered Profit Switch at this price before.

But given how tough the times are…

I know Profit Switch can help, and I want to give you all the help I can.

As such, this is a one-time offer…

I read letters from you every day.

I understand the difficulty that you must face in building enough wealth to take care of yourself, and your loved ones…

To grow a portfolio that will leave a legacy…

To create a nest egg that you can live off of… for life. Especially right now.

Profit Switch can help you get there.

It will give you the confidence that other strategies can’t.

It will give you the “$2 billion fund manager edge” you need to help you build true wealth.

Simply look for my one-time offer below.


It is the lowest possible subscription fee I can offer.

And that’s not all — you’ll notice that this special offer gives you NINETY RISK-FREE days to check everything out.


That’s a whole three months to make sure Profit Switch is right for you.

You can review everything... all of our detailed research… and take action on our recommendations if you choose… and have the chance to profit from them!

But if for any reason you don’t like what you see, let us know and you’ll get a refund.

You have to act fast, though.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer while you can.

Thank you.

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