Master Trader Reveals
“The Perfect Trade”

You Place the Same Trade on the Same Ticker Symbol
Once a Week … And You Can Target 100% or More
Every Time


[ Official Transcript ]

Hi, I’m Michael J. Carr.

Jeff Yastine

I’ve spent the past year designing the perfect strategy.

A strategy so simple, you can make the same trade on the same ticker symbol once a week and target potential gains of 100% or more each time.

I’m happy to say that after live testing this strategy for more than a year … the feedback so far has been nothing sort of tremendous:

“A net gain of 160% … in just three days. Thank you!”

“Three trades over the last three weeks … an average gain of 134% EACH. Keep ‘em coming!”

“Cashed in $1,900. Cashed out with a $4,260 PROFIT [that same day]. A gain of 224%. Wow!”

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire with a third home on the beach or someone who’s just starting out and has a little extra cash to play with…

Anyone can benefit.

And so can you.

Starting today, YOU will have the opportunity to begin capturing gains as high as 129% … 280% … 313% OR MORE…

Not in years, months, or weeks, but in mere days.

Let me show you.

On November 4, 2019, I sent my readers a trade alert about 30 minutes before the opening bell.

I told them stocks were set to soar higher and send their investment way up.

Sure enough, markets climbed over 200 points that week.

But my readers were able to do even better.

Within three days, just 72 hours, folks who followed my recommendation were able to book a 101% gain on their investment.

Most people are thrilled with gains like that in a year.

We did it in less than a week.

And every week, we have the exact same opportunity.

On August 13, 2019, I recommended the exact same investment again 30 minutes before the opening bell.

By 9:30 A.M. — when the market opened — my readers were in perfect position to profit.

A few hours later, the investment was up over 100%.

Here’s exactly what I wrote:

News is once again driving the stock market. The Trump administration’s decision to delay tariffs on China has just led to a sharp rally in stocks. I recommend that you grab your triple-digit gain on this position now by selling at market price.

Those who made this trade had the opportunity to book gains of 129% that same day.

Turning every $10,000 invested into $22,919 in mere hours.

This isn’t some anomaly.

Our average trade … takes just two days.

Two days! And you can make gains of 100% or more. And you can make this same trade again and again … week after week.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly what this investment is, including the ticker symbol you need — and why the optimal time to place it is roughly 30 minutes before the opening bell.

First, let’s look at one more example.

So you can understand this strategy’s full potential, I want to show you one that really killed it.

On April 6, 2020, my ONE TRADE system alerted me it was time to enter the trade.

Again, I recommended the same trade on the same investment I always do.

The next day, I alerted readers that it was time to sell.

And the result? We had our best trade ever.

Those who executed this trade had the opportunity to make a 313% gain in just 24 hours.

Think about that.

It can take the market 10 years to rise 100%.

With my ONE TRADE strategy, you have the chance to do it in mere days — all from making ONE trade, on ONE investment, ONCE a week from your brokerage account.

Now understand.

No matter what strategy, there’s no such thing as risk-free investing.

You’re never going to win on every trade.

You’re certainly not going to make triple digit gains on every trade. Other times, you could make single or double digit gains, like these:

My “One Trade” Strategy

It’s incredible.

Look, the problem with buying and holding stocks is you’re a sitting duck if the market moves against you.

With my strategy, we don’t have that problem. Each trade takes two days on average. Many takes 24 hours. You get in, you get out.

Again, all you do is make ONE trade … on ONE investment … ONCE a week … and you can go after big returns every week, while most investors are left settling for 8-10% a year.

As promised, I’ll tell you the exact ticker symbol you need to make this trade in just a moment.

Once you have this ticker symbol … and my ONE TRADE strategy at your side…

You may never want to buy and hold another stock ever again. You won’t need to.

Now to be clear. I’m no stranger to big gains like the ones I’ve been showing you.

If you’re familiar with my work, you likely know that over the last three years at Banyan Hill … I’ve recommended a grand total of 50 triple-digit winners across my research services.


416% on Microsoft in four days…

185% on Nike in a month and a half…

318% on Caterpillar in 18 days…

181% on Teva Pharmaceuticals in six weeks…

129% on Michael Kors in six weeks…

148% on Xerox in two months…

143% on Bloomin’ Brands in one week…

116% on Abbott Laboratories in two months…

260% on Tyson Foods in one month…

265% on Valero Energy in one month…

156% on Intel in one month…

130% on Kraft Heinz in three weeks…

496% on the iShares Russell 2000 in four days…

286% on Motorola Solutions in two months…

121% on AIG in one month…

365% on Petmed Express Inc. in 12 days…

260% on H&R Block in three weeks…

323% on Philip Morris in two weeks…

154% on FireEye in two weeks…

120% on MACOM Technology in one month…

105% on American Express in 12 days…

258% on KBR, Inc. in one month…

The point is, I know how to make big gains in the stock market.

And more importantly, I know how to show everyday investors how to do it too.

But that’s what’s so unique about my ONE TRADE strategy.

With this strategy … I’m not recommending a single stock at all.

It does something better.


We target the heart of the stock market itself.

I’m talking about the one constant that’s been at the pulse of the market for the last 100 years…

The universe of just 30 stocks that comprises the most talked-about stock index in the entire world.

The Dow.

Think about it like this.

When you tune into the financial media and analysts say “the market dropped 2,000 points today,” or “the market rose 1,000 points today,” what are they talking about?

It’s not the 10,000-plus stocks trading in the U.S. market.

It’s not the 2,000 small-cap stocks that make up the Russell 2000 Index.

And it’s not the 500 stocks that make up the S&P 500.

Rather, it’s the 30 stocks that make up the oldest and most closely followed stock index in the entire world — the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

I’m talking companies like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Caterpillar, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble … tried and true companies that have stood the test of time and made more money than any 30 individual companies on the planet.

But here’s where it gets better.

Thanks to my ONE TRADE strategy, you never have to buy a stake in the DOW itself.

Nor do you have to invest in any of the 30 Dow companies, either.


You can do it all by placing a simple trade using options at roughly 9 a.m. to capitalize on the flow of money within the DOW…

It’s a huge money flow, with roughly $51 billion changing hands within the DOW each day.

The best part…

With my ONE TRADE strategy…

It doesn’t matter which way the market is going!

Up or down … you can target gains of 100% or more every single time.

For example, on August 23, 2019, I told folks to expect the Dow to drop over the next week.

The market fell — just as predicted — by more than 600 points that same day.

And folks following my ONE TRADE strategy were able to capture a 113% gain by that afternoon.

That bears repeating…

On the day the market plummeted, my readers had the opportunity to more than double their money in the same trading day.

As you see, this strategy can work when markets go up.

It can work when markets go down.

On Friday, April 17, 2019, my One Trade strategy alerted me to expect the markets to march higher over the next week.

Which is exactly what happened.

Just a few days later, the Dow lost over 1,200 points.

Folks who made this trade booked 110% in mere days.

Again, it doesn’t matter if the markets go up or down.

On Monday, December 2, 2019, my ONE TRADE strategy alerted me that the markets were going to tank by the end of the week.

Sure enough, they did.

And as the DOW fell … folks who followed my strategy made 280% within 24 hours.

Again, it doesn’t matter which way the market is going.

For this strategy to work, the Dow just has to move.

Up or down, it doesn’t matter.

Think of it like this.

While there are very few guarantees in the market…

There is one thing that’s for certain — the market is constantly in motion.

It’s never idle. Every day, there are billions of dollars flowing in and out of it.

By knowing whether the flow of capital is coming in or going out, you can make a fortune. And you can do this without ever having to invest in a single stock within the Dow itself.

All we need to ask at the start of each week is this:

Just like that, you remove 99.99% of the variables that affect any one of the thousands of different stocks in the U.S. market.

All you have to do is place the right trades on the DOW using options — with my ONE TRADE strategy as your guide — and you’ll have a new opportunity to make money each week.

As mentioned, I’ve been developing this strategy for the last year and some change.

I’ve been fine-tuning and testing everything until I was ready to present it to you, in its ultimate form.

To be sure, like any strategy we’ve had our ups and downs. Not every trade is perfect. And when I first starting testing this strategy with a large audience a year ago … it wasn’t great.

So I kept working at it.

And I’ve proud to say that over this last year, when you factor in everything … our strategy is up while the market is down.

But I want to give you a full picture of what you can expect.

You see, while I spent 18 months developing this strategy … about 12 months in, I finally PERFECTED it.

Right away I knew I had cracked it, but I kept at it for six more months so I could come to you today, with absolute proof of this strategy’s potential.

And since I perfected the strategy, our performance has been nothing short of tremendous.

With one to two trades per week…

In those final six months of our beta test, we averaged a double-digit gain per trade … of 21.7% .

21.7% per trade on average … with one to two trades per week.

Think about that.

Again, it typically takes the stock market A FULL YEAR to go up 8% or 10%.

We did an average of 21.7% per trade, with trades once, sometimes twice PER WEEK.

Now again, we won’t make that exact return every time...

Some days we’ll make 50%. Other days we’ll make 313%. And other days, trades will go against us.

That’s why you should never put everything into any one trade.

And the incredible thing is, you don’t need to.

Look at what could happen if we could keep up that level of performance over a year.

If you have $10,000 to invest and you put $2,000, just one-fifth of your money into each trade … at this pace, your $10,000 could grow to $32,568 in one year.

Make it $100,000 and $20,000 per trade, and we’re talking over $300,000.

You’d literally triple your account.

Leave it in the market and your $10,000 might grow to $11,000 in a year.

With my strategy, you can potentially make 20-times the profit and triple your account in one year.

But let’s be clear about something.

When it comes to predicting the markets … no one can really tell you what stocks will do months, or even years from now.

But forecasting where the market will be ONE week from today is a completely different story.

You see, I’ve been trading the markets professionally for the last 20 years.

I’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

Namely, I’ve learned that patterns tend to repeat themselves.

You’ve probably noticed this if you study the markets at all.

Some days, markets open high in the morning, and fall in the afternoon.

Sometimes, they open low, go up, and crash into the end of the day.

Other days, they open high and go higher.

Most people think these movements are random.

They’re not.

It’s a series of predictable patterns … based on what happened the day before … and the day before that … and the day before that.

On some level, this stuff is common sense.

After several big up days, it’s no surprise when markets sell off.

And when markets fall too far too fast, it’s no surprise when markets rebound, either.

Of course, history won’t always repeat itself.

But what I’ve done with my ONE TRADE strategy … is I’ve compiled 20 years’ worth of market data so on any given day, my strategy tells me exactly which pattern should play out.

Remember, I’m quite literally a rocket scientist. Coding this kind of stuff is what I do in my free time … it’s fun.

All told, I’ve built 40 rules into my computer program that let me know — every morning at about 9 a.m. — which pattern is set to likely play out in the market that day.

These rules comprise a sort of “master code” to the markets — my magnum opus that contains my best tips and secrets.

I have a proprietary algorithm scan these rules at the start of each day. It monitors the market’s recent price action and lets me know whenever the market has at least a 75% probability of going up or down, based on our historical patterns I’ve tested over many years.

That’s practically unheard of.

Now remember. This strategy does not win on every trade. That’s why you should never put more than 10% of your investment capital into any given trade.

That said, I’ve done everything I can to put the odds in our favor.

That’s why I added another step to my strategy so we could do even better.

You see, I’m not the kind of person who likes to settle for anything in life. And I leave nothing to chance.

Again, I used to design weapons for our nation’s military — nuclear missiles weapons with the capacity to blow up half the world.

There was no room for error in that environment, and there’s no room in mine.

Designing nuclear weapons, I had to double, triple and quadruple check every input … every decimal … every line of code … every calculation … so that when the moment came to hit “the big red button,” I knew my missiles would go exactly where they were meant to.

I carry that same mindset — the same I used as an officer in the armed forces — every single day the stock market is open.

And while it’s impossible to take all the risk out of investing, every day I walk into battle against the bulls and the bears … I go in and I make sure I have the upper hand.

After all, we’re competing against Wall Street supercomputers that can buy or sell billions of dollars’ worth of stock in the blink of an eye.

That’s why I constantly monitor our strategy to keep the odds in our favor.

And it’s why I’ve gone one step further.

In addition to the 40 rules I use to predict the market’s direction one week in advance

I’ve developed an indicator that tells me where to expect the market to land two weeks in advance.

And when they line up, it’s the perfect opportunity to profit.

So how does this indicator work?

Essentially, it’s a “volatility indicator” that helps me measure the market’s sentiment.

It’s the same principles we talked about before. High volatility eventually gives way to low volatility … selling gives way to buying … and vice versa.

Think of it like running a foot race.

If you’re a sprinter, you can only go for about 30 seconds at full speed before you have to stop and take a break.

Or if you’ve just run a marathon, you’re going to have to take a few days off to recover.

Markets work in the same way.

What my indicator does … is it looks at what markets have done over the last two weeks. And from that intel, it can predict what markets will likely do over the next two weeks.

And it can do it with startling accuracy.

Take a look.

I back tested this indicator over the last century … just to see what would have happened.

In 1929, this indicator would’ve predicted the infamous Black Monday event two weeks in advance and told you to stay out.

Seeing a huge 42% crash on the horizon, you could’ve gone to cash while everyone else was swept up in the carnage.

In 2000, it called the top of the bubble and all the zigs and zags in between.

And in 2009 … it called the bottom of the market within 4 trading days … giving you the all clear to dive back into stocks when the rest of the world was uncertain just how low stocks could go.

Obviously, these are historical examples.

So let me show you a more recent example, a big one we absolutely nailed.

Back when I first started beta testing this strategy with a dozen of my colleagues, it was the fourth quarter of 2018. It was the worst correction we’d seen in years. Markets dropped almost a full 20%.

And yet, thanks to all the rules and protocols I built into my ONE TRADE strategy, within five months my beta testers had the chance to rack up gains of 230%, 387%, and even 556% just on their best plays —each in one week or less...

It was incredible.

In three months we racked up more gains than most see in a lifetime.

Had you put $5,000 into each of the trades I recommended during this period, in five months you would have made over $60,000.

Make it $10,000 per trade … and we’re talking over $120,000.

It worked out again in the Coronavirus panic.

Again, my volatility indicator populates two weeks in advance. So while everyone else was thinking the selling would abate, I knew markets were looking over a cliff.

I used this indicator to inform our free e-letter readers that markets were looking at a minimum 30% drop from their highs.

Later that next week, markets were down over 30%.

We got out of the way and avoided the carnage while most were swept up in the onslaught.

I even recommended one of my best trades ever.

On April 6 my rules and protocols told me the market was heading higher.

I recommended a trade to give folks an opportunity to cash in.

24 hours later … I recommended selling for a 313% gain.

The feedback was incredible.

Ron Mitchell wrote:

And Kyle Strickland said:

Now, you might notice from my indicator that the lines don’t match up perfectly, and that’s okay.

What I’m looking for is a change in direction. And from that perspective, my indicator tells me everything I need.

Essentially, every day I run my calculations and my algorithm tells me whether there’s a trade or not. When there is a high degree of certainty that the market will move up or down, my algorithm tells me, based on the 40 proprietary rules I’ve programmed into my own personal software, whether or not it’s a good time to execute a trade.

Then I cross-check the trade against my volatility indicator.

Finally, I apply my years of market expertise to analyze the trade and make sure it’s something I fully back.

When it all lines up, boom. I recommend the trade.

Let’s look at some of the best results from our initial beta test so I can show you what I mean.

With my strategy, I was essentially able to predict the start of a major correction on October 8, 2018.

Markets had been moving straight up for months. But my algorithm showed me markets were starting to deteriorate. Stocks were closing lower and lower than they were the month before, and my indicator showed stocks were looking over a cliff.

For us, it was a perfect opportunity.

I told my beta-testers to get into the trade on October 8.

And sure enough, stocks dropped like a rock, just as I predicted.

Within four days, with the Dow down 1,147 points, we were able to capture a 387% gain.

And that was just the beginning.

On November 8 we caught another fantastic move to the downside.

The markets had staged a small recovery but were still well off their highs.

The algorithm helped me uncover a trade that morning and my volatility indicator showed that another downturn was imminent.

Sure enough, the markets imploded.

The Dow fell 1,111 points that week.

And we timed it perfectly.

On November 13, before the markets bounced back, folks who made the trade got out with a 230% gain by 9:30 a.m. that morning.

But we were just getting warmed up...

I checked my volatility indicator … and I saw red all over.

So when my algorithm helped me hone in on another trade on November 16, I told my beta-testers to jump in.

Four days later, the Dow was down 948 points.

But because we timed it so perfectly, my colleagues were able to get out with a massive 111% gain.

And the wins just kept coming...

Over the next month as the market continued to nosedive, my beta-testers saw three additional opportunities to bank triple digit gains over the next month … with gains of 123%, 129, and even 556% on their best plays

It was awesome.

Everyone started writing in with mind-blowing results.

You can understand why we wasted no time rolling this strategy out to our most elite network of subscribers … the folks who have paid our company as much as $25,000 to access everything we publish.

Fortunately, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

And starting tomorrow, you’ll have an opportunity to potentially start making gains like the ones I just showed you … 230%, 387%, maybe even 556% or more.

Even our average trade over the last six months of our beta test did 21.7% in 48 hours … with one to two trades per week. When you’re able to do that every week, the money racks up fast. And my goal is to give you the exact same opportunity.

Hopefully, I’ve shown you how making ONE simple trade … on ONE investment … just ONCE a week using options can make you a small fortune.

What’s great about trading the Dow is this:

1. Liquidity is infinite. Rather than trade a single $500 million stock … we’re trading a $6.5 trillion juggernaut. That means you never have to worry about whether or not you’ll move the market or whether market makers will get ahead of you. Your move is practically undetectable.


2. Our variables are limited. Whenever a single stock reports earnings, it can go sailing in either direction. But whenever a single stock reports earnings within the Dow, it barely registers. And remember — our average trade lasts just 2-3 days. Anytime a major piece of economic data is due out — or any other variable that we can’t predict appears on our horizon — we simply get out, and wait for the market’s direction to show itself.

3. If you do it the way I recommend, you can enter and exit each trade … automatically. This is perhaps my favorite part. I never recommend you enter trades during market hours when everything is in flux. Instead, you can place an order 30 minutes before the market opens that only puts you in trades with the best possible chance for success.

We do this to ensure you only enter the best trades. If they’re not, the trades cancel automatically and we’re not left holding the bag. If they are, you get in automatically.

This way you only enter the trades that are best positioned to work in your favor.

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. These trades can be made through your average brokerage account. Any account under Schwab, Fidelity, or any of the big name brokerage houses will do.

I’ve written everything about how it all works in a free strategy guide called: ONE TRADE: The Secret to Targeting 100% Gains Every Week.

I’d like to send you this for free. I’ll tell you how to claim your copy at the end of this presentation.

I’ll go over everything in detail once you get the guide.

Essentially, it’s as simple as logging into your brokerage account … entering your ONE TRADE ticker symbol … and instead of placing a market order, you place what I call a momentum order. Doing this, you automatically enter into the trades that have the best chance to work out in your favor. And you avoid the ones that don’t.

Again, making these trades is simple…

When there’s a trade, I’ll email (and even send you a text alerting you to check your inbox if you like) by 9:15 in the morning.

You’ll get all of my details on why I am recommending the trade, what I expect for it, and how you should trade it.

If you choose to invest you simply log in to your brokerage account … enter the ticker symbol … and make the trade.

In less than one minute, you’re back to enjoying your morning coffee.

That’s all there is to it.

And to be clear, when I determine it’s time to buy or sell a position, I will notify you by 9:15 AM.

No need to wait for the market to open — these trades are best made before the opening bell.

You log in, and enter the following ticker symbol into your search bar.

It’s called the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (Diamond ETF for short) , ticker symbol DIA.

I’ve tested my ONE TRADE strategy against dozens of ETFs that track the performance of the market, and I’ve found this one works better than all others.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, in order to see the kind of gains we’ve talked about today and get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to trade options with this strategy.

If you’re new to options, you might have heard they’re overly complicated. Some are. There aren’t. I recommend the most simple kind of options there are. From the time you open your trade alert, you can be in the trade within about 60 seconds.

Just one look at these simple instructions and you can see just how easy it really is.

Here’s a snippet of the recommendation I made to subscribers on February 7…

Everything you need to know is right there.

Let me explain this trade so you can see exactly what’s going on here.

The morning of February 7, the day I made this recommendation, my algorithm and volatility indicator were both lighting up that the market was due for a pullback.

So I sent out this alert, and subscribers who made the trade saw the market take a hit right on cue…

It really is that easy.

This trade – and all the trades I recommend — take less than two minutes to execute.

From there, I’ll email you every day at 9:15 a.m. with your recommendation for that day.

I’ll either tell you to stay in the trade for another day, or get out. Either way, you’ll hear from me every day before the market opens.

Now, if you’ve heard that trading options is hard, or overly risky, I want to dispel that myth very quickly.

Options are really just as easy to buy as regular stock.

The advantage of options is that you can invest a small sum of money and still have the chance to make 100% or more in mere days.

Put it this way.

If you were to buy shares of the DIA ETF outright and my strategy was predicting a 1% move up, every $1,000 you invested would turn into … $1,010.

A pitiful $10 profit.

To make $1,000 in profit, you’d have to invest $100,000.

I don’t believe in risking that kind of money.

By using options instead, you could potentially make a 100% gain from the exact same move, instead.

Now, you can make a $1,000 profit from a single $1,000 investment.

It’s the best of both worlds.

When you win, you make a lot of money.

If you don’t, you only lose the amount you invested, and you can live to fight another day.

Now like I said, every trade won’t be a winner. There will be losses.

And options move faster both ways, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any plays that might move against you.

But the best part is, that’s okay.

In addition to our beta test, I also back-tested this strategy over the last 12 years — a period that includes one of the worst bear markets and greatest bull markets in history.

I wanted to see how this strategy would have performed in every market environment.

I looked at things like Sharpe ratios … Z-scores … standard deviation…

And what I found is that while the Dow itself may go up or down on a year-over-year basis, my “ONE TRADE” strategy would have never lost money.

Bear in mind, the market is only up about 75% since 2008.

Every $100,000 invested with a buy-and-hold strategy in the market is worth $175,000.

But had you started investing back in 2008 with my ONE TRADE strategy, compounding your earnings each time over the years, every $100,000 would now be UP to $1,053,801.26

Or a 953% gain.

Does it require a bit more work? Sure…

But we’re talking more than 12 times the profit.

Of course, backtested performance is no guarantee of real life results. But it’s clear this strategy can outperform the S&P. Because with my strategy, your opportunities aren’t limited to just making money on the way up. You can also make money on the way down.

There is no shortage of opportunities to profit.

In fact, at the time of recording this presentation, the Dow is actually down YTD.

Meanwhile, in just the first eight months of 2020, following my equal allocation strategy where we put the same amount into every weekly trade, we’re UP 65%.

That is more than triple the Nasdaq and more than 10X the S&P 500.

To reach this number, I funded a $10,000 charity account on January 1.

Every time I recommend a trade, one of my team members places the trade just like a regular subscriber. He buys the same amount each time, and in the first eight months, that $10,000 account has yielded over $6,500 in profit.

If I can keep that pace up through year-end, we’ll hit 100% … and I will have doubled my money in one year.

I want to give you that exact same chance.

We tested this strategy to exhausting ends unlock its max profit potential.

And now we have.

Each trade takes a mere two days on average.

Not two months. Not two weeks.


And you can do it all simply by placing ONE TRADE … on ONE investment … ONCE a week.

Simply put, this is a game changer.

Instead of trying to catch a trend in one of thousands of publicly traded stocks…

You can trade one ticker symbol and target big gains every week using a simple options trade. The kinds of gains most take a year to make.

As you can see, this is not your “ordinary” style of investing … and that’s why our gains are anything but.

This isn’t about finding the next Tesla or Amazon.

This isn’t about diversification, trend following, or trying to mine “value” in an overbought market.

This is about tapping into the core of the market — the DOW — and grabbing a piece of the billions upon billions of dollars that flow in and out of it each week.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you want to learn how to make some serious cash … potentially thousands of dollars every week … using the same trade each time…

No curveballs, no guesswork, the same trade on the same ticker symbol every week…

Then I’d like to extend to you a special invitation to join my newest research service.

I call it…


This revolutionary and exciting service is unlike any other.

With it, you will be given all the tools you need to think like a seasoned trader … without needing to go through years of training or spending hours in front of your computer on a day-to-day basis.

When you join me in this endeavor, you’ll get access to the very strategy over 18 months into the most powerful, most elite, and most precise trading protocol known to man.

Simply put, if you’re the type of person who’s serious about achieving financial freedom … the kind that can average double digit returns per trade … then joining me on this journey could be the best decision you ever make.

Here’s everything you get when you join ONE TRADE today.

Daily Trade Updates.

My ONE TRADE system is scanning the market every day for new trades. That’s why I will send you a daily update every morning at 9:15 AM, before the market opens. That way you will know whether or not to take action.

Instant Trade Alerts.

When we do have a trade … I will send you precise instructions to your email along with my analysis. If you don’t want to check your email every morning, that’s okay. We’ll send you a text anytime there’s a trade that morning so you know to check your inbox. You can expect one to two trade recommendations per week … or a minimum of 50 trades a year.

These alerts will tell you exactly how to enter the trade in your brokerage account so you’re never left guessing. All you have to do is call your broker or go online, enter my simple instructions, and it’s done. You’ll never have to sit in front of the computer screen monitoring the action in the market. I’ll do all the hard work for you and tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell. It really is that easy.

Weekly Market Updates.

These weekly briefings will serve as your weekly newsletter. Since our trading strategy is tied directly to the Dow Jones Industrial Average … once a week, I will give you my expert analysis on where I think the market is heading. Folks who have subscribed to my services say my market insights alone have been well worth the subscription fee.

The ONE TRADE Model Portfolio.

This is where you can track our weekly trades, including the day I recommended it, the recommended buy price and the total gains.

The ONE TRADE Starter’s Guide.

So you’re never left in the dark … I’ve just put the finishing touches on my new trading manual explaining exactly how ONE TRADE works.

This will tell you everything you need to know to start making money like an elite trader.

The ONE TRADE Rulebook.

This exclusive dossier includes each of the rules programmed into my ONE TRADE system. These are my best kept secrets … secrets I’ve kept locked away for the past 15 years, until now.

They’re yours the moment you decide to join today.

Exclusive Access to the ONE TRADE Website.

As soon as you join, you will receive a login and password to my private members-only website.

Here you can browse all of our past issues, trade alerts, our trading manual, our rulebook, and everything else I’m making available to you today.


The ONE TRADE Concierge Service.

When you join ONE TRADE, you become part of a very elite community. That’s why we give you access to your own private member mailbag and a dedicated customer service team to help you with any questions you have about your membership.

I think you’re going to have a blast once you get started, especially once you realize making money in the markets really can be as simple as making the same trade again and again.

You don’t need to study hundreds of different stocks to find buy opportunities in each.

You just make the same trade once a week with my help, and you’re golden.

Keep in mind, I’ve been successfully trading the markets for over 20 years.

I’ve guided readers to countless triple digit gains over that time … and worked at every level in the financial industry, from financial advisor to multimillion-dollar fund manager.

But my ONE TRADE system is on another level entirely.

It is my crowning achievement — the end result of 25,000 hours of market research … this strategy is the secret for uncovering the greatest riches the stock market has to offer.

And today, I want to give you unfiltered access to its power.

I want to give you the chance to make more money in the next year than you’ve ever made in your life.

With the ability to make gains of 75%, 86%, 113%, 129%, 280%, and even 313% … in two days on average … your money can grow exponentially fast.

Again, even when you factor in the losses, after I perfected the strategy we started seeing gains of 21.7% in each trade on average … for six months.

I don’t know of anyone else that can claim that.

Look, I could have released this strategy to you much sooner. But I took my time testing everything. And even after I perfected it, I spent another six months with my nose to the grindstone to give you the best service I can possibly deliver.

But I want to be clear on one thing…

This Strategy is For a Special Type of Person ONLY

Chances are, you’re like me.

You’re not someone who likes to settle for average when it comes to anything in life.

You want the ability to make life-changing profits year in and year out, so you can start building the retirement of your dreams just like I have.

That’s why I designed this strategy.

I designed it for people like you who understand that to make next-level profits in the stock market, you have to work smarter, not harder.

That’s exactly why I want to give you full and complete access to ONE TRADE today.

It will give you the chance to make more money in the next year than you ever thought possible.

And give you the freedom to live a life most people can only dream about.

Whether your goal is to buy a second or third home on the beach … travel the world … or leave your financial worries behind forever, starting this year…

Then joining me and my ONE TRADE strategy is the best decision you can possibly make.

To get started, you just have to be willing to take the next step.

You have to be willing to expand your mind, step out of your comfort zone and follow my lead.

And to help you do that … I’m prepared to make you a very special offer.

As you can imagine, the level of insight you’ll receive with my ONE TRADE research is truly priceless.

If I were to market this service to hedge funds or financial advisors, frankly, I could make a killing off any price I want.

$25,000? $50,000? I know a lot of people who’d be more than willing to pay it.

After all, we’ve averaged a double digit return on all of our trades for nearly a year now.

That’s not “unheard of.”


So, I could easily justify charging $50,000 to big-time, institutional players to make a killing for their high-net-worth investors.

But I didn’t design this service for them.

I want this service to be accessible to Main Street Americans — whether they are starting with $1,000 or $10,000, or even if they just want to learn how to become a better trader.

That’s why I’m not going to charge anywhere near what ONE TRADE is actually worth.

Not $50,000 … $25,000 … or even $10,000.

The price for a one-year subscription to ONE TRADE — where you’ll receive up to 50 trade recommendations … each with the potential to hand you 100% gains or more … over the next year is just $3,997 a year.

Consider that my students at the New York Institute of Finance pay me as much as $800 per day…

Over one year, that equates to $292,000.

So $3,997 to one year of my market-crushing research, it’s a steal.

But I’m prepared to go a step further.

Because this is the first time I’m offering ONE TRADE to the public, I’m prepared to practically give it away to the first 1,000 people who take action today.

If you’re one of those 1,000 people, I’m going to give you access to my ONE TRADE research, for one full year, for $2,000 OFF.

Just $1,495.

I can only guarantee this great price to 1,000 people today.

I’d like you to be one of those 1,000 people. Which is why I’m going to make your decision as easy as possible.

In short, I’m prepared to make you a firm commitment.

We are on track to double the One Trade portfolio in one year. In eight months, we’re up 65%.

I’m going to make you the exact same commitment.

If ONE TRADE doesn’t give you the chance to double every dollar over the next year, give my team a call and we will give you a second year for free.

To do this, I recommend you place no more than one-fifth of your money in each trade.

If you start with $10,000, put no more than $2,000 into every trade.

Start with $25,000, then put no more than $5,000 into each.

If you do that, I guarantee you will double your money in one year’s time.

I don’t care if our model portfolio shows gains that come up to 99.9%. You must be given the chance for a 100% gain on your money in one year.

If you invest $10,000, you make $10,000.

If you invest $100,000, you make $100,000.

If we come up short one year from today, give us a call and your second year is on me.

That’s like getting an extra $3,997 in value right back in your pocket.

Now, I feel comfortable making this guarantee because in their final six months, I gave beta testers the chance to double every dollar they invested. At that pace, you could triple, maybe even quadruple your money in a year.

Imagine investing just $10,000 to start and cashing out in a year with $30,000.

You have that chance if you take action today.

Plus, no matter what, you’re still covered by my company’s guarantee.

If, at any point during the next 90 days, you decide this service is not for you … simply call us and we’ll give you a credit worth the amount you paid to subscribe today, good for any service on our roster.

Of course, I have no doubt you’ll want to stay on for a full year.

Once you see the money start to come in, you’ll see why ONE TRADE is the single greatest strategy ever.

At this price, there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way.

Just click the button below to see the details on a one-year membership to ONE TRADE.

But remember…

Time Is Running Short

As I mentioned earlier, this special offer will only be available to the first 1,000 people who take action today.

I’ve given you everything you need to make this an easy decision.

When you join, you’re getting trade recommendations from me, Michael J. Carr. I’m known as one of the world’s top traders. People literally fly around the world so I can teach them how to become better traders.

Plus, with my 90-day satisfaction guarantee … and my guarantee that you’ll have the chance to double your money, minimum, over the next year … there’s really nothing stopping you.

Simply click the button below to become a new member of ONE TRADE today.

You’ll have the chance to review the details of this special offer on the next page.

But I encourage you to act quickly … those 1,000 spots will go quickly, and after that, I can’t guarantee you’ll ever see an offer like this again.

I look forward to having you on board.

Thank you.

Mike Carr

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August 2020