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John: Hello, and welcome to the American Prosperity Summit. My name is John Burke, and with me today is Sarah Palin. Sarah, welcome.

Sarah: Thank you, John. I’m so excited to be spearheading this event.

John: Sarah, you’ve spent the last two decades fighting for the American people on the political front ... as the governor of Alaska, as a vice presidential candidate and as a contributor on Fox News.

Along the way, you’ve written three bestselling books, hosted multiple TV shows and taken the liberal media head on.

You’ve been a voice for Main Street Americans.

You’ve been a symbol of patriotism.

You’ve been a beacon of hope.

But today, you’re making a shift from the political front to the financial front ... tackling something we’ve never heard you speak about ... money. Why is that?

Sarah: Well, over the last few months, I’ve talked with a lot of hardworking folks — everyone from teachers to nurses to small business owners ... and I can tell you, the vast majority of them are struggling to achieve the American dream.

They’ve worked hard, they’ve saved and they’ve invested. They’ve done everything they were told to do. But despite all that, they’re losing the war on the financial front. So, I felt compelled to tackle the issue of money ... and prosperity ... directly.

John: Well, today, during the American Prosperity Summit, we’re going to reveal what the real problem is and more importantly, we’re going to give our viewers a rogue solution ... a secret weapon ... to rectify this situation.

Sarah: That’s right. And this secret weapon is powerful. It was designed by an investment legend ... a man actually named the No. 1 investor ... a man who walked away from Wall Street to help those of us on Main Street.

John: Well, “help” may be the understatement of the year. Thousands of ordinary Americans have already spotted 48 winning investments in a row thanks to this man. His top investment recommendations went up 600%, 700% and ... get this ... 800% ... all within 10 years . And it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

Sarah: That’s why I’m personally using this weapon to reach my financial goals. It’s a weapon that’s simple, fun and profitable. A weapon I can use from right here, on my laptop.

John: And you’re going to show everyone how it works in a moment so that they too can access it using their computer, phone or tablet?

Sarah: Yes. Because, anyone can use it no matter where they’re at in life. In fact, I heard from a 91-year-old man the other day who sees this weapon as a way for him to leave his 10 great-grandchildren a legacy.


I also heard from a 42-year-old single mother who’s sees it as a way to create financial stability for her three kids.


And I even heard from a 66-year-old IT consultant whose goal is to use it to double his $120,000 retirement account in four years.


So, again, no matter where you’re at in life ... whether you’re 42 or 91 ... you can use this weapon to achieve your financial dreams.

John: Great. And Sarah, you have a big goal ... to show each of our viewers how they can make $1 million.

Sarah: That’s right. It’s a bold, ambitious goal. And I truly believe this is possible if they watch this entire event and see how to use this weapon.

John: Now, I’ve seen this secret weapon. And, full disclaimer, this is different than anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a totally unique approach to investing in the stock market.

With that said, we have a packed event, so let’s get started. In the next few minutes...

You’ll see the real reason why so many people are struggling to achieve the American dream. In fact, the average retirement account is underfunded by 90%. And even if you think you’re in a good financial position, you could be unknowingly losing up to half your profits.

Then, you’ll meet the man who created this secret weapon, a man who walked away from Wall Street ... dropping clients such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Citibank ... in order to help those on Main Street ... folks just like you. He’ll even give you details on his number one stock to buy today ... a stock that he feels is destined to soar 300% or more over the next few years.

Finally, you’re going to see how Sarah Palin is using this secret weapon to reach her financial goals in less than 10 minutes a month. This weapon is simple, it’s fun and it’s profitable. In fact, she made bigger gains on her investments in two weeks than most experts make in two years!

But, Sarah, before we dive into this secret weapon you’re using, I think it’s important for our viewers to know why you chose it, and how it has completely changed your life. Because, this is a personal journey for you...

Sarah: It is. So, I should start with a bit of a confession. When it comes to my money and investing, like most people, I’m not an expert. Since day one, I just handed my money over to a financial advisor — the same one my dad uses — and I let him make the decisions. Sure, every year I’d get a calendar with my advisor’s picture on it and a big binder filled with financial jargon that I just didn’t have time to read.

John: Well, you have a family, you have a career, so you have to focus on that and trust your advisor to do the rest.

Sarah: Right. But even when we’d meet, I felt like I needed a Ph.D. in finance to understand all the mumbo jumbo. I didn’t ask many questions because I just felt silly asking. So, I just trusted him.

Then, one day I noticed a beautiful house being built a few miles down the road. More like a mansion, with an indoor basketball court. Come to find out, the mansion belongs to the guy managing my money.

John: It’s his house? He’s in the mansion?

Sarah: Yeah, and I got to thinking, good for him, but how was I doing? So, I took a deeper dive into my “portfolio” and ... I was disappointed. It wasn’t horrible. But, I guess I expected better.

John: You got a calendar with his picture on it, and he’s got a mansion with an indoor basketball court. I can see the issue. So, what did you do next?

Sarah: Well, I’m a do-it-yourself kind of gal. I figured if I can hunt down my own food in the Alaskan wilderness, I could hunt down my own profits in the financial wilderness.

But, here’s what I quickly realized … I don’t have the time to look at a company like Apple and figure out if a $300 price tag for the stock is a good deal or a bad deal. Sure, I like its phones. But unless I do some research ... dig into its quarterly earnings or examine its profit margins, I won’t know if I should buy it. It takes some serious research to do that properly.

As you said, I have a family that I love, and I want to be with them. I don’t have time to research companies and dissect financial information all day. So, investing on my own really wasn’t an option. And I ... I felt stuck.

John: Sarah, I asked you to tell your personal story because, I think most people watching right now can identify with what you’ve gone through. I certainly can. Your experience really summarizes the two options we have when it comes to investing.

Option 1, invest with a professional, pay them to handle our money and cross our fingers that they make the right decisions.

And option 2, invest on our own, do a lot of research, cross our fingers and hope we make the right decisions.

But both these options are flawed ... big time. You saw that. Many of our viewers have seen it as well. And, they feel like you did … stuck.

Sarah: That’s right. But, I didn’t stay stuck for long. I knew there had to be a better way. I didn’t give up. I kept digging and digging. And that led me to option 3 ... the secret weapon that makes investing simple, fun and profitable. It allows me ... without a degree in finance ... to take control of my investments in less than 10 minutes a month.

John: Ten minutes a month. Well, I can’t wait to show our viewers this secret weapon. It’s right there on your laptop, and they’ll see everything. You love it, and I know they’re going to love it too. But first, I think it’s important that our viewers understand how much money option 1 and 2 are costing them.

Sarah: I agree. Because a lot of people watching right now might think they’re heading in the right direction, just like I did, but they’re not. They’re likely losing out on tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands, and not even know it.

John: Well, I think most people know something is off. The market has been volatile. It can be hard to stomach. A recent poll shows that 69% of Americans over 50 years of age say they’re concerned about their retirement. Sixty-nine percent!!!

Sarah: John, what’s really alarming is that most of these people don’t think they’ll be able to retire at all. Their retirement dreams are turning into a retirement nightmare.

John: That IS alarming. And this next statistic might shed some light on why that is. Research suggests a person should have at least $1 million saved before retiring.

Yet, the median retirement account for those over 55 ... is $98,000. So, they’re underfunded by 90 %.

Sarah: They’re one-tenth of where they should be. That’s why the goal of this event is to help everyone make $1 million … we really just want to help people get from where they’re financially to where they should be.

John: I think it’s important to show our viewers why so many people are falling behind in a very concrete way. Because the culprit might not be what they think.

Sarah: Okay, let’s take a look.

John: Great, to do so ... I’ll share my screen with our viewers. This is a compound interest calculator. So, say you have $10,000 and want to invest it in the stock market over a 40-year period. Well, the market goes up an average of 8% a year. So, a $10,000 investment compounded ... meaning, you’re reinvesting your gains ... should amount to $217,000.

Sarah: This really shows the power of the stock market. Most investments — real estate, bonds and the likes ... aren’t nearly this high. So, that’s a really solid return.

John: BUT ... as you know, it usually doesn’t end up this nice, and here’s why. If people choose option 1, by giving their money to a financial advisor, they’ll be charged a 2% management fee. That means the real return isn’t 8% ... it’s 6% ... and the results over time are devastating ... it comes out to just $102,000.

Half the amount. Or, the other way to say it is ... Wall Street takes 50% of the profits.

Sarah: It amazes me every time I see it broken down this way. I want to mention, you’re being conservative here. A new study shows that the typical 401(k) fees add up to over 2% ... some charge as much as 5%. Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, actually said that over our lifespan, Wall Street will take 79% of the profits, while Main Street gets 21%. He called it “financial tyranny.”

John: That “small” fee really adds up. And, even using this conservative example ... that’s a $100,000 difference.

Sarah: You could use that money to take family vacations, pay off a mortgage, fund your kids’ college tuition…

John: Or to buy your own indoor basketball court.

Sarah: Hey, maybe build two of them. All joking aside, the pitch Wall Street gives is that they can help us do better than the market average ... so their “small fee” doesn’t matter. But we both know that’s a bunch of bull.

John: It is. A Standard and Poor’s study shows that 92% of active fund managers underperform their benchmark. Ninety-two percent!

Sarah: That’s why I’m here today, spearheading the American Prosperity Summit. Because while 92% of these managers are failing at the one job they’re paid to do, right now ... thanks to the secret weapon on this laptop ... I’m doubling the returns of the stock market. And if I, an inexperienced investor, can do it, I know those who are watching can do it as well.

John: I can’t wait to see this. But first, we know that option 1 is bad. It doesn’t make sense to give your money over to a financial planner and pay them to underperform the market. But what about option 2 ... investing on your own.

Sarah: That doesn’t pan out either, John. Because, while we just slammed Wall Street for taking 50% of the profits, to be fair, individual investors do even worse.

John: A new study shows that they only average a 4% annualized return. So, let’s show the math again. Instead of an 8% return, they get about a 4% return ... and that $10,000 investment will only amount to ... get this ... $48,000.

That’s 75% less than what they should be getting.

Sarah: I think it’s important to talk about why these returns are so low. It’s not because people are stupid, it’s because we’re hot-blooded Americans, and we react! It’s in our nature … we kind of shoot ourselves in the foot.

John: Studies from Yale University prove that when we see the stock market falling, we panic and we sell ... at the worst time. And when we see the stock market soaring higher, we are enticed to buy at the exact wrong time. Everyone tries to “buy low and sell high” but in reality they “buy high and sell low.”

Sarah: That’s not a good equation. And again, not to mention the amount of time it takes. If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend hours and hours studying charts and company financials every week. You have better things to do.

John: I agree. You have work to do, a life to live.

So, these calculations are proof that option 1 and 2 hurt your returns. This chart perhaps is a better visual. One can see how the returns just get decimated. $10,000 should turn into over $200,000 … but, with option 1, Wall Street takes half the amount and you’re left with about $100,000. And with option 2, bad emotional decisions leave us with 75% less, about $50,000.

And, this leads to an even bigger problem ... people get stuck and throw in the towel. They simply bow out and decide not to invest. According to a recent survey, nearly half of Americans aren’t investing at all.

Sarah: It’s almost ... un-American, you know? Think about it ... our forefathers got on a boat and sailed across the ocean for a shot at prosperity. They had to fight for it. Yet, somewhere along the way, many of us lost that boldness. That boldness to fight for what’s right … to fight for what belongs to us. We need that boldness back. And right now is the perfect time to invest, to be bold.

John: So, going rogue, you sailed across a “financial ocean” to achieve your goals and chose option 3 ... a bold solution. A secret weapon that would make investing your money simple, fun and profitable.

Sarah: That’s right. And it’s a bold solution for anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your income is or your investing experience.

John: Now, I don’t want to give away the surprise, but, in a moment, we’re going to show you how using option 3 … using the secret weapon on Sarah’s laptop … could help you turn this $10,000 we talked about into as much as $1 million.

Again, we’ll dive into that in a moment.

First, Sarah, tell us more about your journey. Explain how you discovered this secret weapon and how it helped your investments make more in two weeks than most experts make in two years.

Sarah: Sure. Well, for most of us, navigating the stock market, as mentioned, is hard. It’s a bit like going on a hike by yourself through the Alaskan wilderness. It’s dangerous to do it alone. You could get lost, a storm could come or a wild animal could attack. But, if you had a guide ... a person who has hiked the trail hundreds of times ... you’d get to your destination safely.

John: And you’d get to enjoy the freedom of being on a beautiful hike. Makes sense.

Sarah: Well, for most of us, investing is the same way. When we try to invest on our own, we’re trying to hike through a financial Alaska filled with unknowns. We need a guide if we want to get to our destination safely and enjoy the journey.

So, imagine for a moment that you could have a guide in the stock market. Not just any guide, but rather, the guide who was crowned the No. 1 investor by Barron’s… the guide who actually managed money for Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Citibank ... the guide who made 48 winning investment recommendations in a row

Imagine being able to look over this guy’s shoulder, seeing his model portfolio along with all of his research and insights ... would that give you an advantage with your investments?

John: Yes. Absolutely. If I could see all of this, I could just look at his stock picks and choose to make the same investments in my account.

Sarah: Exactly. So ... that’s what I’m doing. Well, something even better. You see, I found this number one investor, and I’m able to see everything he’s recommending ... all of his research and all of his insights ... right from my laptop, or if I choose ... my phone, iPad, desktop ... whatever device I want to use. He and his team will even text me to let me know about any updates.

Best of all, this guide makes investing in the stock market simple ... in fact, it takes less than 10 minutes a month to follow his research and take action. He makes investing fun ... he’s the kind of guy you want to have a beer with.

And most importantly, he makes investing profitable ... he looks for stocks that will survive and thrive in any market condition And just as important, he knows which stocks to avoid.

Which is why, within the first two weeks of using his insight, I was able to make bigger gains than most experts make in two years.

John: Amazing. More gains in two weeks than most people make in two years. That’s stunning. Now, just like hiking through the Alaskan wilderness with a guide, nothing is guaranteed ... investing always carries risk, right? Even with a history of past success, it’s exactly that … the past.

Sarah: But, with a guide, your risk is reduced and the potential reward is much greater. My gains keep getting bigger and bigger. Some of my picks are getting three times as much as the stock market.

John: Now, in a moment, we are going to bring this No. 1 investor ... this guide ... out on stage so our audience can meet him and learn how they too can follow his insight. But first, who exactly is he?

Sarah: Sure, his name is Charles Mizrahi.

John: Now, many of you are likely already familiar with Charles Mizrahi. Sarah correctly said he’s the top investor. In fact, Charles was named No. 1 market timer ... seven years in a row. He famously called the 1987 crash and saved his clients millions of dollars by moving them out of the stock market.

He then went on to make as much as 100% a year for his investors ... drawing in big names such as Goldman Sachs. He left Wall Street to help Main Street. He started developing a model portfolio they could follow, and he helped them see 48 winning recommendations in a row. That’s 48 stocks, 48 wins. Not a single loser during that stretch.

He even went on to recommend TJX ... the parent company of TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. The stock saw peak gains of 630%.

He also recommended the medical manufacture Atrion. That stock shot up as high as 711%.

And he even recommended Microsoft which went up as high as 827%.

It’s no wonder he’s been featured on the major networks several times and shared the stage with the likes of Dave Ramsey and many other financial experts.

Sarah: John, I think what’s so impressive is that despite all these accolades, Charles is humble. After I discovered him and what he does, I had to meet him in person. So, I flew across the country to do so. I kind of thought he’d be a typical arrogant Wall Streeter. I mean, he’s been a top investor for about 40 years, so ... I just pictured us having a really dry meeting with him talking about how smart he is.

But, we just really hit it off. We talked about everything from being a parent — he has five children as well — to his unique approach to investing. And before we knew it, our one-hour meeting turned into a three-hour visit.

He came from a middle-class family and started his own business when he was in fifth grade. He’s about as Main Street as Main Street gets. In fact, this event ... the American Prosperity Summit ... was his idea.

He said: “I want to be your guide. I’ll even pay you to try it out, make a few investments, read the material and when you see how amazing it is ... let’s work together to help millions of Americans.” So, I agreed.

John: And so far you’ve had a great experience?

Sarah: Absolutely. As mentioned, in two weeks my investment gains were bigger than what most experts make in two years. And since then, they’ve just gotten bigger and bigger. In fact, every single one of my investments are up. I’m batting a thousand. And these aren’t small gains..

John: That’s incredible. So, even though the stock market went up, you were getting three times the gains.

Sarah: That’s right. It went up this much and my stocks went up this much. And now that I’ve known Charles for a while, I can see only one flaw...

John: OK?

Sarah: His accent. He’s from Brooklyn, and he sounds like he’s from Brooklyn.

John: You mean that’s not a charming accent?

Sarah: It’s definitely not.

John: Well, if that’s the one flaw, I think we can handle it. With that said, let’s patch Charles in so our viewers can meet him.

Charles: Hi John. Hi Sarah. And you gotta be kidding, I don’t have an accent.

Sarah: You keep telling yourself that.

Charles: Good to see you again, Sarah.

Sarah: You too, Charles.

John: Charles, thank you so much for joining us for the American Prosperity Summit.

Charles: I’m really excited to be part of this mission to help millions of Americans reach financial freedom. This is something special. This is going to change the way people invest. It’s going to completely disrupt Wall Street. Millions of Americans, I believe, could make fortunes. Millions of them. This is fantastic.

John: So Charles, Sarah just told us how you’re guiding her ... helping her make bigger investment gains in two weeks than most experts make in two years. I think everyone watching could benefit from you being their guide as well. But first, tell us, what inspired you to walk away from Wall Street and be a guide for Main Street.

Charles: Sure. Well, as you said, I’ve spent decades working on Wall Street ... helping my clients such as Goldman Sachs ... make gains as high as 100% a year.

And, it was great. But, my heart has always been on Main Street. You see, I didn’t grow up wealthy. My father had to work long hours to make ends meet. And so, while it was nice to make money for the big firms on Wall Street, I always wanted to try to find a way to help folks like my parents.

So, after nearly two decades of success as a money manager during the ‘80s and ‘90s, I decided to leave Wall Street and start guiding those that lived on Main Street.

John: Got it. OK ... before you dive further ... I know you don’t like to brag about your successes, so I’m going to do it for you.

Charles: You know us New Yorkers. We’re pretty low key.

John: Well, you’ve helped a lot of people win, Charles. And our viewers here today should see the kind of gains you can help them make. I’ve shown this already, but ... it’s worth showing again. In your first work with regular Americans, you made 48 winning investments recommendations in a row. Forty-eight.

I have a list of them here...

That’s a 173% gain on Ross Stores,

a 168% gain on Syntel,

a 130% gain on Carbo,

a 194% gain on HCC Insurance

and a 188% gain on Daktronics.

You went on to see peak profits of 302% on General Dynamics.

311% on Raytheon

413% on Apple

630% on TJX Companies.

653% on Huntington.

711% on Atrion.

And a whopping 827% on Microsoft.

Charles, these are incredible.

Charles: I appreciate that. It’s exciting, especially when I think about the hardworking Americans who use my recommendations to better their lives.

John: These are real people making real profits. In fact, I have a few examples of these people who, from prior research services, used your insight to make incredible profits.

Just listen to what they have to say:





There are several other examples just like these. The point is ... Charles, you took your skill set ... the one you used to help those on Wall Street and now you’re helping those on Main Street ... it’s awesome.

Charles: Making an impact on people’s lives really warms my heart. Sarah mentioned a 42-year-old single mother who’s now using me as a guide. All she wants is to provide for her three kids. But John, I want to do so much more than that. I want to help her reach every one of her financial dreams.

Sarah: I love that you’re helping hardworking, Main Street Americans. What could be more fun, right?

Charles: Exactly. And here’s the thing, I’ve been wanting to help even more people. So, when I had the chance to meet with you, Sarah, I tossed out the idea ... how can we help millions of hardworking Americans achieve their financial dreams?

Sarah: And we decided, after I had plenty of time to use Charles’ insight and recommendations ... and see the results for myself — how simple it is, how fun it is, how profitable it can be ... that we’d hold the American Prosperity Summit with a bold mission ... to help all those who watch it ... that means you guys watching right now ... make $1 million.

John: So, here we are. Sarah, you’d had the chance to use Charles’ recommendations and ... the results are in.

Sarah: I love it! It’s exactly what I needed. It took about 15 minutes to get everything set up. What used to take me years to make, I’m now making in weeks.

John: So you think those watching right now would benefit from Charles’ insight.

Sarah: I do. I enjoy investing now. It’s not a task, it’s not stressful. Making money is fun. The gains rolling into my brokerage account are bigger than I could have anticipated.

John: That’s great. In a moment, Sarah will show you the secret weapon on her laptop ... a way for you to get the exact same access to Charles that she has. And then, Charles is even going to give you the details on his No. 1 stock pick ... a company sitting at the forefront of a $708 billion market that’s about to soar higher ... but first, I have a question, Charles.

Charles: Sure.

John: Why is it that most professionals on Wall Street, 92% of them, can’t beat the overall market’s returns, but you can?

Charles: Because they’re not Alpha Investors. Let me explain.

Let’s first take a look at the term “investor.” For most people, including those on Wall Street, when they think about the stock market, the first thing that comes to mind are the wiggles and jiggles on a stock chart. They’re trying to figure out how to make a quick buck.

That’s not investing. That’s “trading.” It’s speculating. Back in the 1960s, people used to own stocks for an average of eight years ... now, it’s less than a year, because everyone is trading.

John: So we have to go back to what it means to be an investor?

Charles: Exactly. When you’re investing in a company, you have to look at it like you’re becoming a partner in their business. An owner. As an owner, you don’t focus on what’s happening today, or over the next month, you’re looking three to five years down the road.

Sarah: Allow me to jump in. That means you get the privilege of ignoring the noise. People freak out when they see their stock prices going down. But when you’re an owner, you don’t worry about that. You simply remember why you became an owner of the company, and if nothing has changed, hang in there. Because great companies will get stronger during downturns, and that stock price will eventually go up. Way up.

John: OK, so ... shift from “trader” to an “investor.” Not wiggles and jiggles on a chart, just facts. Charles, what’s the “alpha” part?

Charles: Sure. We all know what an alpha is ... alpha is the leader. Well, it also has a financial meaning. Alpha is the excess return on an investment relative to the benchmark. So, for us, our benchmark is the stock market ... the S&P 500. And if you want to create alpha, you have to beat the market.

Sarah: We discussed earlier that option 1 and 2 fail to do that. But option 3 ... using Charles as your guide ... could help you do that many times over.

John: I got it. But, that goes back to my question, Charles, how are you planning to do what 92% of active fund managers can’t do and what we can’t do on our own?

Charles: Sure. I only buy alpha stocks ... these are stocks that have a 100% profit potential baked into the price.

John: That would give you a clear shot at doubling your money. I like the sound of that, but how do you do it?

Charles: I have a three-step strategy for finding these alpha stocks. Step 1 ... the stock has to be in an Alpha Industry. Here’s what I mean ... the company is in an established, but growing market. With technology, I’m looking for companies in 5G, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In health care, I’m looking for companies that are in precision medicine and treating the millions of baby boomers. You get the idea.

If a company is in a large industry that’s projected to grow over the next few years, then it’s an alpha industry and the stock has the potential to rise 100%.

Sarah: As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats. These are the types of industries that make America the best country in the world.

Charles: Exactly. You don’t want to be in a dying industry. For step 2, I look for Alpha Management. In other words, I look for companies that have CEOs, and a leadership team, with great track records of increasing revenue, earnings and share price over time ... they’re the ones who’ll drive the business forward.

If a CEO has a proven track record helping his company’s share prices go up over 100%, well ... odds are, it will happen again.

John: Got it. And what’s the third step to finding these winners?

Charles: I look for Alpha Money. In sum, I want to make sure the company is financially sound. So I study the balance sheets, the income statements and the cash flow statements. I also read all the notes to the financial statements. Then I dive into the 10-Ks and read every word management has disclosed about the business. And then I figure where Wall Street missed the mark.

Sarah: That’s the part that, as we were saying earlier, most of us just don’t have the time to do!

John: Or, frankly, the ability. I wouldn’t know where to find a 10-K. It sounds like a lot of work, Charles.

Charles: It is, but I love it. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing at night. And I don’t have to do it alone. I have three dedicated analysts on my team. One took his first analyst position with me right after college and has never looked back. Another has her Master’s from John’s Hopkins with specialties in finance and technology, and the third has an elite financial designation that puts him in the top 1% of the financial industry.

My team is as sharp as they come. Plus, we pay tens of thousands of dollars every year for special data feeds that give us an edge. And more importantly, I still have my rolodex who I’m able to call and get information from quickly.

I spared no expense. My team and I are equipped with all the tools necessary to make the kind of gains I made for my clients when I was on Wall Street.

John: So, to recap, you’re looking for alpha stocks ... stocks that have a 100% profit potential already baked in. You do that by finding companies in Alpha Industries, with Alpha Management and with Alpha Money.

Charles: Exactly. That’s what makes me an Alpha Investor. The hardest part, for most people, comes after buying the stock. We do the unthinkable ... we wait.

John: So, as the saying goes, waiting is the hardest part?

Charles: Yup. Because here’s the thing ... most people try to do too much. But as soon as we pick an alpha stock, we sit back and watch it rise 100%, then 200% and even 300% or more in the years ahead.

John: Well, your Alpha Investor strategy has worked great. I just want to highlight a few examples from your past services again to show the gains that are possible.

Youwe recommended TJX, the parent company of TJ Maxx, back in 2010 at about $10. Soon after, Wall Street realized it was mispriced and started to bid the price up, and the stock soared. First, 100% ... then, 300% ... and it eventually went up as high as 630%.

The same thing happened with Microsoft. When it was trading for $20, you gave it a buy recommendation. Afterward, Wall Street started piling in and the stock soared to $184 giving those who follow you the chance to make an 827% gain.

Atrion is another example ... you recommended the stock at $114. Wall Street realized it too was mispriced and bid the stock up to $900 ... giving folks the chance to make a 711% gain.

It’s worth repeating that you even made 48 winning trade recommendations in a row. I’ll throw that list of profitable investments up on the screen again.

It’s returns like this that truly help others become ... well, Alpha Investors ... and, as we have seen, make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Charles: Sarah gave a great analogy earlier. Unless you have decades of experience, you’d be foolish to go on a hike through the Alaskan wilderness alone. You’d want a guide.

Sarah: Hiking alone through the Alaskan wilderness is dangerous. The same is true with the Wall Street wilderness. Don’t try hiking through it alone. Charles has been investing successfully for 40 years. Let him be your guide.

John: In a moment, we’ll talk about Charles No. 1 stock recommendation ... an American-based company that is on the verge of potentially soaring 300% over the next decade.

But first, Sarah to underline how powerful stocks like this are ... how these big gains can really boost a portfolio up to $1 million ... I want to look at one more calculation.

Earlier, we talked about how the stock market typically goes up 8% a year. A $10,000 investment should turn into $217,000 over 40 years if you reinvest your gains.


With option 1, paying a professional, you sacrifice 50% of the gains and end up with only $102,000.


With option 2, investing on your own, the results are even lower, leaving you with a mere $48,000.


But option 3, using Charles as your guide, is entirely different. Charles has made his former clients, such as Goldman Sachs, as much as 100% a year. Of course, past performance isn’t indicative of future results. And nothing in the markets is ever guaranteed...

But just a fraction of gains like this could be life-changing. For example, if you made a 20% return annually... That $10,000 would grow into over $1 million ... not in 40 years, but just 26 years.


As you can see, these rare gains are literally off the charts. That’s a lot of alpha.

Sarah: This proves that when these exceptional gains are reinvested, the returns can be incredible.

John: How many indoor basketball courts could you add to your house with that?

Sarah: A lot. You know, it shows us that, no matter the starting point, becoming a millionaire is possible ... we can all fight for prosperity. And, it doesn’t have to take 40 years to win that fight.

John: Charles, any thoughts on this.

Charles: These returns are great. Of course it depends on how much one invests. However, I tell folks they should only invest what they feel comfortable with. It’s their call. They can invest $10,000 or more in every single stock ... or they can start with as little as $1,000, watch it grow and add more money over time.

Sarah: That’s basically what I did. And, once I saw my investments going up ... making bigger gains in two weeks than most experts make in two years ... I felt confident to invest more money.

John: Charles, to help folks like Sarah, and the millions of other Americans, make these types of gains, you created a special research service for them ... the secret weapon Sarah has been using to achieve her gains.

Charles: I did. It’s appropriately named Alpha Investor.

Sarah: Charles, I didn’t tell you this, but I did some research on this service before I started using it. The first thing that popped out to me is that your subscribers give you a five-star review. That’s rare, especially when people’s personal money is on the line.

Charles: It’s all about them. I want to help the 42-year-old single mother and the 91-year-old great-grandfather.

John: That’s awesome. So, Sarah, maybe now is a good time to look at your laptop so you can show our viewers exactly how this secret weapon ... the Alpha Investor service ... works.

Sarah: You betcha. So, I’ll allow our viewers to see my screen, I’m going to log into my subscription with my username and password. A lot of this is going to be blurred out for privacy reasons, of course.

Now, here’s everything I get. As you can see, it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

This is the model portfolio ... I click it, and just like that, I can see everything Charles is recommending I buy. I have the name of the stock, symbol, buy price, current price and buy recommendation.

John: So, to be clear, Charles isn’t managing your money.

Sarah: He’s not. It’s better than that. I’m simply looking at his model portfolio and his research, and then using that to make the investments I choose to make.

John: So Charles does all the hard work for you. You can just log in and copy his model portfolio.

Sarah: Yup. Any “Joe Six-Pack” can do it. But it’s important to invest in what’s right for you.

Okay, let me share my screen again. So, to access more information on the stock and why he gives it a buy recommendation, I just click here and it opens up an eight-page report explaining everything. This report is also sent to me via email when he first recommends the investment so I can invest with clarity and confidence. Best thing is ... it’s an easy, enjoyable read.

John: Like you said, it’s really simple to use. And if you want to buy the stock, you just make the investment with your brokerage firm?

Sarah: Exactly. So, for me ... when I first started, I opened an account on my phone. It was super simple. Then, I bought five of Charles’ stock recommendations. All five went up ... exactly like he said they would.

John: So, what happens when it’s time to sell.

Sarah: A trade alert is emailed out. It simply tells me what to do and why. And if you wish, you can get a text alert when the email is sent so you can take action right away. And that is super helpful for me, a gal on the go.

John: So there’s no guessing. So, Charles, you do all the research and subscribers such as Sarah make the final decision?

Charles: Exactly, John. And, I should be clear. I only average about one new investment recommendation a month. That’s it. This isn’t a trading service. This is investing. It’s all about finding the right companies and sticking with them as the gains stack up

John: Got it. Sarah, perhaps you can walk us through some of the other features of the Alpha Investor research service.

Sarah: Sure. One of my favorite features is the weekly updates. These are short videos that Charles records every week. It’s Charles talking off the cuff about the markets and answering a lot of the common questions that his readers email in. Plus you get to hear his beautiful accent.

John: I think this constant stream of communication is why Charles’ readers have the peace of mind about their investments that very few people have. Beyond just making money, they write in all the time about this calmness, this freedom.

Sarah: I think this came in especially handy during the coronavirus crash. So many people were panicking. They were writing Charles asking “what should I do. Should I sell?” He just had to remind them to stay calm and focus on the big picture.

John: Funny you say that. I actually saved the exact video you sent out on March 18... This was at the very epicenter of the crisis ... the lowest point of the stock market.

Here’s a short clip…


Charles then gave four specific ways people can deal with volatility. And the comments from subscribers came flooding in thanking him for this guidance. I’ll show a few of them.

Charles, these are great.

Charles: Thanks John. This brings up an important point. When people try to invest on their own, they often see the headline news and make knee-jerk reactions. You mentioned earlier, people cut their profits by 75% because of these emotions.

John: But anyone who subscribes to Alpha Investor could see there was nothing to panic about.

Charles: Exactly. In fact, from an investment standpoint, the crash was an opportunity to buy our favorite stocks at a discount. You know ... I think this weekly update is a feature that a financial advisor simply can’t provide. Most of these advisors have hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. So, they can’t take the time to talk to all of them and come up with a strategy for each portfolio. But, through this Alpha Investor research service, you can be their guide.

Charles: That’s right.

Sarah: Okay, there’s one more quick thing I want to show you on the website.

Click on the short video below.


John: This is great. Like you said, this is simple, fun and profitable. So, Sarah ... you have an Alpha Investor subscription. And you’ve been following Charles’ model portfolio and research?

Sarah: Yes. I started with a small sum of money and bought the stocks he recommended in his model portfolio. Within two weeks, thanks to Charles, my gains were higher than what most experts make in two years. Since then, my profits have just gotten bigger and bigger. Some of my picks are getting three times the returns of the stock market. I haven’t had a single losing investment yet.

You know, it’s just made investing fun. I’m in control now.

John: That’s awesome.

And, in a moment, I’ll show you how you can get a subscription to Alpha Investor risk-free, and we’ll also be putting both Charles and Sarah in the hot seat ... asking some questions that have come in from our viewers . But first, Charles ... tell us more about your No. 1 stock pick.

Charles: Sure. This is an alpha stock if I’ve ever seen one. I haven’t been this excited about an investment since I told people to buy Microsoft before it soared 800%.

Not just because I think it will soar higher, but ... because it’s at the heart of America’s resurgence.

This Tennessee-based company already employs 33,000 hardworking Americans, and it meets all my alpha stock requirements. It’s in an Alpha Industry ... a $708 billion market that’s at the core of our economy. So, it’s a stable industry that’s growing in good times and bad.

And get this ... this company ... my No. 1 stock pick ... has virtually no competition. In fact, Home Depot tried to compete with them by opening a series of specialty stores, only to close them a year later.

This company also has Alpha Management. Seasoned leaders who have already proven experience growing companies such as Home Depot and eBay as their stocks skyrocketed

And it has Alpha Money. Over the last five years, the company’s revenues have increased an average of $424 million a year, as its profits soared to just under $1 billion a year. But Wall Street is pricing it as if it weren’t making any money at all.

However, you’ll want to get in soon. Today if you can.

The company just reported “record-breaking sales and earnings,” and the stock is moving.

One Wells Fargo analyst said: “Holy cow ... sales will likely accelerate” while others ramped up their price target for the stock. Two big-time investors, Joel Greenblatt and Mario Gabelli are loading up. They’ve already bought 49,000 shares and 83,000 shares.

And the big institutions are right behind them. JPMorgan Chase scooped up 2 million shares and BlackRock went in with both hands buying up 9 million shares.

John: Well, it sounds amazing. And all the details are in this new report called America’s Alpha Stock: The Company Leading a $708 Billion Revolution. I personally can’t wait to read up on it. And when viewers get a digital version in their hands today, they can buy this stock for potential gains of 300%.

Charles: That’s right. It will be their first step to reaching their goal.

John: Well, this sounds exciting. With that said, we have a lot of questions that our viewers are asking, and I want to address them. Mind if we take a few?

Charles: Let’s do it.

Sarah: Absolutely.

John: OK, this is the first question, from Nate in Michigan.


Sarah, can you take this one.

Sarah: You know, I never invested on my own either, and the idea of signing up for Charles’ service was new ground for me. But, I’m sure glad I took that step. I’m making money, and I think folks like Nate will too. So, I say try it out. Sign up.

John: Wonderful. Okay, this one is for Charles, from Billy from Texas.


Charles: Great question. Look, nothing is guaranteed with investing. But, yes ... with my guidance, I think it’s more than possible for anyone to become a millionaire. Sure, some people could become a millionaire sooner than others, because some people are starting out with $100,000 while others may be starting out with a few thousand dollars. But we showed earlier how a $10,000 stake growing at 20% a year will amount to $1 million in 26 years. So, yes, I really think I can help you become a millionaire.

Sarah: And Billy... when you become one ... we want to hear from you. We want to hear from all of you as you make $1 million.

Charles: It’s going to be a lot of fun to read those emails and hear those calls.

John: Got it. Here’s another one for you Charles, from Tom in California. Tom asks:


Charles: Another great question. Keep in mind, we aren’t traders, we’re investors, and we look for alpha stocks. So, if something changes in the company ... such as the industry, the management and the financials, we might sell the stock.

Sarah: But, more times than not, alpha companies — the ones Charles is recommending — not only survive market crashes, but thrive. Their stock price might go down, but you have to stop looking at the stock price and look behind the scenes at what the company is doing. An alpha company usually uses a crash to advance their business to a new level. An economic downturn gets rid of theat weak competition, and when things turn around, these alpha stocks can surge higher.

Charles: You’ve been watching my updates closely.

Sarah: I have!

Charles: You know, a great example of this is Netflix and Blockbuster. Blockbuster was already a mess in 2008, and when the crash hit, it couldn’t survive. They went out of business.

Netflix survived and then thrived ... and the stock soared over 5,000%.

So, I’d encourage Tom to switch his perspective on “crashes” by calling them “blessings”. Because when the market goes down, it’s an opportunity to buy great stocks at a steep discount, not a curse.

Sarah: Also, keep in mind, Charles has managed money through the crashes of 1987, 2000, 2008 and 2020. He didn’t just survive every crash, he thrived.

John: Good point. I’m getting a lot of comments from people who signed up already. Tim says:


Stacey wrote in:


John: OK, this is a good question.


Sarah, as a subscriber to Alpha Investor, what do you think?

Sarah: Over the last few months, I’ve realized that if you want average returns, then Vanguard funds are a great way to go. But just keep in mind, you can’t get above-average returns, if you’re in an index fund, which by its very nature is designed to make average returns. So if you want a real shot at making a million dollars, you have to be a bit like the founders of this country ... be bold. I say invest in alpha companies. So, that’s what I’m doing.

And don’t get me wrong. I didn’t take all my money and just start investing in these companies. I started small. Two weeks later, thanks to Charles, I made more gains than most investment experts make in two years ... and they’ve just gone up from there. So, it made sense for me to keep adding more money to these alpha stocks.

John: OK, great. Next question. George from Illinois says:


So, I’ll address this one, to be frank ... when I first saw this ... saw everything a subscriber gets, the model portfolio, the monthly reports, the weekly videos, the trade alerts ... I too thought ... wow, this is amazing, but ... it probably costs thousands of dollars. After all, when you were managing money, a person needed a million dollars just to open an account with you. People would often pay you $20,000 a year for your advice. However, you’ve not in this for the money. So, you aren’t charging $20,000 ... Or $2,000. Or even $200. All you’re asking for is $100 for a one-year subscription to your Alpha Investor service.

Charles: Well, that was the original plan, but Sarah and I were talking before this event, and ... we’re really serious about our mission to help everyone watching make a million dollars, so ... we want to make sure the price isn’t a barrier. For the first 1,000 people who sign up today ... we lowered the price to $47 for a one-year subscription.

John: $47 ... for an entire year. That’s actually less than $4 a month. Incredible, Charles.

Charles, that’s incredibly generous.

Charles: And, I don’t want to stop there. I’m also giving a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, they can cancel for any reason. Maybe they don’t enjoy the weekly updates, maybe they feel 10 minutes a month to do this is too much, or...

Sarah: Or maybe they just don’t like your accent. I kid ... it’s growing on me, Charles.

Charles: I’m the one with the accent.

John: Well, this is incredible. Again, our viewers today get all of this ... for just $47, and if they don’t like it, after an entire year, they get a full refund.

Charles: Every last red cent. My wife told me the other day: “I’ve never seen you work so hard for so little.”

John: Well, your Wall Street clients would have to have a millions of dollars to open an account with you, minimum.

Charles: Yeah, but that’s not the point, is it? Those letters you read from my subscribers a bit ago ... they’re from real people who are now making a lot of real money and using that money to do a lot of really great things. THOSE are the people I’m doing this for. Again, I think about my parents and how $1 million could have changed their lives.

John: With that said, we have time for just one more question. Here’s one from Edward:


Charles: I don’t manage money anymore, because I think a subscription to Alpha Investor is better. It allows you to invest on your own with my guidance. If you like it, great ... stick with me, it’s $47 a year ... less than $4 a month. It doesn’t get any better than that.

John: Thanks so much, Charles. So, there we have it. Through a subscription to Charles’ Alpha Investor service, you too can become an Alpha Investor and have the chance to make gains in the stock market.

If you’re ready to join, click the orange button below this video.

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For a mere $47, Charles Mizrahi ... a man named the No. 1 investor seven years in a row ... will be your guide to the stock market for an entire year. You’ll have access to his model portfolio, his daily updates, his weekly videos, trade alerts and monthly reviews. And it all starts with his favorite stock pick, detailed in the free report: America’s Alpha Stock.

It doesn’t get any simpler, safer and more profitable than that.

And everything you get is backed by Charles’ 100% satisfaction guarantee. At any point in the next year, if you decide to cancel your Alpha Investor subscription, you get a full refund of your $47 fee. No questions asked.

Any last comments, Sarah?

Sarah: Sign up. Really, that’s it ... sign up. Stop giving your money over to a financial advisor. Stop trying to navigate Wall Street on your own. Stop sitting on the sidelines. And start teaming up with Charles Mizrahi. Let him be your guide. He’s been doing this for almost 40 years. He’s the best. So, sign up. You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

John: Charles, any final thoughts?

Charles: You know ... the timing of this is perfect. There couldn’t be a better time for our viewers to join and invest in some of these companies. Some of the stocks that are in my model portfolio, just using history as a simple guide, could soar 300% or more. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to make big gains, join Sarah and me on this journey. Start with the stock I share in the free report you’re getting today.

John: Thank you, Charles. And thank you for being a part of the American Prosperity Summit. To get a risk-free subscription to Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor service and get the exact same access Sarah Palin has, simply click the button below this video.

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Once you do, you’ll be taken to a secure order form.

For just $47 a year, you get access to everything you see on your screen.

The model portfolio that gives you all of Charles’ top stock recommendations along with why he recommends buying them.

Timely trade alerts ... any time Charles thinks you should make an adjustment to the portfolio, he’ll email you ... 

Daily updates from Charles and his team. These updates are short articles discussing current news and unique investment strategies.

Weekly videos ... these review positions in the portfolio along with common Q&As.

Monthly Alpha Investor reports ... these eight-page write-ups do a deep dive into the portfolio along with Charles’ next recommendation.

And of course, access to a members-only website where you can review everything discussed here along with unlimited access to our customer service team.

A $2,500 value, all yours, for just $47.

And that comes with Charles’ 100% satisfaction guarantee. At any point, if you don’t like what you see, simply let his team know, and they’ll send all your money back.

No questions asked. It’s as simple as that. Just click the button below to get started. Remember, when you sign up, you’re getting guidance from THE Alpha Investor, Charles Mizrahi...

I Want To See The Details

The Wall Street veteran who was named the No. 1 trader by Barron’s...

The very man who was paid, handsomely, by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Citibank for his insight...

The very man who made 48 winning investment recommendations in a row and even made gains over 300% during both bull and bear markets.

So your odds of making money in the stock market will be stacked in your favor.

Those who’ve already signed up are reaching their financial goals.

Ken writes:


Reza says:


Barbara writes:


Charles, thank you once again for joining us for this event.

Charles: John, Sarah ... THANK YOU so much for spearheading it. I can’t wait to help hard-working Americans reach their financial goals. I look forward to hearing from our viewers as they start making their millions.

John: I can’t agree more. And Sarah ... this has been amazing. Once again, thank you.

Sarah: Absolutely John. Charles is helping me reach my goals, and I know he can do the same for all those watching right now.

John: And, thank you, once again, for being a part of the American Prosperity Summit.

September 2020

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