Why These 5 Billionaires Are Going “All-In” on Tech’s Next Big Wave

How to profit as one overlooked company dominates an industry projected to soar 2,125% over the next five years…


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Hello. I’m Charles Mizrahi … and this is my smartphone. Like many people, I use it to text, check my social media account and my email. But here’s what 99% of Americans don’t know.

This smartphone, which is really a pocket-sized computer, is the gateway to an explosive investment opportunity.

One that could finally make it possible for you to retire in the style you hoped for.

To be clear, I’m not talking about investing in smartphones themselves … mobile app makers … or even 5G.

Not even close.

I’m talking about something much more exciting.

It’s an opportunity so lucrative that a Forbes contributor calls it a “gold rush.”

The Wall Street Journal says thanks to this new technology:

It’s called IoMT.

And billionaire investors are going “all-in”…

The Koch family recently invested $100 million.

Mark Cuban is so excited, he’s already financed 10 startups.

Then there’s David Tepper, who’s been called the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation.

His fund recently invested $116 million in a company that is rapidly expanding its use of this technology.

Jeff Bezos — the richest person in the world — is personally backing a $2 billion IoMT company.

Billionaire Judy Faulkner isn’t a household name. But she built a $5.5 billion empire from IoMT … making her the second richest self-made woman.

And these wealthy investors aren’t alone.

“Big Tech” is also piling in…

Google has invested $2.1 billion.

And get this.

CEO Tim Cook actually said:

Even Washington is on board.

In fact, a bill was recently introduced, allocating $50 million to help small towns access this technology.

Folks, this isn’t something that’s 10 years away … or even 5 years away.

It’s already having a huge influence on our everyday lifestyle.

And CNBC says:


Well, even NASA is using IoMT technology right now to help astronauts in space.

And yet most people don’t even know it exists. Much less how it impacts their bank account.

My point is, this could be the biggest investment opportunity of our lives.

Look at what the research firm Zacks had to say…

And the guys at RiskHedge agreed…

That’s why I want you to know about this opportunity.

According to Grandview Research, IoMT is on course to soar to $534 billion over the next five years ... a 2,125% increase!

And here’s the best part…

I’ve uncovered the one company at the center of it all.

Billionaire Michael Dell calls:

And this is just the beginning…

In scale and scope, IoMT is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

I know…it sounds a bit over the top. But give me one second and hear me out.

I mean, you saw the rise of computers … the internet … smartphones, right? All of these technologies changed the course of history and the way we live.

But when you see what I’m going to show you, you’ll totally get why there’s so much buzz about IoMT.

Now, I’m not some newbie. I’ve been on Wall Street for close to 40 years. And if there’s one thing I know ... besides death and taxes ... nothing is guaranteed.

But I do know this…

When a technology is growing fast, it doesn’t matter if its semiconductor chips, smartphones, or IoMT … the odds of making money are much, much greater.

Fact is, I’ve done pretty well throughout the years making money on technology stocks.

I recommended Apple, Atrion and Microsoft, while working on a prior research project… and those stocks turned out really well.

Apple is currently up 704% in eight years ... Atrion is up 475% in ten years ... and Microsoft is up 975% in nine years.

But this opportunity is so much bigger, it’s in an entirely different league.

This technology is on the path to grow by 2,125% over the next five years.

Think what that would do for a company’s profits — and your gains as a shareholder.

Today, you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

Of course, all investment involves risk, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But that said…

If ever there were something close to a “sure thing” … I believe IoMT could be it.

And I am certain that nothing will stop it from changing our lives for the better.

Keep in mind, this technology was almost unheard of just five years ago.

But today, it’s having a ripple effect across the nation.

That’s how fast the whole situation is developing. With no signs of letting up.

But I should caution you…

As more investors hear about IoMT, the chance for maximum profits will dwindle fast.

If you let this opportunity pass you by, it’s a bit like saying in the 1990s: “This internet thing is just a fad. It’ll pass.”

We all know how good that turned out.

That’s why I want you to hear about it from me first.

That way, you can take advantage of this opportunity right now. Before IoMT makes the nightly news.

Today, I’m going to show you how a simple “selfie” fits into the picture.

You heard me right.

A selfie.

It used to be a cheesy social media term for teenagers … but it could actually have a powerful impact on your financial future.

I’m going to share with you what IoMT is and why it will change everything…

From what you eat … to what you wear … to where you live.

I’ll also show you the role selfies play in this new technology…

And I’ll share with you the details of the Missouri-based company that is leading the charge of this incredible mega trend.

Remember, IoMT is set to surge 2,125% in the next five years.

With a tailwind like that, there’s no telling what it will do for this company’s stock price.

Look. I’ve uncovered a lot of great investments in my career. Investments that delivered massive profits.

But the opportunity for IoMT … well it’s a breed apart.

And here’s why: because it affects our very survival.

And it all starts with a simple selfie.

Let me share with you the story of Tim Krause … a 79-year-old man from Pittsburgh.

Tim noticed a scaly red patch just above his jawline.

He didn’t think much of it at first.

But when it grew larger and shaving became difficult, he called his doctor.

Most clinics were closed at the time because of COVID. But Tim’s doctor had a workaround.

She told him to take a few selfies of his face … and send them to her.

On a follow-up Zoom call, she told him to come in for a biopsy right away. Which he did.

The next day, his phone rang. The news wasn't good.

It was melanoma.

If not caught early, melanoma only has a 1-in-4 survival rate.

Thank God for that selfie, because without it, Tim Krause might not be alive today.

Then there’s 63-year-old Jean Braun from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Last August, Jean wanted to update her profile picture on Facebook. So she took a selfie…but noticed something about her picture.

The left side of her face seemed to be drooping … and after a few more selfies, it looked even worse.

Jean was having a stroke.

She frantically called 911. At the hospital, her doctor looked at the timestamp of her selfies.


If you give the drug soon enough, it can be life-saving. But after three hours, it becomes life-threatening.

He quickly realized there was still time to dissolve the clot in her brain.

In other words, those selfies saved Jean’s life.

Keep in mind, selfies are just a tiny part of the IoMT picture.

So … how can this life-changing technology give you the kind of gains that will move the needle on your net worth?

Well, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things or IoT, right?

IoT is nothing more than connecting a whole bunch of devices to a network.

What is astonishing…is how fast it is growing.

IoT is the magic behind how your Fitbit counts your steps.

Or how a smart TV lets you stream movies on Netflix…

Or how a smartphone-enabled GPS in your car works.

But that’s just the beginning…

The number of devices is expected to reach 30.9 billion globally by 2025.

It is revolutionizing the way we work.

On an important Zoom call when the doorbell rings? Your smart doorbell camera lets you see who’s at the door.

And when your printer is low on ink, it automatically orders more toner.

It is revolutionizing the entertainment world.

It makes interactive gaming and virtual reality possible.

And “on-demand” streaming is easy, thanks to smart TVs.

It’s also revolutionizing the way we shop.

Amazon’s Echo speakers come with a virtual assistant built in.

“Alexa, order more peanut butter, trash bags and toilet paper.”

Two days later and BAM … it lands on your doorstep.

With the benefit of hindsight, we see investors have made a ton of money from the companies leading the way in the Internet of Things mega trend…

SiTime provides semiconductor solutions that are vital for the manufacturing of devices.

If you’d invested just $5,000 when the company went public, your stake would be worth $32,100 — a gain of 542% in 14 months.

DocuSign provides e-signature solutions that enable businesses to digitally prepare, execute and act on agreements.

Since the company went public in 2018, the stock is up 556%.

Now … IoMT is the next addition to the Internet of Things mega trend.

And it is disrupting an industry currently worth $3.7 trillion … FAST.

We’re talking about IoMT.

The Internet of Medical Things

Just think…

A young woman with diabetes gets a notification on her phone:

“Rise in blood sugar detected. Inject 6 units of insulin now.”

A retiree in rural Nebraska is at risk for glaucoma.

Wearing smart contact lenses can detect early signs of the disease and prevent permanent vision loss.

An ER doctor is about to give a drug when an alert pops up on the patient’s electronic health record:

“Do not administer — patient has allergic reaction.”

These scenarios are no longer the stuff of science fiction.

In fact, we’re seeing virtual miracles thanks to these types of devices.

As I said, the Internet of Things has exploded across all industries.

The medical space is no exception.

In fact, 40% of IoT technology is healthcare related.

This year, IoT will grow faster in the health arena than in any other industry.

It could have a global economic impact of $1.6 trillion by 2025.

More importantly, IoMT could save millions of lives…

Reduce certain healthcare costs by 90%...

And cut the cost of treating chronic diseases by as much as 50%.

Those hardest hit by chronic illness are the 46 million seniors in America.

In the next 10 years alone, the number of adults aged 65 or over is projected to increase by almost 18 million.

The bottom line is that the need for medical services will continue to grow every year.

At the same time, IoMT is saving folks a boatload of money by reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Dr. Eric Topol is a cardiologist from the Scripps Research Institute.

At a recent medical conference, he demonstrated an incredible device … a handheld ultrasound attached to his smartphone.

When I first heard about the device, I couldn’t believe it.

Here was something that could make a massive difference in my life.

You see, I hate CT scans. HATE them.

They completely stress me out. They make me feel claustrophobic.

When my doctor says: “I’m going to order a CT scan,” my anxiety level goes through the roof.

Devices like this could be the answer.

Take a look at the images of what Dr. Topol calls his “total-body medical selfie” …

Using the new handheld ultrasound, it took Dr. Topol mere minutes to see that his kidney was dilated.

His doctor decided to follow up with a CT scan … which showed an almost identical image.

Bottom line: Many expensive scans like CTs could be avoided by using devices like a handheld ultrasound.

Dr. Topol says:

Fact is, IoMT is on course to make traditional devices obsolete.

Folks, this mega trend could be the single biggest medical advance in history.

And at the center of it all is a company that connects virtually everything.




Robotic surgery.

Electronic health records.


All of them.

Seeing the “big picture” helps doctors catch the early signs of chronic conditions before they cause permanent harm or death.

And as the IoMT revolution goes mainstream … potentially growing 2,125% over the next five years … I believe the stock price of this company will skyrocket.

You see, the company’s products touch every single facet of your health.

Take primary care, for instance…

The days of sitting in a waiting room with other sick people are largely over, due to COVID.

As the pandemic hit, in-office doctor visits fell off a cliff.

At the same time, telehealth visits skyrocketed almost 13,000%.

And it's not going away.

Doctors fear that if they don’t offer a televisit option, patients who have used it may go elsewhere.

And insurance companies will cover more remote care because it reduces expensive hospital stays and ER visits.

In fact, the insurer Oscar Health recently announced that it will now offer 100% free primary care televisits.

It’s not surprising then that investors in telemedicine stocks are making money hand over fist...


These are impressive gains, for sure.

But I believe my favorite IoMT stock will do even better…

The company has helped healthcare facilities expand telehealth more than 100-fold in some cases.

Take the University of Missouri Health Care system…

Pre-COVID, they had about five telehealth visits a day.

But thanks to this company’s services, telehealth jumped to nearly 1,000 patients a day.

A staggering increase of 18,700%.

Here’s the thing, though.

Telemedicine is just a small part of the IoMT pie.

You see, the company I’m talking about lets doctors monitor a patient’s progress at home.

Already, there are more than a million smartphone apps that track health and well-being, including illnesses from eczema to cancer.

Many of these apps are designed to sync with your electronic health records, so your doctor can keep an eye on your progress.


Beyond the health benefits, the value of remote monitoring could be as much as $11.1 trillion per year by 2025.

And the company I’m recommending today is leading the way.

But selfies and apps are just the beginning…


The company also connects healthcare devices wirelessly.

Right now, there are 500,000 types of these medical devices.

For example...

This FDA-cleared mobile EKG monitor connects to your smartphone, delivering medical-grade images in just 30 seconds.

The FDA-approved fertility-tracking bracelet detects the best days to try for a baby.

And another device company makes hospital mattress and pillow sensors, which can decrease code blue events by 80%.

CNBC says:

As a result, there’s a long list of venture capitalists who are champing at the bit to throw money at connected medical devices.

Take billionaire Mark Cuban, for example.

He is investing in companies producing hardware attachments that turn smartphones into multipurpose physicians…


But here’s the thing…

If you were to invest in remote monitoring companies, you might see a decent gain.

But the opportunity before you today is much, much bigger than a new device or a clever app.

Instead, the company I’m about to reveal is the glue that binds the IoMT technologies you’ve heard about today.


Remote monitoring.

Mobile apps.

Devices … etc.

More importantly, it produces one of the most valuable resources on Earth:



You see, the amount of “Big Data” is on course to reach 163 zettabytes … driven in large part by the Internet of Medical Things.

To put that in perspective, one zettabyte is about 2 BILLION years’ worth of music.

This ocean of data is pure gold.


The chief data scientist at the University of California Health says:

The company I’m recommending today is vital to managing epidemics…

Improving quality of life…

Treating chronic disease…

And avoiding preventable deaths.

It will also replace a one-size-fits-all approach to more personalized treatments.

Data from pre-op records can improve surgical outcomes. It can also help reduce a patient’s length of hospital stay by 21%.

And that’s barely scratching the surface of how medical data is revolutionizing healthcare.

The most exciting thing about this company is how it analyzes massive amounts of data using artificial intelligence (AI).

Doctors now have the ability to utilize this data to predict, prevent and treat disease more effectively.

The company’s AI capabilities can rapidly analyze information from around the world.

This includes every symptom of every health condition…

Treatment methods and their outcomes…

Survival rates…

And speed of care gathered across millions of patients from around the world.

AI is a giant opportunity … and its impact is felt across many industries … but none more than healthcare.


Complex decisions that used to take hours to make are now resolved within seconds.

What’s more, AI is often better at diagnosing illnesses than a specialist physician with 14 years of training…

It can detect skin cancer with 95% accuracy — well above the 87% success rate of doctors.

And AI can diagnose heart disease with 90% accuracy, compared to 80% for doctors.

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is a well-known venture capitalist.

He says the impact of AI...

And Mark Cuban recently said:

Cuban has already invested in 10 healthcare companies powered by powerful AI technology.

For instance…


Fact is, the money invested in healthcare startups in 2019 almost doubled the AI investment in the financial and insurance sectors.

Thing is … most of the startups I’ve mentioned are not publicly traded.

So unless you’re an angel investor with a couple million dollars lying around… investing in these companies is out of reach for most people.

But the company I’ve had my eye on for a few years is not a startup.

In fact, go into any healthcare facility today. Odds are you’ll find the company’s system linking patient health records to pretty much everything else.

These systems don’t come cheap.

So once a hospital or clinic buys in, they’re unlikely to walk away from that investment.

That’s why nearly 90% of this company’s sales come from recurring and highly visible revenue.

Even if its sales team quits tomorrow, healthcare providers will still need the company’s systems to keep their doors open.

Heck, even if the economy slows down, this company still makes a boatload of money.

That’s why I urge you to buy shares of this company right away — before the herd catches on.

Listen, I spent weeks researching the company. And I put all the details in my new special report:

IoMT: The Hottest Stock to Buy Right Now.

In it, you’ll discover the inside story of the undisputed leader of this mega trend…

A technology that is on course to soar 2,125% in the next five years.

But folks, we’re in a race against time.

If you want the chance to get in on the massive profits ahead, you need to hurry.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to at least get the full story?

Even a modest stake can move you closer to your retirement dreams.

Mark my words: This company will become a household name in a flash.

Every investor and his mother will start to pile in and drive prices up.

If you don’t act now, your chance to make life-changing profits will have passed you by.

Look. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I began my career as a floor trader on the New York Futures Exchange when I was 20 years old.

Three years later, I opened my own money management firm.

I saved my clients a ton of money when I moved them out of stocks and into cash two weeks before the 1987 stock market crash.

It wasn’t long before the big investment banks were lining up… asking me to manage their money.

I went on to deliver gains of 313% over a three-year period.

Barron’s even called me one of America’s No. 1 traders.

I also called the housing bubble, saying: “My best advice is to watch from the sidelines — you can’t get hurt there.”

I also became known as the No. 1 market timer during a seven-year period of high volatility.

In the investment world, that’s like winning the Super Bowl… not once… not twice… but SEVEN years in a row.

The point is, I spent nearly 40 years on Wall Street… and along the way, I’ve had plenty of winners.

During a two-year stretch from 2009 to 2011, I self-published a research service. I closed 38 winning investments in a row. Most of which were over 50% gains each, and an average hold time of less than a year.

Thirty-eight wins without a single loss. That’s a rare feat.

Naturally, those readers saw both winners and losers before and after that amazing two-year stretch…

That’s just the nature of investing…

But, imagine all the money people made, thanks to these 38 wins.

And folks, I’m just getting warmed up.

As you can see, my current model portfolio is on fire…

Readers following my research have seen gains as high as 146%.

In fact, 17 of my 19 open positions are up big time…

With two of my most recent picks down by less than 3%.

And … those two stocks are still a screaming buy!!!

These are just some of the profits Main Street Americans like you have had the chance to make...

In fact, here's what some of them have said.

And Eric Dawson wrote to tell me:

These are real people — the teachers, nurses, farmers and police officers who are the backbone of America’s economy.

And these guys are now making bigger gains than they ever thought possible.

Knowing that these people put their trust in me is truly humbling.

I know my readers have worked hard for every cent they have … and they deserve the best recommendations on the planet.

That’s why I’m up early every morning, reading, crunching numbers and talking to my contacts on Wall Street.

Listen, I’m not here to take a victory lap.

Truth is, I find talking about my success uncomfortable.

But I’m telling you about my track record because I want to show you that I walk the talk.

Also, I know if I were searching for which stocks to buy and when, I’d look for someone who’s made millions of dollars in stocks personally … and helped others do the same.

Today, you have the chance to own the one company at the heart of the IoMT mega trend — at a price you likely won’t see again.

It’s a small decision that could make you a lot of money.

Enough money to put an end to worry.

To free you up to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.

That’s what folks like Stuart A. did:

Reza B. sent me this email:

And Dennis G., told us:

That’s why I want to rush you a copy of IoMT: The Hottest Stock to Buy Right Now.

I’ve put all the details in this report, which I want to give you today.

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  1. The company has to be in an industry with a tailwind. Such as companies in 5G … AI … cloud computing … and now, IoMT.
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  3. I want to make sure the stock is trading at a bargain price.

Most investors don’t have the time to do that kind of analysis. Or they don't have the expertise.

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These guys are as sharp as they come.

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In short, my Alpha Investor service is all about finding the right companies and sticking with them as the gains stack up.

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You can't sell out of great companies every time the stock market hits a pot hole.

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And Kris K. said:

In fact, from an investment standpoint, the downturn was an opportunity to buy our favorite stocks at a discount.

A few days after that video, I told Alpha Investor members to scoop up a cloud computing company.

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Plus, I’ve got former governors … military leaders … and even former White House advisors as well.

Keep in mind, the opportunity I’ve outlined today isn’t about putting a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Like I said, IoMT is poised to explode 2,125% in the next five years.

So even a modest profit could potentially knock a few things off your “wish list.”

Imagine walking into Best Buy, seeing a 65-inch OLED TV and buying it — without even looking at the price.

Or joining friends for a golfing weekend away.

Or maybe taking the grandkids to Disney World.

But before you decide if my work is right for you, let me tell you about something else I’ve prepared for you…

In addition to the No. 1 IoMT stock opportunity I just mentioned, I’ve also uncovered THREE more stocks that could deliver double- or even triple-digit gains as the artificial intelligence revolution explodes.

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The first company provides cloud services to Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Uber, Coca-Cola, IBM and GE.

And it has recently released a new AI application that can help all of them harness the power of all the data they’ve been amassing.

The second company is rapidly developing the sensors that driverless vehicles will need to navigate traffic.

As these cars begin to hit the road, a $65.3 billion market is expected to be created in the next few years.

Which is why you’ll want to get in on this opportunity ASAP!

The third and final company is a major supplier of components to Apple.

But Barron’s is now reporting that it's “ not just a supplier,” and it looks “like a better buy than Apple’s own stock.”

That’s because it produces 3D sensors used in numerous AI applications, including your phone.

And you can own a piece of this fast-growing company right now!


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January 2021