The Market Expert Who Was Ranked America’s “No. 1 Trading Advisor” by Barron’s Discusses His:

No. 1 Marijuana Stock for 2021

[ Official Transcript ]

Hello. I’m Charles Mizrahi, senior investment analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. And I’m here today to tell you about a marijuana stock opportunity that almost NO ONE is talking about yet.

I found it using one of Wall Street’s best-kept pot stock secrets.

You see, some of Wall Street’s most elite investors have found a way to zero in on gains of 500% or more in the next three years — no matter how quick or bumpy the path to legalized marijuana proves to be.

And that is incredibly important right now...

For you, and every other hardworking Main Street investor who’s thought about cashing in on the expanding marijuana craze.

I’m going to show you why many people are unknowingly putting their money into the worst pot stocks possible … while passing up some of the biggest, longest-lasting, lower-risk opportunities this seismic shift in marijuana has to offer.

It’s quite clear that immense fortunes stand to be made as the legalization of marijuana continues to spread.

Ten states have legalized it for recreational use so far.

Another 20 have legalized it for medical use.

And demand for nationwide legalization is going through the roof.

Forbes reported the cannabis industry is already growing at a rate that is “larger and faster than the dot-com era.”

Politicians who pounded the table against legalization — including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — are now racing to embrace it.

Some, such as former House Speaker John Boehner, are even investing in it hand over fist.

Mom-and-pop entrepreneurs — like grower Jerry Davis

and marijuana candymaker Megan Donnelly — have become multimillionaires practically overnight.

And states like California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Maine have raked in as much as $1.7 billion in marijuana-based revenue.

The opportunity unfolding before us is immense...

Early investors have already seen a few small stocks soar to astronomical levels. Take a look.

Between April 2014 and April 2019, Canopy Growth Corporation saw a staggering peak gain of 2,151%.

Between July 2016 and October 2018, Aurora Cannabis soared 3,071%.

Cronos Group Incorporated soared over 3,156% between December 2014 and February 2019.

GW Pharmaceuticals, a developer of marijuana-based drugs, saw a peak gain of more than 2,000% between June 2013 and May 2019.

And marijuana-based pharmaceuticals maker CV Sciences surged to a peak gain of more than 3,500% from February 2013 to February 2014.

The ride has been quite wild.

Rare and exceptional gains like these have caused a rush of adrenaline among investors… in many cases sending their expectations soaring beyond reality.

Rare and exceptional gains like these have caused a rush of adrenaline among investors… in many cases sending their expectations soaring beyond reality.

Some marijuana stocks, such as these, have been climbing month after month with no end in sight.

Others spend weeks or months trading for pennies a share, then shoot up thousands of percent in a single day … only settle right back down where they started.

The excitement is addictive.

Hardly a week goes by without the spread of legalization — or another soaring marijuana stock — making front-page news.

Some experts have even gone on record to say, “It’s like the internet in 1997.” And that the — “investment opportunities have never been more compelling.”

But one group has been silent throughout it all…

Wall Street.

They know something most Main Street investors don’t.

They know of a way to cut through the stomach-wrenching volatility … to eliminate the added risk of volatile penny stocks and unlock some of the biggest, longest-lasting gains America’s marijuana revolution has to offer.

Like the stock I want to show you today.

As you’ll see in a moment, this unique company has the potential to profit from the ongoing marijuana boom in TWO ways instead just one … giving it tremendous edge that no other marijuana stock has.

It’s the first of MANY long-lasting “green gold rush” opportunities the Wall Street pros have set their sights on — opportunities most Main Street investors have little, if any, chance of hearing about.

How do I know?

Because, for more than 30 years I WAS a Wall Street insider.

I got my start trading in the pits of the New York Futures Exchange when I was just 20 years old.

Within three years I had my own money management firm.

Two weeks before the 1987 crash, I moved all of my clients out of stocks and into cash.

Other money managers thought I was nuts. Then came Black Monday, the worst day in Wall Street history. The Dow suffered its biggest one-day plunge ever — but my clients didn’t lose a penny.

By the time I was 36, Barron’s had ranked me as the No.1 trading advisor in the nation.

As a money manager on Wall Street in the late 90’s, I had $200 million under my management. My clients included Goldman Sachs, Citicorp and Credit Suisse. And I was showing them a three-year return of 313%.

I’ve taught investing at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

I’ve been asked to appear on shows such as CNBC’s The Edge.

And even to this day, eight years after retiring from the hedge fund business, former colleagues and students — traders who now manage billions of dollars at some of the biggest investment banks on Wall Street — still pick up the phone to talk with me about new opportunities that are taking shape.

My point is this: I’ve had a front row seat for every investing fad of the past three decades.

And I can tell you with almost absolute certainty. There is a TREMENDOUS moneymaking opportunity at hand right now.

There are two ways you can invest in it.

One can set you up for life — like the opportunity to go for a 500% gain in three years that I’m going to discuss with you today.

While the other can cause you to miss out on some of the biggest, most exciting gains this “green gold rush” in marijuana has to offer.

A quick look at our nation’s highest-ranking politicians will give you a clear picture of what lies ahead.

Not long ago, former House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner was staunchly against the legalization of marijuana.

Now he is one of its most vocal supporters.

Mr. Boehner has not only joined the board of a prominent marijuana investment company…

He has even gone online to publicly discuss why Americans should invest in the growing marijuana market.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently announced he is now pro-marijuana as well…

The senator has actually introduced legislation to decriminalize it on a federal level, declaring the move as: “Simply the right thing to do.”

Even President Trump has said he will likely support a congressional effort to end the federal ban on medical marijuana.


Simple: Jobs. Tax revenue. And pure moneymaking opportunity.

Take a look…

Within one year of making marijuana legal within state lines, Nevada has already collected more than $69 million in tax revenue — 140% MORE than expected.

California has collected over a quarter of a BILLION dollars in taxes since it legalized pot.

Oregon’s tax revenue is also hitting record highs.

In fact, its marijuana industry is now creating more jobs than the tech sector.

That’s right. More jobs than its ENTIRE tech sector.

All told, forecasts show that legal marijuana could generate more than $132 billion in federal tax revenue. And create more than 1 MILLION jobs.

No sane politician is going to turn down a chance to create more jobs. Or to collect billions in revenue… from a tax that people are all too happy to pay.

The moneymaking potential it creates is just too great.

And the moneymaking euphoria surrounding it WILL continue to spread in the months and years ahead.

Jerry Davis, a 25-year-old marijuana grower, can attest to that.

He’s part of a fast-growing group of Americans that People magazine calls “Marijuana Millionaires.”

When Colorado made recreational marijuana legal, his business grossed $1.5 million within the first three months.

Fifty-year-old business owner Meghan Donnelly, made her wealth from it as well.

Ten years ago — when pot was first legalized for medical use in her home state — she and her husband pulled together enough money to start a small cannabis-infused candy company.

Today they employ 85 people and make $14.5 million a year.

Then there’s Melissa Meyers. Ten years ago, she was working as a paralegal.

Now she is a sought-after marijuana legal consultant.

Ms. Meyers may not sell marijuana. But she has made a small fortune — $2 million at last count — by helping to untangle the complicated legal maze for those who do.

The bottom line…

More and more hardworking Americans are getting rich from the spreading legalization of marijuana.

More and more stories of the riches being generated are making headlines every day.

And with each passing week, more and more Main Street investors are piling into risky, marijuana penny stocks in hopes of cashing in on the craze.

And THEREIN lies the danger.

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how concerned I am.

If you invest in marijuana the SMART way, it could make you very, very rich.

In fact, I’m going to show you details on a rock-solid company that’s positioned to profit in TWO ways, not just one, as legalization continues to sweep across the nation.

Is it a sure thing? Of course not, nothing is ever guaranteed. You and I both know that any investment will always have some degree of risk.

It’s also important to note that this is a longer-term strategy. It’s about taking advantage of this immense opportunity the smart way, not blindly rolling the dice in a ridiculous hope of getting rich overnight.

You see, by investing in marijuana the right way, you can slash the extra risk associated with penny pot stocks while also maximizing your potential for profit.

However, if you invest in marijuana the WRONG way, there’s a 99% chance you’ll never make a penny. Or worse, you could lose your money altogether.

The key is to take advantage of the right type of stocks.

All of the excitement and talk of 1,000% gains has enticed a lot of people to invest in marijuana-related PENNY stocks.

But penny stocks are the LAST place the pros on Wall Street would risk putting their money.

Wall Street’s elite know that the real money — gains that can multiply your wealth year after year for decades to come — isn’t made with small, no-name stocks that are recklessly leading the charge.

It comes from the powerful, proven companies that are supporting it nationwide — companies that are essential for the growth and survival of the ENTIRE marijuana industry.

That’s so crucial I’m going to say it again.

Not from little penny stock start-ups that barely have a 1-in-100 chance of actually making a name for themselves.

I’ve seen it proven true time and time again.

Look at the recent cryptocurrency craze…

You could hardly make it through a single day without hearing about “bitcoin fever” on CNBC,

or seeing predictions of bitcoin hitting $100,000 in Time magazine.

Stories of 1,000% gains and overnight riches took on a life of their own.

Main Street investors, caught up in all the excitement, began piling into every “hot” new digital currency they could get their hands on...

Ripple. Dogey-coin. Litecoin. Coindash. Ethereum. The list went on and on.

Then, BAM! The bubble burst.

Digital currencies came crashing back down.

Those who invested near the peak watched helplessly as their gains vaporized in a matter of weeks.

But those who took a cue from Wall Street’s elite and invested in companies that were fueling the growth of cryptocurrencies rather than in currencies themselves watched as their money kept on growing and growing ... long after digital currencies crashed.

Consider Nvidia Corporation.

The creation — or “mining” — of digital currencies like bitcoin takes a tremendous amount of computing power.

And Nvidia makes some of the fastest and most powerful computer chips on the planet.

Their processors helped to fuel the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Six months after bitcoin’s crash, early Nvidia shareholders were looking at a 720% gain. And shares would go on to rise even higher.

You see…

There’s an old adage on Wall Street: “Don’t mine the gold, sell the picks and shovels.”

It’s a lesson from the 1849 gold rush.

Hundreds of thousands of pioneers raced west, betting what little life savings they had on the 1-in-1,000 chance they’d find gold … and ended up going broke instead.

Meanwhile, Levi Strauss, John Studebaker, Henry Wells, William Fargo and other smart individuals ended up making fortunes.


By selling the work pants, the wheelbarrows, the storage and transport of gold — the “picks and shovels” — that supported the entire gold boom.

People who invested in bitcoin during the cryptocurrency craze were trying to “mine the gold,” so to speak. And saw their money vanish.

But those who invested in Nvidia were "selling the picks and shovels."

And made up to SEVEN times their money despite bitcoin’s crash.

The same scenario is taking shape with marijuana stocks today.

Those who blindly invest in marijuana penny stocks risk seeing every dime they invest “go up in smoke.”

As one Wall Street insider put it: “There are 500 pot stocks out there, and 90% of them are frauds that just aren’t going to make it.”

On the other hand, those who follow Wall Street’s lead could see their money grow for years and years to come.

Remember, in just a moment, you’ll see how one pick-and-shovel stock — just one — could hand you FIVE TIMES your money in the years ahead.

It’s an unusual play on marijuana that few outside of Wall Street are talking about — and just one example of many hidden opportunities to go for lasting, gains that are headed our way.

Want more proof?

Take a look at what happened during the 2004 Wi-Fi boom.

I’m sure you remember the fevered excitement over cell phones, Palm Pilots and GPS...

Those who got caught up in the hype and bought stocks like Nokia, Blackberry and Garmin were also trying to “mine the gold.”

We all know how that turned out.

At the snap of finger, the frenzy crashed to a halt.

Hyped-up stocks that were trading for more than $120 were suddenly worth a little more than $15.

Now look at the pick-and-shovel plays — the chipmakers that were supplying and fueling the ENTIRE wireless industry. Let me show you a few examples.

Micron has peaked at 2,000%.

Broadcom rose more than 300% before merging with Avago Technologies, and then went on to soar another 80%.

And Skyworks Solutions has risen more than 1,500%.

Think about that.

It’s been 12 years since the end of the Wi-Fi craze. Still, shares of these three pick-and-shovel companies are continuing to make people rich even as we speak.

Every $10,000 invested in Skyworks would now be worth more than $370,000.

Every $100,000 would now be worth over $3.7 million.

Granted, not every pick-and-shovel company goes on to become a big winner. Any investor knows that nothing in the markets is ever guaranteed.

You could also see gains in the single or double digits. And, as with any investment, there’s always the risk of your investment going against you.

That’s why it’s important to never invest more than you can stand to lose.

But the trend here is very clear.

Still not convinced?

Then let me ask you this…

Does the name ring a bell?

How about, or

New, unproven companies like these were the talk of the town during the 1990’s tech boom.

But you and I both know what happened next…

The bubble burst.

Shares of these unproven companies sank like a rock. And those invested in them watched their gains vanish.

People who invested in companies like and were trying to “mine the gold.”

Now let me show you the recent gains from some of the popular pick-and-shovel plays of the tech boom.

These are companies that supplied the hardware the tech boom was built on. And they are still going strong today. Take a look.

Advanced Micro Devices — also known as AMD — has risen over 7,500%.

Intel has risen more than 460%.

Corning Incorporated has risen over 400%.

It’s been 20 years since the tech bubble burst and these companies are continuing to make investors a mint.

Now ask yourself: Who would you rather be?

The person who blindly tried to “mine the gold” and went broke?

Or the person who made as much as nine times his money by “selling the picks and shovels”?

Look, I’m not going to promise you the moon here.

Marijuana investing is a volatile arena.

You will never hear me recommend some no-name penny pot stock with barely a 1-in-10 chance of making it … let alone ever reaching 1,000%.

You’ve seen the numbers.

Shooting for crazy, pie-in-sky gains like that is a recipe for disaster. It is the worst possible way to invest in pot stocks.

And you can bet Wall Street knows it.

I know it.

And chances are, deep down ... you know it too.

You’ve just seen the key to making real money in the marijuana boom — or any market boom for that matter.

The best way to reap true, lasting, life-changing profits is to identify the pick-and-shovel stocks that are fueling it.

Like the company I’m going to shed light on for you in just a moment.

My analysis indicates that this one stock alone has the potential to hand you up to 500% in three years as the legalization of marijuana continues to unfold — with a greater degree of safety and dependability than any wild-eyed penny stock can ever give you.

And it’s just the first of many pot stock opportunities headed our way.

Mark my words: Today’s marijuana revolution WILL create long-lasting streams of wealth.

You just need to know where to look.

How can I be so sure?

Simple: experience.

Take a look at some of the biggest wins I’ve recommended over the past few years…

In 2011, new e-commerce and social media stocks — such as Groupon, mobile game maker Zynga and internet radio provider Pandora — were the talk of the town.

But I realized that the opportunity to make bigger, safer, longer-lasting gains would come from companies that provided the software and cloud-computing capabilities they were built on — such as Microsoft.

It’s ironic.

At that time, the mainstream financial media was actually mocking Microsoft.

I knew better though… Take a look.

Those who invested in Groupon, Zynga and Pandora have seen losses of 31%, 48% and even a gut-wrenching 87%.

But those readers of my previous newsletter who acted on my Microsoft recommendation could have seen peak gains of 420%.

More than FOUR TIMES their money.

To be clear: I wasn’t providing sell recommendations to the readers who acted on these recommendations. So, these are simply the peak gains on some of my best recommendations.

To be frank, most investors don’t have the perfect timing it would take to achieve peak gains…

But as you can see, even a fraction of these massive winners would have resulted in some amazing profits.

Those who acted on my TJX Companies recommendation could have seen a peak gain of 545%.

Atrion Corporation has risen as high as 582%.

Huntington Ingalls Industries has soared to a 472% peak gain.

Apple has soared as high as 229%.

General Dynamics has soared as high as 202%.

Raytheon has surged up to 221%.

I have even had stretches where I’ve picked 48 winning stocks in a row.

As I said, not all of my recommendations soared that high, this is simply a highlight of some of my greatest work.

All in all, I’m quite proud of that track record and the gains I’ve helped readers of my previous newsletter to achieve.

Of course, it goes without saying that not every play turns out to be a winner. Losses are inevitable in investing.

But I believe the opportunities I’ve uncovered speak for themselves.

Now, my research indicates that the current marijuana craze is set to deliver some of biggest gains we’ve seen yet.

And it all starts with the company you’re going to see details on today.

Before I get into those details, you should know that the opportunity before you is unlike any I’ve recommended before.

I cannot stress this enough: This one stock alone has the potential to turn every $10,000 into as much as $60,000 in the years ahead.

That’s right: It could give you the chance to make FIVE times your money or more.

Plus, you could do it with far more dependability and less risk than you’ll ever get from some long-shot penny stock.

I know from firsthand knowledge that some of Wall Street’s biggest players had their eye on this stock back when the current marijuana craze had barely even begun.

They’ve been watching it like a hawk, waiting for the ideal moment to get in.

And so have I.

Now is the time!

Due to the recent pandemic, shares are trading for an absolute bargain.

In fact, they’re an absolute steal at this price.

My research indicates that this stock will rebound, and it’s only going to soar higher.

Why am I so confident it’s going to be one of our biggest winners yet?

Because this company is positioned to profit from the marijuana revolution in, not just one, but TWO ways.

It’s the ideal setup for a pick-and-shovel home run.

Let me show you why.

Marijuana businesses — like those run by Jerry and Meghan — may be thriving…

But their runaway success has created two huge problems.

The first is finding a safe place to store the mountains of money they’re making.

The second is finding a safe way to move the marijuana itself.

Due to federal banking laws, pot is mainly a cash business.

When dispensaries buy their inventory from growers, they have to pay in cash. And when customers purchase marijuana products from a dispensary, they have to pay in cash as well.

Keep in mind that the marijuana industry made over $9 billion in 2017. By 2022, it’s expected to be raking in over $23 billion a year.

All of that cash on hand makes for a VERY tempting target for thieves.

Likewise, with marijuana fetching as much as $3,000 a pound in some states, the marijuana itself makes for an irresistible target as well.

As California edibles producer Mark Mason told Rolling Stone magazine: “We carry more cash than banks. You can’t walk into a bank and get $300,000 in cash. You’d make more money robbing us. It just feels like, wow, now that my business is completely legal, it’s more dangerous than ever.”

And he’s right.

The morning after he brought his wife and newborn son home from the hospital, Mark discovered his marijuana edibles store — one of the first and most successful in the country — had been robbed.

Hundreds of thousands in both cash and inventory had been stolen.

This Virginia-based company has the ability to provide marijuana businesses a safe, guarded way to store all their cash.

Plus, they also give growers a safe, guarded way to get their harvest to the dispensaries that buy their crops.

The writing on the wall here is quite clear.

This company is in a VERY unique position that allows it to support — and profit from — marijuana’s “green gold rush” in two crucial ways instead of one.

Better yet, they’re set up to do it not only across the U.S., but throughout all of North and South America.

They’re already a major player in Canada, where marijuana was legalized nationwide late last fall.

And one of the largest cannabis companies in Canada, if not the world, has already inked a multi-year deal with them.

Just imagine how high it could go as legalizations continue to spread across the U.S.

That’s only the beginning though…

Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia — the move to legalize marijuana is spreading throughout Central and South America as well.

And this company is positioned to support them ALL.

My research tells me they have almost no competition.

And in many cases they’re the only game in town.

Put simply, they are poised to dominate the market in both North America and South America. Two ENTIRE continents.

Talk about a pick-and-shovel play of epic proportion!

Are you beginning to see why Wall Street has had its eye on this company since the very start of the marijuana boom?

Are you beginning to see why I believe it will be one of the biggest wins I’ve uncovered yet?

While many investors are blindly betting their money on pot penny stocks that have less than a 1-in-100 chance of succeeding, you’ll have the opportunity to cash in on marijuana growth across half the planet.

I’ve put all the details my special new report called Marijuana Profits: My No. 1 Pot Stock for 2021.


In it, you’ll see even more details on why this company offers one of the best ways to profit from the expanding marijuana boom.

I cannot stress this enough…

This is the only company I know of that is positioned to profit from the boom in two ways instead of just one…

And it is already on the verge of dominating its market across the ENTIRE Western Hemisphere.

I reveal its name for you, its ticker symbol, and all of the details, inside this special report …so that you’ll have the chance to multiply your money every step of the way.

Claiming your copy of Marijuana Profits: My No. 1 Pot Stock for 2021 now will ensure that you have all the details you need for the chance to profit from this unmatched pick-and-shovel play.

Bear in mind though that we’re in a race against time.

As you’ve seen, the recent pandemic has presented us with an incredible buying opportunity.

In order to maximize your potential gains, you must move on this opportunity now.

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Only time can say for certain.

What I can tell you is this: You’ll have the chance to take aim at one of the biggest, longest-lasting gains the burgeoning marijuana boom has to offer.

You’ll get all the details in your copy of Marijuana Profits: My No. 1 Pot Stock for 2021.

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Ever since then — throughout my entire adult life — I’ve always been involved in charitable organizations. Either as founder, a board member or a donor.

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The first has already gone from being a small-stage player to one of the biggest names in the adult beverage industry. And it has delivered investors a whopping seven times their money in just seven years.

Now it’s setting its sights on doing the same in the marijuana-infused beverage market.

They have already begun to ink multibillion-dollar investment deals with one of the biggest marijuana producers on the planet.

And investors who get in now will have the chance to ride their growth for all its worth.

Adult beverages aren’t the only food products that are about to tap into marijuana’s exponential growth…

The second company is already a household name in liquid refreshment for people of all ages.

They have global experience in the snack food and beverage market.

And their immense reach allows them to distribute products to more than 200 countries.

Now there are rumors they’re taking a very hard look at the fast-growing potential of marijuana.

Can you imagine the foothold hold they’d have — and the money they stand to make — when it comes to snacks and drinks that contain the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the accompanying high?

Their share price could shoot through the roof.

The third company has an unmatched history when it comes to smokable products.

Whether it’s pipe tobacco, cigarettes or vaping, these guys have been providing smokable products for those who enjoy them, having opened their first shop more than 190 years ago.

Today their distribution pipeline for smokable goods spans more than 180 markets. And generates almost $25 billion in revenue.

As major marijuana growers continue to grow, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be looking to strike a deal with these guys!

In fact, they’ve already invested over $1 billion in one of the largest marijuana companies out there … and similar deals are bound to follow.

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June 2020