This “Master Technology” is Behind Every Other Tech Revolution

And one California-based tech firm at the center of it all is expected to become the Investment of the Century.

[ Official Transcript ]

Your life is about to be impacted by one of the most stunning technologies in human history.

It will transform the way you shop, upgrade the way you drive, and revamp the way you work.

It could even help you live an extra 10, 20, or 30 years…

This new technology will be bigger than artificial intelligence, 5G, and the internet of things … combined. In fact, this technology is the key to unleashing each of these other technologies.

Which is why I call it the “Master Technology.”

And mark my word, it will go down in history as being more transformative than some of the biggest technologies in history such as the computer, the internet, and smartphones.

But don’t just take my word for it …

Michael Dell called this master technology the next trillion-dollar opportunity.

Former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich proclaimed it’s “the new oil.”

Executives at IBM took it a step further, hailing this master technology as “more valuable than oil, gold and uranium,” and confess it’s their “top priority.”

Which is why the biggest names in business are investing at a ferocious pace.

GE has already committed $1 billion…

Google has earmarked $13 billion…

IBM $24 billion…

Even Warren Buffett … the greatest investor in the world … has personally invested a massive $10 billion in this master technology…

Everyone is rushing to get in — Coca-Cola, Comcast, ING, Nasdaq, TransUnion, … the list goes on and on.

In fact, 90 of the Fortune 100 companies are investing huge.

The Financial Post declares this master technology is “the new fuel to run the world,” and Forbes says it will “change the course of human history.”

They know what I know … that we will never see a technological revolution like this again in our lifetime.

Which is why my team and I spent 6 months pinpointing the best way to profit from this single opportunity.

And after months of research, data refining, and investigating … we’ve done it.

We’ve pinpointed a little-known company in the heart of Silicon Valley that holds the key to unlocking this new technology … giving investors the chance to ride this market’s growth.

But if you want in, you will have to act fast.

Because some major moves recently made by the leadership could soon trigger a buying frenzy.

This is a rare opportunity for you to make life-changing wealth.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly what this master technology is…

My secret for spotting major technological disruptions before they happen, and finally…

I’m going to give you details on the stock I expect to profit enormously when this market doubles in size by 2022.

But … before I do … it’s important for you to know who I am, and how I became well-known for pinpointing opportunities exactly like this.

My name is Ian King.

After an internship at Merrill Lynch in college, I started my career off at Salomon Brothers, and eventually landed as head trader at Peahi Capital—a New York City based hedge fund. During the worst part of the financial crisis in 2008, we had our best year, recording a 261% total annual return.

After that, I could see the market turning positive, and I began spotting emerging technological trends…

Back in 2011, I saw that Online Shopping was about to take off, before Amazon’s stock soared 720%.

I could see that Smart Phones were still taking off … before Apple’s stock soared 232%.

I could see that medical devices were about to take off … before Stryker’s stock soared 151%.

I could see opportunities in biopharmaceutical technologies before Immunomedics Stock gained more than 400%.

I was also telling investors about bitcoin back in 2013 when it was at just $100, long before it surged to nearly $20,000...

Now, I didn’t hold to see any of these peaks… I was playing the market’s volatility at the time.

But these are great examples of what can happen if you know where to look…

You might even remember me from my popular course on cryptocurrency trading for Investopedia Academy.

The media took notice of my successes: Fox Business and Bloomberg, reached out to me for my insight on everything from the stock market to the economic outlook to geopolitics.

Now, I’m not sharing all this to brag.

I just want to prove to you that I have the ability to spot major technological revolutions before they emerge, and the boldness to invest heavily.

So when I say this new technology … this “master technology” … is going to revolutionize your life … that it’s going to change the way you drive, shop, and work … I know what I’m talking about.

This “master technology” will be bigger than Artificial Intelligence. Bigger than 5G. And bigger than the Internet of Things.

Because without it none of these other technologies can even exist.

And if you want to profit … you will want to invest in this little-known California company as soon as possible.

This company holds the key to a market that’s projected to double in size by 2022…

I will show you how to get all the details behind this company in a moment, so that you can scoop it up for a bargain within the next 24 hours.

I’ll even show you my secret diagram for spotting these technological revolutions before they happen so that you can learn how to start making the same kind of gains that I’ve seen throughout my career.

But first, it’s important that you see exactly
what this “master technology” is.

Imagine for a moment that you owned a company.

And your company could know exactly who your customer is, what they are going to buy, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

That would allow you to become much more efficient and profitable … right?

Instead of marketing blindly … you could only target customers you know would purchase.

Instead of stocking the shelves with unwanted items … you would only stock them with items you know your customers will buy.

Instead of charging $1,000 for those items, you could charge $2,000 … and they would happily pay for it.

All of this is now possible thanks to this “master technology”, also known as Big Data.

Odds are you’ve heard the term.

Big Data is what we call this mass of digital information that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations … but most folks are unaware of how big Big Data really is.

Consider this … 90% of all the data in human history has been generated in just the last two years alone.

And it’s just heating up. Global output of data is expected to grow to 175 trillion gigabytes by 2025.

Now, nobody knows what 175 trillion gigabytes looks like. So, to put it in perspective, let’s say this tennis ball contains all the information in every book in human history…

It’s right here. In this ball.

Well, the data we’re expected to generate in just the next few years is going to be bigger than Epcot Center.


That’s a lot of data.

Take a look at this chart to gain even more perspective …

As you can see, Big data is growing incredibly fast.

Which is why pure Big Data stocks are starting to soar …

Talend, a big data cloud computing company, has already shot up as high as 136%…

Alteryx, a company that helps businesses blend data from several sources, has soared to a peak of 533%.

And Oracle, another Big Data cloud company, has soared as high as 1,633%.

And as great as those gains are, the opportunity in front of you today – this little-known California based company – could be even bigger. Of course, no investment is guaranteed. Gains like these don’t come around every day, but I think you’ll agree that the potential here is outstanding.

I’m going to give you all the details in just a moment. I’ll even give show you the secret diagram I use to spot these technological revolutions before they take off.

But first, to explain why this stock’s profit potential is so big, you need to understand why The Economist called Big Data “the world’s most valuable resource.

In fact, industry insiders are proclaiming that …

Big Data is the
Oil of the 21st Century

That it is the new “raw material of business…”

And that it could even “change the world.”

You see, in the 1850’s, engineers figured out how to refine crude oil into fuel. Thus, the industrial revolution was born.

Oil gave birth to entire industries … like automobiles and airplanes… and became a vital energy source for countless others.

In short, oil became the lifeblood of our economy… the “master technology” of its day.

Today, Big Data is fast becoming the lifeblood of the digital economy.

That’s why industry experts are buzzing with excitement.

In fact, data has superseded oil as the world’s most valuable resource.

If that sounds like a big claim, just note that Exxon-Mobil was, until a few years ago, the most valuable company in the world.

Today, it’s not even in the top five: its place has been taken by Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, all data-driven tech firms.

Now there is a rush among not just tech companies, but virtually every company on the planet, to learn how to profit from the Big Data revolution.

It’s true that thus far, only a few of the largest tech companies have figured out how to leverage data to make billions.

But I believe the real Big Data revolution … and the real profits … are still coming.

When it arrives, it isn’t just going to be a few tech companies that make all the money.

It’s also going to be those savvy investors who saw this opportunity coming … and reached in and grabbed it with both hands.

Because Big Data is growing incredibly fast… and that growth is getting faster every year…

Virtually everything that’s plugged in is now generating data … computers, cars, credit cards, household appliances, even industrial machinery.

Like I said, 90% of all the data in human history has been generated in just the last two years alone.

That’s not surprising when you consider that over 300 million new devices are connecting to the internet every month.

But there’s a big problem with all this new data: there’s too much of it.

So much new data is being created that 80% of it is currently worthless. We call it “crude” data because it’s collected and stored until we know what to do with it.

This crude data, sitting on servers, is like having billions of barrels of crude oil just sitting around. It’s useless until it’s refined by analytics into what I call “digital gasoline” — information that can actually be used to generate profit.

So for this Big Data revolution to be fully realized…

It’s going to require companies taking a jumble of crude data like this:

And refining it into digital gasoline like this:

With massive amounts of “crude data” growing rapidly, the importance of analyzing … or “refining” … all this data is growing exponentially.

And that is where the opportunity lies at today.

As much as Big Data is expected to grow, I expect data refining could grow even more.

And one small California-based company is at the forefront of it all.

This company’s data refining capabilities are going to be needed across multiple industries as Big Data reshapes our entire civilization…

Because every major innovation in technology, commerce, health, transportation, banking and more have one huge thing in common: they are all going to need data refining.

Take the Internet of Things for example.

Within the next decade there will be an estimated 150 billion networked sensors around the world.

That’s about 20 sensors for every human being on Earth.

This massive network will employ AI algorithms that are constantly communicating with each other, constantly learning, and constantly interpreting data … turning it into useful knowledge.

And as Forbes said, “Artificial Intelligence Would Be Nothing Without Big Data”

Take a look at this chart.

The Internet of Things is expected to generate more than 46 trillion gigabytes of data per year by 2025…

That’s an enormous amount of data that’s going to need refining, the equivalent of more than 10 trillion HD movies.

That’s where this company’s services come in.

They have the technology to take that mountain of useless crude data and refine it into wealth-generating digital gasoline.

And they are going to be so flush with cash, their investors are going to wonder how they became so wealthy so fast.

Self-driving cars are another example.

Google’s self-driving cars generate nearly a gigabyte of data EVERY SECOND.

Now multiply that by the 8 million autonomous vehicles expected to be driving around by 2025…

That’s roughly 8 trillion HD movies worth of data per year.

And it’s going to be a lot of data to analyze! And I believe this little-known California based company will have the best shot to make a windfall thanks to their success in converting that crude data to digital gasoline.

The list of benefits is endless.

For example, experts are saying that driverless cars could even reduce traffic fatalities by 90 percent.

Imagine traffic accidents being a horrible thing you only read about in history books!

Like polio or typhoid…

But data refining is also going to happen right inside your own home…

Because the energy industry is also catching on.

This is a smart meter.

According to an article from 2018, every 1 million smart meters collect about 2.9 million gigabytes of data every year. That’s only 1 million households or businesses...

Between just the U.S. and Europe, there are going to be more than 270 million smart meters in use by 2023.

That’s going to bring cheaper, more efficient electricity for all of us … with fewer outages and less air pollution than ever.

But that also means almost 196 million HD movies worth of crude data that will need refining into digital gasoline … which means huge opportunities for this small California based company I’m going to tell you about.

Healthcare is another major opportunity.

It’s long been plagued by deadly information gaps.

That’s part of the reason medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Every year, millions of Americans die because a doctor, nurse or pharmacist makes a mistake.

But many of these mistakes result from simply not having accurate data. That’s because caregivers are still mostly flying blind…

80 percent of health data collected by doctors and hospitals sits on scraps of paper in file cabinets or in computer systems in one office that are incompatible with systems in another.

Additionally, patient monitoring equipment blasts out 86,000 readings per day per patient.

Most of that data just sits on servers and never gets used. That’s like having millions of gallons of crude oil just sitting in barrels … waiting for someone to refine it into gasoline.

But the medical community has finally caught on that getting all this information refined can save the U.S. healthcare system up to $450 billion per year … potentially saving millions of lives.

Because with the right data analytics, what was just volumes of worthless information can now be used to add 10, 20, even 30 years to a life.

It can show what someone’s pulse rate usually is right before a heart attack…

Or what proteins often appear in the blood if someone has stage 1 cancer…

Or how people who respond poorly to one treatment can be cured by another, and so on.

No more will doctors be flying blind, trying to figure out what is wrong with you from vague symptoms or calling up another doctor to troubleshoot.

As McKinsey, the biggest market research firm in the world noted, “A big-data revolution is underway in health care.”

And it’s going to save lives … potentially millions.

Imagine those two ugly words “medical error” becoming a thing of the past.

Imagine knowing that if you ever have a medical emergency, your doctors will know exactly what to do the moment you check in to the hospital.

Imagine being told that cancer is so easy to catch early that hardly anyone will ever die from it.

Again, this California based company sits right at the center of it all.

That’s the world we’re about to enter.

And there’s so much more. For example…

Precision Agriculture

This is a new trend applying aerial imagery, sensors, sophisticated local weather forecasts – and data analytics technology to agriculture.

The market for precision agriculture tech is expected to nearly double by 2024.

With the amount of data being produced by farms growing rapidly…

The need for data refining is going to be huge.

According to George Vellidis, professor of Crop and Soil Science at the University of Georgia:

“With the increasing number of sensors that we use on a daily basis in agriculture, we are collecting terabytes of data each growing season, and precision agriculture has morphed into information agriculture.”

As that crude data is refined into digital gasoline, it will also be able to reduce food chain waste.

Global food waste during growth and shipment costs a whopping $940 billion a year…Data refining will help us reduce these wastes and thus reduce the cost for food.

These revolutions … agriculture, energy, autonomous cars, AI, IOT, and more … they are going to shape our near future in ways we can’t even fathom now.

And all that I’ve told you about here is just the tip of the iceberg…

Big Data … and more importantly, Data refining … is going to power everything.

It is going to make life simpler, healthier and wealthier for everyone.

And in a few short years we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it.

Which is why the data analytics industry could explode more than six-fold in next few years.

And the little-known California based company I’m going to tell you today is able to take all that crude data and refine it into digital gasoline.

Investors who get in now could reap huge windfalls.

I will give you all the details behind this company in a moment.

But first, I want to show you something even more powerful.

It’s the diagram that will help you spot new technological disruptions before they soar.

It’s this very diagram that helped me spot winners like Amazon, Tesla and Apple before they soared and made investors fortunes.

You see, all technologies follow what I call the Technology Innovation Curve.

It has three phases.

Phase 1 is Innovation.

This is when a new technology comes to market.

It’s the “make it or break it” phase. Many technologies never make it out of this phase because they never gain broad acceptance by the masses. Those that do enter phase 2…

Phase 2 is the Acceptance Phase when a technology becomes broadly accepted. This is where the real growth happens… and where the real money is made for investors.

The final phase is saturation.

At this point, the new technology becomes the new normal. Everyone is using it.

So, as you can imagine…

If you really want to make a killing, you want to invest right here, at the start of the acceptance phase…

And get out here, when the market has saturated.

Find a company with a breakthrough technology that’s on the cusp of entering the acceptance phase – and generational wealth can be made.

Take Search Engine Technology.

Back in 2007, we were right here on the Innovation Curve.

People had been searching for things on the World Wide Web since the dawn of the internet, but Search Engine technology was stuck in the Innovation Phase.

So startups like Webcrawler, Lycos, Alta Vista, and all failed.

But that all changed in 2007 when we entered the Acceptance Phase.

What was the catalyst?

Companies figured out how to profit from search technology by showing consumers ads that were specifically tailored to their search habits.

And Google was the clear winner.

Since that happened, Google’s stock has soared to a peak of more than 500%.

Every $10,000 invested could have turned into a $50,000 windfall.

Here’s another example — Online shopping.

In 2010, online shopping was right here on the Innovation Curve …

People struggled with slow internet speeds, distrust in sharing their personal information online, and they could only order products from their home.

But things changed in 2010. Online shopping took off and entered the Acceptance Phase.

What was the catalyst?

Well, this … smart phones with high speed internet access. They made shopping fast, safe, and easy to do from anywhere.

… Of course, Amazon gets 70% of their orders over mobile devices … so over the last decade, the stock soared as high as 2,300%.

Every $10,000 invested turned into a $230,000 profit.

I’ll give you one more example — Electric Vehicles.

In 2011, the electric car market was right here on the Innovation Curve.

Despite the Electric Cars being around for decades, they have been stuck in the Development Stage. The cars were expensive, weak, and ugly.

Like the Aptera in 2002

To the overpriced Fisker

To the Coda …

It wasn’t until 2011 that the Electric Vehicle market really started taking off and entered the Acceptance Phase.

What was the catalyst?

Prices dropped, technology improved, and logistical support like charging stations were set up.

Since 2011, Tesla’s has blasted upward 5,900%.

Every $10,000 invested could have turned into a $590,000 windfall.

So … as you can see, this Innovation Curve has helped me spot the big trends in Online Shopping, Electric Cars, and Search for massive gains.

And while I didn’t necessarily hold on to them to see those rocket…

Early investors who did hold made large profits on these trends.

The key is to wait for a catalyst that will send the technology from the development phase to the Acceptance phase.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with data refining.

The technology has been stuck here, in the Innovation Phase…

But as you’ll see in a moment, recently, there was a catalyst. A big catalyst. So data refining is entering the Acceptance Phase and is primed to virtually double market size by 2022.

So, what is this catalyst?

What is it that will send this entire technology soaring higher? Well, for that, we will want to take a close look at this California based company.

The Company at the
Forefront of This Doubling Market

According to my research team — who have been working on this project for 6 months — this California based company has cracked the code to data refining.

They figured a way to take all these trillions of gigabytes of crude data we’ve collected over the last few years … and the heaps of data we will be collecting in the future …

And turn it into Digital Gasoline.

Even the data that used to take weeks to analyze can now be understood in minutes using easy to see and grasp visuals … bar charts, pie charts, and the like.

Their data refining software that is going to absolutely change the game.

So much so, they’ve already become known as the “Google for I.T. data.”

Which is why this company has been building a massive customer base … from around 4,700 companies when it went public in 2012 to more than 12,000 today.

The list includes 90 of the Fortune 100 companies.

It boasts clients such as Coca-Cola, Comcast, Groupon and Nordstrom. Even the data giants, Amazon, Google and Microsoft use its software.

So its no mystery why annual sales have soared a massive 300% over the last 5 years.

What’s amazing is that most company’s growth slows down as it gets bigger … but this company, the growth is actually accelerating.

That’s higher sales growth than Google (108%), Amazon (162%), and Apple (45%) … combined!

As one investment analyst commented, “It’s numbers are truly mind-blowing,” and another said it’s “a cutting edge firm in the field of machine data”

It’s no wonder that 31 analysts gave this stock a massive buy/outperform rating while only 1 gave it an underperform rating.

And here’s something you will really like. They have a moat. They basically own the data refining field with 600 patents. In other words, they have a near monopoly over the expected market growth.

Perhaps what I like most about this company is the leadership. They draw on experiences from Cisco, Dell, Apple, Autodesk, and Sun Microsystems.

Companies that shot up as high as 358% in the past five years.

So I am extremely confident that this company is going to be a game-changer.

Of course, I’m not saying this is a sure-thing. Anyone who tells you they have an infallible way to pick stocks is lying.

But remember, all the data from every book throughout all human history is the size of a tennis ball…

But the data we’re going to generate in just the next year is going to be bigger than Epcot Center.


According to Scientific American magazine, every company in the world will need a data refinery … basically forever.

And as the data economy grows in importance, “data refining” could blossom into a massive new industry... from a $138 billion to as high as $229 billion by 2025.

And this company will be leading the pack… that’s why I believe it could grow more in the next year than Amazon, Facebook or Google have grown in the last 10 years.

I’ve put all the details in a special research briefing called The Company Leading the Big Data Money Boom.

It tells you everything you need to know about this innovative company so that you can buy this stock in just a few minutes.

I’m thrilled to get this into your hands today.

But I’m not going to stop there.

You see, I know that not all of my recommendations will peak your interest. And this company might not be the one for you. But only you can decide that.

Which is why today, I want to give you so much more.

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Your Timing is Impeccable!

As mentioned, data refining could be days away from crossing into the Acceptance Phase.

It’s going to change America’s landscape because it’s going to unlock dozens of other technologies such as AI, 5G, IoT, Biotech, Precision Agriculture, and so much more.

It’s going to make a lot of people who are “in the know” very rich.

You could be one of them.

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Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes
August 2020