“Citizens from every edge of our great nation — from farmers to doctors and from 10-year-olds to 100-year-olds — will reap the benefits. And that's just the start.”

[ Official Transcript ]

Hello, I’m John Daly.

And joining me today is the greatest investor of our time, Paul Mampilly. Paul, thanks for being here.

Paul: My pleasure.

John: You’ve stated that America — this country that we love so much — is about to undergo a massive economic upgrade.

Paul: That’s right John. And this upgrade is going to be big. So big that citizens from every edge of our great nation — from farmers to doctors and from 10-year-olds to 100-year-olds — will reap the benefits. And that’s just the start.

John: You’ve even stated, and I quote: “This upgrade will fulfill our forefathers’ vision of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.”

Paul: That’s correct, which is why I call it … America 2.0.

John: America 2.0. Now, I know this might come as a surprise to many who are watching. After all, the so-called “experts” would have us believe that America is falling apart.

Here are a few recent headlines:

“The United States is Broken as Hell.” (The Guardian)

“The American Dream May be Dead.” (New York Post)

And “If you want the American Dream … you should try Sweden.” (MarketWatch)

Paul: John, nothing against Sweden, but the American Dream is alive and well right here in the good old U.S. of A. In fact, I have research that proves we’re about to see the stock market soar … that the Dow will shoot up to 50,000 … then 75,000 … and even 100,000 in the next five to seven years.

And real estate will soar as well … at least 100% in three to five years.

And those who position themselves at the forefront of America 2.0 will experience more prosperity than they ever thought possible.

I’m not talking about 100% or 500% gains.

I’m talking about stocks that could surge over 1,000% in three to five years.

And it’s all tied back … to this.

John: A dollar bill?

Paul: Yes. This $1 bill and what I’m about to spend it on.

John: Well, I can’t wait to see where this goes. However, you’ve just made some bold statements. And coming from anyone else, I’d probably dismiss them. So before we move on, I think it’s important our viewers know exactly who you are, and how every prediction you’ve made has come to fruition with stunning accuracy.

Paul: Sounds good.

Paul Mampilly Correctly Predicted Every Boom and Bust Over the Last Two Decades

John: Now, if Paul’s name and face seem familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen him featured on major networks before … making bold predictions about the economy and making even bolder predictions about the stock market.

In September of 2008, as the stock market was heading toward all-time lows, Paul publicly stated “the economic collapse is over” and went all-in on the stock market.

This was contrary to the mainstream media who, during the exact same time, said…

“The pain will not end soon.” (The New York Times)

“Worry ‘a great deal’ about an economic depression.” (Gallup)

“There is no end in sight for the downturn.” (CNN)

Paul was right, they were wrong.

As a result, Barron’s ranked the hedge fund he managed as the “world’s best” and Kiplinger put it in the top 1%.

Paul made headlines again in May 2011.

America was in the midst of another stock market panic as the market dropped 20%. Paul went on Fox News and told them he was bullish on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. The hosts were shocked and in disbelief. Yet, all three of those stocks took off, and anyone who listened then and bought these stocks is now up over 800%, 900% and 1,500%.

Let me give you one more example.

In October of 2016, Paul stated that the Dow would soar over 25,000, professing: “Every ounce of my personal research is screaming BUY. We are entering the biggest bull market in U.S. History.”

Meanwhile, the experts said:

“The US Job Market is Overheating.” (Business Insider)

“Stocks enter bear market.” (The Gaurdian)

“Dow Could Plunge 17,000 Points.” (CNBC)

Yet, the Dow did exactly what Paul said it would do.

Those who listened to Paul not only kept their money in the markets, avoiding missing out on big gains as the market marched higher …

His readers have actually seen the chance to triple the market’s return since then.

Each and every time Paul said the market would go up, it went up. In 2008, in 2011 and even 2016.


Paul, this is incredible.

Paul: And here’s the exciting news, John.

The same exact data that told me to “buy” in each of these scenarios … is flashing “buy” again … this time, with both hands.

John: So, I’m assuming, those who follow your insight will have the chance to make a fortune, right?

Paul: Yes. But this time, the gains will be safer, bigger and faster. Much faster.

John: And that’s because the U.S. is on the cusp of this major economic upgrade — of America 2.0?

Paul: Our economy is going to roar with life in a way never seen before.

It’ll be capitalism in its finest hour.

Those who position themselves at the forefront of America 2.0 will experience more prosperity than they ever thought possible.

As mentioned, I’m not talking about 100% or 500% gains.

John, I’m talking about stocks that could surge over 1,000% in the next one to three years.

John: Once again, what you’re saying may sound too good to be true. Which is why before this event, I asked for Paul’s personal track record. I went through trades he has made to verify that he’s the real deal. And what I found was astonishing.

I’m going to show you a few of his best examples of the investments he made … take a look.

He made a 298% gain on Whole Foods.

A 328% gain on Olympus.

A 356% gain on Exact Sciences.

A 696% gain on Ariad Pharmaceuticals.

And a massive 2,539% gain on Sarepta Therapeutics in just 8 months.

In fact, during the worst of the 2008 crisis, on December 22, Paul bought 3,000 shares of a mortgage company that has shot up 3,733%.

I’ll show you some more trade examples in a moment.

My point is … when Paul says massive gains are possible, well … they aren’t just possible, he’s made them, again and again and again.

Paul: And to be fair … these are examples of some of Paul’s largest gains. Not all trades work out this perfect. But we have been averaging 39% annual gains since inception.


John: Well, we all know that investing carries risk, and past performance isn’t indicative of future results. Opportunities like this are rare, but they’re out there again, and you want to help our viewers find them.

Paul: I do. Which is why I’m going to give them this report. It reveals my No. 1-rated stock. It’s a little-known company that isn’t just positioned to profit from America 2.0 … it will be essential to building America 2.0.

If they buy this stock today, they can scoop it up for under $10.

John: Only $10. Amazing. And you have a second report as well.

Paul: I do. It’s a blacklist of 100 American icons destined to fail. These are so-called “safe” companies that many people own … but, my research says they’re destined to fall by 90% or more by the end of 2030.

John: It’s hard to imagine that happening during an economic upgrade … an era of prosperity.

Paul: It is. But just think about what happened to Sears, Blockbuster and Toys “R” Us … they were all mighty companies that anchored our malls and retail outlets. Now, they’re vacated and falling apart. And their stocks have fallen to mere pennies … or even $0 … during a strong economy.

So I want to equip our viewers with both of these reports today.

John: That’s awesome. Paul, you could charge hundreds of dollars for these reports, if not thousands, so why are you being so generous?

Why Paul Is Giving Away His No. 1 Stock Pick

Paul: Great question. Well, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to show my fellow Americans how this will all unfold … and how they can profit.

Look, I love our nation. My father gave up a lot to get me here. And I worked long and hard to become a citizen. It was worth every ounce of sacrifice and sweat. I’m proud to be an American. And I’m honored to share this with as many other Americans as I can.

It’s critical that our viewers are at the forefront of America 2.0. … so that they can invest in the companies that will help build a better, stronger and more robust America. And so they can have a chance to experience what it’s like to see their investments triple the market’s returns year after year.

John: That’s amazing. Now, how much any individual stands to make of course varies based on their starting stake and timeframe, but Paul, your readers tell us you’re already making it happen.

The last time Paul put a presentation together like this, 50,000 fellow Americans subscribed to learn how to achieve a level of prosperity they never thought possible.

I’m going to show you a few quick examples of his readers experiences.

This is Brian Thomas.

He’s a life insurance agent from San Jose. He acted upon his specific investment recommendations. 18 months later he sent Paul this note: “First off I would like to say that I love your [research service]. I initially started with Profits Unlimited early in 2019 and currently I am up 87%! Which is amazing!”

Suzie Morgan, a portrait artist from St. Louis, followed his insight and sent him this note: “Paul, in September of 2017, I decided to go “all in” on my stock positions and follow the portfolios in your research services. My account value was $335,000. As of today, it totals 1.1 million dollars! Yes, that’s tripling my money in less than 3 years!”

And Tom Jackson, a Cajun chef from Louisiana, wrote Paul this note: “After my wife’s bout with cancer I had only $20,000 left in my 401K. In less than 2 years, that $20k has grown to $116k thanks to Paul’s research services. Hope to push it to 1M over the next 5-6 years. Thanks, Paul!”

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other folks just like these.

Not all of them are making six figures, yet. Some are making more or less depending on how much they invested and when they got started.

I’ll share a few more examples in a moment…

Paul, these are incredible.

Paul: Thanks John. Thanks for sharing them. It’s humbling, really. And I think it’s important our viewers see them because … you know, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your life, you can partake in America 2.0 and reap massive rewards.

John: That’s right. You could be a chef like Tom, an artist like Suzie or an insurance salesman like Brian.

Paul: Right. It doesn’t matter if you have a diploma from Harvard or a diploma from the school of hard knocks.

All you need is a burning desire to pursue the American Dream, along with a starting stake of your choosing and a few of the bold facts I’m about to share today. Armed with my insight, our viewers won’t just profit from America 2.0 … they’ll also be a part of building America 2.0.

And as the Dow soars to 100,000 and as real estate soars 100% in the next five or seven years… they will see an unimaginable amount of money flowing into their accounts.

And it all comes back to this $1 bill, and how I’m going to spend it.

John: I can’t wait to see your explanation. But, before we dive into that, I want to address something. When you first talked to me about Dow 100,000 and real estate going up 100% … I had my doubts.

Paul: You did!? And it kind of ticked me off.

John: And I had those doubts despite knowing all I know about you — your track record, your reputation and how many people you’ve helped…

But then I saw a short presentation you gave to your internal research team that really opened my eyes.

I bring this up because I think that presentation will help our viewers see the inevitable, so … I grabbed a clip of it, and, with your permission, I’d like to show it to our viewers now.

Paul: Absolutely John. If it helped you, it’s going to help them.

John: Great.

Again, the following recording is a presentation Paul gave to his internal team members during a video conference. The recording is a bit raw, but … by the time it’s done you will see that Dow 100,000 in the next five to seven years and a 100% surge in real estate in three to five years isn’t just probable, it’s virtually written in stone.

Click Play to See Why The
Dow Will Soar to 100,000


John: Well, it certainly is exciting to see Americans thriving. I don’t know about you … but for me, that presentation proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we are on the precipice of a major economic boom.

Paul, anything to add?

Paul: Well, I’m glad you showed that. I’m actually going to reference a few of those charts in a moment.

I guess all I can add to this is that my No. 1 stock … the company inside this report … is a company that’s perfectly positioned to benefit from the real estate and stock market boom.

It could soar 1,000%.

This won’t happen overnight of course, this is a multi-year play, but this economic upgrade … America 2.0 … is going to be the biggest economic boom in history. In that presentation, I talked about the Golden Age and the Boomer Age … well, America 2.0 will be bigger than both those … combined.

John: Wow. With that said, the questions are flooding in. The most common one can be summed up by Lindsey … who says: “Thank you, Paul. This is refreshing. But, what does this all have to do with a $1 bill?”

Paul: Well, everything. Especially how this $1 bill flows throughout the economy. You see, if I take this $1 bill and stuff it in my bank account or hide it under my mattress, what happens?

John: It really does nothing. It just sits there.

Paul: Exactly. But if I use this $1 to buy a cup of coffee, thousands of people will benefit.

John: Thousands?

Paul: Thousands! Let me show you.

Click Play to See How $1 Will
Help Thousands of People


John: So, I just want to be clear … this is the third time all three of these catalysts have converged.

Paul: That’s right, this is the third time in history that all three have converged. But, this will be much, much bigger than our last economic booms.

As mentioned earlier, it could be bigger than the Golden Age and bigger than the Boomer Age … combined.

It will literally transform America … which is why I call it America 2.0.

John: How can you be so confident?

Paul: Because never, in the history of the world, have all three financial catalysts been this big.

These financial catalysts are massive.

The Demographic Catalyst is bigger than ever before.

The Innovation Catalyst is bigger than ever before.

And the Capital Catalyst is bigger than ever before.

John: So, that’s why we will see profit opportunities like never before?

Paul: Yes. The big profits we’ve seen are merely glimpses of what’s to come. When you add it all up … we could see $121 trillion flooding the U.S. economy in the next 3 to 7 years.

John: $121 trillion?

Paul: I know it’s a number too hard to fathom. But by comparison, if the Golden Age was a stack of money this big, and if the Baby Boomer Age was a stack of money this big … then America 2.0 is this big.

John: Incredible. So, it is literally bigger than the last two economic booms combined.

Now, a lot of questions coming in. I want to address them really quick.

Larry wrote this: “I’m a big fan Paul. Curious, are you the only one calling for this bull market?”

Paul: I’m one of the few who are bold enough to step out of the crowd and think differently. But, of the others out there, my call for Dow 100,000 in five to seven years is considered conservative.

Ron Baron, for example, is a billionaire who recently called for Dow 650,000 in the next 50 years.

And Warren Buffett, arguably the greatest investor of all time, has gone on record calling for Dow 1,000,000 in the next 100 years, saying “Being short America has been a losers game.”

And these guys aren’t saying this will come to fruition in the next year or two, they’re looking 50 or even 100 years into the future, but it is all starting to unfold right now. And I believe the biggest gains will be made by those who take action immediately.

John: Amazing. Here’s another question. This one from Chris. “Eye opening. Thanks for the insight. Do you actually have a proprietary indicator that measures economic velocity?”

Paul: I do. I call it the EV Score. It measures the speed money is flowing through the economy. If it is between one and five, I know we’re entering an economic slump. If it is 6 to 10, I know we’re entering an economic boom. I’ve used basic versions of it for years to time the market.

John: And what’s it at now?

Paul: A 10. A level we’ve never been at before. I’m telling you … this convergence of catalysts will flood the U.S. economy with $121 trillion. Economic Velocity will soar, sending the Dow up to 100,000 in five to seven years, and real estate will double in just three to five years.

John: Great. One more quick question. Mark says: “I love the charts you’re showing. The pattern is clear. Do you have any additional support?”

Paul: Great question. TONS! Let me pull some examples up…

Take a look.

Personal Consumption is through the roof. People are spending more money than they’ve ever spent … on things like cars, furniture, appliances and so much more.

John: So that has to send Economic Velocity soaring?

Paul: Exactly. Last year, Americans spent nearly $15 trillion … a 50% increase over the last decade.

That’s connected to this next chart. Median household income.

It’s surging. It’s reaching record levels.

And it’s central to Economic Velocity.

With all this extra money, people can buy, buy, buy.

This next chart shows how corporate America is benefiting. Profits are surging … hovering near their highest levels in history.

And our GDP … gross domestic product … is surging at its highest level ever…

And here’s a big one, John. Take a close look. What do you see?

John: It looks like manufacturing jobs are on the rise since 2010.

Paul: Exactly. We have a way to go, no doubt, but it’s a real solid start.

And remember how I mentioned that America 2.0 will be so grand that it would erase debts and all but erase unemployment?

John: I do…

Paul: Well, take a look…

This chart shows household debt-to-income ratio. We’re at historic lows. This means people are easily paying off debt and have plenty of money left over to spend, and … spending fuels Economic Velocity.

I could go on and on, and show you one economic report after another.

But I think I’ve made my point.

John: Paul. This is mind-blowing. All these charts prove one thing … our economic velocity is already raging.

Paul: Again, the Dow WILL surge to 100,000 in the next five to seven years, and real estate WILL double in the next three to five.

It will be a truly amazing time.

The companies that are at the forefront of America 2.0 will experience massive growth. If you invest in those companies, you will likely see enormous gains. One thousand percent and higher over the next decade as this all unfolds.

Which is why I want to get my No. 1 stock in the hands of our viewers. It’s already on the move. Big money is pouring in.

John: Again, you will want to reserve a copy of this report. But first I want our viewers to see that finding stocks like this … stocks that soar … it’s what you do. It’s who you are.

Paul: I don’t just preach this stuff, John. I put my money where my mouth is.

Paul: And I want to help our viewers do the same.

Over the coming months and years I want to help them make absolute fortunes!

And while dollar gains will depend on starting stakes and timeframes, I’m not saying you should put all your money into one stock. Please don’t. Just put a portion in. Five percent, 20%, maybe 50% into my various recommendations. Enough to make you feel a bit edgy, but not too much to risk everything you’ve worked for.

John: Well, that’s exactly what you’ve done to build your fortune. I’m going to show a few examples of your incredible investments. Once again, you will notice the gains are amazing, but if you pay close attention, you will see another pattern…

For example, Paul invested in Exact Sciences back in 2010. This molecular diagnostics company is based in Madison, Wisconsin. It focuses on early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

Paul bought shares for less than $5 and Exact Sciences used Paul’s investment, along with millions of other dollars, to find ways to save lives. They had some breakthroughs and the stock soared. Paul made over 300%.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is another example. This company focuses on breakthrough ways of discovering, developing and commercializing therapies for patients with rare forms of cancer.

Paul invested in the company at $6 a share. They used his money for research. They had some breakthroughs and his investment soared over 600%…

Paul also uncovered a stock by the name of Sarepta Therapeutics, also based in Massachusetts. The company used his money to develop a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. And it worked … he made a 2,539% gain.

It’s not all medical, of course.

Minnesota-based Stratasys is a 3D-printing company. Paul made over 200% gain with them.

New Jersey-based Universal Display makes the material needed for computers, cell phones and TVs. They handed out a nice 293% gain.

Chicago-based Coeur Mining is another example. They mine gold, silver and zinc in Nevada, Alaska and South Dakota. Paul invested with them for about $1.88 and saw his profits soar as high as 738%.

There are dozens of other examples…

Paul, once again, these are incredible. And while these types of gains are rare and not every trade works out, your readers in just the last few years have closed out 37 triple-digit winners and 246 double-digit wins. Not to mention the 42 current open positions sitting on triple digit gains and the countless double-digit open winners.

Those following Profits Unlimited since inception have tripled the S&P 500 and the Dow, enjoying average annual gains upwards of 39%

Paul: Thanks. And as you said, there’s a pattern. These are all forward-thinking, U.S.-based companies. And when you invest in these companies, they use your money to hire Americans, fund research and development, and expand their product line.

When they’re successful, you will also be greatly rewarded as absolute fortunes flood into your accounts over the coming years.

John: I agree. But, finding the right stocks can be tough.

Paul: Which is why I’d be honored if you allow me to be your guide … to show you exactly which companies to invest in.

It starts with…

My No. 1 Stock Pick

John: Okay, so tell us more about this company, and why you think it will soar 1,000% in the next 1 to 3 years.

Paul: Sure. It’s a relatively small company based in South Carolina … valued at just $1 billion… But, it’s disrupting a $2.2 trillion industry

John: A $1 billion company that’s disrupting a $2 trillion industry … I can see why it would soar. What industry are you referring to?

Paul: I’m talking about manufacturing.

Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy, really. America is no different.

Here’s the thing … since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to the auto industry a hundred years ago … manufacturing has really remained the same. Sure, we’ve had robotics and computers make advancements … but there hasn’t been a disruption.

But this small, $1 billion company has the technology that’s going to change all of that.

John: Do you think that this company’s technology could ignite an economic boom the same way the assembly line did?

Paul: I do. It’s already started. This company is disrupting the auto industry … making better cars, faster. Housing is becoming cheaper. Even the health care industry is seeing massive advancements.

It already employs 2,000 hardworking Americans who are churning out almost $700 million in annual sales.

And the stock is about to take off.

Right now, it’s trading for less than $10.

But I think it could soar to $50 … and then potentially even $100.

John: So … a 1,000% gain. That’s incredible. You know, most people hope for 10% a year. At that rate … it would take 100 years to make 1,000% … but you’re saying these gains could come within the next few years.

Paul: That’s right. As little as three years. So, you will want to invest soon. The big money is starting to take notice.

BlackRock just bought 514,000 shares of this company.

Vident just added 404,000 shares.

And Invesco Advisers just bought 8,000,000 shares.

John: So, they know this stock is a steal at less than $10. I assume you have all the details in that report…

Paul: I do … I give the ticker symbol, the buy price and all my research laying out why I believe this company represents the epicenter of America 2.0.

But, I’d be doing a disservice if I also didn’t give this…

The Blacklist.

This is a list of 100 companies that are deemed as “safe” by the experts, but in reality, they are dead in the water. Companies that, according to my research, are destined to crash by 90% or more by the end of 2030.

John: With that said, I had a question come in that I think is a great transition to what I want to talk about next. Michael writes: “Paul ... I love your story. Your track record is unreal. I’m in. Will you manage my money?”

Paul: Those are very kind words, Michael. Thanks. But, I don’t manage money any longer, however, I can do something even better.

John: Why don’t you explain what you have in mind?

Paul: Sure. In 2016, I did something controversial. I published my model portfolio and commentary on a website for a few folks to see. And I didn’t realize it then, but it unleashed a ripple effect that’d disrupt the way people invest.

John: So, instead of giving the wealthy access for a hefty fee, you gave a few Main Street Americans access.

Paul: Correct. Now, that went viral. People flocked to it, and so I created a research service around it called Profits Unlimited. In short, it makes investing simple, fun and profitable.

John: Now, I’m very familiar with your Profits Unlimited membership. And, I have to agree … it does make investing simple, fun, and profitable. In fact, this is an entirely new way to invest.

I’d like to show a few of the features to you…

This is the model portfolio Paul just referenced.

Now, I have a few things blacked out because it’s for members only.

But, as one can see, it is extremely easy to follow…

There’s the name of the stock, the ticker symbol, the current price, the buy price, the dividends, total gain and the current recommendation.

And what’s real convenient is that when it’s time to make a trade, Paul emails readers. For example … here’s an alert from Paul from August 21.

It simply says.

Sell Salesforce.com at the market.

And then it goes on to explain why he is making that recommendation.

Those who made the trade locked in a solid 200% gain after 3 years.

Another aspect of Profits Unlimited subscription is the weekly video updates.

These are usually a Q&A session. Paul field’s questions and make sure everyone is getting the best experience possible. He also talks about a few of the positions and on the market in general.

Then, there’s the eight-page “Monthly Dossier” revealing the next investment opportunity.

Paul takes a deep dive into his next big stock recommendation. It helps people see WHY he’s recommending a stock.

And anytime a person has a question, they can give the customer service team a call.

Paul, I’ve seen a lot over my investment career. But your Profits Unlimited is really something special.

Paul: Thanks. From day one, the goal was straightforward. To make investing simple, fun and profitable.

John: Well, I think you’ve hit it out of the park.

The results have been phenomenal.

Just listen to what his current members are saying.

This note is from John and his wife, Victoria. They’re small-business owners from Buffalo. They showed this screenshot to Paul. It’s their brokerage account from the year before they joined Profits Unlimited.

They lost $9,600.

They signed up for Profits Unlimited, and in a year and a half, they made this … $998,000.


On the letter, John wrote this…

“Dear Paul, New Condo on the ocean because of you.”

Paul: That’s awesome. Congrats to John and his wife.

John: This one is from Jan Hogan.

She wrote: “I went all in with $310,00 and 1 year later my portfolio was at $425,000. This I would have never accomplished with mutual funds. I will be following your research for the rest of my life. Thank you Paul and team.”

This is a note from Matt Benson, a construction worker from Whitehall, Pennsylvania. He writes: “Paul, my total amount of profit is $1,109,307 [in 16 months]. Your system is the real deal. Go ahead and tell everyone. I certainly am.” Matt didn’t tell us his starting stake but by our calculation it was about $212,000.

Here’s one from Ken in San Diego. He wrote: “I started Profits Unlimited November, 2016 with $1,900,000. Today, May 19, 2019, my wife and I have $2,670,000, even after taking out over $220,000. Thanks for the million Paul. We have been able to give more to the Church and our non profit trying to bring peace to Afghanistan.”

Here’s one more quick one from Andrew in Indiana. He wrote:

“I found Profits Unlimited in Summer 2016. Starting with about $20,000, I began following your recommendations and did my own thing as well. Four years later, I am happy to report my portfolio is now in the six figures. .”

Again, I could go on.

Instead, I want to show a short video clip that sums up the experiences of these members.

Click Play to See What
Current Members Are Saying


Paul, what you’re doing is revolutionary.

Paul: It’s a new way to help Americans make money in the stock market.

And it’s time for someone to disrupt the industry.

Fact is, it’s dangerous to hand all your money over to a so-called expert and have them invest it for you. The American Enterprise Institute found that 95% of professionals underperform the market.

John: But … most people even do worse on their own.

Paul: That’s right. A recent study by Dalbar’s Quantitative Analysis shows that individual investors underperform the market by more than 30%.

With Profits Unlimited, you now have a third option. You can see my top insight including my model portfolio and trade alerts. YOU take control of YOUR investments. I’m simply a guide. Since 2016, the portfolio has tripled the market! Delivering average annual gains of 39% for those following since inception in 2016.

John: I think what I love most about Profits Unlimited is that it gives me a peace of mind. I looked back to late 2018 … when the market dropped by 20%, because I remembered what you had to say during the tough times.

Paul: Man, people were panicking then. I’d get hundreds of emails asking: “Should we sell. Should we sell?”

John: But you told them not to panic. Listen closely to Paul’s update from this very tough time.

Click Play to See What Paul Told
His Members as the Market Crashed


Paul, anyone listening to that knew they should stay in the market. So, how did you know the sell-off was temporary?

Paul: Because I knew Economic Velocity was strong. It comes back to this dollar… people were still spending, economic velocity was still strong and the companies we held … they were perfectly positioned to soar.

Look, investing is hard. Don’t try to do it on your own.

John: To that point … you don’t even find these investments on your own. You have a team.

Paul: I do. I have a team of people … including a Bloomberg expert and a Chartered Financial Analyst who help me keep my emotions in check. So if I choose to get guidance, you should too.

Let me, and my team, be your guide.

John: Well, Paul, I’ve been following Profits Unlimited for a while.

It makes investing easy. It takes less than 10 minutes a week to use.

It’s fun. You keep it entertaining.

And, most importantly, it’s super profitable.

Since inception in 2016, you’ve shown people how to spot triple-digit open gains over 500%, 400%, 350%, 200%, 180%, 160%, 130%, and closed triple-digit gains of 199%, 125% to name a few – here’s a snapshot of our triple-digit wins as of this writing…

And while these kinds of gains don’t happen every day, even for you, and of course there will be losses along the way – there’s always risk in investing – your track record is simply astounding, Paul, tripling the S&P and DOW since inception and delivering 39% annual gains to those following Profits Unlimited.

Paul: And it all comes back to the people, John. They inspire me.

My hope and prayer for those watching … for you, is that you’ll become a Profits Unlimited member, and in a few months, you’ll send me a letter as well. That you’ll be telling me how you took action, changed your life, and made a fortune.

John: And I know you don’t want anything holding our viewers back from what’s at hand.

Which is why you and your team have kept the cost to join Profits Unlimited at the lowest level possible.

Paul: I have. Look, I’ve made my money. That’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I feel a sense of responsibility to help my fellow Americans. I’m doing this so that they can make THEIR American Dream come true … just like I have.

John: A one-year membership to Profits Unlimited is just $97.

Frankly, I believe it’s a steal at that price.

The two special reports you’ve promised today have a $200 value by themselves.

But, to eliminate any and all barriers that could prevent folks from joining, you authorized your team to make a one-year subscription to Profits Unlimited available to the first 1,000 people who sign up today for only $47.

That comes out to a mere $3.92 a month.

Less than a latte at a coffee shop.

However, you want to go a step further.

Paul: I do. As you said, I don’t want anything keeping folks away from their shot at these massive gains.

That’s why I’m going to remove any last bit of doubt they might have about joining me in the next hour by giving them a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

John: So, to be crystal clear, you want them to take the next 12 months to review everything you’re giving them access to … the model portfolio, the weekly updates, the trade alerts and monthly briefings.

And if you don’t live up to their highest expectations, they can simply call your team, and they will receive every penny of their $47 membership fee back.

Paul: That’s right John. No questions asked.

John: It doesn’t get any easier … any more risk free … than that.

Paul, you’ve made it clear.

America 2.0 is at our doorstep. It’s undeniable.

Paul: That’s right. But if you want to take part, you will have to act fast.

With every minute that passes by, you’re missing out on some truly incredible gains.

The speed at which America 2.0 is moving will pass by those who hesitate.

And my No. 1 stock isn’t going to stay under $10 for long … I expect it to soar $100 fast in as little as three years.

John: Well, Paul, you are one of America’s top traders.

A man whose fund was named the “World’s Best” and ranked in the top 1%.

A man who’s shown his readers countless winning gains in the last three years, helping Main Street Americans make absolute fortunes.

And now you’re inviting our viewers to join you.

For just $47 a year … less than $4 a month … you can virtually look over Paul’s shoulder and see his top investment recommendations.

Just click on the button below to see how you can get started.

I personally love Profits Unlimited.

And I know you will love it too.

But Paul wants to guarantee you will love it. That’s why you have a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try the next year out … an entire 12 months … and see if it’s right for you.

Most people who join never look back.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is yours for the taking.

I urge you to take advantage of it today.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice investor or a seasoned trader, if you are 20 years old or 100 years old, Profits Unlimited will give your portfolio a massive boost.

And as Paul said, it makes investing easy, fun and profitable.

As America 2.0 unfolds, you will have the chance to invest in the companies that will build an even greater country.

Just click the button below to get started.

I Want To See The Details

Paul, it looks like we still have five minutes to answer some questions that have come in.

Paul: Great. Fire away.

John: Okay. Here we go. Edward says: “Love what you are doing. But how much money do I need to invest?”

Paul: Good question. It’s really up to the subscriber. One could invest a few hundred dollars into the stocks or a few million. Depending on how much you invest, you might use your profits to buy new tires for your car. Or to take a family vacation or retire early. It’s best to start with what you are comfortable with, and build up.

John: The great thing is … at $47 a year … less than $4 a month … for a subscription to Profits Unlimited … there is very little to lose. Here’s another question. Harold asks: “I just signed up. Thanks. How much time will it take to follow Profits Unlimited?”

Paul: As a new subscriber, it may take a few extra minutes during the first few weeks. Maybe 20 minutes. But after that, most people spend 10 to 15 minutes watching my video updates, reading my alerts and reviewing the model portfolio.

John: So, not a lot of time. Great. Here’s another. This one is from Susan. “I want to join Profits Unlimited. But, what if you are wrong and the market doesn’t go up.”

Paul: Great question. Look, if history completely alters course … if $121 trillion being infused in our economy doesn’t lift the markets higher … if I’m wrong, then I believe the investments I recommend in Profits Unlimited will still go up. Fact is, these are companies at the forefront of new mega trends.

John: I think that is a great lead in to this next question. “America 2.0 makes sense. You’ve got me pumped. But how do you know which stocks will go up?”

Paul: So, that’s a super heavy question. We should make a note that there are no guarantees in the stock market, but to eliminate as much risk as possible, I use three core principles. First, I look for mega trends with billion dollar markets. Think Artificial Intelligence, Precision Medicine, Internet of Things, Autonomous Cars, Cloud Computing. Precision Agriculture, New Energy, and so much more. We want big markets.

Secondly, I look at the companies with strong leadership. Not the big famous names. The real leaders who know their business inside and out.

And finally, I look at the financials to find the right time to buy. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but … that’s the basics.

John: Great Just a couple notes coming in from folks who already signed up.

James writes: “Looks like I have finally found the right person to learn and grow from.”

Larry says: “Thank you Paul. You’re the real deal.”

Here’s a note from Jay: “Loving this. Should have started a long time ago.”

Matt has been a subscriber for just under a year. He wrote us in July of 2020 to say: “Loving the 238% gain after I bought your recommendation in Sept. 2019! This week (July 21, 2020) will be my 1 year anniversary with your amazing team … thanks for the life-changing work you all do! Between all your services, 14 triple-digit gains, the greatest at 358%! ”

This is a good question from Jeff. “Really great presentation. I want to sign up. But, I’m over 65. Is this right for me?”

Paul: Here’s the great thing … age doesn’t really matter. Some of my most successful members are over 80, some are under 30. My suggestion … sign up, try it out. If you find out Profits Unlimited isn’t right for you, cancel it at any point in the first year. You will get 100% of your $47 subscription fee back.

John: Makes sense. This one is interesting. From Tammy: “If you really want to help us out, why not give it away for free.”

Paul: Well, that'd be nice, right? But I use the subscription fee to offset expenses. I have team members who help with my research, produce my webinars, send out my email alerts and so much more. So believe me when I say, the $47 annual subscription fee is really there to offset our costs.

John: I have another question that keeps popping up. Tom sums it up well: “Paul … THANKS! But curious, why are you doing this for us?”

Paul: Great question. Because … well, it’s the American thing to do.

Look, most people born in America don’t know how amazing this country is.

And when I look throughout my life, there was always a person in each chapter who helped me get to that next level.

Take Janet Mitchel, for example. She was my boss at Bankers Trust in the mid-nineties.

She helped me get my U.S. citizenship. It was supposed to take two years, but it took five. She continued to help me even after I stopped working at the bank.

But that didn’t matter to her. It was the American thing to do.

Another example is Mark Thomas.

When I explained to him the 16-hour workdays and constant traveling were tearing me apart from my family, and that I needed to step down, he understood and we parted ways as friends. He didn’t have to do it. But, it was the American thing to do.

The best example is my father.

He’s my hero.

While he never set foot on U.S. soil, he knew the American Dream very well. He taught me about a country that didn’t have a caste system, where anyone could pursue “life, liberty and happiness.” And then, he paved the way for me to get here.

He didn’t have to do it. But, it was the American thing to do.

There are dozens of other hardworking, “salt of the earth” folks who helped me, and they didn’t have to.

John: But, it was the American thing to do. And now, it’s your turn to give back. It’s your turn to help your fellow citizens … to help me … achieve the American dream in the best way you know how. By picking out stocks you believe are destined to soar past 100%, 500% and even 1,000% in the next few years. And you make it clear these kinds of gains are extraordinary, but it only takes hitting one like this to supercharge your portfolio. You go after stocks with the potential to surge no matter what the overall market does.

You’ve proven that by delivering 39% annual gains on average every year since inception, tripling the Dow and the S&P 500 in the same timeframe.

Paul: Exactly. Frankly … it’s the American thing to do. Just think…

Our Founding Fathers — John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and others — they invested everything they had into the new world … into America.

And they were greatly rewarded for it, financially and beyond. There are ripple effects that we still feel four centuries later.

In fact, take another look at this dollar a … what does it say here?

John: Novus Ordo Seclorum

Paul: That’s Latin for “a new order of the ages.” Charles Thomson, the expert involved in the design of the seal, said it was to signify “the beginning of a new American Era.”

John, I believe we too are at the start of a new American era … of America 2.0. And those who act today will not only profit from it, they will help build it.

John: Well, Paul, it’s clear that patriotism runs deep in your veins. And that you believe investing in the future of America is more than just a profit opportunity … it’s our duty to invest in companies that will create a better America for our children and grandchildren.

Let’s look at one final question. This one from Warren: “I’m a conservative investor and love what you have to say. But, do you ever lose money?”

Paul: Yes. No trading strategy is perfect. We have losing trades. But as mentioned before, the returns in our model portfolio are have tripled the Dow over the last three years.

John: That’s incredibly impressive. Paul, our time is up. Thanks so much for this interview. It’s been extremely powerful. It makes me excited about the next 10 years as America 2.0 unfolds.

Paul: There’s going to be ups and downs, but the next decade is going to be an amazing time for those who invest in the right stocks.

John: Thanks Paul.

Paul: Thank you.

John: Once again, if you want to accept a risk-free subscription to Profits Unlimited, simply click the button below this video. It will take you to a secure order form where you can review everything we have to offer you to day.

You get all of this, for just $47 a year. And if for some reason you don’t like the opportunity to make tons of money, you can cancel it for a full refund. No questions asked.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by clicking the button below this video.

As one final note … I’ve personally never met a guy like Paul. He’s smart. Humble, and most importantly, he’s passionate about making others wealthy.

Don’t wait to get started. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m John Daly, thanks for watching.

I Want To See The Details

January 2020