“The biggest expansion of productivity the world has ever seen...”

— The New York Times Best Seller and Tech "Prophet" George Gilder



Thousands of Americans could become millionaires in the next few years, during an unstoppable $34.4 trillion TECH shift ... while millions more fall permanently behind.



[ Official Transcript ]

Something extraordinary is about to happen in America.

An extraordinary amount of money — all told, over $34.4 trillion — is on the move...

From one industry to another…

From one community to another…

And from the hands of many into the accounts of a few well-positioned Americans.

It’s a monumental transfer of wealth.

A shift that will permanently drive a wedge between our lower, middle and upper economic classes in the next few years.

And unfortunately make some Americans poorer and more indebted than they’ve ever been.

At the same time, it’s a huge opportunity for those who position themselves to benefit from this shift.

Think of it like a shrinking circle…

Stay in the circle, and you could become wealthier than you ever thought possible.

But get caught outside and your financial future could be completely destroyed.

I believe the only way to prepare for this change is to get out of cash now.

That’s why I’m recording this message today.

To explain exactly why this is happening…

And to show you, that if you make this simple adjustment now, you could walk away with three times your money in the next two years, at a time when many Americans will lose everything they’ve worked so hard for.

Before I Explain Everything, There’s a Few Things You Should Know About Me…


Ian King

My name is Ian King.

And for the last two decades, finding overlooked assets has been my career and passion.

I started as an intern at Merrill Lynch in the middle of the ‘90s bull market…

Worked for Salomon Brothers in their famed mortgage bond trading department…

And was head trader at Peahi Capital, a New York-based hedge fund, where my team saw our best annual gain of 261% during 2008, one of the worst periods of the financial crisis.

In short, I’ve found ways to profit from every boom and bust on Wall Street.

After 17 years on Wall Street, I wasn’t satisfied helping the rich get richer.

That’s why three years ago, I shifted gears to show ordinary investors how to think and invest like Wall Street traders.

I’ve done everything I can to spread my message, including numerous appearances on Fox Business News...

Yahoo Finance...

And other large networks…

And I’ve published hundreds of essays on BanyanHill.com, an independent financial publisher read daily by close to 700,000 individuals.

My work focuses on discovering huge opportunities that have the potential to deliver triple digit gains in 24 months or less.

And occasionally uncovering surprising trends...

But recently, I stumbled upon something so potentially devastating that I knew I had to get this message out immediately.

It pains me to say it, but...

Millions of Americans are about to make a very costly mistake.

It could ruin their retirements...

And there’s a chance you’re about to make the same error.

But I want you to turn this simple mistake into the best investing opportunity of your life...

A way you could potentially triple your money on a single stock in the next few years…

A War of Confusion...

To understand what’s happening, we need to look at one of the most powerful and influential groups in our country: the mainstream news media.

There was a time when American journalism was a trusted and respected institution.

They reported the truth, mostly.

And did their best to represent all the facts — even if it didn’t align with their own political beliefs.

But these days, it seems like most mainstream publications and networks have abandoned this commitment to objectivity.

It’s almost as if they are trying to confuse people.

Just take a look at some of these recent headlines.

Here’s one publication saying were entering a “new bull market”:

‘We’re entering a new bull market:’Oppenheimer analyst’

— Yahoo Finance


And here’s another saying the complete opposite!

Stocks Are Rallying Again. But Don’t Bank on a New Bull Market Yet

— Rob Curran


Here’s one headline saying that new home sales rose in April while prices fell…

New home sales rose slightly in April, defying expectations of a huge 22% drop, as prices fall

— Diana Olick


And another saying the exact opposite … even claiming sale prices reached new record HIGHS.

Home sales dropped nearly 18% in April, while decline in inventory pushed prices to a record high

— Diana Olick


Unbelievably, both articles are from the SAME news network...

And check out this recent headline quoting billionaire Bill Ackman…

Last month Bill Ackman said ‘hell is coming.’ Now he’s ‘optimistic.’

— The Tell


Now, I know it’s no secret that the press likes to pick sides.

And it’s not fair to hold them responsible for the opinion of one indecisive billionaire.

But they are responsible for reporting and spreading countless terrifying and confusing messages like this.

They do it every day.

The truth is that they have no choice but to publish these provocative headlines and try to appeal to a political “side.”

Because the whole industry is teetering on the edge of collapse.

Since 2006, newspaper advertising revenue has fallen from $50 billion to $15 billion...

Circulation has fallen by more than 50%...

And some media companies who publish newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times, New Haven Register and The Herald-Times, have lost as much as 98% of their value and have even been delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

This is why they are facing so much pressure to publish controversial and confusing headlines.

If they don’t sell a “click,” they can’t make money.

And this situation has transformed once respected journalists into fear merchants and truth manipulators.

In this environment, is it any wonder that only 43% of Americans say they trust mainstream media?

Who can blame them? It’s virtually impossible for the average American to get good advice from mainstream news outlets.

And this is why whenever our country hits a speed bump, many prefer to sit tight in cash — a so-called “safe haven” asset — waiting until what’s happening with markets, the economy and our country becomes clear.

Just take a look at this graph from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

It shows that our nation’s personal savings skyrocketed from a little over $1 trillion, in total, to more than $6 trillion in a single month.

It’s the most dramatic rise I’ve ever seen, I mean, the trendline goes from horizontal to vertical.

And the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports personal savings have hit record highs.

In a very real sense, this is exactly what the mainstream news wants.

They want to scare you into inaction … so you’ll just keep on reading and watching … and waiting for them to tell you what to do next.

But don’t let these fearmongers intimidate you...

Because staying in cash this year, and in the coming years, is a huge mistake.

And if you follow a cash-only strategy, like so many Americans are, you’ll be missing out on one of the greatest investment opportunities of your lifetime…

The Mainstream’s Biggest Error?

Out of everything the mainstream news has gotten wrong over the last decade…

From biased coverage of political candidates…

To blatant “fake news” stories...

And even their growing and confusing support of radical, fringe issues...

Perhaps nothing is as inaccurate … as puzzling ... or as damaging to the average American as their false coverage of emerging technological trends.

That might come as a surprise to you, but take for example the iPhone…

This smartphone is nothing less than a technological marvel.

It’s a computer, calculator, phone, music player, GPS, torch and much more, all in one.

And it turned out to be one of Apple’s greatest success stories.

Within three years of its release, it generated more revenue for Apple than any other product in its range.

And since then, they’ve sold more than 2.2 billion units.

But when it was released, the mainstream media hated it…

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal said he’d never seen a product with more hype…

USA Today published an article with the following quote from Steve Ballmer:

“There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.”

— Steve Ballmer

And one mainstream tech publication ran the following terrible prediction:

The Futurist: We Predict the iPhone Will Bomb

— Tech Publication


As did Ad Age who went with…

Why the iPhone Will Fail

— Ad Age


Of course, this kind of negative press coverage of a company influences readers.

...It might have even personally scared you out of investing in Apple.

And as a result, you might have missed out on an extraordinary investing opportunity.

Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, Apple’s stock has risen from $8.46 a share to an incredible $343.99.

It now trades for a little over $100, after its stock was split for a fifth time.

Post iPhone Apple Stock Has Boomed

By close to 4,000%...

That’s more than a 3,966% gain.

And could have turned a $10,000 investment into over $400,000 in just over a decade.

But does the mainstream media care?

No, they just keep printing the same old misleading headlines.

Here’s another example of their misguided war on technology…

Billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk might be one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our modern age.

He co-founded PayPal and half a dozen other influential businesses.

However, for years, the mainstream media has painted him as an unstable and reckless rule breaker.

They’ve played up the fact that he smoked weed on a radio show…

That he sometimes says outrageous things on Twitter…

And that he wants to explore space with his company SpaceX.

They’ve also criticized his core business — Tesla.

One headline from Bloomberg reads...

Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash

— Bloomberg


Another by The The Economist says…

Telsa is heading for a cash crunch

— The Economist


And CNN Business wrote…

Tesla has a problem. Maybe a
big problem

— CNN Business


Some of these criticisms might be fair.

After all, exploring space is a very ambitious goal…

And perhaps a CEO shouldn’t hop on Twitter in the middle of the night and post whatever comes to mind.

But by focusing on these details, they’ve completely missed the point...

And it’s a big, fat point with dollar signs surrounding it.

Because despite a history of the mainstream press being obsessed with juicy tidbits about this eccentric, brilliant entrepreneur…

And playing up every conceivable negative point of his business…

Tesla stock eventually skyrocketed.

It moved from under $300 a share to over $1,500. A stock split now means the company trades for closer to $440 a share.

If I hadn’t already recommended Tesla at $234 to my followers, this would make me furious.

The mainstream press did not see this coming…

And they did not print a single word about its $1,500 a share potential...

They were too busy criticizing and writing provocative articles for clicks…

And millions of Americans got the wrong idea as a result.

By the way — we’re talking about the development of an electric car that can accelerate from 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds, and travel over 300 miles on a single charge.

That can download software that can make the car drive itself.

And that in the next few years will be cheaper than the cost of a gas fueled vehicle.

Why was this story so overlooked?

An absolute historic breakthrough in automobile manufacturing.

Elon Musk himself summed up the situation nicely, in 2018 he wrote...

This is just another example of how mainstream media completely misunderstands important technological trends...

And that’s why I’m recording this message today.

The biggest tech story of your lifetime is playing out right now...

I don’t expect the mainstream press to understand it, or get it right...

And that’s terrifying.

Because this historic story concerns a $34 trillion transfer of wealth.

It will change America permanently.

And rip apart your dreams of a comfortable retirement, if you let it.

The Secret Wealth Creator...

To understand why, we need to take a closer look at what’s happening with technology right now.

I know — you’re surrounded by it and hear about it everyday…

Maybe you even feel a little left behind by all the iPads, bluetooth devices and countless other gadgets your kids and grandkids seem to master effortlessly.

But I’d like to invite you to think about technology in a different way.

Not as a sometimes useful, sometimes frustrating tool…

Not as a mind-bending gadget...

And not as an innovative force that changes the way we live, shop, travel, connect and so on…

Although it is all those things…

But rather as an unstoppable force for CREATING WEALTH.

Because there is nothing on earth that has produced more wealth…

Created more millionaires and billionaires…

And transformed more financial futures, than the onward march of technology.

And this has never been more true than today.

Understanding this is the key to unlocking incredible future wealth for your family — especially now.

Here’s why…

Go back to 1970, and you’ll see that the largest companies in America were commodity companies such as U.S. Steel and Gulf Oil.

And car manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler…

But today, tech businesses dominate the Fortune 500 list.

And even more importantly, they dominate the fastest-growing category.

Take a look:

Eight out of the top 10 fastest-growing companies are tech businesses.

And if you sort by the size of the business, the result is no different.

The six largest businesses in the world by market capitalization are all tech.

Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are the first three companies in economic history with market caps over $1 trillion.

This rapid growth and skyrocketing stock prices have made the executives of these businesses incredibly rich.

Just take a look at the Forbes rich list…

Eight out of the top 10 individuals on this list are either directly involved in technology businesses, or in Warren Buffet’s case, heavily invested in tech companies.

And if you look at the richest tech billionaires in the world, the wealth they have amassed is truly astounding.

We’re not talking about billionaires, but multibillionaires … with 30 … 60 … even $100 billion to their name.

Of course, you’re probably aware of this wealth and success to a degree...

The FAANG businesses (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google also formally known as Alphabet) are frequently covered and lauded in the press.

But what you might not know is that this great wealth is also transforming communities and empowering smaller “micro-entrepreneurs” all across America.

For example: Atherton, California, just down the road from Facebook, is now the most expensive suburb in America.

Medina, Washington, home to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, comes in at the number four most expensive.

And Los Altos, filled with “tech-friendly mansions” comes in at second place with a median house price of over $6.2 million.

My point is — the most expensive suburbs in America are TECH suburbs.

And the people who are buying these homes aren’t just chief technology officers, Google employees or Silicon Valley aristocrats...

Everyday people who have harnessed technology are now making large fortunes too.

For example;

“MrBeast,” a user of Google’s YouTube platform, is estimated to make between $15 million and $20 million a year posting popular videos…

He’s only 22 years old.

Then there’s Sam Ovens, a 30-year-old New Zealand man, who makes over $20 million a year showing business owners how to advertise on Facebook.

And then there’s social media “influencer” Kylie Jenner, who earns up to $1.2 million per post on the Instagram network — which is also owned by Facebook.

These are just some of the major success stories — the ones that get all the coverage.

But just think about the people you meet and interact with on a daily basis…

I don’t know about you, but if someone says they work in tech, I assume they are, at least, moderately wealthy.

And if someone says their child is studying computer programming at college, I think: That’s a smart kid.

That’s because tech companies are virtually, without exception, the highest-paying companies in the world.

And tech jobs are some of the highest-paying positions.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

I believe there is no greater force for creating wealth — both large and small — than technology.

Understand technology ... work with technology ... take advantage of it ... and you have a better chance at making a fortune.

But misunderstand it ... overlook it ... or fail to act on its great promise ... and you simply end up poorer.

Just like the countless Uber drivers, taxi drivers and truck drivers whose livelihoods are being threatened by the development of self-driving cars.

The millions of manufacturing jobs around the world that could soon be replaced by superefficient robots...

Or the archaic major corporations that have ignored the way technology is changing their businesses.

Take Kodak for example…

It only took a few years for the film photo industry to be completely replaced by digital photography.

These days, people don’t even buy cameras and instead opt to use the camera built into their smartphone.

And Kodak — one of the most dominant forces in film photography — has barely escaped bankruptcy as a result.

Its stock is now virtually worthless…

Kodak's Failure to Adapt to Tech Devastated Their
Stock Price...

Although it was formerly valued at $31 billion, its market cap now sits barely above $400 million.

Prior to that their market cap sat around $100 million, and the stock’s performance was so bad that shareholders brought a lawsuit against the company.

It’s one of the largest “falls from grace” in history.

And emblematic of the large changes facing America today.

Worst of all, its fate could have been completely avoided had it read the writing on the wall and adapted its business to the innovative forces changing its industry.

So if you take one thing away from this presentation today, let it be this: THIS is the force driving a wedge between the American lower, middle and upper classes right now.

Why some people are getting poorer…

And some are richer than ever before.

Why some can barely afford to keep up with their mortgage…

While others purchase their second or third home, or take up residence in a mega mansion in Atherton, California.

And it’s the reason why millions will soon be left behind during a big rip in our economic classes.

And others will soon be catapulted into a new stratosphere of wealth.

Technology as a wealth creation force … or, shall I say — a great wealth divider.

Although this might seem obvious when laid out like this, in reality almost nobody really understands this.

Not the mainstream press peddling their messages of fear and missing the important stories.

And not run-of-the-mill financial advisors.

Those guys are more interested in collecting a bonus on “safe” stocks they can recommend now, than understanding and investing in the huge tech shifts taking place underneath our feet.

That’s why to prosper in the near future, and decades ahead, you simply must get on the right side of tech…

And come to understand it for yourself.

I’m not suggesting you sign up for computer classes … start your own website ... or switch careers.

But I am urging you to get out of cash now…

To take advantage of this historic moment in the markets...

And get on board with the technological revolution that is only NOW beginning to pick up steam through specific investments.

That’s right … you might be thinking it’s too late.

That you’ve missed this technological wave that has created an astounding amount of wealth.

After all, we’ve seen tech stocks make some of the largest gains in history.

Like electric car leader Tesla, which I mentioned earlier, that has grown by over 2,000%...

Tech giant Netflix which skyrocketed by 3,620%...

And computer and phone manufacturer Apple, which made 854%.

All within the last 10 years...

But the truth is — it’s not too late.

Because something is coming that is going to make all the technological change and wealth already created seem like a drop in the bucket.

The fact is...

The Tech Boom Hasn’t Even Arrived

It’s mind-boggling to think that despite all the technological innovation we’ve seen over the last several decades … that an opportunity far greater is just months away.

After all, in the last 30 years alone, we’ve seen the introduction of…

      ●    The iPhone…

      ●    Shopping and banking online...

      ●    Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

      ●    Mapping of the human genome...

      ●    Fiber-optic communication...

      ●    And even the mainstream adoption of the internet.

It’s been a time of incredible growth for humanity, and as I showed before, wealth building.

But it’s true … ALL of this is about to be eclipsed by what is about to come next.

A virtual explosion of technology — with one core innovation leading the way.

That’s because, believe it or not, technology has actually been in hibernation.

The Surprising Wealth Discovery of
13 Researchers...

It's not the lone genius, the renegade or wunderkind that drives innovation forward.

Although it makes for great TV...

A research group of five Ph.D.s, five chartered financial analysts and three scientists uncovered that it’s the collision and sharing of innovative ideas that drives technology forward.

Scientists building upon each other's research and work in a consistent and progressive manner...

Borrowing from different fields of study…

Even making connections between seemingly unrelated subjects...

To forge new ideas that can truly change the world.

Let me give you a quick example.

When the Wright brothers were designing the first airplane, they drew upon research of bird’s wings to inspire their design.





A smartphone combines hundreds of different technologies in one device … GPS technology for maps, LED technology for the screen and so on.

And even something as simple as a McDonald’s drive-through relies upon dozens, if not hundreds of prior innovations, such as the automobile, cash register and soft serve machine.

This convergence of ideas is what really leads to technological breakthroughs ... which in turn leads to higher wages, higher standards of living and higher profits.

And it turns out, this collision of ideas can be measured and is now about to grow threefold.

The “Idea Multiplier” Reveals Technology Is Forging Ahead at 3 Times the Speed...

After examining over 200 million data points, these researchers found that the velocity of new ideas can be measured.

And that if you track these ideas, it can give an indication to the future of a field of technology and how it will contribute to economic productivity.

They call this discovery the “idea multiplier.”

Now, get this…

Out of the 14 areas they looked at, including industries such as basic chemicals, computer and electronic products, and petroleum...

Ten out of the 14 examined currently indicate an increase in their idea multiplier.

And this indicates a massive increase in national productivity.

In short, all the technological innovation, and productivity growth we’ve seen over the last three decades, is about to grow threefold from 0.4% per year to 1.2% over the next five years.

That might not seem like much, but just imagine all the wealth, all the opportunities and all the growth possible if the speed of technological innovation was increased by 200%.

Do you think you could create wealth in an environment like this?

Especially if you found the right opportunity to take advantage of such a boom?

I do.

But don’t take my word for it…

Or even the researchers’…

Because they’re not the only ones to come to the conclusion that tech innovation is accelerating.

Google visionary Ray Kurzweil has long held the position that technology is advancing at an exponential rate.

He even gave a name to it that you’ve probably heard “The Law of Accelerating Returns.”

It states…

“The ‘returns’ of an evolutionary process -- the speed, cost-effectiveness, or overall “power” of a process -- increase exponentially over time.”

— Ray Kurzweil

The New York Times bestselling author and so-called technology “prophet” George Gilder has gone on record to say that the next generation of technology — technology that isn’t visible yet — will usher in...

“The biggest expansion of productivity the world has ever seen..”

— George Gilder

And Bill Gates has said in relation to his development work…

“There has never been a better time to accelerate progress.”

— Bill Gates

Plus, consider this: 223,036 patents were granted by the U.S. patents office during the entire 19th century.

But last year alone, over 370,000 patents were issued on everything from surgical robots to biosensors.

That’s more than a 100-fold increase.

These days, we’re witnessing artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage and quantum computing … all coming to the forefront at the same time.

And the World Economic Forum considers this collision of tech to be so powerful they’ve labeled it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

What could be a bigger endorsement of an imminent and world-changing shift than that?

This is why I believe we’re now entering a golden age of technological advancement.

And if you accept my theory that technology is the greatest wealth creator in history…

We are also now entering an unprecedented age of new wealth.

I believe the wealthy already know this. According to a report from Boston Consulting Group, the wealthiest are getting richer at an unprecedented rate.

Warren Buffet — the world’s greatest investor — has invested heavily in Apple and Amazon.

Carl Icahn, who arguably has the greatest investing track record in history, has made billions off Apple and Netflix.

According to a March article from CNBC, hedge fund manager David Tepper — worth $12 billion — is actively adding to his positions in Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Micron Technology.

The point is this … the smartest and wealthiest investors have spent the past decade getting rich off tech investments.

They are now looking to future investments...

Isn’t it time you did the same?

I can guarantee you that the struggling people in this country are doing the exact opposite right now.

And it’s only going to put them further behind.

A survey from research group Spectrum showed that only 7% of “less wealthy” investors bought the recent market dip.

And according to Fidelity, nearly 1/3 of investors above 65 sold all of their stocks earlier this year.

Which means the overwhelming majority of middle-class Americans are staying in cash right now.

Most likely persuaded by mainstream news networks that think it’s their job to terrify their viewers.

But the outcome of such a strategy is not likely to pay off...

I said it earlier — technology is not just a wealth creator, but a great wealth divider.

Stay in cash … miss this recovery ... or stay invested in fuddy-duddy businesses stuck in the past, and you WILL be left behind.

But ride this technological wave that is only now crashing … and you could become richer than you ever thought possible.

Because there’s one emerging innovation that is more disruptive and more lucrative than just about anything I’ve seen, in or out of tech.

It’s set to create $34.4 trillion of economic disruption in the years to come...

And could be the largest change to finance in 500 years.

Wealthy investors are piling into it, hoping to scoop up all the early profits.

And I want to show you how to get in on it now.

A $34.4 Trillion Rebirth...

Before I go on, I want you to stop for a moment and think about how you use money.

If you want to buy something, you might grab cash from an ATM and buy it in a store.

Or instead, you might order online, pay with a credit card and have it delivered to your door.

And you trust your bank to safely store your savings, to pay you a moderate amount of interest and to give you a loan if you meet their requirements.

These are some of the fundamentals of modern banking and our way of life.

But it wasn’t always this way…

The world’s earliest “banks” traded in grain, not gold or paper money.

And for a long time, it was considered taboo to charge interest on a loan.

For example: In early Judaism, it was considered so “unclean” that the Bible describes Jesus chasing money lenders out of the temple…

Jesus Chasing the Moneylenders From the Temple...

Of course, attitudes and religious guidelines have changed since then.

And eventually banking, as we know it, was birthed during the Italian renaissance.

It made families such as the Medicis extraordinarily wealthy and established fundamentals like credit and insurance.

And it was further advanced during the 17th century in Britain with the goldsmiths of London.

By 1745, bank notes ranging from £20 to £1,000 were being printed.

And checks followed soon after.

The rest is history, as modern, fractional reserve banking was born.

Now the point is — we take this foundation of stable money for granted...

And it wouldn't be an overstatement to say this modern kind of banking — where an individual or business can approach a bank for a loan — has changed the world as we know it.

Today, the banking and related financial services industry is worth an estimated $34.4 trillion.

And you’re no longer required to haggle in grain, or precious metals, or any other difficult-to-use system in order to trade...

But more importantly, the system of savings and loans has empowered businesses all over the world to grow … for societies to become more productive … for people to purchase homes … and for wealth to flow.

Can you imagine a world without banks?

I’ll admit it, I find it hard to…

But the technological innovation I want to introduce you today could actually make such a world reality…

And it might just be the most influential change to money since the Medicis created a dynasty of wealth in Florence, Italy, close to 500 years ago.

It’s the leading innovation in a technological wave that is moving so fast, and so big, that it’s hard to predict just how lucrative it could be.

The Rise of the Bank Killer

For its users, it promises anonymity…

Freedom from reliance on mainstream banks…

Freedom from government oversight…

And potentially great wealth.

It is nothing less than a revolution in the way people buy and sell things … store wealth … make contracts … even how we can confirm what is true and real.

Bob Garfield, the CEO of Nasdaq, has called it...

“The biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade.”

— Bob Garfield

Multibillionaire Bill Gates has called it...

“…a techno tour de force.”

— Bill Gates

And tech guru and part owner of the Golden State Warriors Chamath Palihapitiya has gone so far as to call it…

“Money 2.0, a huge, huge, huge deal.”

— Chamath Palihapitiya

Money 2.0 as he calls it … once again, stop and think about that.

We’re not talking about a small innovation here, such as a slightly better water bottle lid, a 1% tweak to an iPhone or a more eco-friendly dishwasher.

We’re talking about an entirely new type of currency with the potential to REPLACE cash.

Naturally, this has major banks quaking in their boots…

They are well aware that consumer confidence in their product took a huge hit during the Great Recession.

Prior to that, consumer confidence was around 50% and after, it dropped to as low as 20%.

Which means that only 1-in-5 customers actually trust their bank!

And in recent years, their drop in reputation has been so severe that experts have called it a “reputation recession.”

But this new innovation makes things even worse.

It can potentially make them completely redundant.

However, that’s just one side of the story…

For other industries, Money 2.0 is a huge opportunity.

And all sorts of CEOs, tech leaders and entrepreneurs are rushing in to take advantage.

Businesses as varied as Burger King, AT&T and the Dallas Mavericks franchise already accept payment in this form of new money.

Starbucks is on board too, with former CEO, Howard Schulz, saying…

“I believe that we are heading into a new age…. And I believe that Starbucks is in a unique position to take advantage of that.”

— Howard Schulz

As is Alphabet’s former chairman, Eric Schmidt, who said Money 2.0 is…

“…a remarkable cryptographic achievement.”

— Eric Schimdt

An investing fund that deals purely in this type of new currency recently experienced over $1 billion in inflows.

And billionaire Michael Novogratz has invested a reported 30% of his wealth into this new type of money.

So, what am I talking about exactly?

I’m talking about a completely new asset class.

An asset that’s been referred to as the new gold.

An asset that could transform democracy, global trade and the world as we know it.

I’m talking about cryptocurrencies.

A new type of digital currency, which is created, stored, processed and verified by computing power.

But not just computer power…

But the most powerful and vast computing power the world has ever seen … combined.

Providing the platform for a system powerful enough to potentially replace cash as we know it … or at the very least, transform the way we bank.

You might have heard of bitcoin, a dominant cryptocurrency, before.

In 2017, the price of a single coin rallied from $830 to close to $20,000.

The headlines were endless…

The Guardian newspaper ran a story called...

Meet Erik Finman, the teenage
Bitcoin millionaire

— The Guardian


The New York Times went with…

Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You're Not

— The New York Times


And Bloomberg published…

Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% Rise This Decade Leaves the Skeptics Aghast

— Bloomberg


You’ve also probably heard of the massive crash that cost many investors dearly…

Bitcoin’s value dropped by close to 80% over nine months.

Since then, many people have called it a “bubble”...

However, it still currently trades for close to $10,000 a coin … way, way up from its early prices of a fraction of a cent.

And there are now close to 20,000 bitcoin millionaires out there enjoying their new found wealth.

...You’d have a hard time convincing these individuals that it’s anything but a way to become extraordinarily wealthy, very fast.

And realistically, bitcoin is proving far more useful than what many of its naysayers will admit.

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones has tipped it as this year’s best hedge against inflation, comparing it to gold in the 1970s, saying…

“If I am forced to forecast, my bet is it will be bitcoin.”

— Paul Tudor

And as it turns out, it has been outperforming gold this year, nearly doubling its performance with a 34% return.

In fact, over the last year, it has outperformed virtually any investment you can think of.

Yes, despite its negative coverage, bitcoin has outperformed precious metals, commodities and stocks.

But the real reason that bitcoin is so extraordinary, and so many finance experts are talking about it, is not because of its current performance, but rather its potential.

      ●    No bank, government or individual controls bitcoin, and it exists free of             agenda or political motive.

      ●    Only 21,000,000 bitcoins will ever be created — determined by an             unbreakable computer algorithm, so its value can never be inflated away.

And yet, it can be divided into fractions of a fraction of a bitcoin called a “satoshis” so that it can easily be used for commerce, day-to-day banking and cross-border transfers.

      ●    And it offers anonymous, yet transparent, banking to millions of people             living outside of mainstream banking channels.

Such as the local Venezuelans who have turned to bitcoin as a genuine alternative to their local currency, the bolívar, which has been destroyed by over 53,798,000% of inflation in just three short years.

These people can literally buy bread and feed their families during severe food shortages because of bitcoin.

For all these reasons and many more, many credible experts are saying that bitcoin’s price needs to go much higher…

Billionaire Jeremey Lieu, an early investor in tech standout Snapchat, is predicting it could hit $500,000 a coin eventually.

Billionaire Mark Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek Capital, says it could reach a value of $400,000.

And Wences Casares, a board member at PayPal, has predicted bitcoin could reach an astronomical value of $1,000,000 per coin in the future.

I’ll admit these predictions err on the extreme side, but if they are off by a $1,000 or even $10,000 that doesn’t really matter.

Because my point is that bitcoin has incredible potential … as a currency, as a store of value and as a way to create wealth.

And that’s why it’s such a pity that it’s so misunderstood.

By the way — can you see how bitcoin, as a tech innovation and means of creating wealth, could contribute to the widening gap between the poor and rich in this country?

Even owning a fraction of a bitcoin could make you rich in the future.

And yet, most of the coverage on this incredible breakthrough is overwhelmingly negative.

...Investing in bitcoin could be a contrary, but very powerful move for you.

But believe it or not, it’s not actually the technological innovation I want to talk to you about today, although it is very closely related to it.

What I want to share with you underpins bitcoin, and it could be the secret reason bitcoin’s price goes to $500,000 … or even $1,000,000 eventually ... as so many investors are predicting.

Bigger Than the Internet?

It’s called blockchain.

And it’s the platform that allows bitcoin to work.

Plus, a thousand other useful things.

And everyone from journalists, to Fortune 500 companies, tech experts, CEOs, scholars and politicians are saying that it will be bigger than the internet…

“Bigger than the internet” might seem like some kind of hack, overused phrase.

But it’s important that you understand the scale of what we’re dealing with here.

It really is that monumental.

Patrick Byrne, the former CEO and founder of $700 million business Overstock, has said…

“The blockchain revolution has a greater potential than anything we’ve seen in history. It’s bigger than the Internet revolution, how it’s going to restructure society.”

— Patrick Byrne

China Global Television Network — the state-owned TV station of the Chinese government — which is broadcasted to over 1 billion viewers has said the economic value of blockchain is …

“10 times more than that of the internet.”

— China Global Television Network

And Don Tapscott, one of the richest men in Canada, has said...

“I’ve never seen a technology that I thought had greater potential for humanity.”

— Don Tapscott

To put that into perspective, consider this: Virtually everything I’ve talked about today…

Every digitally run business such as Microsoft or Apple with their trillion-dollar valuations…

Every stellar tech growth story whether it be an 800% or 3,000% gain...

Every multibillionaire entrepreneur with their extraordinary wealth…

And even bitcoin itself…

Does not exist without the internet.

And yet, blockchain’s economic value could be 10 times larger than that eventually.

If that doesn’t get your investor sense tingling, I don’t know what will.

But it begs the question — what is it exactly?

Well, you can think of blockchain as a digital ledger — a record-keeping database.

That might sound simple and even boring, but ledgers are, essentially, the basis of our entire economic system.

...They’re an accurate record of transactions, money transfers and purchases — and we couldn’t live how we do, with such freedom and wealth, without them.

For example: Say you take out a $30,000 loan for a car...

You’d want that transaction to be recorded accurately and faithfully, right?

And up to now, you’ve always trusted a third party, such as a bank or a credit card company or a payment processor such as PayPal, to record and verify that transaction.

And for that service, they usually charge a fee.

As you know, these third-party fees can add up. Especially on large purchases such as a house.

But even small transactions add up over time…

For example: Last year, PayPal made nearly $5 billion in revenue from an average of 406 transactions per user.

And in 2018, American banks made nearly $69 billion in account maintenance and overdraft fees…

If these figures seem incredibly high to you, that’s because they are.

From 1984 to 2015, banks doubled their revenue from fees.

And of course, up till now, there’s nothing you or I could do about it.

Sure, you could move your accounts to a different bank and maybe save half a percent here or there, or hide your savings under your mattress and get out of the game completely...

But realistically, major banks have had a stranglehold on this industry and your money for decades.

That is until now...

Because blockchain — as a simple ledger — has the potential to completely replace institutions such as banks, insurers and brokers.

It moves power AWAY from the centralized power of banks and toward something called a distributed ledger.

Instead of a copy of a transaction being kept by a bank on their computer or in their filing cabinet, the transaction is verified and stored on a public, digital record.

A “block" on the blockchain…

Millions of individual computers, all over the world, combine their processing power through the internet to create these blocks…

A record that can be verified by anyone — although the contents of the record are hidden behind computer code…

And which is unalterable — meaning it can’t be changed or falsified.

Practically speaking, this means you could buy a house using the blockchain … sign a contract for a job using blockchain … take out a loan from another individual using blockchain … make a money transfer using blockchain … register a birth on the blockchain ... and a whole lot more, without needing a middleman such as a bank or any other institution.

Just imagine what will happen to businesses such as homestay website Airbnb or car pickup service Uber when their function is replaced by this software.

If you think about what these businesses really do, it’s not complex.

They simply connect individuals who want a service with an individual who provides a service.

They help process the payment…

And they keep the user safe with a rating system that confirms that the driver or host is honest to deal with.

And because of this, they are valued at billions of dollars...

But blockchain can do all this … for a fraction of the cost and with the huge advantage of no corporate agenda and complete transparency.

Multimillionaire and blockchain expert Vitalik Buterin put it this way:

“Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.”

— Vitalik Buterin

In this way, blockchain will rewire the internet, completely eradicating the need for financial gatekeepers.

And this is why the entire $34.4 trillion banking and finance service industry is under threat.

This isn’t news to them, Oliver Bussmann, the chief information officer at $30 billion investment bank UBS, has said...

“Blockchain technology will not only change the way we do payments, it will change the whole trading and settlement topic.”

— Oliver Bussman

And Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan, has said...

“Given that the development of financial services has been supported by ledgers as the basic infrastructure for information, the dramatic changes in how ledgers are kept may have the potential of significantly changing the structure of financial services.”

— Haruhiko Kuroda

This is why banks and companies as varied as Accenture, Santander Group, The Bank of New York Mellon, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, BBVA Compass, BP, Credit Suisse, Fubon Financial, ING, Thomson Reuters, UBS, BNP Paribas and Cisco are rushing to adapt.

They understand that what is happening now is historic.

They understand blockchain will enable a new form of revolutionary money: bitcoin.

They understand it will allow individuals to make smart, digital contracts from ONE person to another without a middleman.

And they understand it could completely eradicate entire multitrillion-dollar industries, and millions of jobs, while creating wealth in sectors you can’t even imagine yet.

This is exactly the kind of transformational power of technology I was warning you of earlier.

And if technology is really a great wealth divider…

A way of building extraordinary wealth fast, for those who leverage it…

And a nightmare for those who don’t understand it…

Blockchain might be one of its most powerful strokes ever.

I believe countries that ignore this revolution will become poorer…

Politicians who misunderstand blockchain will go down in the history books as fools…

And individuals who bury their heads in the sand during what’s happening now risk losing it all — including those who think they’re safe in cash.

But I also believe those individuals who can open their mind, and have the courage to act now, could also reap tremendous rewards during this $34.4 trillion shift.

And that’s why I’ve put together some special research you can claim today which outlines three simple steps you can take now to grow your wealth tremendously during this next great technological boom…

The first step I’m recommending is to consider taking an early position on a trailblazer company bringing bitcoin and blockchain to the masses.

The Bitcoin Enabler...

It only makes sense, right? If bitcoin and blockchain are really as revolutionary as all these Ph.D.s, investors and titans of business believe, then it makes sense to invest in a disruptive technology company dealing directly with these innovations.

...A business that is inserting itself in the space between customers and businesses — a place banks used to occupy.

And that is proving to be overwhelmingly profitable.

At least, that was my thesis when I started looking closely at this company, and so far — the numbers don’t lie.

When it was launched in 2012, it recorded revenues of $203 million.

But last year, just seven years later, it recorded revenues of over $4.7 billion.

That’s an extraordinary growth story on its own...

But consider the simple tweak the business made during November, 2017.

At the time, its development team released a quiet update that allowed users to buy and sell bitcoin.

And since then, the business has grown exponentially.

They added $1.1 billion to their books in 2018.

Another $1.5 billion in 2019.

And its revenue from the quarter ending in March 2020 was $1.38 billion — a 43.96% increase year over year.

It’s quite obvious there is something extraordinary about the way this business is approaching this bitcoin revolution...

For one thing, it’s giving its user base, largely younger millennials and more than 64 million businesses, a chance to do one thing they want most: live and do business without banks.

In fact, users of its service no longer even need cash, but can make payments, transfer money, take out loans and yes, trade bitcoin with invisible, wireless payments.

And just last year, it released an update to its service that made business bank accounts unnecessary for 21 million small businesses across America.

And of course, there’s its growing bitcoin service.

During the first quarter, it was released it generated $43 million.

But it clocked $316 million in revenue at the start of this year. Where could it go from here?

That’s impossible to say, but I will say this…

The founder of this company has made his opinion on bitcoin and blockchain crystal clear…

He believes bitcoin has a “high probability” of becoming the internet’s “native currency”...

Meaning, in his opinion in the future, most transactions on the internet could be processed with bitcoin.

Right now, digital transactions online amount to a little over $895 billion a year.

But based on expert projections, this figure could hit $1.5 trillion by 2024.

This is why it’s positioning its company to take full advantage of this possible future…

And securing its position as a leader by taking out a first in the world of bitcoin and banking: an entirely new patent for trading currencies.

U.S. Patent No. 10,540,639 Could Lead to a 200% Gain...

This patent, filed for in 2018 and granted at the start of this year, will allow users of its product to transact different assets in real time.

This means that one person could pay in U.S. dollars while the person receiving the money could receive it in bitcoin…

Or one person could pay in bitcoin and another could receive the money in British pounds…

As simple as it might seem, this unique feature could send this stock soaring by as much as 200% by 2022…

Because up until now, this has been one of the biggest criticisms of bitcoin.

That sure, it’s a great store of value ... but it takes too long to make simple transactions with it, up to a few hours.

This patent — a first in the United States, and perhaps the world, can solve this problem.

Making paying in bitcoin as simple as paying in any other currency…

It could even evolve to the point where you could buy shares in Coca-Cola, Hershey’s or McDonalds using bitcoin.

This is why I’m so excited about this business right now.

Nobody is disrupting the entire banking industry like it is…

Making exchanging and even buying bitcoin as easy it is…

And no one in this space is as forward-thinking as this company.

With this patent, this company is securing its position as a leader in the crypto space — a business that will lead the way as technological innovations such as bitcoin and blockchain continue to disrupt banking on a historic level.

And this bright future is once again reflected in its numbers.

Before COVID-19, management was looking for earnings to come in at as high as $5.96 billion this year — a 27% growth rate over last year.

However, because of this patent and the massive swing in tech that’s happening right now, I think this stock has the potential to grow as much as 200% in the next 12 months.

Even if it comes in at half of that, that’s a tremendous amount of growth.

And let me be frank: This is the kind of growth you should be looking for in your portfolio right now.

Ten percent ... 15% ... even 20% returns?

That’s not enough to protect you against the once-in-a-lifetime changes happening in America right now.

You might feel like you’re getting ahead, but in reality you’ll be falling behind as tech-savvy investors make better moves and scoop up the profits of a lifetime during this $34.4 trillion transition.

I know this may seem scary, but it’s up to you to get ready for these changes now...

That’s why I’ve put together a special report called…

Your Tech Advantage: How to Make up to 200% on a Trailblazing Fintech Stock.

Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this tech disruptor bringing bitcoin to the masses…

You’ll discover their full financial details…

Get my detailed analysis of the business…

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Normally I’d charge $199 for detailed research like this, but today you can claim a copy of this report for a fraction of that.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment…

Because earlier, I mentioned that I had three stages planned for you…

Three simple steps you can take now to potentially double or even triple your total net worth.

Consider investing in this business your first step...

It’s my goal for you to make as much as 200% off the stock recommended in the The Tech Advantage report in the next 12 months.

These will be real gains you can take to the bank immediately to make your family’s life more comfortable now.

But in stage two, we must prepare for the longer term … and for the possibility that bitcoin really does go to $500,000 … $1,000,000 ... or beyond in the next few years.

Because, these are the kinds of gains that can really fortify your portfolio and ensure you stay well ahead of all the changes that are coming.

So, I’ve put together a second report showing you exactly how to buy your first bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency that has great profit potential.

It’s called…

Making $1 Million: How to Buy Your First Bitcoin.

This report does exactly what its name says.

It guides you from opening an account…

To buying…

To storing and protecting your first bitcoin…

And potentially selling it for massive profit — if it does, in the next few years, it will reach that astronomical $1 million price point predicted by some cryptocurrency experts.

It’s just six pages long. Easy to read. And entertaining.

And if you’ve ever wanted to buy bitcoin but thought it was too risky or complex, then this is absolutely the guide you’ve been looking for.

I’ve made it as simple and easy as possible for you to take your first step into this exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

And best of all, once you know how to buy bitcoin … you know how to buy just about any cryptocurrency.

And this is really exciting...

Because some of the most tremendous gains over the last few years have been in smaller coins such as litecoin, another digital currency that uses the blockchain.

Litecoin Surged From $100 to $400 a Coin…

It surged from under $100 a coin to nearly $400 in just a couple of months.

And there are dozens more coins out there like it — all using the blockchain to power their currency.

You can consider these smaller coins icing on the cake…

And if you learn how to make some money on them — great!

But the important thing is that you learn how to trade bitcoin.

I believe it is the currency of the future.

And you simply can’t consider yourself financially literate in the coming age of blended technology and finance if you don’t learn how to buy, sell and hold them now.

Can you imagine not knowing how to write a check?

How to pay a bill? Or even not knowing what a bank note is?

Of course not.

And yet so many Americans are ignoring this huge upgrade to our financial system.

Undoubtedly, they will be left behind.

But you don’t need to be...

Download this report today, and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did … especially if bitcoin reaches a value of $1 million a coin — which many credible people believe it will.

So that’s your first two steps … two huge opportunities to multiply your wealth.

But of course, there are many more opportunities out there…

This new technological landscape is filled with countless ways you could add hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars to your retirement nest egg … ensuring you’re insulated from the changes that are happening across America right now.

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Ian King
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July 2020

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