“This New Strategy Has The Potential to 10X Your Money Over The Next Year”

— Ian King

[ Official Transcript ]

John Burke


My name is John Burke.

Welcome to the New Era Fortunes Summit.

In the next few minutes, former hedge fund manager Ian King will help you identify a new breed of stocks…

Stocks that have the specific DNA needed to make you as much as 1,000% or more in as little as a year.

You’ll discover how to spot little-known companies that have the potential to join stock market titans…

Like mobile technology pioneer Qualcomm…

Like electric vehicle pioneer Tesla…

And medical device pioneer Abiomed…

You’re going to see that these historic examples — while rare — aren’t as rare as you may think.

And you’ll learn how it’s possible to spot small, innovative companies that will lead the way in developing new technologies like… 5G … Big Data … artificial intelligence … machine learning … autonomous and electric vehicles … the Internet of Things (IoT) … and precision medicine.

In fact, during this presentation, Ian is going to give you the details on three stocks that he believes have the potential to hand you 1,000% in the next 12 months.

And this is something you’re definitely going to want to stick around for…

Ian is also going to give you the opportunity to take part in an historic new venture that he will reveal for the first time, today.

As part of it, you’ll be able to invest in Ian’s best recommendations as small, forward-looking companies make this new era in technology a reality.

Giving you the chance to dramatically increase your wealth in the years ahead.

With that, joining me is former hedge fund manager Ian King.

Ian, thank you for being here.

IAN: Thanks, John. I’m so happy to be here.

And I’m thrilled to see that many of the thousands of people who tuned in for this broadcast are my loyal subscribers.

Over the past couple years, it’s been my honor to help them make some great gains.

And today, my mission is to help them take their investing success to the next level.

JOHN: Well, Ian, most of the people watching know who you are and many have been successfully following your investment recommendations over the last year.

Let me briefly mention just a few of them.

James Brooks from Atlanta, Georgia said he made $468,000 with your help…

Hank Andrews from Madison, Wisconsin, said you helped him grow his wealth by $39,000 in just four months on one stock…

And Noel Seamore from Lincoln, Nebraska, watched as her IRA went up by $23,000…

These folks and many more have benefited greatly from Ian’s recommendations.

On 25 stocks he averaged 145% gains. While holding each stock an average of 256 days.

That is an impressive track record, Ian.

IAN: I appreciate that, John.

But today, we’re aiming even higher. And this is something everyone can get excited about.

You see, many of our viewers have had success investing in larger companies with market caps over $10 billion.

And it’s been a great ride resulting in some incredible gains.

But with the new venture we’re announcing right here, I’m turning my focus to a different sector of the stock market…

To small, innovative companies with market caps under $10 billion.

And many of them with market caps under $2 billion.

Because these are the companies with the most potential to see the greatest gains in as little as a year.

JOHN: As you said, you’re taking it up another level.

But, to be clear, Ian, you’re not talking about penny stocks … private placements … or IPOs, right?

IAN: No, not at all.

These are small-cap companies, and some slightly larger, that trade on major exchanges.

Companies shaping the future of America with revolutionary technologies.

If you invest in these companies, you could realize profits like early investors made on stocks like…

Shopify, whose software helps anyone build their online business…

Carvana, an e-commerce platform that allows you to buy used cars completely online…

And DexCom, a manufacturer of medical devices for treating people with diabetes…

Now, I didn’t recommend these particular stocks to my readers, but these are some examples of how fast the types of stocks I’m targeting with my new strategy can soar.

JOHN: Those gains are amazing — almost too amazing, Ian.

So, I have to ask…

Do many stocks go up over 1,000% each year?

IAN: Actually, 1,000% gainers are more common than you might think.

The fact is, over the past 21 years, 309 small-cap stocks, with average hold times of seven years, have produced gains of 1,000% or more.

And that’s 15 per year on average.


JOHN: I realize that these are peak gains, Ian … looking back is easier than looking forward.

And of course, individual results vary since everyone will have a different entry and exit price with each trade.

But I have to admit, over 300 stocks going up 1,000% is a lot more than I expected.

IAN: It is a lot.

And here’s the thing … in the next decade, we could see more small caps soaring 1,000%.

Because with all the new technologies emerging … nearly every industry in America has the potential to be disrupted.

Banking, farming, mining, manufacturing, retail, health care … you name it.


These industries have operated in much the same way for decades.

But now, modern technology is disrupting all of them.

Blockchain is revolutionizing banking.

Electric vehicles are disrupting the automotive industry.

And machine learning is transforming the entire health care industry.

The list goes on and on…

JOHN: And right now, new technologies are at the heart of this accelerating change, right?

I’ve heard you say that the level of innovation we’re witnessing, right now, is nothing short of historic.

IAN: That’s right. We’re at the start of a massive convergence of technologies…

And it starts with 5G … which large providers like Verizon and AT&T are insisting will be widely accessible this year.

“AT&T and Verizon say they expect their 5G networks to be accessible nationwide this year.”

— The New York Times

5G’s lightning-fast bandwidth will enable faster deployment of new technologies like machine learning, self driving cars, and virtual reality.

In the next five years, these technologies are going to be everywhere, and transform our daily lives.

JOHN: Kind of like personal computers, the internet and smartphones are today?

IAN: Exactly.

A slew of new technologies will become so common … we won’t remember life without them.

And a handful of small companies, that most people don’t even know exist, will become household names in the process.

That’s why the people who choose to invest, right now, will have the opportunity to make incredible returns.

And it starts today, with a new venture I’ll be announcing in just a moment … and the three stocks we’re going to highlight.

JOHN: Now, Ian, when people think about small-cap stocks, most think about stocks that trade for less than $10 a share.

But you think about these stocks differently, don’t you?

IAN: I’m glad you brought that up. Because it’s a BIG mistake to think a small-cap stock has to trade for less than $10.

While many do … that’s not always the case.

That’s why when I look for the next 10X stock, I don’t care about its stock price.

What I’m looking at is the company’s market cap … the stock price is irrelevant.

There are $20, $40, even $70 stocks that qualify as small caps.

These stocks have just as much potential to 10X your investment in a relatively short time.

JOHN: That’s great. But, frankly, seeing is believing. So, can you give us some examples?

IAN: Of course.

Look at Wix.com, the popular website software company…

Its shares were trading for $28 in 2016.

So, to 10X, the share price would have to go up to $280.

A lot of people who simply looked at the price might think that’s an unlikely target.

JOHN: And, no offense, but I’d probably be one of them.

IAN: That’s understandable.

But, again, it’s a big mistake to get stuck on price…

Because Wix.com’s market cap was a tiny $1.2 billion.

Combined with several other factors that we’ll get to in a moment, this company had plenty of room to run.

Over the next four years, it went on a tear … gaining 1,012%.

And today it trades for over $280.

And here’s one more…

MercadoLibre, a company I call the “Amazon of Latin America,” was trading for $79.

If you’re primarily focused on price, that means to grow 1,000%, this stock would have to go up to $790 a share.

So John, that sounds way too high, right?

JOHN: It does, but I’d guess it’s not?

IAN: Good guess…

Because the market cap was just $3.2 billion.

And over the next seven years, it gained 1,470%.

Today MercadoLibre shares trade for way more than $790.

The fact is that stocks with higher prices can also go up 1,000% or more.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20.

But these are exactly the types of stocks that my new strategy is designed to identify.

The key is to find a company with a low market cap and a disruptive new technology … and that’s where the massive profits are found.

JOHN: I never thought about it that way, Ian.

I mean, a $79 stock that went on to gain 1,470% goes against conventional thinking.

Yet, doing the quick math, a $10,000 investment in any one of these companies would have turned into more than $100,000.

IAN: It just goes to show that focusing on price can be a big mistake.

You can literally miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars if price is your main focus.

JOHN: And that’s a great segue. What I’d like to do now is pivot to your strategy…

The characteristics you look for when identifying stocks that can rally 1,000% in as little as 12 months.

This is a process you’ve been working on since your early days on Wall Street.

Can you give us an overview of how you identify these small caps before they take off?

IAN: Sure. It’s similar to how my team and I find winners for Automatic Fortunes subscribers…

But with one critical difference.

Let’s pull my strategy up on the screen, if we could.

There it is.

You can imagine my strategy as a funnel … I have five filters in it to distill the market down to the absolute best stock…

Let’s look at the first filter.

The first step is to identify what I call a “tipping-point” trend.


These are trends on the verge of a big breakthrough that will change our everyday lives.

Take internet streaming, for example, in an area that’s probably overlooked by many of our viewers … video games.

JOHN: That industry has exploded over the past several years.

IAN: It has. But just a few years ago, you had to buy an expensive video game console to play.

Then, in 2011, a tiny company called Twitch launched a video game streaming service.

Now you can get your games and play online, without ever having to go to a store.

That was hugely disruptive.

In its first month … Twitch attracted 3 million users.

Just one year later, it grew to 20 million users per month.

That kind of exponential growth indicates that a tipping-point trend is emerging.

Today, more than 1 billion gamers livestream video games each month.

That’s almost a 50X growth in users!

And instead of playing alone on a gaming console, they’re interacting and playing with gamers around the world.

JOHN: Since we last spoke, Ian, I dug into this a little bit…

And some small, innovative companies have skyrocketed as a result.

Gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach saw its shares shoot up 1,568% in 2018...

Nvidia, the company that invented the graphics processing unit, jumped 1,567% in four years…

And the rise of streaming content online is also the reason Netflix soared over 5,600%…

IAN: Of course, now Amazon, Google and Apple have all gotten into the streaming business.

But the trick is to see the tipping-point trend early on…

One of the companies I’m going to highlight in a minute is operating at the early stage of another massive tipping-point trend.

Its technology has the potential to revolutionize cancer therapeutics and save as many as 600,000 lives every year.

And it’s just getting started, I’m really excited to tell our viewers about this one.

JOHN: Well, it’s no secret that history is filled with disruptive companies that wind up crushing the market.

Investors who saw the rise of personal computers and invested back in the early 90s, capitalized on the best gains on stocks like…

IBM, Microsoft and Intel, just to name a few of the biggest winners…

In the 2000s, Apple and Amazon shot up because of smartphones and online shopping…

In the 2010s, investments in electric vehicles and cryptocurrencies took off, sending early investments in Tesla and bitcoin way up…

And, Ian, you invested in Amazon, Apple, Tesla and bitcoin when these tipping-point trends were just gaining traction.

IAN: I did.

In fact, I first invested in Tesla when it was trading at just $25 per share, because it was clear to me that the trend in electric vehicles was accelerating.

JOHN: And that was a decade ago.

If I remember correctly, you were also one of the first to see the spike in online shopping on mobile devices, and you invested in Amazon when it was $182 per share.

You even invested in bitcoin when it was trading for just $100.

IAN: To be fair … I didn’t get into all of these right at the bottom and out at the peak. That’s almost impossible for anyone.

But these are good historical examples to show what’s possible when new technologies are on the verge of massive disruption.

JOHN: I get that.

Even though you may not have held onto them from trough to peak, Ian, you definitely have a history of spotting companies on the verge of an upward trend.

Let me quickly give just one more example…

In September 2019, you were a speaker at the Total Wealth Symposium, a financial conference that people flew in from around the world to attend.

You recommended online retailer Overstock.com, a stock that I’d guess a lot of people wouldn’t think about investing in…

And definitely not for the reason you did.

You didn’t recommend it because it’s an online retailer.

You recommended it because it was carving out a place in the cryptocurrency market.

And this was at a time when many were wondering if crypto was dead…

But look what happened after that…

Less than a year later, it skyrocketed from $17 a share to over $103 a share…

That’s more than 500% in under 12 months!

IAN: That’s correct — Overstock has had an incredible run.

The writing was on the wall.

I had been following the ways in which blockchain will disrupt the finance industry.

And Overstock sits in a prime position to capitalize on the market for security tokens.

But today, I’m laser focused on something even bigger…

5G is another example of a huge tipping-point trend that will have widespread impact across industries.

And people are just starting to realize that something big is happening.

JOHN: Definitely. I’m seeing the AT&T and Verizon 5G commercials all over TV and the internet.

IAN: I know…

But until it becomes widely available, most people won’t realize the scale of 5G’s opportunity.

JOHN: Which means now is exactly the time to get in on new technologies that will benefit from 5G.

IAN: You got it.

Remember … the shift in internet speeds from 3G to 4G made innovations possible that didn’t exist before.

Look at smartphones and apps…

We take it for granted, but because of 4G, your smartphone can perform all kinds of incredible tasks

Apps like Google Maps and Waze can tell you exactly what time you’ll arrive at your destination.

Platforms like Snapchat and Twitter wouldn’t be as successful if users couldn’t share photos and videos on the go.

And ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft owe their very existence to faster wireless speeds.

JOHN: And all of that was made possible by 4G.

IAN: Right.

Now here’s the thing … 5G will be 20 times faster than 4G.

That’s why this decade is going to be even more exciting than the last one…

5G is the backbone that will lead to the convergence of some of the biggest technologies over the next decade…

It will allow for self-driving cars, as connected sensors process data with zero latency.

It will supercharge virtual reality, allowing doctors to perform robotic surgery from remote locations.

It will enable machine-to-machine communication in ways never imaginable, dramatically improving manufacturing processes all over the world.

And innovative companies that benefit from this great convergence will offer incredible investing opportunities.

JOHN: It’s these types of companies that you’re targeting with today’s new venture.

Small, massively disruptive companies positioned to grow the fastest from tipping-point trends like 5G.

Which brings us to the second step in your strategy.

This is what really differentiates your new venture from anything you’ve ever done before.

IAN: Yes, it’s very important. And we’ve already touched on it.

If you want to make truly life-changing wealth … if you want to capitalize on this decade’s biggest opportunities…

You need to invest in companies that have the best chance to become the next Twitter, the next Waze and the next Uber.

So that’s why we’re solely focused on small-cap tech stocks.


These are the undiscovered companies working on innovations to change our daily lives.

JOHN: In fact, most of these companies are so small, they aren’t even followed by Wall Street.

IAN: That’s right, while I’m considering investments in companies up to $10 billionwith this new strategy…

Most of the companies on my radar have market caps under $2 billion.

The benefit here is that these stocks are underfollowed by Wall Street analysts.

JOHN: I hear you … typically, big banks market and trade big stocks.

That’s why most Main Street investors never get to hear about small, innovative companies, until they become household names.

IAN: And yet … year-in-and-year-out … small-cap stocks offer the biggest gains.

Here’s a look at the top 20 highest-flying stocks from last year … with the small caps highlighted.


In 2018, even more small stocks topped the leaderboard.


In 2017, small stocks dominated again…


In 2016, same thing…


And in 2015…


Each year, the list of top performers is dominated by small-cap stocks — 80 of the top 100 stocks over the past five years.

Of course, small stocks are inherently more risky.

But, the point is — if you’re looking for the biggest gains in the market — these small cap companies have the greatest potential to skyrocket.

JOHN: It makes total sense…

If you invest in a small company on the cusp of disrupting a potential trillion-dollar industry…

Just one modest investment can change your life forever.

Look at Toga Limited — a social media app developer whose shares went up 6,600% in 18 months…

Enough to turn $1,000 into $67,000…

Like Helo Corp. — a leading developer of smart watches that track your health.

Its shares shot up 17,900% in 18 months…

Good for a $179,000 profit on a modest $1,000 investment.

And like Blockchain Industries — a specialized bank that gained 13,900% in just 12 months…

Enough to turn a modest $1,000 investment into $140,500.

IAN: Now, let’s be realistic.

Hindsight is 20/20. Those are some exceptional historical 10,000% gains.

It’s amazing when you see stocks rally that quickly.

But results like that are extremely rare.

Our strategy focuses on identifying 1,000% opportunities, because I believe that is much more achievable.

You’ve already seen that there are several examples from recent history…

Nvidia, Turtle Beach, Tesla, Toga Limited and Helo Corp.

People who invested in two or three of these stocks at the right time are doing very well financially.

JOHN: Okay, so you’re looking for tipping-point trends — trends that are on the cusp of a big breakthrough.

Then you identify small, innovative companies with the potential to disrupt a massive market.

What’s the next step in your strategy?

IAN: I’m looking for companies that have a clear “X-factor.”

JOHN: What do you mean by X-factor?

IAN: What I’m looking for is a company with a line of business that’s underpriced by investors.

Ideally, a new business venture that Wall Street is overlooking but has the potential to disrupt an entire industry.

JOHN: Ok … I’m with you.

IAN: Think about how Netflix changed the way we watch TV and movies…

At one time, Blockbuster was making billions of dollars renting big, clunky VHS videos.

And they charged late fees if you didn’t return your video to the store before midnight.

Then Netflix came along and for a small monthly fee, they would send a sleek DVD directly to your mailbox.

And they included return postage.

When you were done watching, you simply put the DVD in the postage paid envelope, dropped it in the mail and they’d send you another one.

Perhaps most important … they charged no late fees.

JOHN: And by, what was it, the end of 2010? Blockbuster was out of business.

IAN: Yes. But here’s the thing…

While it was Netflix’s mail-order videos that put Blockbuster out of business…

Its X-factor that sent the stock soaring is something that most investors overlooked…

And that was their online-streaming platform.

A platform that over 180 million people now use to stream movies and shows every day.

This is the business unit — the X-factor — that sent Netflix’s stock soaring 4,500% from 2011 to 2018…

JOHN: It’s so obvious, now, looking back … after all, they didn’t name their company “DVDflix.”

Of course they were always planning to stream movies and TV shows online.

IAN: It is kind of funny, now. But unless you knew exactly what you were looking at, you may have missed out.

And there are plenty of examples just like this.

Apple dominates with its touch-screen smartphones — very few people saw that coming.

Amazon crushed the brick-and-mortar bookstore industry — and the entire retail sector — with its online marketplace.

Microsoft’s cloud business, which only started in 2010, now accounts for 34% of revenues.

Adobe made it easy for anyone to create a website with its desktop publishing software.

Early on, very few people understood the impact these companies and their innovations would have.

JOHN: And that’s why an unbeatable X-factor is a key to finding stocks poised to rally 1,000% or more. I see what you mean.

IAN: It could be a new treatment for an overlooked generic drug, a new use case for an existing computer chip, or a new way of storing energy … the list is endless.

But the company has to have a clear X-factor that gives it a disruptive advantage.

JOHN: And with the sudden emergence of 5G technology, there are a lot of exciting new breakthroughs coming our way in the years ahead, aren’t there, Ian?

IAN: Absolutely.

5G alone is projected to generate revenues of $200 billion by 2024 … and by 2030 that number is expected to surge to nearly $1 trillion.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Qualcomm estimates that, during the next decade, new 5G technologies will add as much as $12 trillion to the global economy.

All you have to do is find one or two of the small companies leading the trends that 5G is making possible…

And your odds of making 1,000% gains in as little as 12 months go way up.

JOHN: Now, I know you and your team of analysts do a lot of in-depth financial analysis, you look at all the normal stuff like debt, market share and cash burn…

But there’s one metric you really home in on.

IAN: That’s right, my favorite metric is momentum.


JOHN: By momentum you mean the stock’s price has trended up over the past several weeks?

IAN: That’s what everyone else looks at.

But I’m not looking at charts and applying technical analysis.

The momentum I’m looking for is … momentum in sales.

I want to see that sales are increasing at least 20% or more year over year.

That’s because sales are numbers that can’t be manipulated.

Find a company with sales going up at a 20% annual clip, and its sales will double in five years…

This is key.

Let me show you what I’m talking about…

Before the pandemic, very few people outside of corporate America had ever heard of or used Zoom.

But now, people simply say “Let’s Zoom,” and everyone understands what it means.

Instead of going to the office … more and more people are using Zoom’s video conferencing technology to meet with their colleagues.

That’s why, near the start of the pandemic, Zoom’s sales shot up 169%…

And its stock price surged 310%...

Then there’s Peloton…

Up until a few months ago, only fitness enthusiasts had ever heard of Peloton’s bike and online classes.

Now, instead of going to the gym … more and more people are choosing to use Peloton bikes to exercise and stay fit at home.

Peloton’s sales went up 66% as result.

And its stock jumped 250%...

And let’s look at Blue Apron…

Before staying at home became the new normal, only hardcore “foodies” had heard of this service.

Now, instead of going to restaurants … more and more people are having Blue Apron’s gourmet meals delivered directly to their homes.

As a result, Blue Apron’s sales nearly doubled.

And its shares soared 613%...

JOHN: But you’re not recommending any of these stocks, today, are you, Ian?

IAN: No, because these companies don’t meet my other criteria.

But I wanted to show our viewers how quickly stock prices can go up when sales soar.

With all three of these companies, their huge success happened virtually overnight.

JOHN: Ok. So, what’s the final piece of the puzzle?

IAN: Ideal timing. This last step is critical.

Let me show you why…

Get the timing wrong and it could mean missing out on tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your investment.

For example, from March 2020 to August 2020, ACM Research rewarded investors with 399% gains.

However, if you had waited two months to invest, you would’ve only seen a 78% return.

That’s the difference between turning every $10,000 invested into a profit of $39,900…

Versus just $7,800.

Waiting on the sidelines just two months would have cost you more than $32,000!

Livongo Health is another example where time equals money in the bank.

From March 2020 to August 2020, Livongo Health went on a 495% run.

Every $10,000 invested would have made you a profit of $49,500.

Getting in just two months later would’ve meant a 102% return.

Still good … but your $10,000 invested would have given you a much lower profit of $10,200.

By waiting just two months, you’d have missed out on nearly $40,000 in profits.

I think you’re starting to get the idea, but I’ll give you one more example to be sure.

From March 2020 to August 2020, Wayfair Inc. delivered 932%.

In other words, you could’ve turned $10,000 invested into a pure profit of $93,200.

However, if you waited just two months, that gain would’ve been cut down to 82%.

Not bad, but that same $10,000 would have only made you a profit of $8,200.

And you would have missed out on $85,000!

It’s the same stock. The only difference is getting in at the right moment.

That’s why timing WHEN to get into an investment is one of the most important parts of my strategy.

I’ve got to make sure that the timing is right for the shot at the biggest profits.

JOHN: That’s fascinating, Ian.

I don’t usually think about investing like this.

So many people choose to get in when they see a news story about the stock…

Often, that’s too late.

IAN: Unfortunately, John, most investors tend to get the timing wrong.

Once the media has caught wind of a great opportunity, chances are that everyone knows about it, and the easy money has already been made.

And that’s usually when we get out.

JOHN: Explain that a little more, Ian.

Everybody knows that getting out of a stock at the right time is critical. So, tell us how you know when it’s time to sell.

IAN: Knowing when to sell can be the really hard part, especially on a winning stock … because emotion often gets in the way.

Here’s a quick example…

Most of our viewers know that I recommended Tesla in August last year.

You wouldn’t believe the responses I got.

People sent me all kinds of mail asking how I could recommend Tesla.

“It’s not a profitable company,” they said. “Elon Musk is in trouble with the SEC.”

Now, Tesla was obviously no longer a small cap at this time…

But it did meet four of the five filters in my new strategy…

Telling me that Tesla was in the right position at the right time.

And I trusted it.

Eleven months later, I recommended selling half of our position for a 552% gain.

Then, less than two months after that, we closed the second half for a 919% gain.

JOHN: That’s a remarkable gain, considering that Tesla wasn’t even a small-cap stock.

IAN: It was remarkable.

But guess what. Some people were just as emotional about my sell recommendation…

They said: “How could you sell right now? The shares are skyrocketing!”

It was really kind of funny. On that second half, they were staring at a near 10X payout.

And for the record, the day after I recommended my Automatic Fortunes readers sell Tesla, it began to nosedive … plummeting 35% over the next week.

But here’s my point…

People tend to buy and sell on emotion.

Our strategy — along with my 20-plus years as a professional investor — doesn’t allow me to do that.

And this is really important…

For each stock I recommend — buying or selling — I estimate that my team and I do a minimum of 100 hours of research.

It goes way beyond what we’ve discussed today.

I do a deep dive into at least 11 criteria, before I settle on a recommendation…

I want to find a small stock at the forefront of a tipping-point trend in an industry that is positioned to grow by 100% or more in the next five years.

I want it to have a lot of patents in place protecting its products.

It has to be an innovative company that’s solving a huge problem.

It has to be listed on a major exchange.

Its gross margins need to be stellar and consistently growing.

It must have a large and growing distribution network.

These are just a few of the characteristics I’m looking for with every potential recommendation I’ll make in the new venture I’m launching today.

And as you may have guessed, most stocks don’t make the cut.

JOHN: Now, before we get to the details on your new venture, Ian…

Can we talk about the top three recommendations you’re making to kick things off?

IAN: Sure!

I’ll take you through step by step.

With the first recommendation, my team and I have been following a tipping-point trend that, by now, everyone should know something about…

Electric vehicles … also known as EVs.

I just mentioned our great success with Tesla.

Now we’re taking that to the next level. But we’re not investing in Tesla.

With Tesla cranking out historic numbers of electric vehicles, and nearly every other car manufacturer launching their own EV lines…

Annual EV sales are expected to grow by nearly 3,000% over the next two decades.

You could literally see traditional gas stations becoming obsolete.

Can you even imagine that?

But the only way it will all work is if there are plenty of EV charging stations around the country.

That means the need for EV charging stations is at a tipping point.

In 2019, this market was valued at $2.5 billion.

By 2027, it’s projected to surge to $27.7 billion.

That’s 35% annual growth … which is huge. But it’s just the start.


And for my first recommendation, we’re going with one tiny company that’s in the best position to take advantage. This $100 million microcap produces off-the-grid, solar-powered EV charging stations.

And it has a stellar X-factor. It has almost no direct competitors, so it effectively has a first to market advantage.

Here’s why…

It currently takes an average of nine to 12 months to install a charging station in California — one of the largest EV markets in the U.S.

In New York, it takes even longer.

The reason is because you have to tie these stations into the electrical grid, which takes a lot of permits and construction…

That’s a huge problem that this small firm has solved.

It’s patented, EV charging stations are mobile and can be set up within minutes…

They’re solar powered, so you don’t have to tie them into the electrical grid.

So they require almost no construction.

And each one is equipped with a patented energy storage system that keeps them running even when the sun’s not out.

In addition, these stations are powerful enough to charge as many as six electric vehicles at a time, including heavy duty buses and large trucks.

And while it’s only a $100 million company, this firm is in growth mode.

They’ve already set up these charging systems in 100 cities in 16 states across the country.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. S&P Capital IQ estimates that this company’s revenue will grow from $5 million in 2019 to $22 million in 2021.

That’s 63% per year on average — well above the 20% sales I look for.

And for an innovative tech company, you’d think it would be hemorrhaging money on research and development.

But get this … it has zero debt and millions in cash on the books.

JOHN: That’s incredible, Ian. But why is now the ideal time to get in?

IAN: Like I said, this firm has very few direct competitors, because of its incredible speed to market.

There’s nothing else out there like it, and no one sees it coming.

It holds patents on all of its innovations.

And it’s quickly spreading out across the nation with influential customers like Honda, Google, McDonalds and even HGTV — just to name a few…

This company is well on its way to controlling the lion’s share of the EV charging station market.

JOHN: And Ian, you believe shares of this company will go up 1,000% or more potentially in the next year?

IAN: I do.

At a $100 million valuation, this company has a lot of room to run…

It’s set to dominate a big and growing market at a tipping point.

Its technology is a huge X-factor for electric vehicle charging stations.

And sales are forecast to skyrocket three times more than the 20% per year that I look for.

Bottom line, this company meets all the criteria I look for in a 10X stock.

JOHN: Of course, there are no guarantees in investing.

But, even a modest investment in this company has the potential to go up as high as a stock like…

Emisphere Technologies, a pharmaceutical and drug company that shot up 1,550% in one year…

Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $166,000.

Like Fastly, a cloud computing company that jumped 1,008% in four months…

Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $110,800.

And like Nio Inc., an electric car manufacturer that took off for a gain of 1,218% in under a year…

Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into more than $131,000.

Now, this is just an overview.

You’ve put all of your research on this stock, including its name and ticker symbol, in a new special report called...

Ian King’s Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities.

And we’ll tell everyone watching exactly how they can get their hands on your research in just a moment.

Because that’s just the first pick you have for us, today.

IAN: That’s correct. I’ve got two more opportunities that I’m ready to share.

JOHN: Why don’t you tell us about those?

IAN: The second recommendation is a tiny company that could potentially take a big bite out of the projected $1.2 trillion IT solutions market in the U.S.

With the accelerating need to integrate Big Data management, artificial intelligence, cloud computing services and cybersecurity…

This $123 million company is poised for incredible growth.

It’s only been public since the end of 2017, but it’s already landed strategic partnerships with Google, IBM and AWS (Amazon’s cloud computing arm) among many other providers…

This allows it to create customized solutions for businesses, large and small.

In short, they bring all the expertise, hardware and software under one roof — it’s a one-stop shop.

And this firm is growing fast…

Over the past three years, it’s made 12 acquisitions … expanding its nationwide reach. This year it was awarded IBM’s 2020 Business Unit Excellence Award.

That’s in no small part due to its quarterly revenues being up 44% year over year … well over the 20% I look for.

Revenue reached $228 million in the recent quarter alone … $100 million above its current market cap.

And by 2024, revenues are expected to top $2 billion … nearly nine times higher than the current year.

There’s simply no reason this stock should be trading for under $5 a share.

Add it all up … and this tiny, innovative firm is well-positioned for 1,000% gains within the next few years.

JOHN: Sounds like an amazing and profitable company.

What’s your third recommendation?

IAN: The third stock in this report gets us into a field that combines artificial intelligence with drug discovery…

This market is projected to grow from $525 million this year to $2 billion by 2024.

And one small drug discovery pioneer has a massive “X-factor.”

It built one of the world’s first supercomputers that maps the motions of individual proteins…

This could be a paradigm shift in the way we treat small cell aggressive cancers.

When the company went public, earlier this year, it doubled its initial interest, meaning institutional investors were lining up to get a piece of the stock.

That said, the applications for this technology are so revolutionary that it’s stock still has the potential to rise 10X in the next few years.

JOHN: So that’s three opportunities that people can invest in, today.

And you predict that each of these stocks has the potential to 10X your investment in as little as a year.

Turning every $1,000 invested into $10,000…

Every $5,000 invested into $50,000…

And every $10,000 into over $100,000.

IAN: These stocks are all on the leading edge of some of the biggest tipping-point trends of the 2020s…

Electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

And each recommendation comes with all of the research you need to decide whether these are the right investments for you.

All the details, including their names and ticker symbols, are in my brand-new special report…

Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities.

JOHN: Fantastic!

And this is all part of the new venture you mentioned earlier…

Tell us more about that, Ian.

IAN: I’ve decided to share all my small-cap stock recommendations in this new venture…

It’s called New Era Fortunes.


I’m calling it New Era Fortunes because technology is constantly evolving … and a new era is always imminent.

With every new era comes small-cap companies that thrive on these tipping-point trends.

Today, these tipping points can be found in 5G … AI … electric vehicles … and precision medicine … to name a few…

And early investors have the chance at some enormous gains.

To help my readers keep up with all of them, I’m opening the doors for the first time to New Era Fortunes

A research service devoted solely to identifying – and investing in – small-cap, innovative companies with the potential to grow 10X in the coming years.

JOHN: Earlier, we saw how you’ve helped readers from your other services make money…

Such as … James Brooks, $468,000…

Gina Lawrence, $39,000…

Noel Seamore made $23,000…

And there are so many more that all happened in just the past year or so…

Larissa Sagan said her investment almost doubled in less than six months…

Don Wilder said he’s up more than 60% on over 10,000 shares of another one of your recommendations…

That’s potentially tens of thousands of dollars in profits.

And Matt Lofton … he made 170% in about eight months on just one of your recommendations.

How’s that make you feel, Ian?

IAN: It’s humbling, John. Helping everyday Americans reach their financial goals is why I’m in this business. It’s very personally rewarding to me.

JOHN: For those watching who aren’t familiar with your work, I’d like to give a quick synopsis of your illustrious career…

You became well-known on Wall Street for leading your hedge fund to its best annual return of 261% in 2008, the worst year of the financial crisis…

And, Ian, you have a proven track record of finding forward-thinking investments that, even though you may not have held on enough to see them all, went on to make big gains.

You invested in Tesla when it was trading at just $25 a share…

You invested in Amazon at $182…

And bitcoin when it was trading for just $100.

These were just a few of your best trades that allowed you to walk away from Wall Street.

Now, forgive me. I know you’re a humble person, so I’m probably going to embarrass you as I rattle some more of this stuff off.

You didn’t stop there. You didn’t really retire, did you?

You’re somewhat of an entrepreneur…

You invested in a start-up electric vehicle company before EVs really were a thing … and it went on to sell for $149 million.

As an equity sales trader, you’ve worked with some of the biggest hedge funds in the world, including…

Point 72 — an investment firm with offices worldwide and $17 billion under management…

Paulsen Partners — an investment bank headed by billionaire John Paulsen…

And you even shared your unique expertise about emerging technologies with the sales and trading team at…

Deutsche Bank — the global financial powerhouse.

But, over the past several years, you’ve brought your talent to Main Street…

Providing the kind of research that wealthy clients happily invested a minimum of $250,000 for access to you and your hedge fund.

Today, you’re also somewhat of a fixture on national news broadcasts for Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance and other major networks … discussing everything from the U.S. economy to individual stock analysis.

Now, I’m eager to know — as I’m sure everyone watching is — how does membership in your new research service New Era Fortunes work?

IAN: It’s very simple.

Each month, members will receive one to two new investment recommendations — up to 24 per year.

I look at dozens of companies every month. But I narrow it down to the very few that meet my criteria.

I would rather have a handful of great stocks than a portfolio loaded with mediocre ones.

With up to two recommendations each month, my team and I will be intimately familiar with these companies, monitoring them closely…

And keeping up with our due diligence, looking for any signs that our investment thesis may have changed.

The stocks I’m recommending are true small-cap stocks … although we may occasionally recommend a stock with a market cap of up to $10 billion, the majority will have a market cap of less than $2 billion…

And some are really small, like the $100 million EV firm that’s featured in my Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities. report.

Subscribers will decide if they want to act on my recommendations. They can invest as much or as little as they like in their brokerage accounts, and then watch as their money potentially grows tenfold in each position.

JOHN: So, along with the stocks in your Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities. report…

And up to 24 more recommendations over the next year…

That’s potentially 27 stocks … and each one could shoot up 1,000% or more in as little as a year.

IAN: This is the kind of winning potential I want to put to work for charter members of New Era Fortunes, starting today.

That’s why I’m making an unprecedented double guarantee…

My first guarantee is … if within 90 days you’re not completely convinced that New Era Fortunes will make you much wealthier in the months ahead…


Simply contact us … and you’ll get 100% of your subscription fee back in the form of a credit that you can use for any of our other publications.

I estimate that a minimum of 100 hours of research goes into each of our recommendations.

And we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual research costs.

Considering that each one of the stocks mentioned in my Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities.s report has the potential to 10X your investment in the next 12 months…

I’m confident that people are going to want to stick around for years to come.

JOHN: And what’s the second guarantee?

IAN: My second guarantee is this … if the recommendations in my model portfolio don’t give you the chance to make at least one 1,000% gain over the next year, let my team know…

And we’ll give you a second year of New Era Fortunes free of charge.


JOHN: That’s quite a commitment, Ian.

IAN: John, I believe in total accountability. If it’s not results driven, it doesn’t work for me.

And that’s how I want members of New Era Fortunes to view their membership: results first.

That’s why I’m making these two very straightforward promises…

First, if you’re not convinced that New Era Fortunes is right for you in the first 90 days of your membership, let us know and you’ll receive a 100% refund credit that you can use to purchase a different service.

And second, anyone who joins New Era Fortunes will have the chance to make at least one 1,000% gain over the next year.

If they don’t, then I’ll work an entire second year for them, free of charge.

JOHN: So, if the top gain in your model portfolio only adds up to 999%, they will get a second year, absolutely free.

IAN: Exactly. All they have to do is call and let my team know, and they’ll get access to all my resources and recommendations for another year. At no additional cost.

They’ll have me hunting down the absolute best candidates for 1,000% gains or more, for another 12 months. Free of charge.

JOHN: From everything we’ve seen today … if you’re right about where these companies are headed, making at least one 1,000% gain over the next year is certainly possible.

Early investors in Turtle Beach could have made 1,568% in just one year…

Emisphere Technologies shot up 1,550% in one year…

Tandem Diabetes surged 1,395% in one year...

And Toga Limited skyrocketed 1,100% in just one year...

Now, I want to remind our viewers that fast, massive gains like these are rare.

But I think everyone would agree that hitting on just one or two of them could be life-changing.

IAN: Absolutely.

But there is a catch, John. Membership to New Era Fortunes is extremely limited.

With over 244,000 people reading our research each week, the stocks I’m recommending are simply too small to send to that many people.

That’s why there’s a strict limit of just 1% of our readers who will be able to access New Era Fortunes today.

I want to limit the membership spots to serious folks only.

I’ve built this for people who are eager to take money making to the next level.

JOHN: Okay, so spots are extremely limited, with just 1% of your readers being able to join today.

For those who act quickly and are fortunate enough to secure a spot…

What can they expect when they subscribe to New Era Fortunes?

IAN: They’ll get my Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities report, right away… More importantly, they’re locking in as many as 24 MORE potential 1,000% winning recommendations in the next year.

Every month, I’ll issue one to two brand-new trade alerts.

Each alert clearly states what stock to buy, at what price, along with my rationale for making the trade.

These trade alerts will also give more information for those who like to read my full analysis.

I’ll list out the industry … the market potential … the sales momentum history … the product pipeline…

I’ll walk every investment through the five-phase strategy I’ve outlined here. Of course, when you invest in small-cap stocks, you do have to contend with volatility — which is why I have buy-up-to prices for my small-cap recommendations.


And when it’s time to sell, I’ll notify members … by both email and, if they would like to know the instant they’ve received an alert, by text message.

There are also the 52 weekly webinar updates. Consider these a way for me to touch base every Friday and update you on where the market stands … how the overall model portfolio’s doing … and important updates on individual positions that are on the move.

JOHN: And you’re guaranteeing all of this will result in at least one 1,000% gain in the next 12 months for charter members of New Era Fortunes.

IAN: Now like I’ve said, no one has a crystal ball when it comes to the stock market.

But I believe if members follow my recommendations precisely … make the trades … and don’t have the chance to make at least one 1,000% gain over the next year…

Then they have the right to give my team a call and put all my resources to work for them again, for another year, free of charge.

JOHN: Ian, thank you so much for your time today. It has been truly enlightening.

IAN: My pleasure, John.

JOHN: You’ve just heard from one of the most sought-after investors to emerge from Wall Street.

And one of the only ones, period, to openly share his findings … his research … and all his tools and tactics for achieving extraordinary wealth, starting with even a small amount of capital.

Today, you have the opportunity to take the next step.

As one of the few invited to attend this historic summit, you are now presented a truly life-changing opportunity.

Because you can be among the limited 1% who, today, will have the opportunity to become a charter member to Ian King’s brand-new VIP research service, New Era Fortunes.

The focus of this service is simple…

Every month, Ian will marshal his impressive resources to find stocks destined to soar 1,000% or more in as little as a year.

He will use his proprietary five-step strategy to find small, dynamic companies capable of making large moves.

Companies with the potential to become mega market dominators…

Companies with small market capitalizations … a clear X-factor … and rapidly growing sales…

Companies that can deliver gains as much as 1,000% in as little as 12 months.

And much more over the next decade.

Using this strategy, you could even be positioning yourself to potentially get in on the next Apple…

The next Qualcomm…

And the next Celgene…

Ian could easily charge tens of thousands of dollars a year for access to this level of research.

A fee people gladly paid to invest with his hedge fund.

But that’s nowhere near the cost today.

It’s not $70,000 a year.

Or $50,000.

Or even $10,000.

We’re setting the retail price for a one-year subscription to New Era Fortunes at $5,000.

But as part of this special broadcast — this being the very first time Ian has ever opened the doors to New Era Fortunes

He has negotiated a special charter membership for just 1% of his readers who respond today.

All you pay today for 12 months of in-depth access to Ian’s small-cap stock research…

For investments he has screened and rescreened multiple times…

Is $1,995 per year.


Remember, accredited investors were willing to put up $250,000 for his money management skills as one of the world’s top hedge fund managers.

But Ian is tired of making the wealthy even wealthier.

He wants to celebrate big gains with everyday people, just like you and me.

He wants to hear from you about how these investments have changed your financial future...

It’s not only possible, it’s easily achievable with the right trades. Trades that can move up 1,000% or more in as little as 12 months.

So today, you can have access to New Era Fortunes for just $1,995.

And we are only opening spots for 1% of Ian’s readers. Those who take advantage, now.

But be prepared to act fast, we’re expecting spots to vanish quickly.

Especially with the incredible 12-month, 1,000% profit guarantee Ian is offering.

In short…

If Ian doesn’t show you the chance to make at least one 1,000% gain over the next year, just let us know…

And Ian will put all his tools and resources to work for you again, for a second year, free of charge.

As you can imagine, this guarantee is an enormous financial commitment.

Most people would think Ian’s taking on too much risk offering this.

But while losses do occur, the winners can be massive. When Ian hits, he hits big.

He’s used his skills to identify larger companies ahead of the curve…

And now he’s applying the same skills to help you aim for small-cap stocks, each with the potential to make 1,000% in the coming 12 months.

Let’s review everything you get by becoming a charter member today…

✔ Up to 24 recommendations over the next year

Once, sometimes twice a month, Ian will send you a confidential write-up on a specific stock he has done extensive research on.

Real “boots on the ground,” pencil in hand, data-crunching work — even calling on his network of industry experts to feel out where the company stands among its peers.

✔ Weekly webinar updates

Each week, Ian puts together detailed market analysis. It’s important to understand what’s happening in politics, the global economy, and the U.S. markets.

Ian has learned to identify how they impact each other … and how to insulate your investments against them.

✔ Ian King’s Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities:

In this special report, Ian will give you complete details on his No. 1 “New Era” windfall opportunity, plus three more tiny companies leading the way in tipping-point trends that could each make investors 1,000% or more in the next year as this new era in technology evolves.


Ian’s unprecedented double guarantee: First, if in the next 90 days you decide New Era Fortunes is not for you, simply call Ian’s team and you’ll get 100% of your subscription fee back in the form of a credit that you can use for any of our other publications.


And second, if over the next year you don’t see the chance to make at least one 1,000% gain, let us know and you’ll get a second year of New Era Fortunes … free of charge.


This is your opportunity to team up with a seasoned Wall Street pro, for a nominal fee, when you consider the upside potential of his research.

Ian is the only investor I know who has developed a strategy to detect the DNA of the best of these potential 10X winners.

If you’ve ever wondered how to find stocks with the potential to return $10 for every $1 you invest in as little as one year…

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to turn every $1,000 into $10,000 … every $5,000 into $50,000 … and every $10,000 into $100,000…

This could be your only chance to align with one of the best tech investors of our day.

The gains made could hand you millions in the coming months.

To see all the details on how to join Ian with New Era Fortunes, simply click the orange button below this video.

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Simply click the button below to be directed to a secure page where you can review all the details and perks of becoming a charter member of New Era Fortunes.

I’m John Burke. Thank you for watching the New Era Fortunes Summit.

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