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Corrina Sullivan

Hi, Corrina Sullivan here, and I wanted to welcome you to this momentous event — The Super Bull Summit.

In a minute, I’ll be joined by our guest of honor, legendary investor Paul Mampilly, to discuss why he believes we have entered one of the most important wealth-creation eras for Main Street Americans in the last 123 years.

He will tell us why it is now better than ever to swoop in and target gains in excess of 1,000% over and over again. And in 5 years or less.

Plus, Paul’s No. 1 investment every American must own right now for the lion’s share of gains in the days to come — an opportunity he believes could generate north of 1,460% in gains over the next 12 to 36 months.

If you’re not as familiar with Paul, keep in mind that for 25 years he has been Main Street’s go-to voice in the financial world.

He famously won a prestigious investment competition in 2009, growing a $50 million account to $88 million in under a year during one of the most difficult periods in financial history.

Paul’s work has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the United States transform their lives…

Now, though, things are different. We’re moving into perhaps the most exciting period in stock market history.

To quote Paul: “I’ve never been more bullish in my life.”

According to Paul, this situation — what he calls the “Super Bull” market … is a result of three powerful forces — forces which have never converged like this before in the 123-year history of the stock market.

Forces that are sending some companies soaring…

And with the right strategy, you can begin rapidly collecting your share of the home runs.

Paul will explain more about this unprecedented situation when he joins us, but it’s important for you to grasp what is on the table here … because it makes everything he has done up until this moment pale in comparison to what is ahead.

He has already helped hardworking Americans following his research secure exceptional gains of 524% in 17 months, 443% in 19 months, 191% in under two months...

He has open positions with gains of 250% in just 3 years…

480% and, 240% in just over 2 years…

220%, 140%, 110% in under 2 years…

And 300%, 129%, 115%, 100% in under a year…

One investment he pinpointed more than doubled within two weeks…

Another, jumped 126% in two days … eventually climbing over 200%.

Another trailblazing company doubled in a single day.

Even more recently, another trade, Stemline Therapeutics — surged 149% in a day … ultimately delivering a gain of 191% after just 35 days.

But now, we’re going to surge past this into an explosive frenzy of gains unlike ever witnessed in American history.

We’re talking about quadruple-digit, peak profits … enough to turn every $10,000 into $100,000 over the coming year ... simply by hitching your wagon to the economic rocket that’s already begun to blast off.

Plus an even bigger, faster potential gain of 1,460% within 12 to 36 months by leaping on Paul’s #1 SUPER BULL investment.

Keep in mind — Paul has been sharing his research with a handful of VIP readers for the last few years.

And their results have been nothing short of amazing.

Now, we can’t promise you’ll see the exact same incredible results … but today you’re going to discover how to strategically place yourself at the ground floor of the new titans of industry.

These are companies which will rule in the years ahead.

The companies that are already seeing investments from some of Wall Street’s top firms...

The companies leading the charge into some of the biggest market gains we will ever witness…

We’re going to show you the powerful signal-based strategy Paul has spent over 20 years developing…

A strategy he hired four full-time researchers to track every single day…

A strategy with over 13,000 hours in historical data research backing it.

A strategy designed to help you target triple- and quadruple-digit gains, over and over again.

The kind of gains that will help you feel more at ease about your financial future, the kind that will allow you to make choices you want in your life.

And Paul will tell you all the details on the No. 1 investment every American must own to capture the biggest possible profit in the months ahead.

On that note, Paul, welcome.

Paul: Hi Corrina, it’s great to be here. I am unbelievably excited to dive in today. There is just so much happening, so much opportunity — I’ve been writing about it for months now, and I can’t wait to share it with our viewers.

Corrina: This is such an exciting time in the market, Paul! You know, I read that in the first three months of 2020 over a million new brokerage accounts were opened, with half a million opened in March alone. Regular people are chomping at the bit for opportunities in this market!

Paul: And this time, I truly believe regular Main Street American investors have got it right, Corrina. I am more bullish now than I’ve ever been in my life.

More bullish than I was after the tech wreck unleashed the full potential of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

More bullish than I was after 2008, when stocks such as Netflix, Facebook and Tesla rose to power.

Right now, we have a perfect storm — a convergence of three powerful economic forces — and those forces will push the economy and the market into regions of titanic growth.

The early winners are already surging, such as Carvana, Wayfair, Zoom — and dozens of others. And folks following my research are already profiting from them.

This is perhaps the most significant chance investors have had in 123 years to quickly build incredible wealth.

Corrina: I love the confidence, Paul! But tell me, why do you feel so strongly about this?

Paul: In almost 30 years of my career, I’ve never seen a setup this good for Main Street investors. There has never before been a way for people to make so much money, so quickly.

It just takes finding the right investments — the America 2.0 companies are flourishing now, while old-world companies that we will soon see as relics completely flounder.

Corrina: Paul, I actually have a video here I want to share with our viewers — you recorded this on March 31, right around the start of this runaway bull market.

Let me play that:

Paul: Exactly right, Corrina. I went on record to show how I believe America is going through a massive overhaul. This is a mega shift that will propel us into what can only be considered a new era for our country.

And with this massive shift, we’re going to see some of the most amazing investment opportunities of our lifetime.

Corrina: You’ve spoken a lot about America 2.0 — it’s like a technological leap, a Fourth Industrial Revolution, reshuffling power and control from old companies into new ones. You started talking about this years ago, didn’t you? Right around the time you started your first research service, Profits Unlimited?

Paul: That’s right. We’ve been preparing for this moment for many years...

Corrina: And you think it’s happening right now?

Paul: Far more than think it.

Some of my most ambitious stocks are seeing stratospheric leaps as this market unfolds.

In fact, one company I recommended to my readers jumped over 100% in just a couple of days.

I’ve had two trade recommendations that doubled within 24 hours.

Corrina: That’s incredible.

And to be clear — these aren’t “day trades” or fast-money investments. These are stocks surging as the market powers in behind them.

Paul: Exactly.

Corrina: It makes me even more excited that you are here today to share the details on your No. 1 Super Bull investment. But before we dive in further, I think we should take a step back and walk our viewers through who you are … and what you’ve been working on....

Because the truth is, this Super Bull event and the America 2.0 opportunities didn’t just emerge from nowhere — you’ve been tracking them, watching these opportunities set up for years.

Paul: That’s correct. You see, these opportunities have been forming over time, like a coiled spring getting tighter and tighter, waiting to unleash all that pent-up kinetic energy.

Corrina: I’ve actually pulled together the results you’ve amassed over the last few years. For those of you watching, pay close attention … because here’s a glimpse of the growing list of the more than 40 triple-digit winners Paul has recommended across his various research services over the last three years, including several we’ve blurred out that are still climbing.

He made:

Paul: It always thrills me when my readers are making money. But you have to remember, those are the returns from over 300 stocks I have recommended, and hundreds of options plays across my eight different services.

And of course, not every trade works out. Sometimes I get it wrong. But I am absolutely thrilled with the results my readers are writing in about. Showing them how to make money is what it’s all about for me.

Corrina: It’s really amazing to me, and I think to our viewers, that you consistently make these calls … and give your readers the chance to profit.

Paul: That’s true. And at the end of the day, it’s all about them — my readers. That’s who I do this for — the regular, hardworking men and women of our country.

Corrina: It’s so wonderful to hear that you show up for your readers every day. And I know you had an investment not long ago that blew the roof off everything.

Can you walk us through that?

Paul: My pleasure.

Back around early 2000, I started watching the development of a new industry in the growth of genomic research. That industry is now called “precision medicine.”

Corrina: And what does that mean exactly?

Paul: Essentially, it is a form of targeting disease and illness based on your DNA. It’s a complete game changer for science that some have said could lead to more than doubling the average lifespan.

I personally profited early on it with an investment called Exact Sciences, which handed me 355% in less than 5 years.

However, this was in the early days … before people knew what was coming.

But I knew there was more to the precision medicine trend.

Fast-forward to 2016 and a company exploded onto the scene — a company called Foundation Medicine.

And ambitiously, it targeted the king of all diseases — cancer.

Corrina: So I’m sure it came under extreme scrutiny from investors, health officials and many others.

Paul: Right.

Actually, in November 2016, when I was becoming really confident about this company, every Wall Street media machine was pumping out nothing but negativity about them.

Bloomberg reported:

And Capital Market Laboratories wrote:

You name it, Corrina, and they were saying it.

Corrina: But you were undeterred.

Paul: Not to sound arrogant, but I’ve learned to spot a few things during my time investing — it’s how I forged my own wealth and helped my former clients achieve incredible profits.

And I knew Foundation — based on all the hard-boiled facts, not the hype — had plenty of upward momentum.

Corrina: Well, it looks like you were spot on.

Let’s pull up the chart of Foundation Medicine stock for our viewers.

Paul: You can see, right here where my strategy told me it was time to get in, the stock began a hard rally.

A little over a year later, once the stock had already tripled, Wall Street started pouring in.

In fact, the investment bank, Cowen … one of the first to identify Amazon early on and the first Wall Street group to write about the cannabis industry … changed their rating to “outperform” on Foundation … but it wasn’t until April 26 … a little over a year after my initial recommendation.

The stock had already more than doubled by this time.

Corrina: So if you had followed Wall Street in on Foundation, you would have totally missed the boat.

Paul: If you had bought Foundation Medicine here in February, when I urged readers to get in, you would have seen a gain of 524% in a little over a year.

However, if they had jumped in around April — a year later, when Wall Street finally fessed up to the reality of the situation — they may have walked away with, at best, an 80% gain.

Corrina: What made you decide to recommend readers to sell, if you expected the company to soar 1,000%?

Paul: I didn’t want to sell. I think Foundation could have gone much, much higher still. But it received a huge buyout from Roche, so it was kind of out of my hands!

While I know it could have gone higher, I am still pleased with the results.

Corrina: Why wouldn’t you be? A $10,000 investment in Foundation Medicine came back as more than $60,000 in a little over a year.

And Foundation Medicine is just one of your home runs in 2018 … and helped generate the incredible profits your readers have written in about.

Among many, many others.

In fact, you had an almost identical setup just last year, right?

Paul: That’s right. One of our other big winners was in the exact same America 2.0 trend — precision medicine. It’s easily among the biggest, most important trends we’re going to see.

Corrina: How did this trade unfold exactly?

Paul: I received a Slack message from one of my team members at 5:47 a.m., on December 9, 2019, telling me one of our big plays, ArQule, was being bought out by Merck & Co.

Corrina: Talk about history repeating!

Paul: We had recommended folks get in at $3.62 — and sell it for $19.65, a 443% gain.

Corrina: We’re talking enough right there to turn $10,000 into more than $54,000 in a little over a year. That’s huge.

Paul: It is — and I am beyond excited to help the people who trust me to find these profits. I was a bit disappointed because, like Foundation Medicine, ArQule had the potential to go much, much higher. I never recommend a trade without fully believing it has 1,000% potential.

Corrina: It looks like giants such as Roche and Merck agree with you! But the truth is, Paul, you’ve been doing this … a pretty long time. Again, you were formerly one of the managers at a world’s best ranked hedge fund … with $6 billion in assets.

But maybe you could shed light on the depth of your experience as a Wall Street veteran.

Paul: Gladly. First, everyone should understand, I came into Wall Street and finance with a lot of pressure.

As the son of an Indian immigrant, my father poured all his savings into sending me to the United States to study and attend college.

Corrina: So very much a sink-or-swim situation.

Paul: Right. And that only became more true when I started working as a desk clerk at Deutsche Bank.

Corrina: Considering it has $1.4 trillion in assets, at least last year, I’m sure the pressure was really on there.

Paul: It was. Everything in finance moves either very slowly, or very fast, but generally a lot falls through the cracks.

Corrina: So you started at Deutsche Bank, and obviously your trajectory was upward.

Paul: Right. From there, I worked at ING. But at this point, I was gaining a lot of momentum from my investing so decided to move and work with a private firm.

Corrina: Kinetics Asset Management?

Paul: Exactly the one. I took over one of their funds. When I started at the firm, the fund I took control of was worth $1 billion. Within about two years, between investment gains and new investors clamoring to get in, we had grown to $6 billion.

Corrina: That’s an enormous leap. And you hit this following 2008, right?

Paul: Correct.

We actually got a write-up as one of the best and “most fascinating” firms in the world in 2008.

Around the same time, I was asked to compete in one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competitions.

During the tumultuous 2009 market, I grew the $50 million competition account to $88 million in just one year.

Corrina: And you did this all following a massive market correction — at the time, the greatest since the Great Depression.

Paul: Yes — because the truth is, investing is about seeing through hype.

Which is why I believe fully in our unfolding Super Bull market.

Because the convergence of the three forces is going to drive a handful of stocks to highs we’ve likely never seen before … and at incredible speed.

And I’ve developed the perfect signal-based strategy for targeting the biggest potential home runs of this event.

Corrina: I’m looking forward to circling back to that.

So it’s after the 2008 crisis. You’ve had incredible success at this point. In a few years, you’ve gone from a desk clerk to the head of a world-renowned hedge fund, making millions for your clients.

I’m sure this attracted a lot of attention.

Paul: It was a whirlwind. I started receiving tons of invitations to appear on TV. There were conferences, dinners, wining and dining.

When financiers figure out you have a model that works, they do everything they can to get it.

Corrina: But what we’re discussing today … you think that could be the crown jewel?

Paul: I’ve invested hundreds of thousands here at my research firm in developing the right approach for targeting companies with the greatest quadruple-digit gain potential…

Companies that are riding the multitrillion-dollar wave of capital created for America 2.0.

The formula I use has three specific “signals” we look for.

But these signals allow us to shave away the distractions and focus on the few which I believe are destined to unleash gains of 1,000% or better in, at most, the next five years...

Corrina: And somehow, in the 25 years you’ve been on Wall Street and investing, nobody had really designed an effective way of targeting them… Separating the wheat from the chaff … and making consistent money.

Paul: Exactly! And I wanted to change that.

My strategy is the key. I know this because, if I had published it sooner, it could have led you into companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Tesla, Google, Twitter — companies that would have returned you many times your money.

I know this, because these metrics allowed me to personally profit from each and every one of them … even when the mainstream financial media was kicking them around.

Corinna: You got into Netflix pretty early as I recall?

Paul: I did. But bear in mind, back then, Netflix was far from the international video-streaming titan it is today. At the time, Netflix mostly traded in DVDs, and the idea of video streaming was still in its early stages. But I knew that if management did its job, and did it well, it would unlock a global game changer … and make me an absolute fortune.

Corrina: I mean, Netflix shares were as cheap as $3 or $4 back then.

Paul: That’s true. Technically I got in at around $23, but since then, the stock has gone through a 7 for 1 split. So yes, my average cost was around $3 or $4 per share.

Corrina: And since then, the stock has literally traded for as high as over $400 a share. So you’ve already been there for one of the major stocks that changed the world.

Paul: That’s right. I sold my Netflix shares to help buy a house after more than quadrupling my money in less than 2 years. So while I didn’t ride it to its absolute high … the fact remains, I made a fortune from Netflix. Because I got in early — which is exactly what I’m talking about doing today.

Corrina: But it wasn’t the only one - there is a pretty wild story I’ve heard about you being one of the first public investors in Google?

Paul: That’s right.

I was actually watching Google when it was still private, using their technology. I saw it spread like wildfire around my hedge fund office. It became so pervasive, so quickly, I knew it would be around for the long haul.

Corrina: But this wasn’t a popular opinion at the time.

Paul: Far from it.

Can you imagine it — a time when people thought Google might be a flash in the pan? It’s become a verb!

But back in 2004, people were lambasting the company. I remember The Economist calling the IPO “Cursed.”

Corrina: But, you weren’t swept up in all this bad press.

Paul: Not in the slightest. Even then, I was using a modified approach to the strategy I will be sharing today.

As a result, I knew I was looking at a home run. I decided to go all-in, putting every penny I could into Google’s IPO.

Corrina: So you were beyond confident this was a windfall.

Paul: 100% sure. And I went to great lengths to secure my spot.

Corrina: What do you mean by that? You couldn’t just put in to buy the stock at IPO?

Paul: Google was a Dutch auction — when Dutch auctions were uncommon. This means the price started high and was bid lower until it wouldn’t go any further.

Then, it delayed the IPO — so I had tons of money locked up in my brokerage for weeks, waiting for it to price the stock, because I knew I had to be in at IPO.

Corrina: Paul, I can say you are the only investor I’ve met who has invested that early not in one … but two legendary FAANG stocks.

These are “if only” situations — but you’ve taken them out of the realm of fantasy and made them very real. How is that possible?

Paul: Main Street American investors have been taught to think that doubling your money is rare … quintupling it is once in a blue moon … and making 10 times your money … that’s next to impossible.

That’s not the truth. Sure, it doesn’t happen every day…

But I truly believe in this America 2.0 world, the chances at life-changing gains are popping up everywhere.

And now, with the three converging forces I’ll discuss in a second, there are even more numerous investments primed and ready to spin off huge windfalls.

Corrina: And I know that you’ve been saying for a while now that this opportunity is mostly for Main Street investors — not Wall Street?

Paul: Exactly. It’s like a secret bull market for the regular Americans, and the so-called elites are blind to it. They will probably see it, eventually … when all those companies are already up 100% or 1,000%.

Corrina: And by then, the big gains will be gone!

Paul: Yes! While the mainstream financial media would have you believe the world’s going to hell in a handbasket…

I am going on record to prove why this very moment marks the beginning of the greatest bull run in history.

Corrina: How do you mean?

Paul: First, you have to understand what really pushes massive economic growth.

Those things are cheap money, innovation and eager consumers.

Corrina: To be clear — these are the three forces behind the Super Bull market we are seeing unfold today, the forces you’ve mentioned earlier.

Paul: That’s correct. In essence, there has to be a high flow of capital into new technology, stimulated by consumer behavior.

We saw it with the rise of computing, social media, cars, trains — as far back as you go, these three forces are critical for major leaps.

Corrina: And this is happening right now?

Paul: We are seeing all three now on an unprecedented level.

First, we have the financial side. We have a surge in government stimulus to the tune of $1.5 trillion, with the government essentially guaranteeing to push the markets up. Couple with historic low interest rates, and even executive orders to deregulate multiple industries.

Businesses are receiving more loans, and tax forgiveness programs are allowing those businesses to keep more of their money.

Plus, We’re seeing an uptick in mortgages and in car buying. People are excited about the future.

In short, money is not only freely flowing in the economy — it’s being pushed to new highs, more aggressively, through unprecedented government efforts.

Corrina: It’s just a tsunami of cash. I believe the government added more than $6 trillion into the economy.

Paul: And again, that only feeds into the other major economic forces at work right now.

Because all of that money is funneled into massive innovations - like the recent article from Forbes that said the manufacturing industry will experience 5 years of forward innovation in only 18 months.

We’re seeing a massive acceleration in technology leaps — and it’s changing our society from top to bottom.

I’m talking about cloud data storage, automation, workforce optimization, 5G technology, 3D printing and digitization. All of these things are happening faster.

Just consider that we have more billion-dollar Silicon Valley startups than ever before. In 2013, there were 39 companies under 10 years old valued at more than 1 billion. By 2019, that number had grown 10-fold to 484.

And that’s all being amplified by the third major force...

Corrina: This is the consumer spending you mentioned?

Paul: It’s more than that, Corrina. It’s a generational shift on a caliber we haven’t seen since the rise of the baby boomers.

Let me put it this way: The last record-changing event in retail sales was set 20 years ago, when the oldest millennial was 19 years old.

The millennials — a generation so large it eclipses the baby boomers in America — control a jaw-dropping $2.5 trillion in global spending power.

And they’re using it — riding the waves of innovation and government stimulus to completely reshape the markets.

For example, multiple brokerages saw record-breaking days in which new accounts were opened. One reported a 300% growth.

Millennials are reshaping the hospitality industry with companies such as Airbnb. They’ve transformed investing with things such as Robinhood. They’re changing travel and commuting.

Corrina: I actually have an article here from Financial Times. The headline alone says a lot — “How Millennials became the world’s most powerful consumers.”

Paul: Exactly! And those powerful consumers are diverting trillions in capital to automated cars, innovations in home purchasing and digital workplaces, travel and more. They’re even leading the charge for space exploration!

Corrina: Okay… so, we’re talking unprecedented amounts of economic stimulus, powering massive leaps in technology, driven by the largest consumer generation in American history. I had really never seen those three put together. It makes you realize the sheer amount of economic momentum at work right now.

Paul: It’s why we’ve had some of the biggest single-day market rallies in history over the last few months. Because these three forces are converging in a seismic way.

The pressure has built to critical levels and we’ve seen some key stocks benefit from it.

Zoom Video, the company behind online conference calls and business communications… It went from 10 million active daily users … to 200 million in three months.

Slack, the chat and communication company broke a user record with over 12.5 million concurrent users.

Telemedicine is one great example — we’ve seen this industry skyrocket. Once upon a time, consumers would never have accepted a “doctor over the phone,” but now the shift in consumer demand and behavior has made this one of the biggest standouts of the coming decade.

Corrina: To your point Paul, there’s actually an article from Forbes I read before this event. I saved this quote for our discussion: “Based on a recent survey…. 59% [of responders] reported they are more likely to use telehealth services now than previously, and 33% would even leave their current physician for a provider who offered telehealth access.”

That’s huge. A third of people right now would leave their doctor.

Paul: That is precisely what I mean. The global health care industry is expected to top $11 trillion in the next two years — and this "Super Bull" setup has pushed that wave of money into telemed.

This is a new economy, a new market, and we’re watching the new mega-companies rise while old world firms get purged.

Companies like JC Penny, Pier 1, J. Crew, Nieman Marcus, Dean & Deluca, True Religion, and other conventional retailers file for bankruptcy…

And yet, during the same time, we’ve seen some companies shoot through the roof.

We saw companies like Wayfair, the online furniture company, go from $27 to $221…

Amazon, an already massive company, went from around $1,785 a share to $3,000 a share...

DocuSign, a company that exists solely to handle the online processing of contracts and documents, surged from $79 to $204. All in less than four months.

And those aren’t even going to be the biggest winners!

But they all have one thing in common: They are part of this new wave of wealth, part of the America 2.0 revolution and leaders of what I see as the most aggressive Super Bull market of our lifetime.

Corrina: And your strategy can help our viewers target those types of opportunities, right now?

Paul: It can — and I have one huge investment for the people watching this broadcast, the most important single stock to own right now for a potential gain of 1,460% in the years ahead. And it’s pure math. I’ll explain in a moment.

But I want to stress how exciting the world we’re in is. When I first set out, I knew this strategy worked.

I personally have used it to secure some of the biggest winners of my career… I’ve used it to show men and women how to grab gains as high as 524% in 17 months ...

and I’ve seen it pinpoint historic gains of 1,900%, 2,500% and 3,100% over the course of 12 months during our extensive back test.

But those companies are just the start … they’re the early innings.

Because the sheer volume of opportunity — the investments we are targeting day after day … it’s mind-blowing for even the most seasoned investors.

We’re targeting companies I believe have gains potential like some of the most incredible historic examples…

Like Medifast, which my last count shows is up 6,950% in less than a decade.

Or a company called SINA Corporation, up 3,025% since the early 2000s.

These are the types of profits my strategy is designed to target.

Corrina: These are incredible examples. And of course, hindsight is 2020. That said, regular American investors have always been told 10-baggers are like Halley’s Comet – we’ll see only a few of them, if any, during our lifetimes. You’re saying this is not the case?

Paul: Absolutely not. Corrina, based on my research, around 50 stocks soar 1,000% or more every single year.

Corrina: You’re talking about two opportunities to make 10 times your money manifesting every single month … every single year … on average?

Paul: That’s right. Here’s what’s going to really shock you.

Corrina: I’m all ears.

Paul: When I first started implementing this signal strategy for readers three years ago, the number was 43. In 36 months, we’ve seen a 10% increase in the number of opportunities to make 10x your money.

Corrina: This is because of the development of America 2.0, I imagine?

Paul: Exactly. The market is surging, and people are feeling the effects!

According to Credit Suisse’s annual global wealth report, we recently hit a new record high for adult wealth. In 2019 alone, America created 675,000 new millionaires.

Let me put that in perspective: following the tech wreck, 270,000 new millionaires were minted. Following 2008, the number of new millionaires grew by an average of 1,000 per day. Within four years, we had added 1.1 million new millionaires.

What I believe we are looking at now is even bigger — perhaps history’s greatest opportunity for a new wave of millionaires to emerge.

Corrina: So you’re saying you believe that RIGHT NOW - people who get in at this very moment - have an even greater chance of becoming a millionaire than the 675,000 minted just last year, or the 1.1 million in the years following 2008?

Paul: That’s right. I believe the number of 1,000% gains, and the number of new millionaires created as a result … will hit unprecedented highs in the coming months and years.

Corrina: To that point, you’re saying we’ve already seen an increase in the number of stocks which surge 1,000% — whereas just a few years ago, it was only 43, now it’s 50 per year … and climbing.

And your approach — the “signal strategy” you’ve been using for years to successfully catch stocks such as Care.Com, Foundation Medicine, ArQule, Iridium … you believe it is the key to profiting from this America 2.0 Super Bull situation?

Paul: Absolutely.

While I am always happy with my present and past performance, which by today’s count is averaging 67% a year since inception on all open and closed trades…

And thrilled with the numerous triple digit opportunities my followers have seen so far, I think what we have in store right now will blow it all out of the water.

200%... 500%... 600%... it’s all great.

But we aren’t settling here.

We are targeting stocks I believe have the potential to rise 1,000% or more in the years ahead.

I don’t want the go-nowhere plays. I want the sleeping giants.

Corrina: Now, of course, since you swing for the fences with this strategy, there are times when you miss — but when you hit, you believe your home runs will be more than enough to make the folks who follow your research and recommendations very happy over the years … as we’re seeing right now.

Paul: Absolutely. There is always a certain amount of risk in all investing. We just do our best to minimize it and shoot for the biggest potential wins that can help losses feel irrelevant. And I always say — you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Corrina: That makes sense. And these are all pure stock trades, correct? We’re not talking about using leverage of any sort?

Paul: No leverage. No options trading. No margin requirements. These are all easy-to-trade U.S. stocks. If you have a regular brokerage account, you can execute these trades today.

Corrina: A few of your track record examples really stand out …Of course, there’s the Foundation Medicine example. I saw pages and pages of letters from your readers who made upwards of 524% on that trade, enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $62,400 in just over a year.

But your current gains are even bigger…

One open trade on a company revolutionizing car buying is up 680% since you recommended it six months ago.

Another is up 700% in two years, delivering life-saving precision medicine to diabetics.

And a third is up 770% in three years, riding the new energy mega trend toward what I believe will be a 1,000% pay day.

Just $10,000 into each of these three trades alone, becomes a whopping third of a million dollars within three years.

And you said it’s small companies delivering these monster gains?

Paul: Yes. I believe small-caps is exactly where the biggest gains of the Super Bull market will come from.

If you want the real home runs … if you want the stocks that can turn $10,000 into $100,000 or even $500,000, that’s where you need to go.

Keep in mind … at one point, most investing home runs of today were yesterday’s microcaps.

Just over 20 years ago, for example, Amazon was trading for $1.50. Today, it’s over $2,400!

That’s about a 159,900% profit — turning every $10,000 into $16 million.

The same story is true for Microsoft, Walmart and IBM…

At one time, all the “titans” were small-cap companies.

But when the market began a mega shift — as consumers made moves to digital formats and beyond — these companies began to rocket.

Especially now — with all the capital flooding into companies in the America 2.0 arena.

Companies which are lighting the fuse for the Super Bull run of the decade.

Corrina: For our viewers, remember that in a moment, you’ll discover the details on Paul’s No. 1 Super Bull investment opportunity — a recommendation that he believes could return north of 1,460% in the months and years ahead.

But first … Paul … here’s the multimillion-dollar question: How does your strategy try to target these 50 stocks per year on average that are primed to rally 1,000%?

Paul: My strategy is pretty complicated, but to help explain it today, I broke it down into three specific “signals” we identify. I’ll quickly go over each of them.

The first signal is what I call disruption. I determine if the company is an industry disruptor.

Corrina: Can you explain, for our audience, what you mean by “disruptor.”

Paul: I’m scientifically finding out if the company is going to change the entire industry the way Netflix changed watching TV, the way Apple changed phones and the way Amazon changed shopping.

Again, we’re vetting for companies that won’t just “make gains,” but are tips of the spear in the new world of America 2.0.

Finding disruptors is one of the foundational pillars of grabbing a 1,000% gain.

This could be a new drug, new technology, a new system for doing things, a new medical device… the list is endless.

But it has to disrupt the industry. It has to fundamentally upend the status quo of a sector.

And — this is key — I pay close attention to the potential market size for this disruptive company.

If the potential market is small, the stock can only climb so much. But if it has a big potential market, the stock can easily climb as much as 1,000%.

Corrina: So, we have signal one … your disruption analysis … tell us about the second signal.

Paul: Signal II is when I crunch the numbers. Once I know a company is going to disrupt an industry, I need to make sure it has the potential to go up 1,000%.

I look at a lot of numbers, and some are really basic.

For example, I want companies with a market cap of $300 million to $3 billion. I want those really small companies because they can grow for many years, delivering massive gains.

And many times, those small companies tend to be lower priced, trading under $50, $20, sometimes even $5 per share. On average, our recommendations using this strategy cost $14 a share. And I know that many people like to own a lot of shares, so those prices allow them to do that.

There are dozens of other numbers I look at, but those are the foundational ones.

Corrina: Since we don’t have time to go through all of them, what’s the most important number to you?

Paul: Sales growth.

I want to find companies that currently have under $3 billion in sales, while growing sales an average of 10% to 20% a year.

At this rate, a company could double its sales within five years … something which — without fail — catapults the stock price.

Corrina: That’s interesting. Most people would say that “earnings” is the most important number. But you’re taking a different approach here.

Paul: Most people look at earnings as the key number. But earnings can be manipulated. If a CFO wants his quarterly earnings to look good, he can move a few numbers around. Sales is a pure number and a clear indicator for growth in a stock’s price.

Corrina: Got it. So signal #1 is a disruption analysis. Signal #2 is sales growth. What’s the third signal?

Paul: The third signal is Scarcity. In short, I want to see an imbalance in demand and supply for the company’s shares, which is usually represented in the amount of shares the company makes available. Or, I want the companies that provide a unique service, where there isn’t much competition whatever this company’s product is.

Think about it — the fewer shares there are, with rising sales, and a disruptive product or technology … the more the stock is bid up. And if there are only three, four or five companies providing this solution?

It’s just a spring getting wound tighter and tighter for a huge move.

Corrina: OK, so the first signal is if a company is disrupting a big market, the second signal looks at the numbers, especially sales growth, and the third signal is scarcity.

Paul, can you show me an example of a stock that pinged all three signals?

Paul: Sure. You mentioned Sarepta Therapeutics earlier. It’s a personal trade I made 2,500% on in just eight months.

First, it signaled immense disruptive potential.

Sarepta was developing a drug specifically to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is a horrible, incurable disorder usually affecting boys.

About 200,000 cases manifest a year.

So a potential treatment is definitely disruptive … and in total, this is a $4 billion market.

With a successful drug, a company’s revenue would go through the roof — I’m talking about catapulting a stock from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars overnight.

Sarepta Therapeutics was creating such a drug and was having early success with it. So, I was very interested in it.

This leads to the second signal — the numbers.

Sarepta was trading for $1.12 a share.

Their market capitalization was sitting at around $130 million.

And between 2007 and 2011, revenue had more than quintupled.

Corrina: So, financially, Sarepta was low-priced and a sound company.

Paul: Next, I wanted to see scarcity.

This was cut and dry — it was one of the only companies on the planet with a possible treatment for Duchenne, and it was the closest to developing it. All of this is a demand powder keg.

So, on April 3, 2012, I scooped up shares of Sarepta at just $1.12 a share.

Soon after, the stock pulled back. However, because I had done my research, I didn’t worry about it.

In fact, it only confirmed my belief, because market makers movers will often squeeze a stock to drive the price lower for their own buying!

Corrina: So you actually felt more confident during the pullback?

Paul: That’s right. And then, Sarepta soared. Enthusiasm over the potential of their drug sent the share price to the moon … the pent-up demand blew the doors down.

Within eight months, it was trading at $29 a share.

But my research showed me it was time to get out. Experts were turning against the drug the closer it got to the FDA’S Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) time to issue approval a pass or fail.

I sold for a 2,539% gain.

So every $10,000 invested would have turned into $263,900 … in just a few months.

Again, I bought at $1.12 and sold at $29.56…

That’s a gain of 2,539%…

Corrina: You made 25 times your money… Now, let’s think about that a minute.

The average retired couple has roughly $160,000.

But if they peel off a sliver of their account … just $10,000 … and invest it in a stock like this, they could more than double their retirement … in just eight months.

Suddenly a modest $10,000 savings soars to over $250,000.

Paul: Exactly. Foundation Medicine is another.

Corrina: I have a quote here from the day you recommended Foundation.

And you were right, to the day, Foundation moved in virtually a straight line.

These three signals told you this would happen?

Paul: Absolutely.

It was disrupting the industry with radical precision medicine treatments for cancer — potentially a $107 billion industry by targeting cancer.

Then, just as I predicted, it saw a 70% revenue growth the year I recommended it.

Add to this that Foundation Medicine was one of the leaders of precision medicine research — and only had a share float of 37%… That’s very little if you compare it to Apple’s 91% at the time.

In fact, Roche had previously invested $1 billion in Foundation. This company was a definite buy for me.

Corrina: So even though the stock was bought out when it reached 524%, it had all the makings of a 10-bagger.

I don’t think anybody is complaining about turning $10,000 into more than $60,000, though.

Paul: Yeah, it was exciting to have my readers make money on this one trade. I remember someone wrote in telling my team and me that they got a new Mercedes and named it their “FMI Mercedes”! It was fun to read.

Corrina: But you’re no stranger to 10-x gains!

There’s also the personal investment you’re holding, right now, that’s up 30-fold.

These are just a handful of the home runs you’ve been a part of over the last few years.

And then there are dozens of other examples from the13,000 hours of historical analysis you used to refine your strategy. Let’s look at a few of those.

Paul: Sure, Corrina. Now, to be clear, as you said these are historical examples I found when refining my stategy, not track record examples.

But these are fun to look back at. Check it out … Constellation Pharmaceuticals is one. The company focuses on developing innovative small molecule treatments for tumors. The stock is up 1,074% in just one year.

EVI Industries is also unique. It is a distributor for commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment. What makes it such a cash machine is that it is the only publicly traded distributor in its sector! As a result, it surged 1,232% in just a couple of years.

Abiomed stock went up 1,872% in a little over 4 years as it became a global lead in heart health and treatment technology. The company moved from heart replacement to heart recovery with its Impella technology. In short, a perpetual innovator and disruptor.

Corrina: It’s interesting how each of these companies disrupted their sector. But more so, the implications they had for disrupting the world at large with major breakthroughs.

Now, as our viewers just saw, a lot of these stocks are volatile, and it’s also important to note that these were some of the best performers from a historical back test. Remember, like you said before, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. So if one follows your recommendations, they should keep their current financial situation in mind. This isn’t something to bet the house on.

Paul: There will be losses. And very few wins are going to hit 1,000%. But we’ve made some fantastic gains even where we’ve missed the 1,000% mark, as our viewers have seen, and when we’re going for 1,000% gains, at any given moment. But this also means readers are only one trade recommendation away from making an extreme fortune…

Corrina: Which is exactly what the men and women who followed you the last couple years have seen.

Here is what some of them are saying:

Here’s James Brown, who says:

Here's one from Holly Andrews, who shares:

And here’s a letter from Mark Dugan. We’re not sure how much he invested, but we estimate it was around $1,300. He says:

There really is no better way to describe this than revolutionary. You’re not talking about hypothetical wealth, or potential profits.

It bears repeating: over the last few years, your readers have done some incredibly exciting things with the profits they’ve generated! People wrote to tell us their 524% gains in FMI over just one year paid for college for their kids, medical bills, travel, cars – list goes on and on.

This is real money. These are real people. And you’re making a real difference for them.

And it all traces back to this proprietary signal strategy you’ve created.

The strategy that led you to Sarepta, Foundation Medicine and many others .

Paul: An average of 50 stocks go up 1,000% or more. Every year, Corrina. And I’ve designed my strategy to target exactly this kind of stock. The stocks I believe have the highest probability of fulfilling that 10-bagger destiny over the coming years.. We haven’t closed one for 1,000% yet, but several of our triple-digit open gains I believe are well on their way.

And now, with America 2.0 kicked into overdrive — nothing short of a Super Bull market as a direct result of these three major economic forces converging...

I think we will see bigger than 10x opportunities coming at us, faster and more often than ever.

Corrina: Paul, now that we understand your strategy for finding these explosive America 2.0 companies, and we’ve seen how your strategy can pinpoint these stocks before they take off, and we’ve heard from dozens of people who’ve made money with your work … I think it’s time we dig into the opportunity you mentioned when we first started this broadcast…

You said you have a major potential win right now… an investment that could shoot up 1,460% in the next 12 to 36 months by your calculations. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 sliver into a $156,000 windfall.

Paul: I want to add - that’s the early innings. I think 1,200% could be the bare minimum if you’re in early, as I am hoping all our viewers will be today.

This is the most excited I’ve been about an investment opportunity in years. I expect people will be talking about this company decades from now, just as much as they talk about Qualcomm, Intel or Micron Technology. It has all the makings of being a mega-sized company … and just like all those companies, anyone prudent enough to be there, at the ground floor, stands to make money hand over fist in the months ahead.

Corrina: Why do you think this is such a game changer?

Paul: Let me start by saying… this company will be a key player to the rise of America 2.0 - the 4th Industrial Revolution.

But not because they produce microchips, or computers, or cars, or batteries.

What they do is above and beyond - because it enables everything we see unfolding right now.

And they’ve recruited some of the world’s top minds for it.

The CEO, for one, worked for years at Lawrence Livermoore National Laboratory. The reputation behind this organization is so strong, they had an element on the periodic table named after them!

They’ve had key accomplishments in high performance computing, nuclear deterrent technology, and even extreme ultraviolet lithography - a development integral to the rise of next generation computer chips.

All told, since 1979, they’ve won 129 “R&D 100” awards. This is like the “Oscars” of science. And this CEO was one of their physicists.

So his pedigree alone is significant.

Then you add in the other executives with fame as Silicon Valley veterans, communication tech innovators, and more.

In short, the sheer caliber of people at the helm here is stunning… and it’s why I believe they will emerge as one of the most significant companies of our time.

Corrina: So what do they do exactly?

Paul: The company operates in the semiconductor space, but there are several elements that separate it by a mile from the competition.

For one, they are a key supplier for a very rare, very costly, but highly sought after material called indium phosphide.

This semiconductor alone, which they produce through an advanced proprietary process, is integral to linking 5G base towers, creating high resolution radar systems for robotics, security scanning systems, and other imaging systems which require high energy output resolution and speed.

Corrina: So they really are the dead center of all the major technological leaps.

Paul: And that’s just their positioning as a lead supplier of indium phosphide.

They are also a major player in gallium arsenide, which is vital for industrial lasers, 3-D sensing, industrial LED lighting for facilities…

Plus they also produce germanium, which is used in satellites, multi-junction solar cells…

Corrina, I’m talking about satellites, solar cells, self-driving cars, faster phones and telecommunication, machine data relays and interconnectivity - stuff which has been kicked into overdrive recently. And they hold the keys to all of it.

Corrina: They’re basically a one-stop shop for America 2.0.

Paul: And Corrina, the market sees the same potential manifesting…

This stock had more than doubled within just 30 days

Which is why it’s so important to get in now, while the price is still low - because frankly, I don’t believe it will stay this perfect for much longer.

Corrina: And how does it line up with your strategy?

Paul: Perfect.

Let’s start with Signal 1 - Disruption & market.

As I said, they’ve pioneered a proprietary process that allows them to generate some of the most important semiconductors of our era - they call this process vertical gradient freeze.

And Corrina, to date, they’ve issued 55 patents related to this process.

But here’s what’s huge - this company’s patent moat around their process for germanium, gallium, and indium phosphide gives them a foothold in what is predicted to be a $20 trillion market.

Corrina: Wait, can you say that again?

Paul: I know, it’s incredible. But those three areas are expected to hit a market size of $20 trillion by 2026.

Corrina: How about the numbers signal you mentioned?

Paul: As we speak, the share price is around $5, the company is sitting at a $200 million market cap, and just under $100 million in sales.

Corrina: And they’re growing consistently?

Paul: Their projected net income growth into 2021 is 412%.

Corrina: That could be the biggest leap I’ve ever heard of! And how about scarcity?

Paul: Well, remember, it’s one of the world’s top suppliers for a crucial semiconductor.

This already puts it in a position of high demand.

We’re talking a pristine triple-crown win: highly desirable and disruptive products, with surging demand and scarce competition.

And they only have 38 million shares out, which is almost nothing compared to Microsoft’s 7 billion shares outstanding!

We’re talking a pristine triple-crown win: highly desirable and disruptive products, with surging demand, and scarce competition.

Corrina: Wow. That sounds like the perfect recipe for inevitable profits.

Paul: I do think so, Corrina. A perfectly positioned company like this - the sky is truly the limit. Skyworks Solutions rode the iPhone boom as a key connectivity supplier for Apple over the last decade. They’ve seen a gain of over 1,460% in just seven years after the first iPhone was released.

Intel rode the rise of computing from $1.50 to nearly $70 per share — we’re talking a gain of nearly 4,400% over the course of a decade.

AMD went from $2 to $54 over the last 4 years.

And that’s just a few of the best wins in semiconductors … but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a setup as profound as the one we’re discussing today…

The company I truly believe will be the No. 1 Super Bull stock to own over the months and years to come for the best shot at gains of 1,000%. In fact, I think, with history as our guide, and simple math, we can expect no less than 1,460%.

Corrina: And how can our viewers get the full details about this company?

Paul: I’ve actually just finished an urgent report called The Ultimate Super Bull Investment — which I want to make available to a small number of our viewers today.

Corrina: Perfect — and I want to come back to how our viewers can potentially grab their copy. However, Paul, I am willing to bet that’s not the only company you’ve been eyeing.

Paul: You’d be right. There are five more urgent stocks I’ve been watching … and I like each just as much as the Super Bull stock we just discussed.

Let me quickly tell you about them, because I know we are looking to wrap this up soon.

The first stock is a revolutionary medical tech company with a breakthrough for people with diabetes — a technology that allows continuous glucose-monitoring with minimal maintenance by the patient. Its technology is 12 times more resilient than competitors. It has already received enormous financing from BlackRock and Oppenheimer … and it is priced at almost nothing right now.

The second stock gets us into the battle with heart arrhythmias — specifically, atrial fibrillation. Thanks to a revolutionary new technology, one company is blowing all others out of the water — with twice the effectiveness of competitors. In the last few years alone, its revenue has more than quadrupled, and it’s on track to more than double in the next two years.

The third stock is a leader in the “smart” tech of the future, with automobiles, offices and more being built using its patented technology . Its technology is critical for the arrival of new “smart buildings,” which I believe will be everywhere in the near future.

The fourth stock is a go-to for some of the world’s biggest companies — I’m talking 40% of the Fortune 500. The reason is simple — it’s able to use its proprietary modular technology to cut corporate energy expenses in half. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Energy declared that this technology will have a dynamic impact on the world’s energy consumption, which I believe will lead to massive gains for us.

The fifth stock is a leader in the Internet of Things revolution — perhaps one of the most significant leaps of our lifetime. It’s estimated its particular technology could soon connect trillions of devices around the world. It is perfectly positioned to become a leader in a market that is estimated to grow almost 500% in a few years.

Corrina: And you expect each of these stocks to rally 1,000% in the years ahead, and you’re willing to rush a copy of this report to our viewers … today?

Paul: Absolutely. Now, with that said, each investment requires approximately 100 hours of research. I’ve carefully monitored some of these for years.

In addition, my company spends well over $200,000 in research tools and expenses every year.

So as you can imagine, just giving these six investment picks and the research behind them away for free is not an option.

Instead, I want to do something better.

I want to offer access to the research service that started all of this two years ago…

The research service that has helped so many people revolutionize their wealth…

It’s called Extreme Fortunes.

Corrina: I’m eager to know — how does this subscription to Extreme Fortunes work?

Paul: It’s real simple.

Readers will receive my market commentary paired with a minimum of 12 new investment recommendations every year. In the past, we had times when we recommended on average three stocks a month — almost 40 a year! So, 12 is really a baseline. On average, we recommend 23 every year. But for example, this year, we already recommended 15 opportunities to our readers.

Corrina: So, with the five stocks in their free copy of The Next Stock Market Windfall … plus the stock in your new report, The Ultimate Super Bull Investment … and a minimum of 12 new recommendations they will receive over the next year, that’s at least 18 stocks … each one you fully believe could go up 1,000%.

But even if you’re half right… even a 10th of the way right… this could represent a chance at least 18 opportunities to more than double your money. Heck, there are 18 triple-digit gainers in our model portfolio right now. Of course, all stocks have risk, and it’s unlikely that all 18 are going to hit, but as we’ve seen, you’ve had stocks double within a few weeks… some in a single day

Paul: Yes. Exactly. Now, I’m going to be really upfront about something.

I work really hard researching these investment opportunities. And because I’m sharing so many of the secrets I’ve discovered during my career, I have one hard rule.

When someone joins my Extreme Fortunes research service today, I am giving them an incredibly great price, but … they need to commit to it.

Corrina: Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Fact is, when people subscribe, they will instantly receive your top six investment picks for the next year. Just think … the investment in the unique semiconductor company alone could hand investors a 1,460% gain over the next 12 to 36 months.

Paul: Exactly. And I’m happy to give this research right up front.

But unfortunately, I’ve seen some people take advantage of my generosity in the past.

They take the picks, then cancel for a refund. That’s not fair to the others who have the right mindset when they join. Plus, I have to protect the integrity of my research. That’s why all sales are final, and there are no refunds.

Corrina: I see this has a benefit. It means that when someone signs up for Extreme Fortunes, they’ll have the security of knowing ONLY fully committed, paid readers will see your analysis and investment selections.

Only folks serious about learning your strategy and insights.

And that’s imperative, because the time and research you put into each of these recommended trades is immeasurable.

Paul: Corrina, I can’t even put a price tag on this stuff.

Corrina: Well, it’s almost impossible to make a fair comparison between your former role as a hedge fund manager and now as a publisher, but let’s paint a rough picture and assume that I, like most of your clients in the past, were required to put $1 million into an account with you … just to get started.

Then let’s say, you made a 26% annual return… So, in theory, my $1 million would now be worth $1.26 million.

Your firm would take 20% of that $260,000 gain — or $50,000.

And then a 2% maintenance fee — another $20,000 from my $1 million account.

So you could say that your insights have a real cost of upward of $70,000 a year.

Paul: At least. But that’s why I left the hedge fund world behind me. I don’t want to price gauge hardworking Americans who put their faith in me. So, you don’t need $1 million to follow my insight in my Extreme Fortunes research service.

Corrina: Honestly with even more years of experience and trading in the trenches to hone your skills … and more personal wealth and success under your belt than you could have ever imagined … you could justify charging a fee higher than $70,000 a year.

Paul: But that’s not why I created this Extreme Fortunes research service. I truly enjoy helping other people discover how to make money. When I ran my hedge fund and charged people upward of $70,000 for my services, I could only reach a select privileged few with my insights but now, as a publisher of investment newsletters, my research can reach many.

Which is why I am making a unique guarantee today: Over the next year, members of Extreme Fortunes will see no less than 12 of our positions rise into triple-digit territory.

Corrina: That’s pretty bold. You’re saying a minimum of 12 recommendations in your model portfolio will break triple-digit territory within the next year?

Paul: I believe in total accountability. If it’s not results-driven, it doesn’t work for me.

And that’s how I want members of Extreme Fortunes to view their membership: results first.

Hence, I’m making a very straightforward promise: Anyone who joins my Extreme Fortunes research service will see no less than 12 positions in our model portfolio rise over 100%, or they’ll get an entire second year, free of charge. Period. Twelve triple-digit gains at minimum.

Corrina: So if your model portfolio only has 11 triple-digit returns, they will get a second year free.

Paul: Exactly. All they have to do is call and let me know, and they’ll get access to all my resources and all my recommendations for another year. At no additional cost. They’ll have me, hunting down the absolute best candidates for 1,000% gains, for another 12 months. Free of charge.

Corrina: Of course, I just can’t see how they’ll see anything less. From everything we’ve seen today … from everything I know about you … that number is well within reach.

Heck, we’ve seen people who made millions.

You even showed us how stocks like Sarepta Therapeutics, which you personally invested in, jumped 2,500% in 8 months, even though the company failed to get its new drug past the FDA.

I mean, just last year, your readers saw ArQule alone rise 443%... and before that, the Foundation Medicine trade that shot up 524% - both in a little over a year.

and before that, the Foundation Medicine trade that shot up 524% — both in a little over a year.

Paul: This is the kind of winning potential our viewers can put to work for them.

Corrina: But there is a catch. Membership to Extreme Fortunes is extremely limited.

Only 1,000 people will be able to join as members with this special today. First come, first served.

Considering the size of our audience today … we’re talking about a very small percentage being able to access this research.

Paul: Again, I want to limit the subscription spots to serious folks only. I’ve built this for people who are eager to learn how to grow their wealth.

Corrina: So, let’s get back to what these 1,000 elite members will be able to expect if they are fortunate enough to snag one of those spots today.

Paul: Again, they get my special report, The Ultimate Super Bull Investment, which has all the details on the No. 1 stock pick I believe they should own right now. They also get another report, The Next Stock Market Windfall, which includes five picks with explosive gains potential. More importantly, they’re locking in no less than 12 potential triple-digit winners in the next year.

In every single trade alert, I will tell them what stock to buy. And when it is time to sell, I will notify them … by email and, if they would like, by text message so they know an email has been released. I’ll lay out exactly why we’ve chosen the investment in detail … so nobody will ever be left wondering what our reasoning is or why I believe the company could be a 10 times win.

There’s also the 52 weekly updates.

Every week, I will send a recorded podcast or a written update for subscribers . Consider them a way for me to touch base every week and look at where the market stands … or how the model portfolio’s doing.

Corrina: And you’re guaranteeing all of this will result in them seeing 12 of your trade recommendations moving into triple-digit territory over the next 12 months.

Paul: Now like I’ve said, no one has a crystal ball to the markets, especially with small-cap stocks. But I believe if someone is a loyal reader, if they follow my recommendations and don’t see 12 recommendations move up into triple-digit territory … then they have the right to give my team a call and put all my resources to work for them again, for another year, free of charge.

Corrina: Paul, thank you so much for your time today. It has been truly enlightening.

Paul: My pleasure, Corrina.

Corrina: You’ve just heard from one of the most illustrious investors to emerge from Wall Street…

And one of the only ones, period, to openly share his findings … his research … and all his tools and tactics for achieving extraordinary wealth, starting with even a small amount of capital.

Today, you have the opportunity to take the next step.

As one of the few invited to attend this historic summit, you are now presented a truly life-changing opportunity.

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The focus of this research service is simple:

Every single day, Paul will marshal his impressive resources to find stocks he thinks are destined to soar 1,000% or more.

He will use his proprietary strategy to find small, dynamic companies capable of making large moves.

Companies with the potential to become mega market dominators…

Companies with small market capitalizations and rapidly growing revenues.

Companies that could deliver gains as high as 2,500% in just eight months — a rare feat Paul personally achieved with his trade in Sarepta Therapeutics.

Using this strategy, in less than two years time, your readers profited from investments like Foundation Medicine that went up 524%, Arqule that rose 443%, Care.com that popped 114%, Stemline Therapeutics before it delivered a 191% gain in just two months… and countless other mega wins straight ahead.

ArQule that rose 443%,

Care.com that popped 114%,

Stemline Therapeutics before it delivered a 191% gain … and countless other mega wins straight ahead.

Paul could easily charge upward of $70,000 a year for access to this level of research.

A fee people gladly paid to invest in his former hedge fund.

A fee I’m sure several people mentioned earlier would gladly pay after earning six-figure profits with Paul’s recommendations.

But that’s nowhere near the cost today.

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The retail price for Extreme Fortunes is $5,000 per year.

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Because as part of this special broadcast … this being the three-year anniversary of Extreme Fortunes … he has negotiated a special subscription price for the first 1,000 people who respond today.

All you pay today for 12 months of in-depth access to Paul’s research…

For recommendations he has screened and rescreened multiple times…

Is just $2,995.

Remember, people gladly forked over upward of $70,000 a year for his advice as one of the world’s top hedge fund managers. And it was so highly sought out by groups such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Swiss banks, royal families, old-world aristocracies and more….

One notable person even put $400 million in an account with his firm … knowing the cost could amount to tens of millions per year.

But Paul is tired of making the wealthiest of people even wealthier.

He wants to celebrate big gains with YOU … he wants to hear from you about how these investments have changed your financial destiny … and that of your children and grandchildren as well.

It’s not only possible, it’s easily achievable with the right trades. Trades that can move up 1,000% or more.

You get access to Extreme Fortunes today for just $2,995 — a 40% discount from the already low retail price.

And we only have 1,000 of these spots open today … spots I’m sure will be vanishing quickly.

Especially because of the massive guarantee Paul has just made.

In short…

Anyone who subscribes to Extreme Fortunes will have the chance to see no less than 12 stocks move up into triple-digit territory … in the next year. If you don’t, then you’ll get an entire second year, free of charge.

So, if at the end of one year, you have not seen the model portfolio deliver at least 12 stocks that could have doubled your money, just give us a call … and Paul will put all his tools and resources to work for you again, for a second year, free of charge.

As you can imagine, this guarantee is an enormous financial commitment.

Most people would think Paul’s taking on an insane level of risk.

But his track record speaks for itself. And while losses do occur, the winners can be massive. When he hits, he hits big.

He has used his skills to genuinely become wealthy and live off of his investments.

And he’s going to use the same skills to help you aim for a minimum of 12 triple-digit gainers in the coming 12 months.

Let’s review everything you get by becoming a reader today…

✔ Minimum of 12 recommendations a year:

As soon as a stock meets his criteria, Paul will send you a write-up telling you everything you need to know to place a trade.



✔ Weekly updates:

Each week, Paul puts together a detailed market analysis … telling you exactly what’s happening in the markets and how it affects the recommendations in our Extreme Fortunes model portfolio.


✔ The Ultimate Super Bull Investment:

This is Paul’s No. 1 pick for the supercharged America 2.0 Super Bull market. A firm he believes will be integral to the development and growth of the world’s new companies — on par with companies such as Intel. According to Paul, this investment could surge upward of 1,460% in the months and years to come… And now, with the convergence of three titanic economic forces, it’s more important than ever to get in while this stock is still in the perfect buyzone.

✔ The Next Stock Market Windfall:

Paul has just recently put the finishing touches on a dynamic special report, outlining five investments he has identified for astronomical returns. All the research shows each of these investments is on the verge of a major breakout … and each is poised to deliver gains upward of 1,000% or more.


✔ Twelve triple-digit gain guarantee:

Over the next year, you’ll see at least 12 stocks in the model portfolio rise over 100% — enough to double every dollar you invest, at minimum. If not, let us know, and you’ll get a second year free of charge.

In all the years I’ve been around the financial industry, I can honestly say I’ve convened with some of the most prestigious and accomplished investors and entrepreneurs on the planet…

And Paul easily ranks among them.

I’ve never seen an opportunity that gives Main Street investors the chance to team up with a Wall Street legend such as Paul … especially at such a small fee.

Particularly one this proven…

A research service that has already helped mint new millionaires — and shown readers how to generate over fortunes since inception.

Every year, on average, 50 stocks go up 1,000%. That’s four chances to grow your money tenfold, manifesting every month.

Paul is the only investor I know who has developed a system to detect the stocks with the highest chance of returning 1,000% over the next year...

While having made several 10x returns personally and helping readers book gains such as the exceptional 524% in 17 months.

This could be your only chance to align with him.

The gains made could hand you millions in the coming months, depending on how much you invest.

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I’m Corrina Sullivan. Thank you for watching the Super Bull Summit.

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July 2020