Confessions of a Wall Street Insider


After 10 Years of Secrecy, I’m Sharing Wall Street’s
Ultimate Tool for Growing Your Wealth by $1.2 Million



My name is JL Yastine.

Today, I want to share with you the most powerful secret uncovered during my 30-year career as an investigative journalist.

A secret that I, along with a team of the most experienced and independently successful investors in the world, cross-examined over a decade in order to maximize its full money-making power.

A secret that Wall Street would prefer Main Street to never see, as it reveals how simple it is to make market-crushing returns … without using speculative strategies.

A secret that could enable you to sidestep the 50% market crashes that have plagued investors over the last several decades.

A secret that begins with this…

A single, one-page calendar that was assembled … in 1905 … and privately circulated among investment titans ever since.

A calendar that has predicted nearly every major stock market boom and catastrophic bust for the last century.

Financial Time Tabe

This very calendar was quietly handed to me a decade ago by an incredibly important person on Wall Street after an in-depth interview.

I can’t thank him enough.

This 100-year-old calendar forewarned me of the 2008 crisis, told me to be fully invested soon after and has made investing one of the easiest aspects of my life.

Something few people can say.

Today, I’m going to share the full truth about this calendar … and how it sent me on a journey to create my own advanced version … using modern technology and rules-based systems to perfect it.

Take a look at my computer screen

It’s called the Prime Profits Calendar.

Chart 1

I have to say, after backtesting the results of this advanced Automatic Profits Calendar across 20,800 hours of real market data, the gains are so huge and come so automatically, it feels almost unfair to have it at my side.

If you had timed your investments perfectly, reinvesting after every win you found using this Automatic Profits Calendar, you would have snowballed an initial stake of $10,000 into $1,272,000 while the stock market would have left you with a mere $17,300 over the last 10 years.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

Those returns are 171 times better than a buy-and-hold strategy based on our historical analysis.

This is no small feat. Some of the most elite investors and traders on the planet cannot produce results like this.

And, just as importantly, this Prime Profits Calendar would have never lost you money over the last decade … each and every year it has posted gains … with an average annual return of 62.36%.

Crash Proof Chart

Compare that to the stock market, which would have left you with meager returns after whipsawing your investments through the stock market crash of 2008.

And with the way my team and I designed it, you will only need about 15 minutes a month to use it.

You will no longer have to study endless, complex corporate reports, technical charts or use any complicated software to make gains.

You won’t have to rely on any investment advisers who you may not trust because they only have their own best interests at heart.

All you need to do is take a quick look at this calendar, evaluate our research and follow a simple trade recommendation.

I’ve already shown this Prime Profits Calendar to some of my inside contacts, and they love it.

Take for example Paul Mampilly — the very man who won the Templeton Award for making a 76% gain on a $50 million investment during the market crash … the very man who was recruited to run a $6 billion hedge fund, and who, soon after, saw assets under his management balloon to $25 billion.

Paul told me:

Paul Mampilly


Every expert I’ve shown it to loves what they see.

And I’m going to show you how to use this new, advanced Prime Profits Calendar to grow your wealth, and your family’s, for decades to come … so you can make market-crushing returns. The types of gains which could alter your financial destiny while helping you secure a legacy of wealth for your children and grandchildren.

James Davidson

It is, without a doubt, the simplest … safest … and most profitable investment strategy I’ve ever encountered.

Whatever your goals are, whether you simply need more money for your retirement … or if you want to buy that second home you’ve always dreamed of … or if you just want to go on a few lavish vacations every year…

You’ll find that it is much more attainable than you might have imagined … as a direct result of what I’m showing you today.

I’ll share all my research with you. I’ll reveal exactly why I’m so confident the advanced calendar my team and I have designed could utterly transform your financial destiny.

Again, timed just right, this calendar could help you turn $10,000 into $1,272,000, growing your account 127-fold in the next 10 years … something most would say is impossible.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

99.99% of investors have never seen, nor will ever see, anything even close to what I’m going to put in your hands.

Before we get to all of that, though, I think I should tell you a bit about me … and why I’m calling this discovery — this Prime Profits Calendar — the greatest achievement of my career.

The Most Powerful Investment Discovery of
My Three-Decade Career…

As I said earlier, my name is JL Yastine.

I've built my entire career by speaking with the powerful, the influential and the "informed" to get to the bottom of things.

For example, I was one of the few who were allowed into Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union … to conduct a high-tension interview with Fidel Castro.

I've been invited to two notorious invitation-only Berkshire Hathaway investor meetings, where I convened one-on-one with the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

I've talked business with Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines; Frank Perdue, the founder of Perdue Chicken; and even had a — we'll say "uncomfortable" — interview with Michael Dell, when Dell was still a high-flying tech stock, and I pointed out that it would be a mistake for him to ignore the growing mobile-phone business.

I’ve had key discussions with former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Alice Rivlin, and I convene often with former congressmen, best-selling authors and global economic advisers.

And if my name sounds familiar, you might recognize me from my time at The Nightly Business Report, where I received a Business Emmy nomination for my investigative work.

Not to mention, I lead a team of famed economist and investment experts who have called every major economic event in the last three decades … such as the 2000 and 2008 stock market crashes, the housing boom and bust and the rise and fall of gold … just to name a few.

Some of these experts have made mind-blowing returns. One gentleman scored a 2,500% gain on a “down and out” biotech company … in just 8 months. And yet another made a strategic investment with $800,000 and saw it grow into a $3.5 billion windfall.

But none of these accomplishments can hold a candle to what we have been working on behind closed doors … what we have backtested against 10 years … and what we are about to reveal to you today.

And it all started with this calendar that was handed to me a decade ago…

When I witnessed the stunning accuracy of its predictions…

Like alerting me to the brutal shakeout in 2008, months before it hit…

I had to dig. I had to find answers.

I had to know more. I had to figure out how a century-old document could be so accurate when even the best and brightest financial minds of today have been blindsided by crisis after crisis.

Take a closer look at this calendar and you’ll see why it was such a game changer.

Financial Time Tabe

Predictable Crashes +
Predictable Booms =
Predictable Profits

What you see on your screen is a careful, formulaic breakdown of the stock market — according to cyclical events.

It shouldn’t surprise us that the market is cyclical … after all, much of our lives are cyclical … from the rising and setting of the sun to the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.

Those who constructed this calendar simply recognized the fact that the stock market is also cyclical, and therefore predictable.

You have a date … a year … and you have a legend explaining what happens on that date.


You can see an “H” for very high stock prices, a “J” for a major panic and even a “K” for extremely low stock prices … and so forth.


Now don’t get me wrong — there’s no such thing as a crystal ball when it comes to the market. But I have never come across a tool as strong as this calendar.

To see how accurate this calendar is, take a look at this chart of the stock market. I won’t go through every year — we will just look at a few of the major turning points in the market.


Now, remember … this calendar was made in 1905.

It predicted that 1928 would be an “H” year … meaning extremely high prices … that 1929 would be a “J” year … meaning a major panic would strike, leading to a crash … and that 1932 would be a “K” year … meaning extremely low stock prices … a depression.

And everything unfolded, just like the calendar predicted.

Dow 1901 to Today

It did this year after year after year.

Fast-forward to 1998 … that year was given an E … for high stock prices. 1999 was given an F for panic … and 2001 was given a G for low stock prices … when, sure enough, prices were 50% off their high.

The accuracy is uncanny.

Dow 1901 to Today

Now, remember, this calendar was put in my hands a decade ago.

And when I looked at it, I could see that a “K” was coming in 2007 … a K stood for a stock market sell-off.

Dow 1901 to Today

Specifically, “depression, despair, strikes, unemployment.”

As you can imagine, I benefited greatly by having a forewarning about the largest financial catastrophe since the Great Depression.

The more I looked at this calendar, the more the predictions stood out to me.

Financial Time Tabe

Sure, some of dates are not spot-on … but they are close enough to give anyone pause.

Of course, this got me thinking.

Were there other variations of this calendar out there? And if the stock market had annual cycles, does it also have shorter cycles … cycles that could be easily monetized by Main Street investors?

It didn’t take a lot of digging to find out that there were, and they had been out there for decades.

For example, unbeknownst to most investors, Merrill Lynch even conducted a study in the late ‘60s. They discovered that if you had purchased just 7 sectors of the market around September and simply sold them in April of the following year…


Every year from 1954 to 1964…

You would have tripled the stock market’s returns.

You didn’t have to make riskier trades. You didn’t have to put more money on the line. You didn’t have to spend hours reading The Wall Street Journal or watching the financial news.

All you had to do was invest your money in these 7 sectors in September and take your money out early the following year.

This study reveals how fruitless it is to leave your money sitting in the market year-round.

And how keeping every cent of yours invested at all times exposes you to crashes … like when the stock market plunged by 50% in 2000 and 58% in 2008.


We all remember that feeling of losing money … watching our retirement accounts get slashed in half.

All the while, these calendars were circulating between Wall Street’s elite investors … showing how bigger returns could be made: bigger returns, while sidestepping the carnage.

This should infuriate you. It infuriates me.

Some of the top fund managers have been using calendars just like the one I showed you to make money for years.

As one brokerage president admitted: “No serious trader should have it far from his hands.”

Another famous money manager confessed, even with nearly 40 years in the market and $68 billion under his firm’s management, that: “There is a lot of provocative information here to wet your whistle.”

You would think that these Wall Street insiders would have some compassion and share this secret with hardworking Americans.

Of course, all of my research got me thinking.

If a group of Wall Street insiders could create this accurate of a calendar back in 1905 to help navigate the booms and busts of the markets … with the very little data they had, without computers, without the ability to rapidly scan reams of data using modern-day technology…

And if Merrill Lynch had their hands on a better calendar in the 1960s that gets 3 times the returns of a buy-and-hold strategy…

Well, what could I create … today … with the tools that modern technology has to offer at my disposal?

And that’s what I have been doing for the last several years.

Working with a hand-selected team of investment experts to create the advanced calendar … the Prime Profits Calendar.

Based on our rigorous backtesting, by timing your investments just right, you could have used this advanced calendar over the last 10 years to grow a $10,000 stake to $1,272,000 … that comes out to an average return of 62.36% a year.

To put that in perspective, over the exact same time, the stock market would have turned every $10,000 into $17,673 … that comes out to an average return of 5.86% a year.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

What would you rather have?

$1,272,000 or $17,673?

A 127-fold explosion in your wealth or a 0.7 fold?

It’s really that simple.

However, before I show you how you can achieve these market-crushing returns, I want to emphasize my favorite part of this advanced calendar.


You see, I’m a firm believer in never taking on more risk than one has to.

I hate losing money.

So, you can understand why I love this chart.

Crash Proof

Not only did our analysis show that our calendar can outperform the stock market each and every year … we never had a single losing year during our 10 years of backtesting

It’s virtually crash-proof.

Even 2008 was a winning year.

If you had followed our strategy, you would have made 71.7% in gains that year.

71.7% during one of the worst economic crashes in history.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

Imagine making those types of gains.

Compare that to the stock market’s returns.

It’s lower each and every year by a wide margin.

Imagine how good it would feel to sidestep the 58% crash that blindsided investors during those years. You would have completely avoided the worst crash since the Great Depression by taking 15 minutes to check a calendar.

You would have completely flipped the narrative by making annual gains of 50%, 31% and even 182%. Almost tripling the size of your account in a single year.

The lowest year was 2015 with returns of 27%.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

Using the Prime Profits Calendar, your stock market worries would wash away. You would no longer be concerned about what the Federal Reserve is going to do next. It doesn’t even matter who will be the next president or if our federal debt keeps accelerating. It helps you sidestep all of these worries..

This Prime Profits Calendar has continued to deliver an average return of 62.36% a year. But first, it’s important that you understand who helped me design this calendar, and how we continued to perfect that calendar through trial and error … making sure we maximize the returns while reducing the risk.

The Stock Market Technician
Behind the Calendar

After all, engineering an investment calendar is outside my realm of expertise.

As an investigative journalist, I’m good at getting facts from the likes of Warren Buffett, Frank Purdue and Michael Dell, but when it comes to crunching reams of financial data, and coding a practical, consistent investing system … well, that’s beyond me.

So I asked my team members, which includes former hedge fund managers and congressmen along with presidential advisers, who would be best to lead the charge.

Again and again, they all said the same thing:

“Talk to Chad Shoop.”

According to my team, Chad had a hand in designing dozens of investing systems — including one program that currently delivers gains of 100% (or more) almost every 30 days.

Another program that he was instrumental in engineering is a “crash investing” system that is designed to make triple-digit gains should another 2008 crash strike.

And he has even devised a way for people to make as much as $2,000 a day from the market … without owning a single stock.

However, I still wasn’t sure if Chad would be the right guy. You see, all of these programs were made for higher, more advanced traders. You’d have to devote many hours a week to use some of them and often times put tens of thousands into each of the trades.

I wanted to make sure Chad could develop a calendar anyone could use in less than 15 minutes a month to grow their wealth 10-fold … even 100-fold.

So I met with Chad.

He’s a quiet, soft-spoken family man from North Carolina.

His southern drawl and firm handshake is distinctly different from most of the Ivy League whiz kids you find engineering these financial systems.

And what I learned speaking with him made me realize exactly what Chad brings to the table: a keen mind and an almost unhealthy obsessive attention to detail.

Chad routinely spends 60 to 80 hours a week in front of three monitors … scanning hundreds of readouts … using equipment and feeds that cost him upward of $150,000 a year to help him run dozens of algorithms and programs so that he can make the impossible … possible.

He thrives at finding those secret ways of making money that evade 99.99% of the population.

I have no doubt that if he wanted to, Chad could land a position as a top analyst at some of the most prestigious hedge funds on the planet.

But that’s not what Chad wants to do.

Chad detests Wall Street, and he dislikes publicity, so he avoids both.

So when I explained to Chad how Wall Street has had access to variations of my calendar, and how they have been profiting from it for over a century … he wasn’t surprised.

And when I told him my idea to design a more advanced calendar … one that we could share with Main Street Americans through my publishing company, his eyes lit up.

He even bluntly said it would be the most exciting project he’s ever worked on … because of how dramatically it could revolutionize the lives of Main Street investors.

Chad led the charge.

He started by studying the 111-year old document I showed you earlier…

Then he cracked into the other variations of Wall Street’s calendar to find all the repeating, seasonal cycles that they have been harnessing … take a look.

What he discovered is that every sector of the stock market has a “prime season”: a specific period of time in which the sector goes up each and every year no matter what’s happening in the overall market.

Prime Season vs. Bear Season

Holding on after the prime season ends is senseless, as it will either diminish your returns or wipe them out entirely. It’s not worth the added risk to hold onto the position.

Let me give you three examples of a prime season over the last 10 years … from a bearish sector, a flat sector and a bullish sector

Take a look at bearish sector first … the oil sector. This is the United States Oil Fund … symbol USO.

Oil Chart

The first thing you will notice? It’s down 82% over the last decade.

So if you would have put $10,000 into this sector and held that position, it would now be worth roughly $1,800.

However, by understanding the prime seasons embedded in the oil sector … you could have completely sidestepped this carnage and made a fortune.

Chad discovered that the prime season of oil starts on January 22 and ends on July 14.

If you would have bought and sold the right sector on these dates, every year for the last 10 years, you could have made an average annual return of 12.3% … enough to make gains of $21,900.

Oil Chart

That’s triple the returns of the stock market during that same era.

Here’s an example from a flat sector … real estate.

Real Estate Chart

This is a chart of a real estate fund … symbol VNQ.

The first thing you will notice is that it has finished where it started, and would have crashed during the 2008 crisis.

So if you would have put $10,000 into VNQ 10 years ago, it would have gone up a total of 24% … and would now be worth $12,434.

Real Estate Chart

That’s 10 lost years — 10 years of settling for paltry returns.

However, by understanding the prime seasons hidden inside the real estate sector … and exploited them … you would have absolutely trounced the market.

Chad found that the prime season of real estate starts November 20 and ends on May 5.

If you would have bought and sold the right sector on these dates every year for the last 10 years, you would have made an average annual return of 14.57% … enough to turn every $10,000 into roughly $39,000.

Real Estate Chart

That’s nearly quadrupling the returns of the stock market during that same era, and getting 14 times the returns of the real estate sector.

Here’s another. One of a bullish sector of the market.

This is a chart of a biotechnology fund, symbol IBB.

The first thing you will see is that biotechnology was on a tear for the last decade before cooling off recently.

Still, it’s up 249%.

Real Estate Chart

So every $10,000 invested would turn into $34,900.

As great as these returns are, if you had just bought and held biotech you would be leaving over $15,000 on the table.

Take a look.

Chad pinpointed the prime season in the biotech sector.

It starts on August 7 and ends on April 23.

If you would have bought and sold the right sectors on these dates every year for the last 10 years, you would have made an average annual return of 17.58% … enough to turn every $10,000 into $50,000.

That’s nearly 6 times the returns of the stock market during that same era and almost double the returns of the biotech sector.

Now don’t get me wrong — even during the prime season, not every pick will be a winner. But our backtests highlight how much more potential there is when you follow the market cycles.

Let’s review this quickly…

If you had just put $10,000 in the stock market for the last 10 years, you would have made $7,375.

But if you would have put your $10,000 into the prime season of oil … a sector that has absolutely tanked … you would have made gains of $21,900.

If you would have put your money in prime season of real estate … a sector that has remained flat after a massive pull back … you would have made an additional $28,968.

If you would have put your money in the prime season of biotechnology … a sector that has been on a tear … you would have made an additional $40,505.

So, by finding the prime season of the various sectors of the market, you can make money no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways.

And all it takes is just one trade a year.

That’s it.

This is possible because these prime seasons cut out all the fat — you don’t have to sit around and hope for the best.

It just makes sense.

Buy when the sector is going up. Sell before it goes down.

And this was just the start. We kept working, designing and analyzing to amplify our returns.

We’ve backtested this over 20,800 hours of market data.

And we found dozens of seasonal cycles just like these.

But in order to maximize the returns, and perfect the calendar, we focused on only the best sectors.

We did a lot of eliminating…

➣ If a sector’s prime season was too volatile … meaning it would make a lot of money one year and lose a lot of money the next year … we eliminated it. We wanted stability.

➣ If a sector’s prime season was keeping your money locked up for over 9 months … we eliminated it. We wanted quick gains. (I will show you why this is important in a moment.)

➣ If a sector seems to overlap too much with another sector that had similar gains, we eliminated it.

We spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in an effort to make our calendar perfect…

Take a look at it…

Chart 1

Now, please note this isn’t the final, advanced calendar I’ve been showing you glimpses of …we will get to that in a moment.

You will see 16 sectors on the left. Each has a specific buy and sell date. On the right are the returns if you were to buy and sell that sector on the same day every year.

So, if you buy the income sector on March 6 and sell it on May 2 … just 57 days later … you would have had the chance at a 10% return, each and every year like clockwork.

If you would have invested in natural gas on April 7 and sold on June 15, you would have made an 8.7% return.

And if you would have bought the transportation sector on October 2 and sold it on May 8 … 147 days later … you would have achieved an average annual return of 16.3%.

This calendar makes investing so easy and so profitable a sixth grader could do it.

I want to give you a free copy of this calendar in a moment.

If you use it, starting today, to buy and sell these sectors simply by making 16 trades a year … you will increase your chances at achieving an average 10.3% annual return.

However, we weren’t done. As great as these returns were … they’re not powerful enough to meet the goals Chad and I had set up for ourselves…

We wanted to find a way for you to have a surefire strategy for compounding your wealth beyond what you ever thought possible…

A way for those who are edging closer and closer to retirement … to be able to retire … on their own terms.

A calendar to help make retirement a reality for those who may not have $100,000 … or $50,000… or even $25,000 in their nest egg.

But perhaps just $10,000.

So, we kept working. Refining. Tweaking.

And we succeeded.

We found a way, if timed correctly, to turn that $10,000 into as much as $1,272,000 windfall within 10 years … 171 times more profit than the stock market delivered during the same time.

Using the Prime Profits Calendar…

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

Please, don’t get me wrong. All investing has risk — anyone trying to sell you a crystal ball is also trying to pull the wool over your eyes. What I am saying is that every person should have as many tools as they can at their disposal when it comes to the markets — and our calendar is the perfect tool.

A calendar that our backtests show can average an annual return of 62.36% … and never had a losing year.

Here’s how we did it…

We simply asked ourselves … what if, instead of just buying a sector during its prime season, we drill down to the sector’s TOP stock during its prime season?

So, instead of buying the “health care” sector, we recommend to buy the top stock of that sector … whether that be a known company like Johnson & Johnson or a smaller company like WellCare Health Plans.

Of course, it’s a great concept, but finding that top stock of any sector is the hard part.

That’s where Chad comes in, along with his qualifications as a stock market technician.

He started developing the code. A way to pinpoint the absolute best stock of a sector as it enters its prime season.

Now, the best stock doesn’t mean the one with the largest market cap or even the company that has the best financials. We aren’t looking for the best PE ratios, earnings per share, cash flow or anything like that.

We are concerned only about one thing.


Not the traditional momentum indicators like relative strength or the Money Flow Index… instead, he focuses on one specific oscillator.

This oscillator helps Chad find which stocks are increasing in upward volatility … and are about to break out in a powerful trend.

It’s a heat map of sorts that finds stocks that are going up. It’s that simple.

Thanks to the scientific rules-based nature of Chad’s code, we backtested this model for 10 years … across 20,800 hours of real-time market data … and what we found was astonishing.

By finding the best stock of each sector, we were able to boost our returns from 10.2% up to 28.17%.

Chart 1

We went from doubling the market … to quintupling it with just a few tweaks.

These are incredible gains.

Again, I know that’s not the 62.36% I’ve been talking about … I will show you how we get there in a moment using a profit-stacking method … you will love it.

But it’s vital that you understand this part first.

Let me show you how this works.

Take the prime season for the computer technology sector. It lasts from September 1 through March 29. Every year, if you buy and sell the computer technology fund, symbol XLK, you will have a high chance to average a nice 8.9% gain.

Chart 1 Verison 2

However, this fund consists of 74 stocks.


Many of these stocks can weigh down the index.

For example, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook make up a full 29% of the fund. If these stocks struggle, the whole fund struggles … even if other companies have a banner season.

Chart 1 Verison 2

Besides, relative to the other stocks in the fund … these big mammoth companies move slowly.

So, Chad uses his rules-based code, and his keen intellect as a stock market technician, to find the stock with the most momentum.

Take a look at the stocks he found during the backtest of the last 10 years in the computer technology sector.


In 2006, it would have found F5 Networks for a 93% gain.

Now, odds are, you have never heard of F5 Networks. I certainly didn’t until it was spotted by Chad’s calendar. F5 Networks only takes up a mere 0.2% of the weighting in the computer technology fund. It’s number 66 on their list … so clearly the Wall Street managers didn’t give it a lot of credence.

But that doesn’t matter to us.

We just want to look at the facts. So, we use the rules-based system that Chad coded to find the stock with the most momentum … and we could see that money was flying into F5 Networks.

And that would have led to a 93% gain.

Chad’s system continued to find a 26% gain in Akamai Technologies and a 134% gain in First Solar.

It lost 16% in 2009 on Fidelity National Information Services … but that was the sole year this sector lost money. However, keep in mind, this was only the computer technology sector. Other sectors of the calendar performed well, allowing us to clock 150% gains in 2009. So Chad’s system worked.

In 2010 and 2011, it would have bounced back with 35% and 32% gains in Level 3 Communications, followed up by gains of 37% in Skyworks, 30% in First Solar, 43% in Facebook and another big gain in Skyworks of 84%.

Chart 1 Verison 2

Adding this layer to our calendar allowed us to boost our returns.

It’s all thanks to Chad’s powerful code.

Over the last 10 years of backtesting, this rules-based system found several other big gains in stocks that were on the move as their sector entered its prime season.

Let me show you…

✓ We found an 80% gain in Nutrisystem


✓ An 85% gain in Intuitive Surgical


✓ A 161% in Goldman Sachs


✓ A 93% gain in United Continental Holdings


✓ A 265% gain in General Growth Properties


✓ A 151% gain in FelCor Lodging Trust


✓ A 70% gain in 8x8 Inc.


✓ A 113% gain on Lennar


✓ A 94% gain and a 115% gain in Globalstar


✓ A 82% gain in Tenet Healthcare Corp


✓ A 163% gain in Netflix


✓ An 81% gain in Diplomat Pharmacy


✓ An 84% gain in Skyworks Solutions


✓ A 295% gain in Bluebird Bio


And there are dozens of others.

However, as great as all these gains are, we weren’t done yet.

We could tell that our money was sitting idly too long in between seasons.

Bear Seasons

Now, it makes logical sense that if a sector of the stock market has a “prime&rdqurdquo; season, it will also have a “bear” season … a time when that sector of the market goes down.

Bear vs. Prime

And you can take advantage of these bear seasons without shorting stocks, using options or risking a lot of money.

You can do it simply by flipping the bear season … so the annual trend looks a lot more like this.

Bear vs. Prime Blank

So it’s an eternal bull market.

The vehicles that let you do this are a set of inverse funds that go up when a sector goes down … so unlike options or shorting stocks, no leverage or speculative investing is needed. These inverse funds can be purchased just like a mutual fund or stock, and are the perfect vehicle to use to profits from these “bear seasons.”

Take a look at this next version of our calendar.


Our backtests show from May 6 through July 10 you could have made an 11% gain during the bear season of financials. You could have made a 13% gain during the bear season of materials and an 18% gain during the bear season of oil.

Now, these returns are not as big … but they are important … as you will see in our next step in developing our Prime Profits Calendar … what I call profit stacking.

Profit Stacking

You will notice that most “prime seasons” and “bear seasons” last for only about 6 months.

And since it makes no sense to have your money sitting around doing nothing, why not put your money to work by rolling it over in another sector’s prime season or bear season … stacking your profits.

Take a look what our backtests found:


You could ride the prime season of health care producers from March 11 through July 29, making a nice 29% gain … then on September 21, you could roll your money into the inverse sector of consumer goods, making a quick 11% gain in less than a month. Then on October 23, you could roll your gains over into metal miners for an 11% profit.

When you compound your gains like this … taking your profits and rolling them over into the next investment … it adds up to 55% annual returns.

As you can see, you can do this for several other sectors of the market as well.

You could hop from telecommunications to pharmaceutical for gains of 61.98%, and you could go from computer technology to natural gas for gains of 62.57% … it’s incredibly simple.

And, as another major benefit … since your investment is being spread out over only 6 sectors at a time … you can start with less money.

All you have to do is make a few trades a year, timing it exactly (with help from the calendar), and you could be sitting on windfall profits.

This is profit stacking.

Now again, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. There are always risks when it comes to investing. With that being said, the calendar, with Chad’s system and expertise, works better than anything I’ve seen in the industry.

In all, your annual gains could come out to 62.36% annually.

When you compound your returns over 10 years, a $10,000 investment timed just right could reap as much as $1,272,000 in gains. That’s 171 times better than the stock market.


That’s real money that could be flowing into your account year in and year out … almost effortlessly … it’s money that you could use to buy that second home, to go on that dream vacation, or perhaps even help a family member out.

Again, I want to send you this Prime Season Calendar for free today.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

It includes all our best cycles, their profit seasons, the best funds to buy and more…

And to think it does almost all the work for you...

It’s designed to find the prime sectors in the market and then pinpoint the best stock in that sector … the one that has the most momentum behind it … the stock that is poised to go up and to keep going up.

And then it stacks those gains by using other sectors and even inverse funds.

Again, you can get all of this today…

However, as you might be able to tell…

This Prime Profits Calendar — this advanced version that finds the top stocks of each sector … launching returns from $117,000 up to $1,272,888 … is not some “set it and forget it” system.

The code that Chad designed requires a stock market technician’s ability to decipher it.

That’s why Chad and I made a huge decision…

In order to help people just like you make a ton of money, we developed a research service — a way to let people look over our shoulder and see what we see. It’s an entirely innovative way of investing … as well as easy and fun. And, most importantly, it helps you grow your money fast and safe.

And, so, just like the man who handed me the original calendar years ago, Chad and I decided these gains were just too good to keep to ourselves.

Developing this service is just the right thing to do.

This new service is called Chad Shoop's Automatic Profits Alert.

Here’s how it works…

With Chad Shoop's Automatic Profits Alert you will receive…

1. The Original Wall Street Calendar
You will receive the original Wall Street Calendar. This document has quietly changed hands around Wall Street’s backrooms for over 100 years and was the original calendar I was handed all those years ago. This calendar not only forecasted the Great Depression nearly three decades in advance … but also the stock market crashes of 2000 and 2008. We’re going to give you a free copy of this fascinating document so you can see exactly how cyclical the market is … and how many patterns are built right into the financial world.


2. The Prime Profits Calendar … Every Year
And you get an updated calendar every year. We do this because the prime season of each sector can evolve every year — not a lot … it might mean buying the real estate sector a week later, or selling it a week earlier.

Also, investment funds evolve. They may get a new manager or adjust their strategies. Or perhaps a new fund forms … like a new real estate fund with lower fees and better management. We want to make sure you always know the best investment opportunities.

So every January, we will send you an updated version of our Prime Profits Calendar.


3. Trade Alerts
You will also get trade alerts. Using his rules-based system, Chad will constantly monitor the various sectors of the stock market. As the sectors approach their prime season, Chad will pinpoint the best stock of each sector and make a clear, simple recommendation for you via email.

He will tell you exactly what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. Chad will even give you some simple details … completely in layman’s terms … on why our coded system selected that stock.

Usually, it is just one or two trades a month. That’s it.

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to make these simple trades.


4. Weekly Updates
You will also get weekly updates. Every week, Chad will check in with you. He will discuss what’s happening with the various sectors in the model portfolio. Chad will break down exactly how these cycles are behaving and he’ll reveal the trends that could be accelerating them or even potentially slowing them down.

It is not necessary for you to read these weekly updates. We make them available because many people enjoy reading them and like to be kept abreast of what’s happening behind the scenes. We are always monitoring this system. Your financial safety and profits are our top priority.


5. A Dedicated Customer Service Team
Because of the unique nature of the Automatic Profits Alert service, we’ve trained a special team of care representatives just for members of this service. When you sign up, you’ll receive a confidential toll-free hotline number and email address to reach these representatives anytime between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, where they’ll answer any questions you have about your membership.

In the 18-year history of our firm, we’ve never offered a research service quite like this one.

It’s a revolutionary way of making money.

Think about it.

In just 15 minutes a month, by timing your investments just right, you will have the chance to turn every $10,000 into as much as $1,272,000.

That’s 127-fold growth, with no exotic investments, no leverage, no high-speed or high-frequency trading, no wild speculation.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

All you have to do is make one or two trades every month, along with some short details provided, and decide if the trade is right for you.

It puts you in control of your financial future.

Realistically, we could charge tens of thousands of dollars for research like this.

Remember, you’re getting an updated calendar each year…

Alerts sent to your email when it’s time to buy a new stock that is entering its prime season.

Constant guidance from Chad every week…

A direct line to our trained representatives…

And the chance to turn $10,000 into $1,272,000 with more ease than most financial managers would say is legally possible.

This journey started 10 years ago, and it has cost our firm over $150,000 annually for the technology used to find the data I’ve presented to you today.

It requires Chad’s full-time focus and growing efforts going forward.

For some perspective…

Something like this could easily run into seven figures at a hedge fund.

But we’re not asking for anywhere near that.

Not 7 figures.

Not $100,000.

Not $10,000.

Right now, we’ve set the retail price for Automatic Profits Alert at $1000 a year.

Since this is the first time in the history of our firm we’ve ever offered a service like this, I’m not even going to ask you for that much.


That’s all it will take for you to discover research that could turn every $10,000 in your account, right now, into $1,272,000.

It’s been backtested and proven with 20,800 hours of thoroughly cleaned and analyzed market data.

But I want to make it even easier for you to jump on this … I want to take all the risk and worry off your shoulders.

Chad and I want to prove the Automatic Profits Alert is everything we’ve promised.

So we are giving you a double guarantee.

1. Guarantee No. 1: 100% Satisfaction
The first one is 100% satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with everything you get today … the Original Wall Street Calendar, the Prime Profits Calendar, the trade alerts, the weekly updates and our dedicated customer service team … then just let us know, and we will issue you a full refund. And that goes for the ENTIRE year of your subscription. It’s that simple. Just give our team a call.

2. Guarantee No. 2: “Double the Market” Gains
The second is a “Double the Market” guarantee. We guarantee that by following Chad’s research in the Automatic Profits Alert service, our model portfolio will give you the chance to double the market’s performance over the next 12 months.

You heard that correctly, but it bears repeating: If you simply follow Chad’s recommendations every month … we guarantee our model portfolio will DOUBLE the stock market’s returns.

If we fail to do that, simply call or email us, and we’ll give you a second year’s subscription free of charge.

However, considering the immense profits you’ll be raking in this time next year … I just don’t see that happening.

I’ll wager you’ll never come across any other firm willing to make this kind of double guarantee.

But we’re making this promise for one reason only: confidence.

We’ve spent a lot of money, time and man power to reduce this entire strategy down to basic mathematics…

Our research has been backtested and verified for over a decade.

No matter how we slice it, the result is always the same.

Trading these sectors helps you beat a buy-and-hold strategy.

Using our coded system gives us the chance to, on average, turn $10,000 into $1,272,000.

So showing you how to double the market, frankly, is not even an exaggerated promise for us.

It’s a baseline.

I see you tripling, quintupling, even sextupling the market over the next year … rapidly watching every dollar you’ve entrusted to our Automatic Profits Alert growing faster than you may have ever thought possible.

But we’re just getting started.

Because Chad has prepared two additional gifts he wants to send you the moment you agree to this no-risk trial membership to Automatic Profits Alert.

We want to help you hit the ground running as a new member.

So together, Chad and I assembled a package of two additional volumes to help supercharge your profits … and help turn even the most novice investor into a pro.

Special Report No. 1: 5 Secret Cycles for Windfall Profits — Chad and I found more than just a few prime seasons in specific stocks and sectors. We unearthed a whole treasure chest of lucrative opportunities to ramp up the growth of your wealth. One could save (and earn) you a fortune this election season. Another points out the single day that will produce 550% more profits than EVERY other day of the month. We reveal 5 of these simple profit-multiplying cycles in this brief report.


Special Report No. 2: Unlocking Your Brokerage Account — This “Investing 101 Guide” reveals secrets for getting more cash out of your brokerage account. Most people think “buying stocks” is the only thing they can really do with their account. This report unveils how you can use your account to make as much as 10 times more profit on your investment … and more. Not only is this a primer for the novice investor to hit the ground running, but it also reveals some of the most advanced tweaks you can make to unlock even more opportunities … all in layman’s terms.

We could easily charge upward of $199 for each of these reports alone.

But you won’t pay a penny for them.

You get both of these reports, plus everything I’ve mentioned today, for free, just for accepting a no-risk, 12-month trial membership to Automatic Profits Alert.


A membership that has a double guarantee so that there is no risk for you in joining today.

However, there are limited openings for this charter membership.

We’re Only Permitting 500
Members Today

Due to the proprietary nature of this research, we cannot simply leave it up indefinitely … or allow everyone to access it.

We’ve spent over a decade and six figures in research to bring this all together.

And so we can only accept just 500 new members today.

After that, I can’t say how many spots will be available to access this research…

Or even if it will be offered again in the future.

I want you to be one of these new members … one of the people roaring ahead with the chance to turn every $10,000 in your account into $1,272,000.

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

And I want you to be one of those people who never has to worry about another stock market crash again … as you reap average annual gains of 62.36% each year.

Crash Proof Chart

Just think: While most people will continue to eke out a small return from the stock market — leaving their retirement at the risk of another 50% stock market crash — you could be making money month in and month out … all it will take is 15 minutes.

You no longer have to monitor your investments like a hawk. You no longer have to worry about a crash. You no longer have to worry if your adviser has your best interests at heart.

With Automatic Profits Alert, all your worries go away as your gains are automated. Investing will be as simple as checking a calendar and placing a trade.

It’s easy.

It’s fun.

And it’s incredibly profitable.

All you have to do to get started is click the orange button below.

You’re not making any commitment by clicking the button.

All it will do is take you to a secure order page where you can review everything we’ve talked about today, and see every promise I’ve made in writing before you decide to take the next step.

Just click the orange button below, and within the next 10 minutes, everything I’ve promised will be yours, and you will be on your way to making incredible gains.