How to Invest During the COVID-19 Bear Market Using Profit Stacks



Corrina Sullivan

CORRINA: For the last 7 years, Chad Shoop and his team of analysts have designed some of the most unconventional investment strategies this side of Wall Street…

“Out of the box” strategies that have helped him recommend consistent triple-digit winners as high as 439% in 20 days… 465% in a little over two months… and 526% returns in under 90 days!

An investment wunderkind, Chad was invited to work for a prestigious financial firm controlling millions of invested capital at the ripe old age of 24 years old...

Chad Shoop

Since then he’s gone on to receive the elite Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation he received after multiple grueling exams. Of the more than 300,000 financial analysts in the United States … only 2,400 have received the coveted CMT designation.

In other words, just the top 1% of all analysts have the skills, abilities and discipline to qualify for this designation.

Bottom line is, Chad could be working for any number of Wall Street firms today and their elite clients.

But instead, his sole focus is helping everyday folks build their wealth in any market.

Today, Chad and his team share their investment research with over 132,000 everyday folks from all over the world … folks who rely on his keen market insights and investment recommendations to meet and exceed their financial goals.

And in this exclusive interview, you’ll be one of the first to see how his powerful “Profit Stacking” strategy could help you save your portfolio and build a 7-figure nest egg in the months and years ahead.


CORRINA: Chad, thank you for meeting with me today.

CHAD: It's a pleasure, Corrina. I’m excited to be here.

CORRINA: As I understand it, you and your team have developed an investment strategy over the past few years … a strategy so powerful, yet also so simple and effective, it can help anyone grab huge gains from the stock market — without taking on unnecessary risks.

CHAD: That’s right. This strategy can help almost anyone build their wealth to seven figures or more over a reasonable amount of time.

CORRINA: Seven figures is quite a sum.

CHAD: You’re right. Which is why I had my research team pour over 21,840 hours’ worth of historical data analysis to develop this strategy, so anyone could blow the lid off their financial goals. Altogether, we’ve invested over $2 million in research, analysis and other costs … over the past year alone.

And what’s more — we’ve been running this strategy live for the last three years … showing our readers real-time trade recommendations…

CORRINA: And how are the results?

CHAD: Well, Corrina, I’m glad to say that the track record over the last three years has delivered on exactly what I expected it to. Based on the results of the last three years and the way it has trended … I can confidently say Profit Stacks has the ability to give anyone — regardless of age, net worth or investment experience — the chance to turn every $10,000 into over a million dollars within a reasonable amount of time.

To be more specific, if the performance we saw in 2019 were to continue, if you started with a $10,000 stake, you could turn that into just over a million dollars in only 13 years.

And that’s if you were to make only a one-time investment of $10,000…

If you invested more or added more every year, you could shorten that timespan to five or six years. It’s up to you.

To be candid, it was extremely important that we get this right as more than 132,000 people follow my team’s investment research … and for some, the path to a wealthy retirement is on the line.

CORRINA: So it sounds like you were able to crack the seven-figure code with profits stacks?

CHAD: Short answer, I fully believe we have.

And once you, and our viewers, see how easy it is to use this strategy … you will never look at investing the same way again…

In fact, based on recent calculations … I’ll show you how you don’t need $10,000 to kick off a million-dollar windfall…

In fact, you can get similar results in just 11 years starting with as little as $500 a month.

CORRINA: Wow. Just $500 per month? That means profit stacks could help almost anyone retire rich!

CHAD: Indeed, but in order to do this … people have to have an open mind … they have to be willing to see the financial markets in a whole new light.

Now, of course, investing always carries risk, and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. There is always a chance future recommendations won’t follow past performance.

But bottom line … I believe this strategy is going to change people’s lives. And I couldn’t be happier to be here and share it with you and our viewers today.

CORRINA: This is truly exciting, Chad. I’m sure our viewers can’t wait to dive right into this. And everyone in the studio right now is eager to see how anyone can build a seven-figure portfolio, starting with as little as $500 a month over the next few years.

So let’s get to it.

CHAD: Great…

CHAD: Imagine your typical stock portfolio. It might look something like this…

CORRINA: Looks like you have some big winners like AMD … Velocity Silver … Envision Healthcare … and a couple of duds like Farmland Partners.

CHAD: That’s right. Now, here’s the deal. When investors figure out their returns, they usually average their gains. Like this…

CORRINA: 12%. That’s a pretty good return for anyone.

CHAD: I agree. After all, studies show mutual funds making less than 5%!

But take a look at this.

What if … instead of averaging your profits … you stack them … one on top of another … over and over… Just like this…


So instead of 12% on average … you’d get 106% returns instead?

CORRINA: That would be incredible. But … how is that even possible? You can’t just add up your returns like that, can you?

CHAD: Well, Corrina, actually … you can. And I will show you and our viewers how to in just a moment.

What’s more — it can easily be done without the need for complex strategies like options, futures or day trading.

In fact, what I’m about to share with you has a diversification element that makes regular “diversifying” a joke…

Bottom line … with “Profit Stacking” … you can literally stack your profits like this, year after year after year.

CORRINA: I’m no math whiz, Chad, but … (pause) … you’re talking about nine TIMES higher returns!

On this portfolio alone — if I started with $10,000 … instead of banking a $1,200 profit in two years, I could’ve stacked my profits to a portfolio worth $21,600?

CHAD: Exactly, that’s like adding the equivalent of a second salary to your bank account … with very little extra work.

And … we’re just getting started…

In a moment, I’m going to show you a way to maximize Profit Stacking … for even bigger returns.

As I’ve said already — based on the trends of our current track record over the last three years … I believe you could turn a small stake of $10,000 into a $1.04 million windfall in the years to come.

CORRINA: Not to mention, you could even start today with as little as $500 per month.

CHAD: That’s right.

CORRINA: OK, Chad … I’m sure for our viewers this is a lot to take in. Can you break this down … and take us through everything step by step?

CHAD: Absolutely. In fact, I’ve shown this strategy to quite a few people, and they all had a similar reaction … at first.

But once they saw how everything works … they couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Which is why I firmly believe that anyone … regardless of age, net worth or investment experience … can use Profit Stacks to build a six and even seven-figure nest egg … faster than they ever thought possible.


CHAD: To keep it simple … I’ve broken it down into three easy steps…

The first step is to identify investments with “stacking potential” … as only certain investments can be stacked.

The second step is to make sure the investments have “stacking compatibility” … they need to stack well together.

And finally, the third step is to maximize your profit potential with “stacking optimization.” This step is critical for turning Profit Stacks into a powerful seven-figure investment strategy.

CORRINA: This sounds logical, but can you take us through each step? For starters … how do you find specific investments with stacking potential?

CHAD: Here’s what you need to understand:

There are certain sectors … in the market … that are … highly cyclical.

Think of these sectors as specific industry groups of related companies like pharmaceuticals … utilities … or technology.

CORRINA: Finance and telecommunications are other sectors as well?

CHAD: You got it.

CORRINA: And … by “highly cyclical” … you mean sectors that tend to go up and down? Just like bull and bear markets or economic cycles that rise and fall?

CHAD: Yes, that’s correct. But think smaller and more predictable. I’m not interested in big macroeconomic 7-, 10- or 21-year cycles. I’m only interested in shorter-term cycles that can make money for investors right nowover and over again. I want short, seasonal cycles that you can take to the bank over and over again.

For instance, tourism and cruise lines boom in the summer … while electricity and heating oil take off in the winter…

CORRINA: Or the toy industry during the holidays.

CHAD: Right. And it’s during these times, when sales spike, that the stock prices often soar as well. In fact, some sectors are so cyclical and predictable … you can pinpoint the exact calendar date when they tend to go up in price, and the exact date in the year when they usually go down or stall out.

And by investing only when a sector is likely to go up, instead of buying and holding … research shows you can make more money … like a lot more money. In some cases, it could be the difference between losing money … and making 600% returns!

In fact, two economists at Carnegie Mellon University won a Nobel Prize in 2004 for their insights into the power of business cycles.

And elite traders around the world have used cycles to fatten their wallets … for years. Take Larry Williams, a legendary trader, who leveraged cycles as part of his strategy when he turned $10,000 into $1.1 million within 12 months … or Paul Tudor Jones who grew his fund from $1.5 million to $330 million in under four years … then there’s Mark Weinstein who stacked his gains ninefold in three months with 100% winning trades.

That’s like turning $10,000 into $90,000 in just three months … without ever losing a dime.

Of course this is an extraordinary example of investors who got it perfectly right with cycle investing.

And when you get it right … the returns are off the charts.

Think about it … even a fraction of these kinds of gains … over and over again … can be truly life-changing.

And the great news, is that you don’t have to be nearly this precise to reap a massive reward.

CORRINA: OK, you’ve got my attention … but can you give our viewers a concrete example of how this works in reality?

CHAD: Yes, absolutely. Let’s start with the financial sector. Take a look at this chart. It’s a composite chart, which means it shows, on average, how the financial sector has performed during the year … over the last 10 years…

CORRINA: Hold on. I’m not understanding what a composite chart means. Do you mean it’s 10 years’ worth of data layered on top of each other?

CHAD: Yes, that’s correct. Here are the 10 years laid out … then combined. Now, notice how from November to May this sector practically always goes up?

CORRINA: Yes, I see that.

CHAD: And look at the period between May and November. For the last 10 years, it has often fluctuated like this and not made a lot of money.

CORRINA: Wow! That’s fascinating. It’s like there’s a “bull season” where the sector clearly tends to go up … and months where it doesn’t make gains.

CHAD: Exactly! This is what I call “stacking potential" … a predictable cycle we can more safely bet money on … over and over again.

CORRINA: So by investing between November and May only … you could reap all the profits, and avoid having money sitting around doing nothing.

CHAD: Precisely. And here’s something else. Take a look at this.

Had you bought and held the financial sector over the last 10 years … you would have lost money … but investing ONLY during the November to May cycle … over and over again … could’ve turned a small investment into a huge windfall!

CORRINA: That’s almost triple your money by following the seasonal cycle!

CHAD: Yes, and that’s the critical first step to my Profit Stacking strategy … finding investments with stacking potential … that is, investment opportunities with clear, predictable times when they usually go up in price…

CORRINA: The sectors with clear cycles?

CHAD: Right … sectors with clear stacking potential. In simple terms, we only invest when we know the investment opportunity is highly likely to go up in price. And as you just saw — we know the average time frame the financial sectors have historically gone up … practically down to the day!

Of course history is never guaranteed to repeat itself exactly … but we analyzed over 21,840 hours of data to find these time frames with the highest profit potential.

And the best part is — this cycle only lasts a few months.

Which means — the moment it’s over, we can take our profits and invest in another investment opportunity with stacking potential.

CORRINA: Oh, I think I know where you’re going with this…

With the financial sector, since you’re only invested for half the year … that gives you another six full months to reinvest your money in another cycle.

CHAD: That’s exactly right. Why risk holding something the entire year, if for half the year it sits there and does nothing? Instead, you can take your winnings … get out … and then reinvest your gains in another high-flying cycle.

Let me show you another example.

CORRINA: Before we do that, Chad, I’m wondering … as I’m sure many of our viewers are as well … how do you invest money in a sector? Do you use exchange-traded funds?

CHAD: I do. Exchange-traded funds or ETFs … are similar to mutual funds. That is, they hold a bundle of specific stocks. But unlike mutual funds, they can be traded just a like a stock and the fees are much lower. And in the case of sector ETFs, they’re a bundle of related stocks in the same industry.

CORRINA: Ah. OK. That makes sense. I can see how ETFs are a great way for anyone to invest in a large collection of stocks in a single sector … and they can do it on the cheap.

CHAD: Exactly. Here are some more examples of sectors with predictable cycles and stacking potential. This chart shows you the telecommunications sector … and how it often takes off on a tear in February … until July.


But look what typically happens the rest of the year…

CORRINA: The sector goes nowhere.

CHAD: That’s right. That’s six months of the year where you’re probably not making money. In fact … it’s happened this way for most of the last 10 years… So when you invest in telecoms between February and July only … we can get more of the upside and less of the downside. Take a look…

CORRINA: Wow, that is a huge difference. In terms of profit, you could’ve beat buy and hold almost FIVE TIMES over!

CHAD: And that’s just the start. There are many more sectors with clear cycles as well. Take a look at the semiconductor sector. Between November 14 and February 25, it often surges higher…

And from March to October, it usually flattens out…

The materials sector is yet another one. Look at what tends to happen between late September until the end of the year…

And then, the other nine months…

CORRINA: A whole lot of nothing.

CHAD: Exactly. And here’s the transportation sector between August 23 and January 10…

And then the rest of the year, between January and August…

OK, Corrina, stick with me here. I want to show you two more of these, and it’s important you pay close attention, because what I’m about to share with you is critical to understanding the power behind Profit Stacking … the reason why anyone … literally anyone can turn a small stake into over a $1 million over the next few years.

Take a look at the oil sector. See what typically happened over the last 10 years, between January 22 and April 25…

CORRINA: It shot straight up!

CHAD: It did. And now look at the rest of the year…

And now, let me show you what could’ve happened had you bought and held the oil sector versus only investing between January and April…

CORRINA: Wow. You could’ve made six times your money from investing in clear cycles … while a buy-and-hold investment would’ve lost you money.

CHAD: You got it. So you can see how powerful investing only during a sector’s historically most profitable times can be.

Here’s one last one I want to share with you. But I have to warn you. It might seem odd at first. Take a look at the pharmaceuticals sector between November 12 and January 18…

CORRINA: Now, wait a minute here, Chad. Anyone looking at this chart can tell you historically … there’s a huge upswing from February to July here. It looks like you’re missing out on a lot of gains.

CHAD: Agreed … but here’s the catch. Our research into a decade of data shows us that if you had only invested during the three-month period of November to January … you could’ve made the same amount of money as “buying and holding” the sector for an entire year.

CORRINA: OK. Got it. So you’re saying you could make the same amount of money in three months that would normally take 12.

CHAD: That’s right. Let it sink in for a moment … once you’ve banked your potential profits in these three months … you have another nine months to invest in another proven cycle.

This is why investments with stacking potential are so powerful. It could give you massive gains in a SHORT, predictable time frame every year.

CORRINA: OK, OK. I get it. This is huge! With an extra nine whole months to invest your money again … why would you ever want to buy and hold at all?

CHAD: You got it. And that’s why the second step in my strategy is so important. Not only do you need stacking potential, but you also need “stacking compatibility”…

You have to find investments that will fit together hand in glove… Giving you the chance to maximize profits by being fully invested all year round.

This is why I tasked my team to pour over thousands of hours of market data to identify every possible sector with “stackability.”

So far, we’ve identified 15, and we’re finding more and more every day.

CORRINA: Now, as I understand it, Chad, before we’re done here … you’ve actually put all these sectors and dates along with all your analysis into a FREE report called 6 Profit Stacks to Trade This Year… And you’re going to give viewers a chance to claim a free copy … so they can see all these sectors in detail … and more importantly, the exact dates on when to invest in them?

CHAD: That’s correct. In fact, not only will they see the best sectors ... we’ve also broken it down to the best ETFs in each sector. This way, you can start stacking profits today. And you’ll see how easy these profit stacks can help you turn a small stake into a $1 million windfall over the coming years. Frankly, you will never look at investing the same way again.

Best of all ... anyone can do it. Once you have the right sectors and time frames at your fingertips ... anyone can use this research to accelerate their portfolio and build a seven-figure retirement.

CORRINA: This sounds great, Chad.

For those of you watching with us today, at the end of this presentation, there will be a link where you can claim immediate access to your FREE copy of 6 Profit Stacks to Trade This Year when you subscribe to Chad’s research service.

OK, Chad ... so far you’ve taken us through step 1. That's stacking potential … can you take us through step 2? What you call … “stacking compatibility”?

CHAD: Absolutely … as you’ve seen, unlike a buy-and-hold investment, the typical holding period here is just a few months’ time … so it makes sense to put our money to work in other sectors to stack the profits.

Take a look.

Here are the 15 sectors we’ve identified with clear historical patterns again…

And based on these cyclical patterns, we can analyze which ones have stacking compatibility — the ones that “fit” together.

CORRINA: You’re literally stacking them. And it works, because the predictable dates in these sectors repeat year after year.

CHAD: That’s right! Take the pharmaceutical sector for example. Remember, this sector has historically shot up between November 12 and January 18, but flattened out the rest of the year.

This leaves us nine months to reinvest our profits elsewhere.

This is where my team and I analyze which sectors will fit inside this nine-month window. And more importantly, finding ones that would give us the highest potential profit margin. In this case, the telecommunications sector could’ve given us the best return. In fact, our analysis shows it has consistently rocketed up between January 22 and July 23.

So, we invest in the telecommunications sector during those dates. And then, from November to January 18, we invest in the pharmaceuticals sector. And if you had followed this simple pattern over the last 10 years … buy on January 22, sell on July 23. Buy on November 12, sell on January 18 … and do it over and over again … stacking your potential profits on top of the other…

You could have turned every $10,000 into almost $38,000!

And here’s the best part ... this is just one Profit Stack.

Take a look ... here’s another one with three compatible sectors.

You buy the health care sector on March 16, sell on July 23 … buy a consumer goods inverse ETF on September 21, sell on October 15 … and finally, buy the metal miners sector on October 23 and sell right after Christmas. You stack these three sectors, over and over again…

With this one, you could’ve turned every $10,000 into $114,493!

Of course, investing always carries a degree of risk, and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Now I want to be clear here — common sense investing usually says “stacking your profits” like this can be risky because you’re reinvesting all your profits each time.

But we have two safeguards. First off … these are ETFs, which means diversification is built right in…

And second … I never run just one single profit stack only. In fact, I always have six different stacks compounding potential profits at any given time.

CORRINA: OK — this makes sense. It sounds as if you’ve taken the time and care to pull out as much risk as possible from Profit Stacking?

CHAD: Absolutely. Like I said, I have over 132,000 readers I’m responsible for. And I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

CORRINA: I can see you don’t. One other question … did you say “inverse” ETF a minute ago? I’m not sure everyone watching knows what that means… Can you quickly explain it?

CHAD: Inverse ETFs are used to bet against a sector. It’s like shorting a stock … you make money when a sector goes down.

CORRINA: OK. Got it.

CHAD: Here, let me give you a perfect example using another Profit Stack. This one requires four compatible sectors working in tandem: semiconductor, income, financial inverse and health care inverse. And here are the dates for all four sectors in a Profit Stack. Take a look.

And if you followed this pattern, over and over again … March to May, May to July, September to October, November to February…

My historical analysis shows you could’ve turned every $10,000 into $118,296!

CORRINA: That’s two different Profit Stacks that could’ve produced 1,000% gains in just a few years. At this rate, I can see how easy it could be for anyone to hit a seven-figure retirement in record time.

The beauty of these Profit Stacks is that you’re investing in sectors when it makes the most sense … based on the time of the year. For instance, I noticed how the pharmaceuticals sector goes up during the winter months, a time when more people get sick.

CHAD: That’s right, Corrina. The concept of Profit Stacks works because they’re highly predictable. We get cold in the winter. We plant in the spring. We harvest in the fall. Proven patterns that can often be as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Patterns you can use to potentially beat the market three … seven … and even eight times over … if not more.

Not to mention, you can do it in a fraction of time compared to buy-and-hold strategy since your money is always at work.

Of course, history is never guaranteed to repeat itself 100% but as Mark Twain famously quipped … “History doesn’t repeat itself”…

CORRINA: But it often rhymes!

CHAD: You got it!

CORRINA:This is truly impressive, Chad. And it seems quite easy to do. It’s predictable and routine. As simple as reading a calendar and making sure you buy the right sectors at the right time.

CHAD: Exactly.

CORRINA: I would think anyone can follow these dates and potentially start beating the market eightfold, if not more?

CHAD: Indeed, in fact, my team and I have compiled six Profit Stacks that viewers can start profiting from right now. Starting with as little $1,000 ... and by adding an extra $1,000 each and every month … using the exact Profit Stack buy-and-sell dates from my research … you could easily be looking at a half million dollar windfall over the coming years.

But the bottom line is ... if you can read a calendar and put in buy-and-sell orders based on our research ... you can do this. It really is that simple.

CORRINA: This is great, Chad. I'm sure many folks watching today are ready for the chance to get their hands on half a million dollars of profits in record time. And the great news is … you and your team have already done all the hard work. In fact, you and your team have already identified 15 sectors with stacking potential ... sectors that make up these six Profit Stacks. Right?

CHAD: That’s right. And I’m prepared to give those watching today a detailed copy of this research report ... the one on the screen right now … that shows them the exact sector ETFs are to invest in for the best chance to stack your profits.

CORRINA: That’s exciting! I’m sure our viewers can’t wait to start stacking their profits. But first, you mentioned there’s a way to make even more money from Profit Stacks. A way they could make a million dollars in a few short years.

CHAD: I do indeed. While building a half million dollar nest egg is nothing to sneeze at ... thanks to the final step in this process, we can squeeze even more juice out of these Profit Stacks.

CORRINA: Great. I'm sure our viewers want to see the full potential here. But just to recap, the first step of Profit Stacking is to identify investments with the ability to stack. The second step is to make sure these stacks are compatible … where you make sure these investments can stack together.

CHAD: That’s right, and the third step is what I call “stacking optimization.” This is where we maximize the profits in each and every stack.

Remember, there are six profit stacks.

And here in step 3, I tweak every single part of the system to perform at maximum efficiency.

In fact, over the last three years alone, we’ve seen a trend of increasing annual returns … last year, we achieved a 43.64% average return on all six stacks as one Profit Stack went up by 74.58%, while a second Profit Stack doubled.

To be fully transparent, the average gain of all my Profit Stack trades last year was 15.02%.

But just like the typical portfolio example above, you could have made much more than that overall if you employed my Profit Stacking strategy.

Now of course reinvesting your gains like this increases your risk, but we are following more predictable seasonal cycles and employ six separate stacks to diversify and limit risk.

I believe this trend will continue, and if that’s the case, I can predict that anyone who starts Profit Stacking right now … has the chance to turn every $10,000 invested into seven figures or more in the years ahead.

CORRINA: This is fantastic, Chad. As we discussed earlier, it can be very difficult to enjoy retirement with anything less than a million dollars these days.

CHAD: I completely agree.

CORRINA: So can you take us through the details of how step 3 works?

CHAD: You bet. Remember how Profit Stacking is based on using sector ETFs?

CORRINA: Yes … exchange-traded funds ... they’re similar to mutual funds in that they hold a basket of stocks, but they have lower fees and are easier to trade.

CHAD: That’s right … but here’s the thing. Just like sector mutual funds load up on big, heavy, safe blue-chip companies, sector ETFs do the same thing.

CORRINA: And what’s wrong with that?

CHAD: Nothing if you want to invest in slow-moving stocks. Blue chips are big companies … you don’t often see them move 10 to 20% in the short term. And in the rare event one moves up fast … when they’re bundled with 50 to 80 other stocks in an ETF, all the other stocks will bring a fast-moving stock back down to earth.

CORRINA: So they’re over-diversified?

CHAD: Exactly. So, I asked myself one simple question. What if we “cut the fat” on these sector ETFs?

In other words… What if we got rid of the stocks that drag it down? What if we only invested in the best stock in each sector … the one stock that could move the fastest during these “in season” spikes?

So my team and I went to work. And the results were better than we ever imagined. Over the last three years, I have been hunting down and recommending these stocks to readers of my elite research service called Automatic Profits Alert

And the results have been nothing short of incredible...

Let me explain…

This is the biotech ETF. And if you take a closer look, this ETF holds 162 stocks. This includes huge companies like Amgen, Gilead, Vertex and Biogen that make up nearly 30% of the entire portfolio. And while these companies have grown in the last 12 months ... they're not knocking it out of the park. In fact, three of these biotech “giants” LOST MONEY!

Now take a look at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals. It’s a relatively small biotech company buried deep inside this ETF. And my analysis showed that this breakout stock was leading the entire profit stack.

Which is why on November 7, 2018, I recommended my readers to jump in with both feet. And as you can see here … just seven months later, this biotech standout shot up by 65.52%.

CORRINA: Wow, that’s quite a run. I mean, especially if you compare it to the big blue chips that were losing money…

CHAD: Exactly. Now, don’t get me wrong … Corrina. When you invest in a sector ETF, you want stability. That’s why this ETF has 162 stocks, and overall … it’s a good ETF. But when you have 30% of the portfolio in blue-chip stocks that are burying the performance of the true winners … you are missing out on a huge profit potential.

CORRINA: This makes total sense, but, I have to ask… How are you able to identify these fast movers? How do you know which of the stocks in a sector is likely to do the best?

CHAD: Well, what I do is extremely technical … and frankly, boring. But if I had to break it down to one key factor for our audience today … it’s momentum.

You see, right before each sector is about to head into its historically profitable months … I look at the 50, 80 or even 160-plus stocks in the sector basket. My team and I analyze them to see which one has the highest level of momentum. It’s a combination of recent price moves and how much faster it’s moving compared to its competitors.

Think of it like a horse race. Momentum tells us which horse (or stock) is most likely to win based on speed. We bet on those. Of course … there’s a lot more to it… But momentum is the big one.

CORRINA: This is great. So now that you’ve got a fully optimized profit stack … can you show us what kind of returns we’re talking about here?

CHAD: Here’s the thing. I’m not just relying on projections to back up were these profit stacks are heading. I spent years doing historical research long before I decide to launched the research service with live recommendations for my readers.

You see this strategy is designed to build wealth over a longer period of time. So I also ran back tests to understand how the strategy could perform over a number of years.

So Let’s start with the last profit stack we talked about. The one that combines the semiconductor, income, financial inverse and health care inverse sectors. The dates to invest in them are:

Remember … when we stacked the profits … we could’ve turned every $10,000 invested into $118,296!

CORRINA: Those are some strong results compared to the overall market. So what happens if you had profit stacked the “best stocks” only?

CHAD: Watch closely. Here’s the stock market. Here’s the Profit Stack we just showed you. And here … here’s the best stock Profit Stack. Back tests show we could’ve turned every $10,000 invested into … over $490,000 in just ten years!

CORRINA: Whoa. That’s huge … nearly a half a million dollars just by using the best stock in each sector!

CHAD: Now, of course … investing in just the best stock rather than the ETFs increases your risk. But the profit potential literally breaks the charts.

Here’s another one. This one leverages the financial and semiconductor inverse sectors. Our analysis shows these dates when they’ve historically gone up in price:

CORRINA: Ah, I remember this one.

CHAD: Take a look at what could’ve happened when you stack the profits here…

CORRINA: Not quite as impressive. But still, the potential to turn $10,000 into $37,000 in a decade… that’s more than tripling your money, and it’s nothing to sneeze at.

CHAD: You’re right. And as you look inside each sector, there’s a lot of fat. Giant companies like JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. And when we “cut the fat,” well, take a look…

CORRINA: Am I reading this right? According to your back tests, it looks like every $10,000 invested could’ve turned into … $834,658 in ten years? That’s almost a million dollars! Really, Chad, this is truly unbelievable.

It’s brilliant on multiple levels. First, you’re only investing in a sector when it’s “in season.” And since we already know from historical data which sectors will likely go up and when … I hate to make this pun — but you’re literally stacking the cards in your favor.

CHAD: Right.

CORRINA: But then ... by picking the best stock out of the entire group … you’re creating the opportunity to ride those profits higher for maximum returns!

CHAD: That’s right. It’s a layered strategy that can give you unparalleled protection and profits. You see, I wanted to develop a more repeatable and lucrative way for anyone to grow their portfolio to seven figures. That’s the philosophy behind these Profit Stacks.

And I’m so glad I’ve been able to deliver on my promise since launching this elite research service over three years ago. In fact, folks who took action on my recommendations have seen gains as high as 65% in seven months…

48% in less than a month …

and even 53% in as little as two days on single trades.

CORRINA: Wow. I have to say Chad, I have never seen anything like this. And as you mentioned earlier, the three-year track record of these six profit stacks has continued to trend higher every year … and last year alone, it delivered a whopping 43.64% average reinvested return across the six profit stacks for folks following your research.

CHAD: That’s right. Which is why I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this with you and our viewers today. I believe we’re just getting started. And as this trend continues, I project that anyone could turn every $10,000 invested into a seven-figure nest egg in the years ahead.

In fact, folks watching today could start Profit Stacking with as little as $500 per month and still have the chance to reap a seven-figure windfall in just a little over 10 years .

Let me share this one last Profit Stack back test with you. It’s the very first Profit Stack we talked about … leveraging the pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors. As you may recall, the Profit Stack could’ve turned every $10,000 into $37,000 over the past ten years…

CORRINA: Yes, I do recall this. It could’ve beat the market by a good margin.

CHAD: But again, there were a lot of heavy blue chips here. Companies like AT&T, Verizon and Cisco. They were weighing the entire sector down. Well, take a look at what happens when you cut them out and use the best stocks only. Back tests show It could’ve turned every $10,000 invested into … a rare and extraordinary $1.5 million in a decade.

In other words…

Investing in the stock market — $21,816.. which you can’t retire on.

Investing in Profit Stacks — $37,774… is much better, but not amazing, but...

Investing only in the best stocks in that Profit Stack — $1,528,043.

CORRINA: $1.5 million. This Profit Stack here could've turned every $10,000 into over $1.5 million!

CHAD: That’s right, and the profits don’t stop there. Our back test shows that in Profit Stack after Profit Stack … if we had invested in only the best stocks ... the gains could’ve been off the charts. In fact, here you can see the potential returns of all six Profit Stacks…

Now of course, investing always carries risk. In fact, there were times when our system back test gave us “best stocks” that would’ve lost money. It's not a straight line up.

But just take a look at how much every $10,000 could’ve grown in each Profit Stack … $232,000 … $417,000 ... $441,000 ... $563,000 ... $703,000 ... and the one Profit Stack that grew over $1.5 million. If you had invested just $10,000 in each Profit Stack … altogether, you could’ve built a $3.9 million portfolio inside a decade.

Now, obviously, you’re seeing the best possible outcome here. All trading comes with risk. In fact, all six of these Profit Stacks came with losing trades. But by sticking to our recommendations through thick and thin … your consistent winners can beat out the losers ... especially when you stack them.

So you can see why I think this is the most powerful investing strategy you will ever come across.

CORRINA: This is incredible, Chad. As someone who’s worked with Fox, CBS, Newsmax and reported on countless Fortune 500 companies ... I've seen a lot of investment strategies over the past 18 years. I have to say … I've never seen anything that could produce this much profit in such a predictable way.

Not to mention…

It manages your risk by only investing in sectors when they’re “in season.”

Add to this, it then picks the best stock instead of the whole basket.

CHAD: That’s absolutely right. My goal with this was to radically help everyday Americans reach their financial goals.

In fact, I get letters from readers all the time telling me how much money they’ve made, and I’m always touched by the impact we’re having on everyday folks. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share a few from people who have used my Profit Stacking strategy…

CORRINA: Yes, of course, by all means.

CHAD: Here’s one from Mike Wilson. I won’t read it all, but this line is great … “Holy cow guys, look at this! I started with $50,000 and I’ve added $12,740 profit to my portfolio in thirty days. Guys you have to show this to people so they can see how profit stacks works.”

Here’s another one. Tyler Barnes of Wheeling, West Virginia, told me: "Since my membership inception, starting with $36,371, I’ve made a quarterly profit of $3,000.”

And one last one … it’s from Janice Tolliday in Portland. She wrote: “In just under two months my entire position made a gain of more than 92%. Amazing!”

CHAD: I have a lot more here, and I want to share them all, but to stay on time, let me just rattle off a few highlights…

CORRINA: Yeah, please do.

CHAD: Amit Mistry made 9.8% in 26 days … Gail Parker got 27% returns in only two weeks … Thomas Wong wrote: “Thank you thank you thank you, locked in 50% gains in under two months!” … Joy Fisher scored 27% in two weeks…

The list goes on.

Here’s my point. These are real people who’ve been following my Profit Stacking strategy, and right out of the gate, they are getting results. Results that can be stacked over and over again as they look to turn thousands into hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands into millions.

CORRINA: This is truly amazing, Chad. Thank you for sharing these with us. It’s clear to see why more than 132,000 people trust you and your team’s research and recommendations.

Now, as we discussed earlier … you‘re going to make these six Profit Stacks along with all your analysis available to our viewers today. But you’re also going to take it a giant step further by showing folks how they can maximize their profit potential, by getting access to all the "best stocks" in each Profit Stack instead.

CHAD: That's right, Corrina. Once we saw the power of investing in only the "best stocks" in each of these Profit Stacks … we knew we had to find a way to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

And we can, thanks to our VIP research service called

Automatic Profits Alert

A research service where I send our members a new email alert every time a Profit Stack is set to take off … and the best stock in the sector to invest in.

Every month ... Automatic Profits Alert sends you two to three recommendations as each Profit Stack takes shape.

All the work, the analysis, the research and technical calculations ... the statistical modeling ... and number crunching is done by me and my team.

If you can punch in a stock symbol in an online brokerage, you can do this. All you have to do is simply review our research, follow the profit alert if you so choose and watch as potential profits start to pile up.

In fact, as I had mentioned, we’ve already gotten some great results in … like closing a 137% Profit Stack trade in less than a month …

53% returns on another trade in just three days …

and yet another making 65% in under four months…

Now, of course, we’ve also seen some losers in the three years this research service has been running, no strategy is perfect… But, you’ve seen the raw potential of this strategy over a longer period of time based on our historical research and back tests.

And as of this time — we’ve closed over 47 double-digit winners.

The bottom line is … we’ve pulled out all the stops to make this a super-simple research service anyone can follow … no matter if you’re new to investing or a Wall Street veteran. We want to give as many readers we can … the chance to turn a small stake into over $1 million in the years to come.

CORRINA: That's exciting. But as I understand it … you only have enough spots in Automatic Profits Alert for 1,000 people today through this offer?

And with this presentation going out to as many as 621,000 readers … these spots will go quickly.

CHAD: That's right, Corrina. My team and I want to make sure every new member gets the same white-glove treatment as we show them how to grab a fortune from these Profit Stacks. That’s why we can only offer access to 1,000 people who respond to our offer today.

CORRINA: That sounds great. What else can new members expect when they join Automatic Profits Alert?

CHAD: There’s a host of resources we have in store for you. First, you get access to the Profit Stacks calendar. This calendar is constantly updated … to reflect the exact dates … for the 15 sector ETFs with the highest profit potential. Our team is constantly monitoring over 4,000 of them.

The calendar gives you the exact buy-and-sell dates for each ETF. I also tell you which ones stack together. This calendar by itself — if used properly — can help you “stack your profits” … and could turn as little as a $1,000 a month investment … into over half a million dollars in record time… inside ten years.

But to really max out your profits…

I will send you recommendations for each sector’s best stock. With these alerts … you don’t buy a bloated ETF loaded down with large caps.

You would invest in the best stock only … maximizing every possible Profit Stack — enough to potentially turn a small stake of $10,000 into over $1 million in 13 years. If you invested more, say $500 per month consistently… it’s 11 years. Obviously the more you invest, the faster you’ll get to the seven-figure mark.

And it can all be done in as little as 5 to 10 minutes a week. We do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is open your email, read our research, follow the trade recommendation if you choose … and watch your potential profits stack up.

And we want to help you stay on top of everything.

Every week, my team and I will send you an email update to keep you posted on each of our positions … and what to watch for. If you have questions, send them to us.

We’ll compile all these questions into a quarterly “video mailbag” … because there are “no stupid questions.” If one person asks something, we can assume that 10 others had the same question … but didn’t ask. You’ll get answers to all the questions your fellow members most frequently asked.

Finally — You will receive the same high-level concierge customer support we’re known for. We’ve put together a team of care representatives just for this research service. When you sign up ... you’ll receive a confidential toll-free hotline number and email address to reach these representatives... Anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday... Where they’ll answer any questions you have about your subscription.

CORRINA: That’s a ton of value. Now, you were telling me how the data, software and research services you use for Automatic Profits Alert costs upward of $156,000 a year, is that right?

CHAD: That's correct, Corrina. Our team is using cutting-edge technology, computational analysis and financial data average investors simply can’t get... It's not cheap. This is a high-level premium research service. We've already poured in months of testing, research and software development. We're talking about studying over a decade of historical data.

What’s more — you simply can’t get Profit Stacks research anywhere else. The way we break it down is unique to us. I mean, nobody else has a Chad Shoop on their team.

CORRINA: That's understandable. Frankly — we’re talking about serious returns here with Profit Stacks.

CHAD: That’s right, Corrina. When you shorten your investment time frame to three to six months at a time … and stack your profits … knowing you’re potentially investing in the best stock in its peak season, you can really snowball your profits to over a million dollars in a fraction of the time, compared to other investing strategies.

CORRINA: You know, when you think about it — these are the kind of returns the superrich get on Wall Street.

CHAD: You’re not wrong about that. But you know what’s crazy?

CORRINA: What’s that?

CHAD: The fees a hedge fund would charge. For starters, most of them would demand a $5 million minimum investment. And as you know, Corrina, hedge funds charge 2 and 20. That means their fee for growing your money is 2% of the account … every year … no matter what happens.

CORRINA: Doing some quick math, that would be an annual fee of $100,000, wouldn’t it?

CHAD: That’s right. And on top of that $100,000, the hedge fund manager would also take 20% of all profits they made using your money. So if that hedge fund had a good year, it could theoretically cost you a quarter million or more in fees. Of course, that kind of money is pennies to the superrich.

CORRINA: When you put it that way, it’s easy to see the value of this Profit Stacks research service for everyday Americans. You want it in their hands, not the superrich.

CHAD: Yes, and that’s why annual subscription to Automatic Profits Alert won't be $250,000. It won't be $100,000 or even $10,000 either. Currently, Automatic Profits Alert retails at $5,000… This is a fair price for the work we put in and the results it can deliver.

But for today only, and for our viewers who have joined us and stayed with us until this very moment … your special subscription fee is only $995. That's $995 for the Profit Stacks calendar, the trade alerts and the weekly updates, along with all my research. But it's only good for 1,000 new members today. We're offering this discount on the assumption you're serious about learning how to grow your wealth.

Now, with that said though — I want everyone watching this to understand my team and I are committed to this promise. We are here to help you build that seven-figure portfolio. I want you to join our Automatic Profits Alert research service with an ease of mind.

I want to prove Automatic Profits Alert is everything I’ve promised. And that’s why I’m offering a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee.

CORRINA: That’s great. Tell me more about that.

CHAD: It’s very simple. If you’re not satisfied with any part of the research service … the Profit Stack calendar, the recommendations, the weekly updates, the video mailbag … simply give our VIP concierge service a call. We’ll give you a full refund. That’s it.


You have 90 days to do this.

However, considering the immense profits you could be raking in this time next year … I just don’t see that happening.

This sounds like I’m bragging … but I’m not. I know you’ll stick with us because I know you’ll be delighted by the results we can deliver.

We’ve spent a lot of money, time and manpower to reduce this entire strategy down to basic mathematics…

Trading these Profit Stacks could help you beat a buy-and-hold strategy.

So showing you how to potentially double the market, frankly, is a baseline for us.

I see a chance for you to beat the market by double or triple over the next year … rapidly watching every dollar you’ve invested using our Automatic Profits Alert strategy, potentially growing faster than you may have ever thought possible.

But we’re just getting started.

CORRINA: Chad, that is a bold promise. I like it.

So to summarize everything again … the Automatic Profits Alert premium VIP research service is based on predictable patterns in human behavior. By focusing only on the most profitable months of a sector's history … that’s predictable, routine times when sectors often go up … you can invest, knowing you’re getting every advantage possible.

But because Chad’s aiming for next-level here … he has tweaked the Profit Stacks to target the best stocks only. His readers have already seen 47 double-digit winners … and based on a track record of increasing gains over the last three years … Chad believes Profit Stacking can help anyone turn every $10,000 into over $1.04 million in just 13 years... and shorter if you invested more.

In other words…

Those who take action now… as in today … have the chance to look over Chad’s shoulders and turn thousands into hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands into millions.

New members will immediately get a copy of the Profit Stacks calendar. This calendar will reveal all the dates when each Profit Stack starts and ends, along with all my research. With this one simple calendar, you can beat the market yourself. But to fully leverage them … you will also get trade recommendations for the best stock during each Profit Stack. And if that's not enough, information-hungry members can review the weekly updates as well.

Finally, Chad’s team believes in the highest quality of service. Specifically, for Automatic Profits Alert, they’ve put together a team of care representatives for you, when you join. They will be here to take your phone calls and emails, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Mondays to Fridays.

Automatic Profits Alert is based on thousands of hours of research … and millions of dollars were devoted to it. What’s more, Chad has guaranteed — at the minimal — to show you how to beat the market by double in his model portfolio… Should this not happen over the next 12 months, you will get a second year of research absolutely free when you call in or email.

We are looking to on board 1,000 members only at this time. One thousand and no more through this offer. This is being aired simultaneously to as many as 632,000 readers at Banyan Hill. And ... I believe I got everything there. Am I missing anything, Chad?


CHAD: No, I don't think so.

CORRINA: Well, it was a genuine pleasure speaking with you today, Chad. I am truly impressed by the work you and your team have done here. I can see how millions of people can accelerate their investments with Profit Stacks. It is truly innovative. It's unlike anything I've seen before.

CHAD: Thank you, Corrina. I appreciate you hosting our talk.

CORRINA: Great. You're welcome.

CORRINA: OK, if you haven't noticed the order button below this video yet … you can go ahead and click on it. On the next page, you'll see all the details on how to subscribe to Automatic Profits Alert.

You're not making any commitment by clicking on the button… When you click on it, you'll be taken to an order page. Go ahead, and click on it now.


Otherwise, thank you for joining us today. Have a great day. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chad, thank you again.

CHAD: No, thank you. I look forward to seeing many new members in our private VIP website.

August 2020