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"Where To Stash Your
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Finally...available to "The Average Joe" -- a user-friendly financial guide that exposes the hidden advantages of offshore investing. Inside, you'll discover dozens of strategies to safely (and legally) protect your wealth against the two nightmarish scenarios recently issued by Congress... why a dollar crisis is inevitable... and why a complete "lock-down" on your own money could be right around the corner. But most importantly, you'll discover how you can use the same strategies (once available only to the rich) to start protecting your wealth today!

From The Office Of: Erika Nolan
Publisher, The Sovereign Society

Dear Friend,

Former U.S. Congressman Robert Bauman has just released critical updates to his most important financial book to date...


This easy to read, offshore financial guide is... now... more than ever... a must have for every American -- especially as regulatory agencies and banking institutions diligently work to keep you (and your money) in the United States.

Where To Stash Your Cash Legally BookBob lays out in perfect detail how you can avoid the two frightening scenarios created by our own government. More about this in a moment...

To date, Bob has already helped countless people save thousands of dollars (or more) on their taxes, beat the "hidden tax" of inflation, and protect their assets regardless of where they live.

Now, more than ever -- you need this book and here's why...

According to the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, there are two frightening scenarios for the budget deficit and the national debt.

And, the report clearly states "in writing" that financial disaster will strike no matter which of the two scenarios occurs... and the detrimental effects will last for decades to come.

Here, just see for yourself...

Scenario #1: Unfathomable U.S. Debt

Now is the first time since World War II that foreign investors are aggressively slashing their purchases of U.S. securities thanks to sky-rocketing U.S. debt… which the Congressional Budget Office predicts will drive America to its knees as soon as the next few years… destroying the American dream as we once knew it.

This situation creates a very "slippery slope."

In addition to debt, Washington’s haphazard money printing will kill what shred of value the dollar has left… and as American dollars become worthless, costs of consumer goods and services will soar exponentially in a miniscule period of time.

We are already seeing it with food. In one short month the price of wheat and corn went up 25%. Now that four dollar loaf of bread costs $5. The amount of peanut butter you could get for $1 just a year ago now costs $1.42. And CBS news believes milk prices could double to $6 a gallon in the next few months..

But the price of food is just a small part of America’s financial troubles.

Here are three ways this scenario directly affects us...
  1. When the value of the dollar plummets, it becomes harder for us to pay for the day-to-day costs of living... the hidden tax caused by inflation eats away at the nest egg we’ve carefully built. The money it once took to live comfortably in our golden years will now barely keep pace with a canned food retirement.
  1. As Washington’s debts continue to pile up, there’s only two ways out – keep printing money or take the money from you. Income taxes, estate taxes, and capital gains taxes are just a few ways Uncle Sam has acted in the past to pay off its debts.
  1. As a last resort, politicians will take a chapter out of history to free America from its chains of debt… wealth confiscation! The last time this happened was during the Great Depression. If you have gold and precious metals stored here in America, keep your assets in your name, and have the majority of your wealth tied up in U.S. investment vehicles, it won’t be hard to get ahold of. Which is exactly what Washington is hoping for!
Over the next few years, money troubles will be on everybody's mind as everything will cost more, it will be harder to afford the little pleasures in life, and we will all have to work longer to fund our retirements.

Robert Benmosche, CEO of AIG says the consequences of the debt crisis, “Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old.”

Imagine how hard life will be if we all have to work in our golden years.

But there’s more…

Scenario #2: U.S. Unable To Provide Value To The Global Marketplace

"Fear the financial system."

- Eric Sprott, Legendary Chairman of Sprott Inc.

Currently, the U.S. Debt/Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is 1.03 to 1.

Simply put, Washington spent more last year than the earnings of every man, woman, and child combined.

But it gets worse…

For every dollar Washington earns in taxes, it spends $1.60.

To bring it a little closer to home, it's like you earning an annual salary of $100,000 but then spending $160,000.

And as any smart accountant or businessman can tell you -- this is a formula for financial disaster!

Not only will Washington’s out of control spending enslave every American citizen to pay it back…

Because of these poor business practices, many other countries will continue to decrease the amount of business they do with the U.S. -- making that Debt/GDP ratio much worse.

And this will inevitably lead to an even deeper economic recession… possibly a depression… which is the only way the U.S. can continue servicing its debt load to other nations.

Here's What The CBO Report Failed To Mention
And Few People Are Talking About!

In 1933 the U.S. was in crisis. America experienced a crushing financial depression… and eerily similar to today, was in desperate need of cash.

It was during that Great Depression President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an Executive Order in 1933 forcing U.S. citizens to hand over their gold at dirt-cheap prices.

American investors lost approximately $700 billion in today’s dollars.

The government needed money… so they took it.

Many people have learned that history tends to repeat itself... especially when it comes to paying excessive debt.

Washington's Warning

Right now Congress has laid out in plain English exactly what will happen in the next few months to few years… it’s all there in the latest CBO report – but for some reason, the mainstream media NEVER mentions it to everyday Americans.

This should be a clear warning sign to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario still to come… possibly the worst financial depression that the world has ever seen...

...Yet most people believe the worst is over.

But it’s not.

Like the old story goes… if you are like the wise man who builds his house upon the rock, you will weather the storm. Despite the government’s gold grab and intentional default on foreign debt... the depression of the 1930s worsened.

The simple fact of the matter is, we have never experienced a crisis similar to the depression… until now.

If the government comes to take your gold, will you be prepared? Or will you become just another name in the group of 700 billion dollar victims? This is YOUR OWN hard-earned money we're talking about!

Just imagine the chaos that would follow if the American government were so broke it needed to steal its own citizens gold!

Unprepared citizens would panic.

They’d make a run on the banks, which would force a complete banking shut down.

Credit and debit cards would cease to function with the banks out of commission.

Sounds impossible, I know...but it has happened before. And it could just as easily happen again.

It happened during the great stock market crash of 1929.

It could be absolute pandemonium for the unprepared.

But it doesn't have to be pandemonium... not for you. Not when you have a game plan of what to do now... and... if that time ever comes.

Now Is the Time to Prepare

Look -- I'm not trying to scare you, but never before in the entire history of the United States have we faced such a dire financial future.

Now is the time to take a stand to safeguard your wealth, along with understanding the truth about investing, and protecting your assets "outside" the U.S. borders -- before it's too late.

And, because the two scenarios outlined in the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report are both disastrous and unthinkable...

You owe it to yourself and your family to know what your options are.

Where To Stash Your Cash BookWHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY gives you a step-by-step proven game plan for protecting and maintaining your wealth with complete privacy.

It's been said timing is everything...and if that's true...the updates in the 6th edition of Bob’s book may be the most timely need-to-know information ever printed!

In this book, you'll discover --
  • Which currency has appreciated nearly 330% against the U.S. dollar while the dollar has been pounded down to less than half its value over the same time period.  
  • How to safely open an "offshore" bank account much like in the U.S., where your money is available 24/7... your money can be just an anonymous Visa or Master card - swipe away!
  • Where you can live comfortably on just $230 a week! It's close to home and is ideally suited for the offshore investor who wants to enjoy financial privacy and no local taxes. Plus, they offer a special plan for retirees to cut the cost on everyday living expenses.
  • How to automatically pad your portfolio with Rate Differentials. If you've never heard of them, now's the time to start using them!
  • How to open an inexpensive and perfectly legal International Business Corporation (IBC) online and from the comfort of your own living room.
  • The five actions to take that allow couples to make up to $190,200.00 completely TAX-FREE!
  • How US bank employees have been turned into government spies, while many offshore nations impose fines and prison sentences on bank employees who violate the privacy of account holders. We'll give the five best locations to stash your cash... and one place will really surprise you!
  • You'll also have access to our exclusive "rating" system which ranks offshore financial centers on five critical parameters. Find out who came out on top... and why.
  • Which offshore center is ideally suited for the investor who wants to enjoy guaranteed financial privacy and pay no personal or corporate taxes.
  • You'll know exactly where the strongest economies are, which banks are the safest, and how to achieve complete privacy in every financial center in the world.
  • You'll also discover which currencies have beaten the dollar even before its latest decline.
  • An offshore haven that can hold all your assets so long as you don't do business there locally -- all for less than 1% a year.

The Best Defense -- Is A Good Offense...

Look, when things start to get really bad -- most people will be in a reactive mode. This is a position of weakness, and you don't want to be like them.

Instead, you should be in control of your wealth... moving it... directing it... preserving it.

This book is about you and your's about your family's livelihood...and it's about your very way of life.

It's about maintaining your inalienable, God-given rights as a person and your Constitutional civil liberties.

WHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY will be your companion in protecting yourself from the impending nightmarish financial scenarios outlined earlier.

You will know when, where, and how to safeguard your money in every financial center in the world.

You will be armed and ready to protect yourself against the plummeting dollar...

You'll discover where to receive better returns on your investments to "offset" a dying U.S. dollar, the hidden tax of inflation, and the inevitable tax hikes Congress must pass to pay for their spending.

...and you'll know how to plan (and execute) your exit plan if necessary.

So Why Should You Listen To Bob?

That's easy... because when it comes to "offshore" there's no one more accomplished and qualified - period.

Robert E. BaumanToday’s Financial News calls him “One of the most experienced experts on tax havens.”

After getting his juris doctor degree from the Law Center of Georgetown University, he practiced law... and less than a decade later was serving as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1973-1981).  The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The National Review, and many other publications have featured his work.

His work in Congress took him on trade and diplomatic missions around the world—from Beijing (back when it was called Peking!) to Panama and points in between. Since then, as Legal Counsel to The Sovereign Society, he has led offshore banking expeditions to dozens of countries on five continents.

Currently, he is a sought-after advisor, author, and lecturer on many aspects of wealth protection, offshore citizenship, and international residency.

Bob has truly been around the global block. And while he still believes the United States to be one of the best countries of the world... the sad yet undeniable facts are that the American way of life has continually gotten worse over the past 50 years. And the pace of decline is only accelerating.

He wrote this book to help people just like you create more options for living and getting back control of your life. After all, your life belongs to you.

But, here is what matters even more...

...his unyielding desire and commitment to showing you, regardless of how much or how little you have, how you can protect your assets and your financial privacy.

Never in our recent history have there been so many threats to our financial lives.

Here's your opportunity to fight those threats head-on!

Only A Limited Number Of Books Available...

At The Sovereign Society, we limit our print runs to just once or twice a year for each book in our inventory. Only a limited (pre-set number) of each revision is printed.

Because of this -- previous editions have quickly sold out. So sometimes... the only way to get your hands on one is on the "black market."

Just today I saw an online seller on Amazon selling their personal copy of a recent edition of this extraordinary book for $85!

Are we mad at him?

Of course not. That's the good part of the American Way of Life. Buy a book and that copy is your property. (Just that copy though... not reprints!) And you can do with it what you like: read it, re-read, store it for reference or memorize key parts and sell your copy on the Internet. That's up to you.

So if you're interested in what I've told you so far, you can go online and buy a copy for $85 if it's still available. Or... you can act on my special offer below, pay half that price... and receive an incredible bonus. 

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Even if you never act on one single strategy Bob delivers, you owe it to yourself to own this book. You'll feel better just having it in your home...

Send me Where to Stash
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Here are a few more strategies to protect yourself and your wealth when you secure your personal copy of WHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY!
  • Where to establish an annuity that can defer taxes on dividends, interest and capital gains.
  • How to set up a "financial outpost" in an offshore location that offers tax relief packages, including 90% exemption on corporate tax.
  • Where and how to legally set up your own offshore corporation for a lot less than you might think...
  • How to lock away your assets and make them essentially judgment proof for anyone trying to take away your right to prosperity.
  • Find out the hidden truth about offshore wealth protection… why asset protection tools are wrongly described by government agencies as "complex." (HINT: If people knew they were simple, more people would do it!)
  • Discover why Asset Protection Trusts (APTs) are far safer than those permitted under domestic laws. You'll get the "why" and how" to implement these tools and action plans immediately.
  • And, you get Bob's personal rolodex... A "Who's Who" in every financial Jurisdiction. Use it as your own Million Dollar rolodex. This section alone is easily worth 10x the price of this book!
  • How to build your own bullet-proof wealth protection strategy, tailored to fit your needs.

You'd Be Crazy To Say "No!"

I am willing to send you WHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY so you can devour all the closely-guarded secrets to legally save on taxes, protect your wealth, invest and grow your money, and find financial privacy and peace of mind...

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Erika Nolan
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P.S. -- As an Added Bonus when you order WHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY -- I'd also like to give you this Members-Only Special Online Report, delivered right to your email ABSOLUTELY FREE...

Members-Only Special Online Report: How to Protect Your Gold from the Government

For example:

  • Offshore ConfidentialThe last time this sort of crisis happened was during the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 causing Americans to lose 700 billion dollars of wealth—but this time its effects will be bigger... occur faster... and the fallout for the middle-class will be far more devastating
  • How to safely store precious metals over the next nine years when Washington’s fiscal decisions are set to backfire... so no matter how bad they may want to get at it, they won’t even know where your gold is!
  • What commodity investments the savviest investors are scooping up and why you should follow their lead… this will surprise you.
  • Discover the exact type of gold coins to travel with (if you must carry them), what forms to file to ensure you’re right to own gold is upheld, and the important piece of information you must NEVER reveal to a customs officer for fear of being put on the customs “travelers to watch” list.
Get this report ABSOLUTELY FREE when you purchase your copy of WHERE TO STASH YOUR CASH... LEGALLY today. Just click the link below!

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