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Inside this best-seller, you'll see. . .

  • How to pay zero taxes on your first $104,100 a year . . . and get a housing allowance to boot. As a warning, this amazing "exclusion" is not for most people, but anyone can qualify if you think outside the box and love adventure. (Page 140)
  • How to set up a low-cost "legal device" that will guard your wealth from lawsuits, creditors, and even a dangerous out-of-control government. We even give you our top contact's phone number and email address. (Page 131)
  • Learn about the country that has one of the most comprehensive and flexible asset protection trust laws, permitting foreign citizens to transfer property titles to an APT. (Page 514)
  • Find a safe and beautiful tropical paradise that offers you an "Immediate Permanent Resident" visa giving tax-free living in the community. (Page 245)

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Dear Fellow American,

Imagine having your money stashed away in a private account . . . an account that is far out of the hands of the overreaching government, greedy lawyers, dangerous hackers and even a jarring stock market correction.

Imagine that money automatically growing at an incredible rate (think double digits) . . . tax-advantaged . . . day after day, month after month, year after year.

And imagine using your new money to create the lifestyle you've always wanted. Sipping a margarita in a sunny tropical paradise, cruising Europe in a German luxury car, or perhaps just retiring years younger than you ever thought possible (and being proud you can pass your family fortune on to your kids).

Best yet . . . imagine doing all the above . . . with Uncle Sam's legal stamp of approval!

It's absolutely possible.

You just need to know the right steps to make and when to make them. The ultra-rich, people like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Mitt Romney, use their highly paid attorneys and accountants to do it all the time.

Until recently, most people have thought this type of world was too expensive, too complicated and too dangerous for them to navigate.

Well, that simply isn't true, as you will soon see!

Hi, my name is Ted Bauman.

And I am here to tell you that not only is this type of life attainable for you, but that you can achieve it easier than you ever thought possible — no matter your age, income or education.

I'm certain about this because I've known hundreds of people who are already living this exact life I am describing.

And I can personally use these strategies to protect and grow my wealth in a better way than what is available through the local stock investment broker and big U.S. banks.

You see, there is a little-known world where money is kept safe and private while the returns can often leave the typical U.S. investments in the dust.

A mystifying world filled with asset havens, offshore banking, legal entities and a host of other vehicles that give the uber-wealthy an edge.

A world that has been reserved — up until now — for the top 1%. . .

Well, today, I am going to show you how to cash in on this privileged world so that you too can get all the benefits.


Well, it starts with you getting a free copy of the best-selling book I co-authored with my father . . . Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

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So Who Are We...
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My father and I are living a sovereign life of freedom and prosperity . . . and we are inviting you to join us!

As I said, my name is Ted Bauman.

But it's my father's name, Robert Bauman, that might ring a bell.

He spent 8 years as a Congressman during the 1980s. And for more than 20 years he has served as the legal counsel for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Additionally, my father is the author of numerous other books on second passports, Swiss money secrets, lawyer-proofing your life, offshore corporations and more. His articles and essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Review and other media outlets.

But this book — Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) — is his favorite.

As for me, I bring to the table a "boots on the ground" perspective. I've spent my life living internationally studying the secrets of the wealthy so that I could live a sovereign life — a life of freedom and prosperity.

Through my travels to 75 countries and living internationally, I've seen it all.

I've seen countries on the verge of a massive economic boom and countries that are on the verge of an economic bust.

I've seen people swarming to cities that are flourishing and I've seen ghost towns that serve as a memorial to what once was there.

I've seen "police states" where governments enslave their citizens, and I've seen "free states" where governments serve their citizens. (It's a rare but beautiful thing.)

And that leads me to why — despite selling tens of thousands of copies of the last 7 editions of Where to Stash Your Cash at $79 — we are giving this new 9th edition away for free.

You see...

Americans Are
Under Financial Assault

Now, more than ever, we the citizens of the United States of America are under a monetary attack.

A silent attack from within that robs us of our financial privacy, protection and prosperity.

Adding insult to injury, this attack is being done in the name of the "common good."

Now, my father and I love America. I'm sure you do, too.

But at this very moment, the American Spirit of free enterprise is being crushed, and to do nothing is not an option.

Which is why. . .

We Are Fighting Back,
One Free Book at a Time.

Our book — Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) — gives you the ammunition you need to stand your ground.

It details how you can protect what you have worked so hard to earn by keeping it private and "hidden," and also to help you invest in lucrative places you never thought about putting your money.

For decades, most people thought these strategies were fit only for the top 1% . . . of the top 1%. But now, thanks to modern-day technology, you can stash your cash using many of these vehicles from the comfort of your living room.

We give you everything you need to know in our book so you can get started at your own comfort level. We give you our top strategies along with our personal contacts' phone numbers, websites, email addresses and more.

And while we could continue to charge $79 for the 9th edition of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), considering the circumstances, we think the least we can do is give it away for free.

We have a limit of 1,000 copies to give away today . . . that's it. As you can expect, they'll fly off the warehouse shelves quickly.

Here's What's Inside. . .

Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) is designed to help you establish what I like to call, the sovereign life — a lifestyle you control — one where your money and assets are kept private and protected, while they grow at an incredibly fast rate.

To illustrate what's possible for you, take a look at these 6 "Stash Your Cash Weapons" you can legally use . . . starting today . . . to grab the same advantages the uber-wealthy have enjoyed for decades.

Weapon No. 1: Slash Your Taxes

Excessive taxes are crushing the spirit of hard-working Americans. Fight for what you earned!

Americans will spend 111 days this year working for the government.

If you work hard, and earn more, then the "progressive tax system" in place will force you to work up to 180 days to pay your "fair" share.

This should make your blood boil. However, most people simply throw up their arms and surrender their money because they believe there is nothing they can do about it.

As my father wrote: "When government takes from one to bestow on another, it diminishes the incentive of the first, the integrity of the second, and its own moral authority."

Heed my warning: Taxes are only going to get worse . . . if you let them.

Odds are you're needlessly forking over too much of your hard-earned money to the taxman. With our book firmly in your hands, you'll be able to pocket more of your cash so you can spend it and invest it as you see fit.

Most of the strategies listed below aren't for the average person . . . not because of income restrictions, but because they fail to take a few extra steps to protect their income. Ironically, a life of adventure awaits those that do take these extra steps.

Here are just a few strategies that we share. . .

  • The $104,100 Exclusion: This will show you how to make up to $104,100 a year TAX-FREE . . . it's an amazing legal loophole that also includes a housing allowance. This is not a tax deduction, credit or deferral. It's an "exclusion" for those who are adventurous, think outside the box and that take the necessary steps. (Page 140)
  • Pay Zero Taxes Status: There is a tax haven in Asia where 50% of the people have a "Pay Zero Taxes" status from the local government . . . and those who pay taxes will never pay more than 17% . . . as a bonus, there are no taxes on sales, capital gains or dividends. (Page 271)
  • The Fast-Track Visa: See how you can have tax-free living in a safe and beautiful white-beach wonderland that offers you a fast-track "Immediate Permanent Residence." (Page 245)

There are dozens of other examples just like these that you can take full advantage of . . . simply by claiming your free copy of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

But that's not the only weapon you're getting to take back control of your life.

Weapon No. 2: Conceal Your Money From Prying Eyes

Over the past few years, the NSA, IRS and a litany of other three-letter agencies have been tracking every one of your dollars. Here's just one of the ways they're doing it. . .

In 2010, President Obama's administration along with the Democratic Congress quietly passed an act called FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

It essentially allowed the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service) to become the ERS (the External Revenue Service). Our government wants to regulate every dollar you have . . . even if you live outside of the United States and earn your money in a foreign land.

As a result of FATCA, thousands of offshore bank accounts were shut down by the banks themselves. They simply refused to follow the arduous FATCA law and had to close their doors to Americans. But for the sovereign person, there are clever ways to keep your money overseas with far greater privacy from Uncle Sam's prying eyes (and yes, it is legal).

They're the same moves CEOs, Senators and the savvy use.

In Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), you'll see how you can use them. Some of these moves include:

  • The $100,000 Reserve: Access two $50,000 investments that you could make without the government's knowledge . . . it's profitable, private and completely legal! (Page 179)
  • The FATCA Sidestep: Get our 5 contacts who use "IAM"s to help you bank internationally despite the intrusive FATCA law that forced many international banks to ban American savers. Our contacts know how to keep your money more safe, more private and growing offshore. (Page 115)
  • The Golden Loophole: If you want to store gold, silver or other precious metals overseas there is just one simple step you want to take that allows you to do it so that it is not reportable to the U.S. government. (Page 174)
  • The Real Estate Exclusion Rule: There are two tricks that let you purchase real estate in a foreign country without ever disclosing your ownership. (Page 185)

These are just four of the privacy protection strategies that are listed in Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally). There are several more that empower you to keep your money "hidden."

Weapon No. 3: Protect Your Money From Inflation's Bite

Every day, the dollar changes value.

On most days, it comes as no shock that the dollar loses value. After all, it costs about twice as much to buy most items today than it did in 1985.

So, just by leaving your money in a bank account, you could easily see 50% of your wealth wiped out during your retirement.

But in Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), we reveal how easy it is for you to buck the inflation threat to the curb. For example:

  • The 400% Currency: You can exchange your dollars for a foreign currency that has appreciated by 400% versus the U.S. dollar dating back to 1971. (Page 23)
  • The Offshore Bank Account: See how easy and quick it is to open an offshore bank account with a few keystrokes. These offshore bank accounts will often let you transfer your money from one currency to the next. If you want to exchange U.S. dollars for the Australian dollar or euros . . . no problem! (Page 92)
  • The Dollar-Proof Life Insurance Policy: We give you the exact information you need to buy a life insurance policy in one of the safest countries of the world that not only acts as inflation protection from a falling dollar . . . but it also serves as an investment vehicle for you. (Page 150)

Again, there are many other ways to inflation proof your assets. These are just three of them you can find in Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

Weapon No. 4: Multiply Your Money

A group of 12 unelected people, known as the Federal Reserve, control interest rates (along with many other tools for manipulating the economy).

With meager returns from safe investments, many seniors are struggling to meet their monthly bills. We show you how to fight back!

Well, in the name of economic stability, the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates to historic levels in a risky gamble to stimulate the economy.

However, that same gamble wiped out guaranteed income for seniors . . . by 80%.

In real terms . . . instead of getting a reasonable 5% yield on a CD, you now only get 1%.

Think about that. If a CEO lowered his employees' salaries by 80%, they would be outraged.

But for some reason the majority of senior Americans just accept this fate.

And that's why millions of seniors are forced back to work.

This is shameful.

But you don't have to stand by and take it anymore!

You can fight back. In our book we show you how. . .

  • The International Golden Goose: See how you could potentially scoop up gains for up to 300% by investing in little-known but lucrative companies around the globe — from the comfort of your living room. (Page 22)
  • The "$5.3 Trillion 401(k)": Do you have money tied up in a 401(k)? In Chapter 2 we show you how to roll it over in a low-fee, professionally managed account. $5.3 trillion has already been transferred over to these types of accounts by people in the know. Now you can do it, too. (Page 113)
  • The Offshore Variable Annuity: The Wall Street Journal called it "the investment vehicle of choice" for those who want to shelter their money from taxes, but we also like it because you can get the rewards of a superior return and diversification. (Page 143)

As you'll soon see in your copy of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), there's more ways to put these exciting investments that deliver hefty returns — at your fingertips.

The next solution-set stops one of the biggest threats there is to your life.

Weapon No. 5: Lawyer-Proof Your Money

America is riddled with unethical attorneys who are slinging out a record number of lawsuits.

Shockingly, there were 15 million lawsuits filed last year alone. That's one new lawsuit every 2 seconds. That means you have about a 10% chance of getting sued, every year.

And since greedy lawyers seem to prowl where the money is, 80% of the wealthy worry about getting sued

Odds are, you are a target right now. Even if you're not in the super-rich category. As long as you've got decent savings . . . a lawyer, somewhere out there, is planning to seize it.

Here's how you can lawyer-proof your life. . .

  • The 100% Secure "legal device:" This legal device will allow you to protect your wealth from lawsuits, creditors, a vengeful ex-spouse and even a dangerous out-of-control government. We give you our top contact's phone number and email address who can set it up for you for about 75% less than most people will pay. (Page 133)
  • The Sleep-Easy Vault: Find out why putting your money in certain offshore banks can protect you from lawsuits, civil forfeiture, business failure, divorce, probate and political instability. (Page 21)
  • The No. 1 Lawyer-Hating Country: It's the best place to put your money in a life insurance policy, annuity, bank or Trust. This country is ranked No. 1 for keeping your assets safe. (Page 202)

And there are plenty of other places and methods to stash your cash so lawyers and other claimants can't touch it. You'll see them all in your copy of this book that gives you an extraordinary life-advantage.

Here's another one. . .

Weapon No. 6: "Plan B for Your Money"

This tropical paradise is affordable, safe and tax-friendly. See Page 40 for details.

There is little-doubt that America is not the land of opportunity it once was.

Politicians have forced it to become not only a police-state (by prying on every part of your personal life) but also by becoming a nanny-state (by giving out billions every year to keep the masses happy).

Again, I am proud to be an American. But there is no doubt that the American spirit is being crushed.

So while I proudly choose to live here I do have a "Plan B" in case things get worse.

In other words, we have the ability to escape.

Within 24 hours, I can be in another country, be a citizen of that country and have access to all my money from that country.

That might sound a bit crazy, I know.

But today, there is a quiet exodus of millionaires and billionaires from America to foreign lands — to Europe, to Asia, to the Caribbean — for asset protection, privacy and growth opportunities.

Having a Plan B like this is easier than you may think.

Besides your safety and peace of mind, there's another perk to this: You can retire overseas and enjoy a tranquil, relaxing lifestyle where your cost of living is 20% to 50% less than it is America.

In your copy of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) you'll discover how to find your own oasis of safety and serenity such as. . .

  • Dream Retirement: This gorgeous South American country welcomes retirees with open arms and offers one of the finest cuisines, first-world health care (even for $45 per doctor visit) and they won't charge you a single penny in taxes on your Social Security or U.S. income. [Page 244]
  • Tax-Free Fantasyland: This clear water Caribbean promised-land . . . exempts your local income tax, capital gains, estate, profit or other forms of direct taxation for your business. The U.S. dollar is commonly used. And no, it's not The Bahamas or Cayman Islands . . . it's far better! [Page 451]
  • European Utopia: You don't have to settle for an island or some place in South America. You can enjoy this gorgeous alpine first-world European nation as your new home. [Page 333]

As you flip through the pages of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) you'll find more of these destinations where you can just get away and really live life.

Besides these benefits, here's the most valuable part of our book. . .

You Get Our Private
List of Contacts

We hold nothing back in Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

Step-by-step, we tell you how to keep your money as private and protected as possible so that you can achieve maximum profits. You will laugh your money worries away, sleep well at night knowing everything is OK and watch your money grow to levels that were simply not possible using standard methods.

Perhaps the most daunting part of "stashing your cash" is knowing where to start and who to trust.

That is why we give you our personal Rolodex of more than 30-plus professionals. These are people we have known for years who can help you set up offshore bank accounts, second passports, international variable annuities, life insurance policies, international business corporations and even a second citizenship if you like.

These are people we trust and use, and you can trust them too.

Just let them know the Bauman's referred you, and they will treat you like royalty, giving you the best prices and the highest quality of service.

But. . .

We Want To Be By Your Side
Every Step of the Way

The laws are always changing. . .

Overreaching politicians and greedy attorneys are always cooking up new schemes to make the rules more restrictive and to find ways to take what you worked so hard for. New threats are emerging right now that could strike with little to zero notice.

So while this 9th edition of Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) is a giant first step toward helping you attain the sovereign life — a life of freedom and prosperity — it's critical that we be with you every step of the way.

That is why, this free book comes only with a risk-free membership access to our exclusive club The Bauman Letter for an entire year.

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    And it's not just me you will hear from.

    You will also hear from my father, Robert Bauman, in every issue, along with our Council of Experts which includes international bankers, attorneys and money managers.

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Not only will you get the next 3 issues, you also get instant access to our 46 published reports
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  • How to Protect Your Gold From the Government
  • 3 Crucial Steps to Protect Your Wealth
  • The New World of Offshore Private Banking
  • Escaping the Matrix: A Privacy-Protection Guide for Our Brave New World
  • How to Beat the Great Wealth Grab
  • How to Protect Your Dollars With a "Dirt Bank"
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  • Harvesting Income Under the Southern Cross

Just one of these reports could profoundly improve your status in life. But you're getting 46 for free!

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