This $5 Biotech Stock Is a Prime Takeover Target

Wall Street veteran declares: “Its share price could double, even triple, overnight if it’s acquired.”

If you’re like most hardworking Americans, you grab three things when leaving the house in the morning.

You grab your keys…

A wallet or purse…

And, of course, your smartphone.

But very soon, you’ll likely be grabbing something even more important than any of these.

Something that’s so easy to carry it could fit in your front pocket, so simple it doesn’t need the internet and so cheap you can buy it for as little as $10.

Yet, it can protect your most important asset … your life.

In a moment, I will show you what this remarkable medical device is … and why the United States military spent so much money creating it.

Harvard Medical School claims most people won’t “buy just one” of these devices. They’ll “have them all over the place ... the car, the office, school, a pocket and a purse.”

Experts told CNBC that this device will “double the lives of patients that are carrying [one].”

And Bloomberg calls this type of technology a “must-have ... blockbuster product.”

And right now, you have a unique opportunity to invest in the company that makes it for as little as $5 share.

And you will want to act fast.

Investors who get in on the ground floor of medical breakthroughs like this can make a fortune.

2,504% ... 27,880% … Even 32,690%

For example, if you knew ultrasounds would one day become the industry standard for screening pregnant women…

You would’ve known to invest in ultrasound manufacturer Philips — long before its machines were in doctors’ offices around the world … and you would have made a small fortune…

As Philips stock jumped 2,504%.

Or, if you knew that cancer treatments were going to be improved with a robotic device that can do minimally invasive surgery.

You would have known to invest in Intuitive Surgical — the developer and manufacturer of the da Vinci Surgical System…

Its stock has soared as much as 27,880% since its release.

And if you knew pacemakers would be the lifesaving device they are today, you would’ve seen yet another incredible opportunity.

You would have known that Medtronic, one of the world’s largest makers of implantable pacemakers, was on the cusp of seeing its stock soar.

Medtronic’s stock has skyrocketed a remarkable 32,690%.

Imagine turning $10,000 into an amazing $3,269,000 over the long haul.

Well, that’s the opportunity in front of you today.

An opportunity to potentially make millions as an investor … and, at the same time, save millions of lives.

Saving Lives … Making Millions

Let me explain.

Six hundred and ten thousand people will die from heart disease this year … and 47% of sudden heart attack deaths occur before the victim ever reaches the hospital.

The device you’re about to see could save some of these people.

But it goes beyond saving those having a heart attack.

Fifty million Americans have allergies … and when a person has an allergic reaction, he or she can asphyxiate within minutes, even seconds, without the proper medicine.

Well, this device can prevent asphyxiation.

Over 3 million Americans have epilepsy … which not only can negatively impact their quality of life, but also can lead to early deaths.

Well, this device will be their lifeline.

And it doesn’t stop there.

This device will help the1 million Americans who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) get immediate relief from symptoms, such as vision loss, fatigue, dizziness and tingling or that pain in the body that MS causes.

Combined, that’s over 54 million people whom this device could save.

And right now, you have the unique opportunity to invest in the company that makes this device…

Frankly, there's no time to waste, so here are the details...

This New Jersey company’s stock is priced at just $5.

And once institutional investors see the impact this device will have on the medical community — big money will begin to flood in.

And given the small market capitalization of this company and its relatively inexpensive stock price, even a modest capital infusion could drive its share price to $10 … $15 … even $20 in a matter of days.

That means, if you were to invest … say … $10,000 in this company today, you could watch your investment jump to over $40,000 by the end of the month.

And if you decided to hold your shares and wait for the stock price to reflect the potential profits this device could generate, you could watch your investment grow to more than $80,000 over the coming 12 to 18 months … and $160,000 over the long haul.

I'm as close to this situation as anyone, and I’ll just tell you that — I've never seen so much excitement from the medical community over a single innovation as I have this one.

While I can’t guarantee this opportunity will make you over $3 million, like Medtronic could have, I can guarantee that the potential is certainly there.

Because there’s currently no device like it on the market today.

And I would know better than anyone.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve made a very successful living researching small companies working on important innovations like this one.

I’ve done this as an investigative financial correspondent for PBS’ Nightly Business Report, where I interviewed and learned the investing secrets of some of the most successful financiers and entrepreneurs of the era, including Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson and many others. And, most recently, as the research and investment director here at Banyan Hill Publishing, a fiercely independent research firm.

In that time, I learned how to spot the telltale signs that a company is confident in its future … that it knows its innovations will become massive successes.

You see it in the upbeat nature of its communications. You see it in how willing they are to answer difficult questions.

You also see it in the way it goes about its business, by focusing on the long-term — even if tough decisions made now may impact its stock price in the short-term.

And perhaps the most telling sign is the passion in their voices when talking about this device. I've heard several key executives at this company speak over the last year — and I can tell you that they are more interested in the lifesaving aspects of this device, than they are about getting rich from it.

It's these tangible and intangible reasons that I am now recommending the little company that makes this device as a MUST BUY to all of my readers.

In a moment, I will show you exactly what this device is.

I will give you all the details behind this $450 million company…

Including, how you can pick up its shares for less than $5 (if you act quickly)…

The reason its revenue soared 768% year over year last quarter, but could soar much higher next quarter…

And I’ll show you why I believe this company is an ideal takeover target.

First, Allow Me to Introduce Myself ...
My Name Is Jeff Yastine

And I’m sending this urgent message for two reasons:

  1. I fully believe every American should own at least one of these devices to protect themselves and the ones they love.
  2. I am confident the company producing this innovative device could fully fund your retirement.

Now if I look familiar, there’s a reason. For decades, I have been seen by millions on such programs as the Nightly Business Report, Yahoo! Finance and Fox Business News.

And I’m often quoted in Barron’s, U.S. News & World Report, Reuters, Street Insider and Forbes.

Over the course of my career, my team and I’ve been fortunate to meet with the who’s who of the financial and political worlds.

The likes of Mitt Romney, Bill O’Reilly, Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, John Bogle, Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer, Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett … these are a few of the folks who come to mind.

And while traveling around the world meeting with these experts is exciting, I have been very fortunate over the course of my career to be able to spend quality time with my wife and son.

We live on a beautiful island in one of the wealthiest zip codes in South Florida. And my wife and I are blessed to be able to send our son to one of the finest schools in the country.

But one of the most important things in my life is the quality time I spend coaching my son and his baseball team.

In the evenings and on weekends, I coach my son and his teammates to help them be team players and build character, so they can become successful young men.

However, during the work week, my team and I help everyday Americans become better investors.

My team, by the way, includes a former U.S. congressman who has worked with every president from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Ronald Reagan. A former hedge fund manager who made a 339% gain during the 2008 crash, and a Chartered Market Technician who made 6,000% in winning trades over the last three years, along with many other technical traders and investment experts.

And, frankly, folks around the country are getting rich following our research and recommendations.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what they have to say.

I get no greater joy than to hear from people like Brian, Greg, Garrett, Robert and William, and so many others who have been able to transform their lives, thanks to our research.

And it’s all thanks to our incredible track record. Take a look at the gains my readers have seen over the last few years alone:

The list goes on and on.

Now, I don’t show you all of this to brag.

Rather, I just want you to know that when I say it’s possible to see a $5 stock explode to $10, $20, $30 in a matter of days … and then skyrocket from there … I don’t say it lightly.

My reputation, as well as that of my team, is on the line.

But gains like these are possible when you find the right company at the right time.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be speaking with you today.

The New Jersey-based company I’ve isolated is poised to capture the lion’s share of this fast-emerging market — and early investors in its stock stand to make an absolute fortune.

This Medical Device Will
Revolutionize Health Care

This device was first developed by the U.S. military in the 1970s for soldiers to use in case of exposure to nerve agents or chemical warfare toxins. Its simplistic design allows for a soldier to quickly and safely inject a lifesaving medicine.

Hence why it’s small.

It’s only 4 inches long and weighs just 12 ounces.

Take a look...

Those in the medical field call this a prefilled auto-injector.

While it looks like an EpiPen — its uses go way beyond helping those with allergies, and it’s made with the precision you’d expect from a fine Swiss watch.

Now its three-part design is simple…

First, inside is a spring. If you’ve ever opened a spring-loaded pen, you’ll see that it’s somewhat similar.

Second, in the middle is a storage compartment, which is where the medicine goes.

And third, there’s a tiny needle to inject the medicine.

To use it, you simply take the cap off, place the device over your thigh and hold for about 10 seconds, then release.

Pushing it in activates the spring mechanism and injects a dosage of medicine.

And rather than having to go to the emergency room, you inject the needle into your thigh and you get medicine instantly. You see, with little fat around the thigh muscle, medicine from an auto-injector enters the bloodstream in just seconds.

That’s it.

But here’s the thing…

Biopharma drugs are usually liquid, some thick like syrup, others are watery. (They don't work as well in pill form; the active proteins get absorbed too readily in the lining of the stomach.)

So the metallurgy of the auto-injector spring and the engineering of its other components are of the utmost importance, and it's different for every drug.

This is why there are very few companies that focus on the manufacturing of auto-injectors.

And that’s why I’m so excited about this $450 million company — with its stock trading near $5 — that has over 100 auto-injector patents in its arsenal.

You see, the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals are tapping this company’s expertise to break into the auto-injector market.

In fact, it recently signed two massive deals.

One with Teva Pharmaceutical, the world’s largest generic drugmaker … a firm with a $12.5 billion market cap.

The other with Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical … a company with a $228.5 billion market cap.

And get this, this company doesn’t have to do research and development, it doesn’t have to put its devices through costly clinical trials and it doesn’t need the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to produce its auto-injectors.

Even better, it doesn’t have to market or sell a single device.

All of these costs are the sole responsibility of the firms whose drugs go into its devices … Teva Pharmaceutical and Pfizer.

Meanwhile, our little company simply sits back and collects royalties on every auto-injector sold.

It’s a zero-risk transaction for our little $5 stock.

And with all the possible uses — it’s not surprising this company’s earnings soared 768% year over year last quarter, and it expects its earnings per share (EPS) to surge even more in the coming years.

Take a look…

Quite frankly, the potential for this firm isn’t in the millions, or even tens of millions. It’s in the billions.

Yet, it has flown completely under the radar.

Even though it’s sitting on nearly $30 million in cash…

Even though its revenue soared 768% year over year last quarter…

And even though it just signed blockbuster deals with Teva and Pfizer…

I’m willing to bet that less than 1-in-100,000 investors have ever heard of this company.

But I don’t expect it to remain unknown for long.

You see, according to Pharma Times, the first half of last year was a record with 727 deals taking place … totaling $221.6 billion … and that’s just over a six-month period.

And I expect Teva, Pfizer or another Big Pharma company to acquire this firm.

If this happens — as I expect it to — shareholders could double their money, not in years or months, but in a matter of days.

You see, when Seattle Genetics acquired Cascadian Therapeutics, its shares shot up 182%...

When Celgene acquired Juno Therapeutics, Juno’s stock jumped 96%…

And when Sanofi acquired Bioveratic Inc., its stock popped 109%...

Just keep in mind, takeover announcements come without notice.

If you hesitate — you will miss out.

On the Shelves of 67,000 Pharmacies

Although auto-injectors were invented in 1977, it wasn’t until recently that they’ve been available for civilian use.

In 2007, Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company Mylan began to produce the EpiPen … an auto-injector filled with epinephrine, a lifesaving drug for people with allergies.

Mylan’s stock soared 441% in the years after its release…

But because of strict FDA regulations — Mylan’s EpiPen is only available via a doctor’s prescription … and because an EpiPen can cost as much as $700 for a two-pack ... auto-injectors have never reached the masses.

However, that’s about to change.

You see, the FDA recently released new regulations that will approve a record number of uses for auto-injectors that will be available at a fraction of the price of an EpiPen.

So you’ll be able to walk into your local pharmacy and pick one up without a prescription and without breaking the bank.

With over 67,000 pharmacies in the United States — the potential here is staggering.

As demand for this device surges, early investors in the company at the forefront of this emerging industry could make an absolute fortune.

Because this $450 million New Jersey-based firm makes and manufactures the auto-injectors that Big Pharma needs.

Bottom line…

Every Investor Should Own
This $5 Stock

If you are prepared to take decisive action, you can pick up shares near $5.

I wouldn’t be surprised if its shares shoot up to $10 … $15 … even $20 in the coming months.

Enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $40,000.

Those who hold onto shares and wait for the stock price to reflect the potential profits this company could generate could see that investment surge to $120,000, in the next 12 to 18 months … and a lot more from there.

Then again, those who hesitate will miss out on what I believe will be the greatest stock success story of the next decade.

It’s “roll up your sleeves” research and information like this that can have a profound impact on your wealth. This is a very real opportunity for you to be a part of an important medical breakthrough — at what can only be described as a ground floor "buy-in" price.

And should more pharmaceuticals get on board (as I expect them to), I fully expect the profits to start rolling in.

Will this stock soar 2,504% like Philips…?

27,880% like Intuitive Surgical…?

Or even 32,690% like Medtronic…?

No one can say for sure. After all, nothing in the markets is guaranteed.

But if this stock begins to surge the way I expect it to…

Only those who get in now will have a chance to enjoy the ride.

Bottom line, the opportunity before you today is the kind of opportunity every investor dreams of.

I am confident if you act now, you can use this one stock to turn every $100 into $1,000 … then $100,000 … and even $1 million or more.

That’s why I’d like to rush you a FREE copy of my newest report … called The $5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care … right now.

This report has a retail value of $199.

But I would like to get you a FREE copy.

In it, I’ll give you full details — including the ticker symbol — on this company.

Again, this device could save over 54 million lives … that’s the equivalent of the population of the entire country of Spain.

And this type of technology has already begun saving lives…

Three different stories, one simple auto-injector saved each of them.

In short, auto-injectors are about to become the go-to, must-have device for dozens of ailments.

Adults with migraines will stow one in their coat pockets…

Children who have seizures will slide one into their backpacks...

Retirees with chronic pain will keep one by their bedside…

Those with heart disease, allergies, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis … the list goes on and on.

Frankly, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential uses.

That’s why I am confident this device will go down in the history books as the most important...

More important than...

And way more important than the thermometer. Unlike a thermometer, that simply shows you some basic information ... this device gets results — potentially saving up to 54 million lives each and every year.

This is one of the most promising and exciting opportunities I’ve seen in my 25-year career.

It could be the key to your dream retirement.

Isn’t it time for you to really live the good life?

What would you do with your newfound riches?

Take your family on a European getaway?

Buy a boat?

Give to your favorite charity?

Move into the house of your dreams?

That’s what I did.

Remember, my team and I bring decades of experience to the table.

We know which signals point to stocks that have the potential for huge life-changing gains … and which ones point to stocks you should avoid.

We’ve created investing strategies that have played a part in delivering over 19,100% in total winning gains last year.

The result: Our readers have been able to make more money than most people dream of.


Some are now fortunate enough to have the vacation home of their dreams.

To travel the world whenever they like.

To retire in comfort and with peace of mind.

Most important of all though, they have the freedom to live life on THEIR terms … and spend more time with their families.

I want you to experience that freedom too.

I want you to feel what it’s like to be wealthy. To have complete financial freedom.

And I believe this stock has the potential to help you do just that.

My new report — The $5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care — gives you all the details you need to make a fortune in the years ahead.

I can send it to all of you for free just minutes from now.

I’m not going to stop there though…

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Ian King

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The first company has just patented a piece of software that will

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The second is a stock I believe is destined to rise 1,450% in the coming months. And there’s no telling how much higher it may go from there. The devotion of its audience rivals that of Apple’s. Everyone from its co-founders and CEO to its CFO and board members have snapped up shares. Plus, they’ve just announced that they’ll be partnering with Google to create a groundbreaking new product.

The third is at the forefront of aerospace … and outer space … security. In a nutshell, they’re the ones who stand between hackers and America’s satellite network. Their audience of clients includes governments and military branches around the world. High-level insiders have begun loading up on shares. And President Trump’s push to have a U.S. Space Force operational by 2020, is sure to be an immense profit accelerator.

The fourth one is a networking communications company with a technology that’s critical to the future of the internet. In fact, its silicon photonic technology that sends information via light and puts it on a chip is already being used by AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and NASA, to name a few. The CEO of this firm bought over 600,000 shares in the last three months.

You’ll find all four of these stocks in my report: The 10-Bagger Collection: 4 Stocks Positioned to Soar 1,000% or More.

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Ian King

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Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine
Editor & Investment Director
Total Wealth Insider
June 2019

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