For Decades, Washington Snubbed Our Founding Fathers’ Vision for Independence, Security and True Wealth. But President Trump Is Doing Everything in His Power to Make Sure Every Product in Your Home Says...


“We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words: ‘Made in the USA.’”

— President Trump

Over 200 years ago, a band of visionaries came together and shocked the world.

They broke the shackles that tethered them to the biggest superpower at the time by drafting the following…

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

And with these words our great nation was born.

We went from a frail economy completely dependent on Great Britain…

To an independent economic powerhouse.

We built up the strongest military the world has ever seen…

We created a robust banking system based on the dollar — which still stands as the world’s reserve currency.

And we went from surviving on fishing, tobacco and cotton farming…

To thriving in the Industrial Revolution with inventions like the cotton gin, steamboat and assembly line.

This launched America’s manufacturing sector into high gear.

For decades, it was the backbone of our nation, and it influenced the entire world.

It helped end World War II…

Rebuild Europe in the aftermath of all the destruction…

It also helped us take down the Soviet Empire in the Cold War.

And along the way, it paved the way for companies like General Motors, Ford, Boeing, Maytag and Levi Strauss to become symbols of true workmanship.

Foreigners and citizens alike had a sense of pride to own something stamped with the words: “Made in America.”

These three words came to represent quality and ingenuity.

And most importantly, they represent our Founding Fathers’ wish to become a truly independent nation that could provide life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to its citizens.

However, there’s been a betrayal…

Our independence, security and wealth have come under siege.

Over the years, our politicians and business leaders have turned their backs on our Founding Fathers.

Instead of “dissolving the political bands” that connected us to Britain … we’re building them back up.

Only this time, it’s a spider web of bands that make us dependent on countries like Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and most notably — China.

With each passing year, more and more products have been made overseas.

Consider this…

In 1965, manufacturing made up 53% of the U.S. economy.

Two decades later in 1998, that number dropped to 39%.

Then in 2019, it plunged to 11%.

That’s the lowest level since 1947!

And today, this has triggered an unprecedented shift…

China has Officially Dethroned The U.S. as The World’s Major Trading Partner

In 2000, as many as 80% of countries traded with the U.S.

Now that number is a mere 30%.

Our allies — who we stood by during the toughest times … who once admired us … such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Sweden and many others — have abandoned us in favor of China.

And American businesses followed the same pattern.

Apple closed their main Silicon Valley factory in 1992.

It went from making nearly all their products here, to just one.

As The Wall Street Journal reported: “Tim Cook and Apple bet everything on China.”

It’s not the only company either. Not by a long shot…

In the late ‘80s, IBM shut down five manufacturing factories and cut 228,000 people from their workforce.

It was a decision that one executive said “was driven by advances in manufacturing technology.”

That’s corporate speak for “we can do it cheaper in China.”

Now, the company has more employees abroad then in the U.S.

And IBM’s five factories are nothing compared to what others have done…

GM closed nine manufacturing plants.

Levi Strauss shut down an astounding 60 factories across the country.

And the price paid has been American jobs.

Over 3 million jobs have vaporized since 1998.

And this has cost American working-class communities dearly.

One employee who worked for Levi Strauss for 32 years said: “It was like a death in the family.”

All the shuttered warehouses and factories across the country represent tombstones where these workers’ hopes and dreams have died.

America, once the model of a true independent nation, has become dependent.

We rely on foreign countries to supply us for our most basic needs.

Shoes are made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia…

The computer or smartphone you might be watching this on is likely from China.

And even American cars aren’t really made here.

To get classified as “Made in America” a car just needs to be assembled here and have 50% of its parts supplied from North America.

Yes, North America … meaning a component can come from Mexico or Canada and that would count.

And we Even Rely on China for Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Supplies.

This Puts You, me and Every Other American at Risk

Nowhere is this clearer than the coronavirus pandemic.

Ventilators are being rationed out to those “most likely to survive”…

Masks and gloves are in short supply…

In just a few short weeks, the Strategic National Stockpile was all tapped out.

And even, critical medical supplies are stuck in China with no airplanes to ship them.

This whole situation looks like something you would see in a developing country — not in an economic powerhouse like the U.S.

However, there’s good news…

This Crisis Will Accelerate President Trump’s Top-priority Executive Order...

A mission he’s had since the day he first set foot in the Oval Office…

It aims to bring American jobs back … revitalize the manufacturing sector … and fulfil our Founding Fathers’ vision for independence

Which is why I call it the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

So all those headlines that have plastered the media in the past decade…

And even the recent ones from this pandemic…

Starting right here … right now, President Trump is about to reverse the decades-long decline of the manufacturing sector and reestablish American independence.

No longer will we rely on foreign countries for supplies that are critical to our nation’s health and security.

Products won’t be just cobbled together in America with parts from all over the world…

They’ll be “Made in America” from start to finish.

The shoes on your feet … the cars that you drive … and even those depleted medical supplies — they can all be made right here.

And everything will be top-notch quality. In a moment, I’ll show you how it’s all possible.

And how it’s already starting to happen as we speak.

According to the prestigious management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, it’s part of a revolution that could:

“Bring Millions of Jobs Back to U.S. Shores and Set Off a Fresh Wave of Economic Growth.”

The Re-Declaration of American Independence could usher in a boom that rivals the Golden Age of Capitalism.

That’s when the U.S. became the world’s economic power.

Thanks to a robust manufacturing sector, we watched our economy expand by 645% ... becoming three times bigger than the next largest economy.

And investors had a shot at remarkable returns.

Zenith Radio delivered 24,146% gains…

Bulova Watch marched up 24,146%...

Spicer Manufacturing went up 26,221%...

International Paper & Power returned 30,501%...

Traux Traer Coal handed investors 30,503% profits...

Container Corp. of America went up 37,199%...

And Electric Boat soared 55,000%...

These are extraordinary examples from an extraordinary time no doubt. And not every investment you make during boom times will go up this much.

But that’s the point…

We could soon enter another extraordinary period.

And these kinds of profits could be up for grabs again.

In a few minutes, I’m going to tell you about the one company positioned to reap the biggest rewards from the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

Its stock trades for under $10 right now . But it might not stay that way for long.

Once everyone realizes what’s happening, they’ll pile in and drive share prices through the roof. And you’ll have missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To show you exactly why it could take off, I need to use a direct quote from one of my mentors … a real believer in America.

Someone I’ve had the pleasure to know personally: Warren Buffett.

That’s right, I got to work with the Oracle of Omaha himself.

Jeff Yastine

You see, my name is Jeff Yastine.

You may have seen me quoted in Barron’s back in 2018. The flattening yield curve had just triggered the Dow to drop 799 points. Many feared that the historic bull market had come to an end.

But I was still optimistic about America’s future — much like I still am.

So I told folks to “not take it as economic gospel.” Lo and behold, the market rebounded and the bull market kept rallying for another year.

Or maybe you saw me featured in Forbes, when I said the U.S. had the upper hand in the tariff war negotiations.

That’s because, back then, I knew of Trump’s Re-Declaration of American Independence. I knew it would only be a matter of time.

Well, now that moment is right on our doorstep.

I can spot these things because I understand how the economy, businesses and markets work from an executive-level perspective.

Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Warren Buffett … Sir Richard Branson … Steve Ballmer … and Bill Gross to name just a few.

These legends were generous with their advice and insights.

I took everything they said to heart and went on to have a successful investing career that spanned two decades.

I was able to achieve the American Dream. I live in my dream home with my family just steps away from the beach in a desirable South Florida zip code.

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My firm’s mission is to be America’s number one source for investing ideas. And so far, I’d say we’re doing a good job.

In just a few years’ time, we’ve grown to over a million subscribers.

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The best part?

I get letters from people all the time saying how my work has changed their lives.

Bob Carlton said:

Len Suarez said:

And Tim Semeneck said:

While it’s great to see my subscribers making money, these amounts pale in comparison to what’s around the corner with the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

One company could soon become the biggest stock market winner of the past century.

That brings me back to what Warren Buffett once said that not only made me proud to live in this great country…

But changed the way I looked at investing forever.

He said:

“The motherlode of opportunities runs through America. The treasures that have been uncovered up to now are dwarfed by those still untapped.”

And one such “untapped treasure” is going to explode onto the scene in a big way.

I’m talking about a manufacturing breakthrough that has been used since 1983.

Harvard Business Review says it “will change the world” and that “China will have to give up being the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.”

Forbes reports that “it’s transforming the $12 trillion manufacturing industry and fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

But because this technology isn’t an iPhone, social media app or self-driving car, it hasn’t attracted consistent attention.

Which is why Forbes also went on to say it’s “quietly changing the world.”

But the recent coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that we need it now more than ever.

And Trump’s Re-Declaration of American Independence is going to be the tailwind that finally lifts it into the mainstream.

Take a look at these images from medical workers on the frontlines, and you’ll see what I mean.

This protective face mask right here…

And this ventilator with its valves, tubes and pump…

They were in short supply. Nobody could get access to anything.

So companies big and small, citizens from all walks of life rolled up their sleeves to ensure our nation was equipped to contain this global pandemic.

Much like it took the Boston Tea Party to rally people behind our Founding Fathers’ vision … this pandemic is going to be the battle cry that jumpstarts the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

No longer will shipments of critical medical supplies be stuck somewhere in the supply chain when we need them most.

Because we’ll have the capabilities to make everything on demand right here.

It’s all thanks to one technology: 3D printing.

These miracle manufacturing machines can be the size of your office printer…

Or as big as a truck…

In 2013, this technology was hitting the mainstream hard. Really hard.

People were 3D printing everything from toys, prosthetic body parts and even guns.

And the handful of publicly-traded 3D printing stocks dished out incredible profits.

Protolabs handed investors 203% returns…

Stratasys soared 643%...

3D Systems Corp. went up 2,295%...

A modest $1,000 stake in each of these stocks would’ve turned into $34,410.

That’s not bad if ask me.

However, the company I’m going to tell you about today could make all of these examples look like child’s play.

Because 3D printing is about to make a resurgence. But in a much bigger way.

We can’t just brush this technology off any longer.

It’s now a matter of national economic priority and security that dates back to our Founding Fathers.

Back then, imperial powers had colonies for one reason: They wanted more places to sell their manufactured goods to in order to become wealthier.

So our 13 original colonies were just a marketplace for British goods.

And that’s why we declared independence.

How is that any different than what’s happening today?

America is just a huge market for goods made in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

That’s why a robust manufacturing sector was a top priority for our Founding Fathers.

Our first Treasury secretary of the U.S., Alexander Hamilton, wrote about the need for industrial self-sufficiency in a paper called the “Report on Manufactures.”

He wrote:

Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufactures.

Every nation, with a view to those great objects, ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of national supply. These comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing, and defence.

The possession of these is necessary to the perfection of the body politic; to the safety as well as to the welfare of the society; the want of either is the want of an important organ of political life and motion; and in the various crises which await a state, it must severely feel the effects of any such deficiency.

And over the years, we did have the manufacturing that provided the independence, security and wealth for our citizens.

During World War II, a single American factory called the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant cranked out more tanks than all of Nazi Germany.

Michigan’s Willow Run Bomber Plant produced a B-24 Liberator every hour around the clock.

And Liberty shipyards built 400-foot transport ships in as little as five days.

According to General Eisenhower, this was the deciding factor in the war.

But these factories are now long gone.

And since the late ‘80s, America’s manufacturing might has rapidly declined.

It has been shipped overseas along with jobs.

And we’ve slowly become colonies to other countries.

Manufacturing is the key to bringing jobs back and restoring prosperity. An independent study shows that for every $1 spent in manufacturing, we get $2.74 back in economic growth.

That’s the highest of any sector.

And for every one worker in manufacturing … five additional employees are hired elsewhere.

Trump is a businessman at heart. He knows this.

Which is why he made manufacturing one of his top priorities since he set foot in the Oval Office.

And on April 2017, he penned the executive order that I call the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

He declared: “We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words: ‘Made in the USA.’”

And now, everyone finally understands the importance of this.

The New York Times reports: “Coronavirus Spurs U.S. Efforts to End China’s Chokehold on Drugs.”

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann said: “We must prioritize the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and critical medical supplies in American.”

Everyday Americans are even writing into smaller publications with their opinions. Here’s one I found from a newspaper based in Madison, Wisconsin.

A man named Dave G. wrote:

“If there is anything positive that has come forward from the recent coronavirus, it is the obvious need to return to products made in the U.S.”

Trump’s Re-Declaration of American Independence is finally getting full-fledged support.

Nobody would be foolish enough to resist this after what we’re experiencing right now.

It’s creating a situation that the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, said “could help quicken the pace at which jobs and manufacturing are returning to the U.S. from overseas.”

And that’s why…

3D Printing is The Technology That’s
Vital to our Nation’s Future

Before I tell you about the one company that could see exponential growth in the coming months as domestic manufacturing ramps up…

I need to make it clear that this technology was already making a resurgence. And it was going to become mainstream sooner or later.

It’s only going to happen faster now.

A lot faster.

Take a look at this chart, and you’ll see what I mean…

And why now is the perfect time to invest:

This is the famous hype cycle chart from Gartner — the American market research and consulting firm.

It shows how new technologies and innovations reach the market.

First, there’s an innovation trigger.

We already had that in 1984, when 3D printing was created to make custom parts for furniture.

Then, more and more people got access to design software thanks to the personal computer and laptop boom.

That’s when we hit the peak of inflated expectation.

The peak was in 2013, when all those stocks I talked about earlier hit record highs.

After that, the fanfare died down. And we got stuck in the trough of disillusionment.

3D printing was labeled as hype and nothing more.

Mashable said: “3D printing is never going to be a thing.”

Venture Beat said: “It’s a gimmick.”

And Time magazine wrote that it’s “another speculative frenzy playing itself out.”

However, during all the fanfare, more and more companies started seeing the promise in 3D printing.

And they poured in money to research its possibilities.

Venture capital firms invested a record $650 million to back 3D printing startups.

Google committed $100 million.

Ford motors put in $65 million.

GE spent over $1.5 billion so far.

Altogether, companies big and small spent over $13.8 billion.

And there has been some remarkable breakthroughs which are taking us out of the trough of disillusionment.

We’re now in the beginning stages of the slope of enlightenment right here…

Top brands including Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance and Reebok have all harnessed the power of 3D printing to make millions of shoes right here on American soil.

Which prompted The Economist to report:

“By Bringing Production Home, this Factory is out to Reinvent an Industry.”

This is a bigger breakthrough than most realize.

For years, American shoe companies have desperately wanted to bring this entire process back to the U.S.

Steve Madden CEO Ed Rosenfeld was quoted saying: “We’d love to make shoes in the United States.”

Douglas Clark, a shoe industry veteran, who worked for Nike, Converse, Reebok and Timberland to name a few spent eight years of his career creating a model to make shoemaking in America profitable again.

But nobody could find a solution.

Until now.

Thanks to 3D printing, the possibilities of what can be “Made in America” have expanded.

It was all happening before the pandemic unfolded.

And it was reflected in the numbers…

Since Trump’s Re-Declaration of American Independence, over half a million jobs have been created. Two hundred sixty thousand were created in one year alone.

Manufacturing jobs were created at six times the pace of Obama’s last two years.

According to a National Association of Manufacturing survey, optimism soared to record highs.

And production climbed off the charts.

We’ve reversed the decline of the Obama years and are heading into a small manufacturing boom.

And on the heels of this pandemic, we’re going to see an even bigger boom that could soar off the charts.

Our critical supplies could be made right here in the U.S.

Even in the thick of the pandemic, anyone with an idle 3D printer in New York was being asked to help out to ramp up manufacturing of face shields.

And they were producing as many as 1,000 per day!

This is a massive boost forward for the Re-Declaration of American Independence.

And the potential of 3D printing goes well beyond basic medical supplies.

To illustrate just how much is possible, I’m going to use an example of an American tradition.

One that 31 million people tune in to watch…

One that generates $660 million in annual TV revenue alone.

I’m talking about NASCAR.

Race cars demand precision. Any faulty wiring or mechanics can mean a fatal crash that gets bad press.

But despite what’s at stake, the Penske racing team just started using 3D printing.

Here’s what Matt Gimbel, the team’s production manager said:

“The power to deploy 3D printing early in the process gives Team Penske a tremendous advantage in the production of better, stronger, and more aerodynamic race car parts. The faster parts get on the racetrack, the better our team competes.”

You see, whether you’re making a new shoe, a replacement part for your vacuum cleaner, a car door panel … a prototype needs to be created first.

This ensures everything has the proper form, fit and function before it gets to you — the consumer.

Prototyping is an expensive, multistep process. There are lots of false starts which cost companies time and money.

First, designers and engineers map everything out on a computer.

They get quotes and timelines from possible manufacturers.

The highest paid people in the room need to sign off and approve those quotes.

Then the computer-designed prototype gets sent off to be manufactured.

This can take weeks or months.

Then the prototype is tested out.

If it doesn’t, which is usually the case, they go back to the computer to create a new prototype to go through the entire process again.

It’s a viscous and costly cycle that can drive everyone involved mad.

Each of these iterations means time and money down the drain.

The Penske team is bypassing all of this.

They can design and model stuff on a computer and have physical, usable prototypes back within minutes in some cases.

They can do this with plastic parts, metal mufflers, fiberglass reinforcements — basically any material — right there on the spot.

And they have bigger machines where they can build hubcaps, body designs, axles and much more!

This breakthrough has let the Penske team test hundreds of new designs each year at a fraction of the cost and time.

One of the team’s drivers said: “This is the type of manufacturing that is not going overseas. I believe in it.”

He also emphasized that if 3D printing can handle the speed and precision of NASCAR…

It can handle pretty much anything.

Other businesses are also waking up to the possibilities.

There’s too much on the line to not be paying attention to 3D printing. Especially right now with recent developments.

To show you what I mean, let me read a short excerpt from a confidential report from Hewlett Packard that was recently made public.

It said:

Manufacturers, no longer tethered to overseas factories, will move physically closer to the consumer, shortening supply chains with the newfound ability to custom-produce anything, anytime, anywhere.

Four to 6 trillion (USD) of the global economy will be disrupted and redistributed in the next 10 years due to the accelerating growth of 3D printing, according to a new study conducted by A.T. Kearney.

Let me pause here for a second…

Four to six trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money.

That’s roughly five times the value of Apple.

And it’s more than double the economy of the U.K.

So this isn’t just disrupting an industry. It’s real revolution!

Let’s hear more from the same report to see what’s at stake:

Jobs will shift around the globe, with manufacturing jobs migrating to places where 3D printing is fully embraced.

Countries with strong existing consumer bases will be able to leverage those bases into strong opportunities for job creation.

Countries with strong existing manufacturing economies will need to adopt 3D printing quickly to secure the future growth of their workforces.

And the new 3D manufacturing workforce will be one that’s skilled-up, tech-savvy, and highly in-demand as it helps to push their nations to the forefront of global technology and tn leadership.

Those who fail to act will risk securing their share of a historic new wave of value creation across industries and continents.

This report sounds a lot to me like our Founding Fathers’ vision for an independent America: Build a strong manufacturing sector at home … and you’ll have strong country that’s a global powerhouse.

3D printing is the key to doing that in the 21st century.

With an economic impact in the trillions, it’s clear. America needs this technology right now.

And one Company is at The Forefront of This Revolution.

It's Perfectly Positioned for Exponential Growth in the Months Ahead

With over 378 3D printing patents, they’re blowing away their competition including juggernauts like Boeing and GE.

And if this wasn’t amazing enough, this firm also has a series of lucrative partnerships in place.

The biggest companies and organizations in the world are looking toward this one company. I’m talking about BMW, Hasbro Toys, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and countless small- and medium-sized American businesses.

Other businesses like Ford, Siemens and L’Oreal have already started to train their employees in 3D printing .

That’s why these 378 patents are critical.

Right now, its revenues are rapidly approaching $700 million annually.

At under $10 a share, its stock is a bargain.

But it won’t stay this way for long.

Revenues from 3D printing are expected to grow over 300% in the next few years.

And when this happens, its share price could soar to $25 … $50 … even $100 or more.

Point is, you must act fast.

The shortages during the coronavirus pandemic have made it clear that we need to shore up our manufacturing capabilities here at home.

The Re-Declaration of Independence will become a top priority.

So it won’t be long before 3D printing storms through every industry.

From retail … to cars … electronics … aerospace … aviation … health care … dentistry … mining … utilities … and even construction of homes and buildings.

No stone will be left unturned.

When you start seeing more and more products stamped with “Made in America,” you’ll have been late to the party.

The biggest gains will have already been made.

And you’ll have missed out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn a small stake into a fortune.

Not only that, you’ll have missed out on the chance to invest in a company that will play a critical role in our nation’s future.

Of course, it’s important to remember, like I mentioned before, not every investment you make during boom times will go up this much or up at all.

But that’s the point…

We could soon enter another extraordinary period.

And these kinds of profits could be up for grabs again.

To help you capitalize on this opportunity…

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