On September 21…

Paul Mampilly, Michael Carr, Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman, Matt Badiali, and Chad Shoop (Along with an Elite Army of Hand-Picked Experts from Around the World) …

Are Flying to an Exclusive Event in South Florida with
the Bold Initiative of Helping You …


Create Your Own

$10 Million

Bull Market

Prime Profits Calendar vs. The Stock Market

jeff l. yastine
editorial director,
banyan hill

Dear Loyal Reader,

Today … before the sun goes down … 1,700 people in America will be crowned “a millionaire.”

Another 1,700 people will become millionaires tomorrow and another 1,700 the day after.

That’s one new millionaire … every minute.

Here’s the exciting part … the vast majority of these millionaires are reaching their financial goals on their own — despite the odds — by creating their own personal “bull markets.”

Folks have been creating these personal “bull markets” for decades as they reach millionaire status, growing their wealth regardless of what happens in the broader economy.

In fact, this “millionaire’s club” — now 13 million people strong — is nearly three times bigger than it was 20 years ago.

So these new millionaires achieved the improbable despite two devastating stock market crashes … despite a real estate meltdown … and despite everything Washington and Wall Street have done to stand in their way.

They’re coming from all walks of life, from all areas of the country, from all levels of education, and from all ages.

If you’d like to be one of these
millionaires … Then Lean In!

Because my team and I have a bold initiative.

We want to help you add $1 million to your nest-egg in the next year…

And then from there … we want to help you achieve mega-millionaire status… growing your wealth to nothing short of $10 million.

Trust me … it’s more than achievable.

All you have to do is create your own personal “bull market.”

Now I know that sounds overly simplistic. But fact is, most people wait for a bull market in stocks, real estate, or some other financial market to come to them … so, they leave their financial fate in the hands of Wall Street and the economy.

If you’re like me … you want to take control of your financial future. You don’t wait for opportunity to come to you. You find the opportunity and seize it with both hands.

And that can be achieved with a few simple (yet powerful) tweaks to one’s portfolio and approach to wealth building.

You just need to be shown how.

And that’s what led to this exclusive event in South Florida.

My team and I recently met to talk about how we could help you add $10 million to your net worth.

We decided there was only one way to help you do it …

It’s Time We Meet Face to Face

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Paul Mampilly

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Ted Bauman

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Chad Shoop

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Matt Badiali

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Bob Bauman

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Michael Carr


My entire team agreed, if we are serious about helping you reach this goal of creating your own personal “$10 million bull market,” then we need to meet in person.

That’s why we went ahead and cleared our calendar for our annual Total Wealth Symposium. We’ll hold the event September 21-23 at the exclusive Diplomat Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

And we can’t wait to meet you.

But we are not stopping there.

We even recruited an elite army of investors and asset protection professionals to come to this one-time exclusive event (I’ll tell you who they are and why we hand selected them in a moment).

We are going all out …

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • The Anatomy of 10-Baggers. One of our experts will reveal, for the first time before a live, in-person audience, the ultimate prize: the exact recipe you need to identify stocks that are best poised to rocket up 1,000%. Not only that, but he’ll also reveal how most financial “experts” overthink stocks by focusing on the wrong things, and how you can use this fact to your advantage to uncover huge winners.
  • The Emerging Opportunity in the World’s Most Hated Sector. This sector has gotten hammered … absolutely hammered over the last three years. Now, it’s roaring back … setting the stage for the ultimate “contrarian” play for savvy investors. Our resident expert in this field will show you how you could make gains as high as 102% to 345% following this exact setup.
  • How to make money in both up and down markets. While stocks keep climbing higher, market corrections are natural and even healthy. However, you shouldn’t have to stop making money just because the market decides to take a “breather.” At the Symposium, we’ll show you how to make up to 171-times better returns simply by avoiding the market’s many “hiccups.” This is the essence of creating your own personal bull market.

And that’s just the beginning.

This year, we’ll reveal ALL our best secrets and strategies.

You’ll hear from top financial luminaries who will help you expedite your path to financial security … and by the end of the event, you’ll walk away with your own “$10 Million Bull Market.”

I’ve never been this excited for an event in my company’s history.

It’s why I’m confident this conference will be the most profitable event you will ever attend in
your life …

Just Like the Time I
Met Warren Buffett

I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial it is to meet financial experts in person. To shake hands with Paul Mampilly, to talk economics over a glass of wine with Michael Carr, and discuss how easy it is to live in a little-known, offshore paradise with Ted Bauman.

It will be a lot like the first time I met Warren Buffett …

I was anxious. (More anxious than the time I was in an intense meeting with Fidel Castro and more anxious than the time I sat down with Steve Forbes for an economic summit).

But all that anxiety melted away the moment Warren Buffett shook my hand …

It was as if I were no longer in a private meeting with the most famous investor in the world … the “Oracle of Omaha” … an entrepreneur worth over $50 billion.

Instead, it was as if I were speaking to an old friend. He gently put his down his signature Cherry Coke as he gave his classic smile — that smile we all know him for, the one that you can’t help but smile back at — and said “Thanks for meeting with me …”

Over the next few minutes we talked about everything from business to politics to playing the ukulele.

He imparted lots of great advice, and our meeting ended too soon. However, he said one thing that was instantly engraved in my mind …

“Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.”

Now, I know … you’ve likely read this quote of his a dozen times.

However, it was how he said it that struck me …

When he said “Be fearful when others are greedy,” he leaned forward and spoke softly, like a grandfather imparting wisdom to his grandson.

You see, Warren Buffett was responding to a question about the criticism he was getting for not investing in high flying tech stocks (remember, it was 1999!). The media and Wall Street alike were mocking Berkshire Hathaway for its underperformance, and Buffett’s investors were questioning if he was “too old.”

A few months later, the market crashed, and the Buffett critics were silenced.

My point is, meeting Warren Buffett in person gave me an almost unfair advantage, and I think you can gain the same unfair advantage when you get the chance to meet with our team of experts during our Total Wealth Symposium in September.

Indeed, we are going above and beyond to make sure you will have the tools, strategies, and insight you need to create your own personal “$10 Million Bull Market.”

And it starts with …

Our Team of Financial Experts Who Will Be Flying Out to Meet With YOU

My team here at Banyan Hill Publishing consists of the “who’s who” of the financial world.

We have some of the top tier experts to give you the level of insight you can’t possibly gain anywhere else.

And this year, they’re going all out, revealing their top insights with one goal in mind — to help you make $10 million.

And while they can’t offer personalized investment advice or talk to you about specific securities, their presentations and workshops will benefit you for years to come, easily setting you on the path to achieve your multi-million dollar goal.

Take a look at our lineup of speakers.

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Paul was formerly a manager of a $6 billion hedge fund that was named one of the “world’s best” by Barron’s.

Today, he is the editor of Profits Unlimited and is quickly becoming a financial phenomenon.

He’s already developed a reputation as one of the finest stock pickers in the industry. Nearly every single stock he has recommended is up double or even triple digits.

At the Total Wealth Symposium, Paul will reveal a new sector of the market set to emerge that will hand early investors fortunes.

Plus, he’ll provide all the details behind a specific company — hidden in plain sight — that could rally 1,000% or more.

Smiley face

Michael Carr, CMT

Michael is one of the top traders in the world, plain and simple.

As a longtime leader of the Market Technicians Association, organizations such as the New York Institute of Finance fly Mike around the world for one reason — to teach professional traders how to trade.

Mike credits the US Air Force for helping him stand apart. He spent his days coding the trajectory of nuclear missiles… ensuring that if the President ever hit “the big red button,” the missiles went precisely where they were supposed to.

After he retired from the Air Force, Mike used his skillset to code market trading strategies.

In the last three months, Michael’s “peak velocity” strategy identified a series of highly profitable trades that gave a small group of in-house beta testers the chance to make total gains of 1,446% (That includes all trades, winners and losers).

And Mike’s already told me, “I’m holding nothing back at this year’s Total Wealth Symposium.” You’ll be the first to see a new system he is programming to give our readers a chance to target even bigger, faster gains.

I bet that if you catch him out in the hallway between sessions, he’ll even let you in on some stories from his days working at the Pentagon!

Smiley face

Matt Badiali

Matt is a geologist who has taught at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

He was recruited to help a top investor spot unique opportunities in the natural resource field.

Over the past decade, Matt has become the leading natural resource expert for investors. For example, when mining and drilling companies are about to unveil a startling new innovation to catapult their business higher, Matt is one of the first people they call.

He is a true insider, giving anyone who follows his research the ultimate advantage. Matt has already showed his readers over the years how to make gains of 251%, 267%, 342%, 151%, 329%, 105%, 137%, 321%, 107%, 122% and 162%.

Matt is our latest recruit to Banyan Hill, and I’m looking forward to hearing him speak at the event. He’ll reveal an opportunity in the world’s most ignored sector that’s in the early stages of making an historic comeback. As a university-trained presenter, his is a talk you will not want to miss.

Smiley face

Chad Shoop, CMT

Chad joined our team several years ago as a research analyst. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Chad was a true prodigy.

Like Michael Carr, Chad holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, one of only a few thousand people in the world to do so.

Last year, through his service Pure Income, Chad helped his readers achieve a 100% win rate on their core trading strategy of selling put options — a feat practically unheard of in the financial world.

And through his research service Automatic Profits Alert, chad helped his readers capture several quick, double-digit returns like 50% on Freeport-McMoRan, 65% on The GEO Group and 25% on Micron Technology. With fast-acting gains like these, this strategy could help you grow your money 171 times faster than just buying and holding the market.

At the Symposium, Chad will reveal exactly how he is able to navigate in and out of effective trades with the grace of Wall Street’s top traders … and how you can use this technique to maximize the amount of money you make from each trade.

Together, these men have already made millions for thousands of folks around the world.

But for three days in September, their one goal will be to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to chart a course to a $10 million fortune using your own personal bull market.

Now let me ask you…

Are Your Prepared
to Make $10 Million?

I’m serious.

Are you prepared to make 10,000,000 dollars?

Frankly, most people aren’t.

In fact, many wealthy people fall victim to higher taxes, frivolous lawsuits, and volatile investments.

At 39.6%, the United States has one of the highest tax rates in the world for its wealthiest citizens.

It’s also the most litigious society in the world by a longshot. 41,095 lawsuits are filed in the U.S. each day — you can get sued for almost anything.

And the wrong investments could wipe your portfolio out … just think … 2.5 millionaires fell out of the “millionaire’s club” during the 2008 crash alone !

All because they didn’t take specific steps to protect their wealth.

The sad truth is, given all these threats … that by the second generation … 70% of wealthy families have lost everything.

By the third generation, that number rises to 90%.

The reason, again, is simple: Most people do not understand how to be wealthy.

Once acquiring their millions, they make the same repeatable mistakes that most millionaires make that leave them and their families right back where they started, or even worse.

These mistakes are entirely avoidable.

Smiley face

That’s why, at the Total Wealth Symposium, our leading wealth protection expert, Ted Bauman, will show you how to circumvent these pitfalls.

Ted specializes in a variety of issues ranging from offshore tax strategies, second citizenships and passports to asset diversification.

His work has taken him to over 75 countries where he has helped over 14 million people take charge of their financial destiny through various programs Ted has launched over the years.

This is why he has been consulted by leading organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the South African government.

I’ll be frank — Ted is as knowledgeable as any man I’ve ever met when it comes to financial planning. Except he won’t offer the same old cookie-cutter analysis you’ll hear from the typical financial manager.

If you want to know the best place in the world to store a portion of your wealth in gold so the government, lawyers and greedy relatives can’t get to it — Ted’s got you covered.

If you want to know which countries offer the most financial privacy and who to talk to in those countries, Ted will connect you with the right person.

But Ted’s not alone in this effort.

Smiley face

His father, Bob Bauman, JD will be there to reveal a critical update on the world’s top financial centers, and the steps you can take to rest easy knowing your wealth is safe from any and all threats.

A former U.S. congressman and confidant of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Bob is a leading advocate for financial freedom and liberty. He carries a wealth of knowledge on how you can protect yourself against an overreaching government, greedy lawyers and even a jarring stock market correction.

Bob is the author of several books including the controversial Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), a 584-page bestseller where you can discover little-known money havens, tax shelters, privacy shields and other strategies … as well as The Passport Book, known throughout the financial community as the No. 1 tell-all guide for international travel and life abroad.

But we’re not stopping there.

In fact, Ted, Bob and I have assembled …

An Elite Army of Investment
and Asset Protection Professionals
From Around the Planet

We are flying these experts in from around the world to speak with you and offer their guidance at this year’s Total Wealth Symposium.

These highly esteemed men and women will teach you how to diversify your wealth … safeguard your privacy … and protect your money from all kinds of threats.

They include:

Smiley face

Geoff Anandappa, Portfolio Manager for Stanley Gibbons, who will show you alternative ways to build wealth using exotic stamps, coins and other rare collectibles. These assets provide consistent returns and are a great hedge against volatility in the market.

Smiley face

Rob Vrihof, a top financial advisor in Switzerland and President of WHVP, leads a Swiss portfolio management service based on conservative principles of investment diversification and asset protection. He’ll discuss the importance of getting some of your wealth outside the United States and simple steps you can take to do so.

Smiley face

Chris Gaffney, President of EverBank World Markets, will be there to show you how to buy gold, foreign currency accounts and specialized investments that they created specifically for YOU, our readers, to help you earn more with your money. Their unique products are our favorite in the industry by far.

Smiley face

Josh Bennett, an estate and asset protection attorney, will give the driest speech of the conference — and you should listen to every word. Because hidden in his speech will be little-known ways to set up offshore entities, obscure tax structures, and little-known tax loopholes that will help you protect every dollar you make.

Smiley face

Richard Smith, PhD, Founder and CEO of TradeStops, will reveal a simple innovation he developed to help you earn thousands of dollars in “unclaimed profits” on stocks you already own! This technique is so obvious, and yet so under-utilized, you’ll be amazed how you’ve never heard of it.


Smiley face

Juan Fischer, head of one of Uruguay’s leading law firms, will reveal several exciting opportunities in the “Switzerland of South America,” including easy access to secondary citizenship and foreign investment, as well as a unique opportunity in Uruguayan farmland.

Smiley face

Brad Deflin, President of Total Digital Security, is our go-to privacy expert. He will show you how to set up cyber security in your home so that you can use the Internet without worry. He’ll also reveal the No. 1 mistake wealthy people make that leave them and their wealth exposed, and how to correct it.

Smiley face

Daniel Zurbrugg, CFA is the Managing Director of Swiss Infinity, an independent portfolio manager based in Zurich, Switzerland. At the conference, Daniel will show why a “global macro” investment strategy can result in far greater returns in today’s markets.

Smiley face

David Metcalfe of Premier Diamond Group will discuss as an asset that has NEVER decreased in value over the past 50 years — naturally colored diamonds. In fact, these diamonds tend to double in value every 4 to 7 years, making them a great store of value. David will show you how to get your hands on them at the conference.


As you can see, we’re serious about our bold initiative to help you create your own $10 million bull market.

You’ll hear from our best experts as well as a small army of experts we’re assembling from around the globe.

And they’ll all be there at your disposal.

But that’s not all…

Your First
Cocktail is on Me

This event is going to be a lot of fun.

The Total Wealth Symposium isn’t your typical investment conference. You know the kind … where the speaker goes on stage and delivers a boring, hackneyed speech he’s probably delivered 100 times elsewhere and where no one talks to each other.


This is a fun event where EVERYONE talks to each other, attendees and experts alike.

Would you like the chance to rub elbows with Paul Mampilly and Ted Bauman and finally meet them in person?

This is your opportunity to do so.

Do you want to ask Michael Carr what it was like working for the Pentagon? Coding nuclear missiles for the Air Force? Tracking Soviet aircrafts during the Cold War?

Be our guest!

Our speakers are there for you … period.

But talking to our experts is just the start.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to meet and talk with your fellow readers.

The Total Wealth Symposium attracts a certain kind of person … smart, savvy folks who, like you, have taken bold, decisive steps toward leading a life of financial sovereignty. This event is a hub for financial entrepreneurs of all sorts.

To tell you the truth, our attendees often say that getting to talk with like-minded people is their favorite part of the conference. Many of them may already be implementing strategies you’d like to try for yourself.

The point is, the Total Wealth Symposium isn’t JUST an investment conference.

It’s a lively, engaging experience where you’ll meet all sorts of people and discover transformative insights you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Plus, you’ll eat great food and get to stay in a gorgeous resort right next to the ocean, where you’ll enjoy crystal blue waters and sandy beaches that run for miles.


It’s a little like being on vacation … in sunny South Florida of all places! The kind of place you’d go to vacation anyway.

I look forward to this event every year, and so do our attendees.

In fact…

Attendees Rave
About Our Conferences

We’re known throughout the financial industry for putting on one of the finest investment conferences on the planet.

This is far from our first conference.

While this is the first time our Total Wealth Symposium is focused on helping you add $10 million to your nest egg … it’s actually our 16th time holding this event.

And over the years, we’ve perfected it.

It’s why so many of our attendees come back year after year. And it’s how we’ve been able to build such an incredible roster of financial professionals from all over. After running this event for several years … many of THEM have come to US … allowing us to hand pick the best of the best and bring them to you.

That’s why this is an event you do not want to miss. Anybody who’s anybody in the financial universe will be there. And I guarantee it will be a profitable experience for you.

Just ask some of the folks who attended our last conference…

“This is my fourth conference. And I keep coming back and back simply because the speakers are invaluable for helping me protect my wealth.” — Kayla H.
“Highly, highly informative presentation, very enjoyable” — Phillip K.
“I’ve gone to other conferences but I have to say your conference is bar none the best.” — Debbie B.
“You guys are one of the few people in the investment industry that I think tell it like it is, you’ve got great ideas, and even though I’ve been an investor professionally for 25 years I like what you guys provide” — Glenn B.
“I’ve gone to many, many conferences … it’s our first conference here and we’ve been incredibly pleased” — Barbara A.
“The presentations are very professional, they’re very focused, and there’s a world of useful information” — Harold P.
“Great resources, great information.” — Cal R.
“All of the editors, all of the staff, everybody has been wonderful and inspirational to me and I really appreciate all of the good advice and counsel that I’ve gotten from everyone” — Austin P.
“Information you cannot get elsewhere” — Jack C.
“It was definitely worth my time to come here.” — Cameron O.
“The conference exceeded my expectations in every way and I would definitely come back” — Tom H.

As you see, the Total Wealth Symposium is your one-stop-shop for all your investment and asset protection needs.

You get access to invaluable speakers who will help you catapult your wealth to new heights…

Informative and enjoyable presentations from the world’s top financial experts…

Insights you can’t get anywhere else in the financial world…

And a community of like-minded people all there for a common purpose of making $10 million.

It’s no wonder why we’ve heard from numerous attendees from last year’s conference, like Tom H., who are planning to join us again September 21-23 in Florida.

And now that we’re showing you how to create your own “$10 Million Bull Market,” we expect to be hearing from even more of them very soon.

That’s why it’s imperative you reserve your seat right now.

You see …

We Have Just 100 Seats Left!!

When we first opened registration to this event two months ago, we had space for just 400 people.

ALL 400 of those seats were scooped up in mere hours.

Unfortunately, hundreds of other people who wanted to join this event were shut out. That’s why my team recently met with our conference venue in South Florida … to see if we could make room for a few more people.

And I’m happy to report that we worked out a plan to add 100 additional seats.

We wish we could add more.

However, the Total Wealth Symposium was always meant to be an exclusive event. In order to ensure our attendees have a great experience, we have to place a strict cap on the number of people we can let in. That way they get as much one-on-one time with our experts as possible.

That said…

If you would like to be one of the 100 people to secure one of these seats before they’re all sold out…

I encourage you to act RIGHT AWAY.

These last few seats will not last more than a couple of days.

Your Chance to Make
$10 Million Is Right NOW

Now let me ask you…

What do you think would be a reasonable price to attend this event, knowing that by the end, you’ll learn everything you need to begin growing a $10 million fortune?



Even at $10,000 … it would be well worth it to attend this event.

However, you won’t pay nearly that much.

Normally, a single ticket to the Total Wealth Symposium goes for just $2,500.

That’s still a great price.

Not only will you meet some of the most esteemed financial experts from around the world … but you’ll learn everything you need to know to quickly join America’s growing rank of multimillionaire investors.

However, as one of our loyal subscribers…

We’re going to radically discount that price for you today.

Instead of $2,500, you’ll pay just $1,495 to attend the Total Wealth Symposium.

That’s 40% off the regular cost of admission!

We’ve kept the cost as low as possible for you … because we don’t want to exclude anyone who wants to hear our life-changing insights.

By revealing how you can create your own $10 million bull market, we’re confident this once-in-a-lifetime event will be the most profitable three days of your life.

I think you understand why I’m confident this event could sell out soon … possibly tomorrow.

If you wait, your chance to make $10 million could be gone … forever.

That’s why I want to give you one more incentive to sign up now.

Rather than pay $1,495 for a single ticket to the Total Wealth Symposium, you’ll pay just $995.

That’s less than $1,000 for insights that could help you make up to $10 million.

Honestly, it’s a no brainer.

Attending the Total Wealth Symposium will give you the tools and resources you need from our top experts to grow your wealth leaps and bounds beyond conventional methods.

I look forward to this event every year.

And I truly believe it will benefit you for many years to come.

But You Must Hurry!
These Seats Will NOT Last Long

Mark my words: this event will sell out in the next few days if not by tomorrow.

Again, only 100 seats are available.

So I highly recommend you act right now before tickets sell out.

I happen to personally know our readers are dying for an opportunity like this.

Every day, I get a flood of emails from people telling me how grateful they are to have discovered Paul … how Ted Bauman surprises them each day with bold and original ideas to help them grow and protect their wealth.

So, my advice to you?

Call now to get your ticket: 877 - 422 - 1888.

If you wait any longer, the remaining seats could be gone.

You can work out the details later.

Besides, if it turns out you can’t attend for any reason at all, you can cancel any time before July 1 for a full refund.

No questions asked.

Meaning there’s no harm in reserving your ticket right away.

If however it turns out you CAN attend, you’ll already be set for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

So, get your ticket right this second.

When you purchase your ticket to the Total Wealth Symposium, you’ll get access to:

  • Three days of exclusive presentations from the top financial minds in the industry who will reveal their secrets to how to accumulate an 8-figure fortune.
  • A special discounted room rate at the Diplomat Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where we’ll host the event.
  • Access to all general sessions, panels and workshops where you can “customize” your own roadmap to best suit your needs.
  • Coffee and refreshment breaks so you can rub elbows with Paul, Mike, Matt, James, Ted and Chad as well as our other experts and attendees between sessions.
  • Two private, evening receptions where you’ll mix and mingle in a luxurious setting with our experts and fellow attendees.
  • Unlimited access to our exhibit hall, where you can speak with our experts and discover the precise resources you need to begin making your first $1 million right away.
  • And so much more…

I promise you, this Total Wealth Symposium will be unlike any we’ve held in the past.

This is the first time in our company’s history that we’ll reveal insights that could help you add $10 million to your nest egg … and it’s the first time all these men and women have gathered in one room.

If you want to be one of the 100 people who could go on to become multi-millionaires after attending this event…

Reserve your seat now.

Don’t wait!

To Reserve Your Seat, Simply
Call 877-422-1888



Jeff L. Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill