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Your Shot at 52 Winning Trades Per Year


[ Transcript ]

Jeff Yastine

Hello, my name is Jeff Yastine, and I want to welcome you to the Rapid Profit Summit.

An event I’m sure will be the premiere investment conference of the year, laying out the most remarkable moneymaking method I’ve ever come across.

A method that, over two years of real-time testing … has generated nearly one profitable trade per week on average…

     Special Trades like IAC, which popped 22% in 2 days…

     Micron Technology Inc., which jumped 50% in 6 days…

     Even Stratasys Ltd. — which rose 107% in 12 days.

Think about that — the chance to close a winning trade, on average, once a week.

And while no system is perfect … and some trades may take longer than a week to play out or may go against us … the potential here is breathtaking, to say the least…

Especially considering that some of these trades turned out gains in as little as 24 hours.

In just a moment, I’m going to sit down with the architect behind what we’re calling the Rapid Profit method … a man many consider one of the true living legends of Wall Street — Paul Mampilly.

Paul is going to dissect exactly how this method works … why it is so profitable and why it works so quickly to help him pinpoint winning opportunities.

In fact, he is guaranteeing you will see the chance at no fewer than 52 winning trades over the coming year.

If you’re not familiar with Paul’s background, you’ve been missing out on one of the greatest resources available to Main Street investors.

Starting as a mere clerk at Deutsche Bank, he quickly rose through the ranks of various financial institutions, eventually managing a $2 billion fund … and helping it rapidly grow to more than $6 billion thanks to his returns... and the new investors who wanted to get in on the action.

Not only was Paul’s fund later named one of the “world’s best” by Barron’s, but he was invited to participate in a prestigious investment competition to see what he could do with $50 million. He grew that account a startling 76% during the 2008 crisis, winning the competition.

This led him to be featured on media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.

Kiplinger’s also awarded his fund a ranking as one of the world’s “top 25,” placing it in the top 1% of funds and calling him and his team “low-profile iconoclasts with some of the most original minds in the investment business today.”

The Washington Post wrote: “Investors should hold this fund to a high standard,” while justifying the steep fees the firm demanded.

But even outside of his Wall Street acclaim, Paul is renowned for helping Main Street Americans forge generation-spanning wealth with powerhouse investment recommendations through his elite investment research.

One private research firm in Palm Beach, Florida, reached out and asked him to assemble a bulletproof model portfolio. In two years, from the time he joined until the time he left, Paul recommended stocks that soared as high as 115%, 126%, and even 157%.

In fact, on his best plays over the last few years, he has successfully captured 37 triple-digit gains…

And 246 double-digit gains.

Those following his Rapid Profits Trader strategy have averaged a 13% gain over 29 days on Paul's special trades. Just look at what a few of his readers have had to say:

Nick Bateman told us:

And Natalia Romear wrote in when she was just starting out in July 2018:

It’s no wonder a number of Paul’s readers wrote to him: “I’m extremely happy I made the decision to join Rapid Profit Trader!”

But the folks who have had the chance to profit from Paul’s Accelerated Income Method over the last two years…

Well, they’ve seen some truly extraordinary gains at breakneck speed.

According to Paul, this is the ultimate way for anyone to begin seeing quick returns — on average nearly once per week — without having to babysit their portfolio all hours of the day…

Without penny stocks, without margin, without day trading.

What it comes down to is a wholly unique way Paul has devised over his entire career … to extract extraordinary gains from the market at lightning speed.

A method he has shared with a special group of shrewd men and women over the last two and a half years.

It’s also incredibly easy…

And the results are mind-blowing. Take a look.

Keep in mind — these are real trades recommended over the last two and a half years.

Like when you could have made a special trade on Inc., the cloud computing company … and within eight days, secured a 100% gain.

Meaning a $5,000 investment came back as $10,000 in a week.

Or you could have jumped on a unique investment in Intuit Inc. — and watched your money grow 120% over a mere 11 days.

Then there’s the Valero Energy Corporation trade, which soared 161% in 13 days.

Just those three trades, with a $5,000 initial stake each, and you would have generated an overall profit of $19,000 over the course of 3 months.

The average hold?

Ten days.

Of course we didn’t hit these top winners back to back, there were plenty of other plays in between, both wins and losses.

But again, with over 210 different recommendations, this strategy has averaged nearly one winning trade per week — for over two consecutive years.

We've averaged a 13% gain over 29 days.

And the folks who were invited to join Paul in this venture have made out like bandits…

“Ian and Paul, Just a quick note to let you know I completed my first sell orders using the Rapid Profit strategy. Result: 226%, 185% and 122% on VFC [All within less than 2 weeks]! Thrilled with results.” — Ed Shapiro

“92.5% profit [in about 35 days]! What a great trade! Thx.” — Tzu Chen

“I finally had the courage and made my first option trade on April 21, 2020. So far, all my trades made money. The recent 71% gain on Tandem and 53% on Square are helping me get closer to my family goals and for my children’s education.” — Mac Johnson [July 4, 2020]

“Hi Paul and Ian, This trade worked out very well for us!! My entry date was on 7/20 [2018]. I sold half of my contracts for a 50% gain on 8/14 [2018] and three days later I sold the other half of my contracts for a 61% gain. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” — Lisa Danovich

“60 percent in one month. Keep them coming like that.” — David Brodie

As you’ll see, Paul is so confident in this Rapid Profit method, he’s guaranteeing that over the next 12 months … you will have the chance to close no fewer than 52 winning trades…

Fifty-two opportunities like the ones you’ve just seen deliver 50% … 122% … 185% … in just a few weeks.

Imagine the difference winners like that could make in your life.

Of course, not all trades work out, and all investing includes some element of risk. That is why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

This is a watershed event for investment history — because what you’re going to discover today is not just how to make a lot of money, from a man who has made thousands wealthy…

Instead, you’re going to discover how to make obscene amounts of money at a rapid clip, making only a handful of trades each month.

With that, I want to bring in my friend, my colleague and one of the greatest Main Street advocates I’ve ever met … Paul Mampilly.

Paul, welcome to the summit.

Jeff Yastine

Paul: That’s quite a buildup, Jeff. I’m glad to be here, as always.

JL: Paul, I want to cut right to the chase, because I think our viewers desperately need what you have in store for them today…

You’ve been in the investment world a long time. You’ve been making money hand over fist every year for yourself, and you’ve shown the people fortunate enough to have access to your research how it’s done.

And for the last two years, you’ve quietly been giving a special group of men and women the ability to profit in real time from this Rapid Profit method. And today you’ve decided to share it with the world. Why?

Paul: That’s right, but I’ll say now, without question, this is the most powerful investment methodology I’ve ever designed.

Now, I want to be upfront: Nothing in the market is guaranteed — there are always going to be investments that don’t perform the way we hoped.

That said, the potential is pretty exciting — which is why I’ve come to rely on it so much over the years.

Not only can the Rapid Profit method return gains, but it delivers them at record-breaking speed.

And this is possible due to options. Now, don’t glaze over on me.

Options can sound intimidating even to more experienced investors.

But stick with me and I’ll show you why I use them, how simple it can really be, and how they can supercharge a portfolio.

You mentioned those three trades a moment ago — Salesforce, Intuit and Valero.

Those are just three snapshots of what the Rapid Profit method is capable of ... just three of the windfalls you’ve uncovered over the last two years.

The goal of this approach is simple: to take you, wherever you are in life right now, and give you a tool for making profits fast.

I’m talking about the chance to see 52 winners a year, minimum.

JL: That’s a truly ambitious promise.

You’re essentially promising the potential for a bonus check every week on average — with no real limit to how large those profits could become.

Paul: That’s right, Jeff.

And of course, the more you put in, the higher your potential returns will be.

JL: What’s most shocking to me is you are known as a big gains hunter, Paul.

I mean, we only need to glance at your personal returns, returns made on simple stock trades, not even applying your Rapid Profit method, over your illustrious career to see some monstrous winners.

Olympus Corp., where you scored a 329% gain.

Netflix, where you quadrupled your money.

Cemex, where your investment soared 268%.

Or one of your most famous trades, Sarepta Therapeutics, which exploded 2,539% in just eight months.

These are spectacular gains. And yet, you say the Rapid Profit method is superior.


Paul: To clarify, it’s the absolute best strategy I’ve come across in 20 years for expedited gains at the lowest risk possible.

Each of those gains you mentioned took months — even years.

The Rapid Profit method can do in a few days what it takes months for my more “conventional” strategies to accomplish.

To the tune of averaging one winning trade nearly every single week — about 52 winners per year…

JL: Wow, I know I’d personally love to get even just one win like the ones your subscribers describe.

Paul: Of course! Anyone would. Now imagine — this same method being implemented month after month, week after week.

Hopefully this is driving home the point that my promise for our viewers is far from a fairy tale.

JL: On the contrary, many of your readers have already reported home run returns over the two and a half years you’ve exclusively shared this work with them…

We have a couple of these here:

Myron Hayes said:

Tom O’Dell said:

Matt Moody said:

Chris Cameron said:

Paul: I’m immensely proud of those results — and I think things are only going to heat up from here as we continue to target these returns.

Executing it is so simple and requires so little money to get started — plus, again, we’re seeing gains nearly once a week on average.

JL: I think I can speak for all of our viewers when I say I’m eager to see exactly how this method works.

But before we get to it, I’d like some more examples of exactly how this works.

Paul: The science behind the Rapid Profit method is something to behold, Jeff, and I’ll break it down into its exact three steps in a moment — because I think you, and all our viewers, will have the same response:

“How could this NOT work?”

Here are some of the best examples from our two years of real-time testing…

With the Rapid Profit method, you could have leapt on Union Pacific Corporation, the railroad stock. We’re talking an old industry and a 50-year-old stock. Nobody is seeing dollar signs with a company like this.

And yet, within just four days of recommending this trade … folks who followed my research had the chance to close out a gain of 50%.

AMD — a $58 billion semiconductor company — would have put a 99% gain in your pocket in 16 days — meaning every $5,000 would have come back as nearly $10,000.

Amgen, a biotech company with a market capitalization over $200 billion, spun off a 46% gain in four days — it would have generated a return of $2,300 in less than a week. That’s like a daily profit of almost $600.

Lululemon, the $30 billion athletic wear retailer, would have given you a 73% gain in a mere 15 days. About two weeks and a $5,000 investment would have put a profit of $3,650 into your pocket.

Even Visa — with a mammoth-sized $435 billion market cap — would have made you a mint. Within 33 days, we saw a gain of 104% — meaning this blue-chip stock, in just a hair over a month, would have turned every $5,000 you invested into $10,200.

JL: We’re talking over $18,650 in potential profits from just a handful of your best investments over the course of 18 months.

Now of course not all of your recommendations hit like this…

Some won’t win at all.

But one thing really stuck out to me as you were laying those out…

Each and every one is a large-cap company.

Absolutely not prone to making such a dramatic move — surely not within the last few months.

And yet, these gains were captured over an average hold of, what, two weeks?

Paul: That is part of the Rapid Profit method I’ll explain in a second — but you’re absolutely right.

These stocks themselves haven’t made moves of this caliber in years.

But … the gains were all possible. They were all there, if you had the eyes to see.

Let’s look at these charts again.

During the exact same time you could have made 50% on Union Pacific in four days using my method, the stock itself only rose a mere 0.9%.

While AMD was turning every $5,000 into $10,000 with a 99% gain on 16 days … the share price only moved 14%.

Amgen made a 3% move, and yet we saw a gain of 46% in 4 days.

Lululemon brought us a 73% gain in 15 days, but regular shareholders got a lackluster 7%.

And Visa…

Visa pumped out a 6.3% gain ... while we saw a gain that would have turned every $5,000 into $10,200 in 33 days.

JL: These are mammoth-sized profits sailing right over 99% of investors’ heads.

Paul: And I want to emphasize, there is no margin involved, no futures, no “aftermarket” trading or any of that nonsense I see being espoused these days.

The truth is, you don’t need any of that for gains of this magnitude — or better.

The Rapid Profit method uses a highly complex, three-phase technology — one my research firm has invested countless millions into refining — to pinpoint these opportunities.

Once we have continued refining at a cost of $1 million over the last two years … curating our trades by reviewing over countless hours of market and pricing data LIVE.

All of this complex data is then distilled down into a simple investment recommendation — one you can execute through a typical brokerage account … and hopefully find yourself cashing in on these trades an average of 52 times a year.

But I want to underscore the potential of what’s right in front of our viewers, right now.

I’ve even seen the Rapid Profit method deliver gains in the face of absolute adversity — when the highest authorities in investing media were trashing the stocks.

JL: Can you give some examples?

Paul: Sure thing.

Take the companies we already mentioned before — Stratasys, Valero and Salesforce.

Just weeks before I used the Rapid Profit method to declare a “buy” on Stratasys, the company reported earnings, and the media were quick to call the reported numbers a “concern for investors.”

And yet, we saw a 12-day gain of 107%.

Valero was one of the most shorted stocks right before I told my readers to buy … bringing them a 161% gain in 13 days.

And my recommendation on Salesforce — the company that would have delivered 105% in 35 days — even as the media were calling the stock “maxed out.”

To be clear, these were some of my greatest successes, and not all of my picks end up being winners.

JL: That’s amazing.

Each of these companies, even under incredible scrutiny, just powered through … helping me show my readers earth-shaking gains thanks to my options picks … and the media likely would have led you in the opposite direction.

Paul: The safest wager, when it comes to the media, is to do exactly the reverse of whatever they are telling you to do … and the Rapid Profit method aces that in a big way.

JL: You have a long history of finding investments conventional wisdom tells you to run away from.

I remember you telling me about your own personal Coeur Mining investment … can you walk our viewers through that one?

Paul: No problem.

In January 2016, I was hot on gold. Funny enough, Wall Street was punishing precious metals. Gold was trading at $1,050 … about 40% below its high of $1,800.

The media essentially staged a gold witch hunt.

Bloomberg compared investing in gold to a “foolish” move.

The Wall Street Journal called gold a “pet rock.”

Time magazine bluntly said: “Buying gold is a fool’s game.”

As you would expect, as gold sank to a multiyear low, gold stocks took a beating…

Coeur Mining was no exception.

It was down 70%.

And the media were quick to pounce on the company.

One article called Coeur Mining “debt ridden and overvalued.”

Moody’s, the rating agency, placed the company on review for a downgrade.

Yet, I ignored Wall Street, I ignored the media … and invested in Coeur Mining on January 15. I paid a mere $1.88 a share.

From Wall Street and the media’s perspective, I might as well have flushed my money … down the toilet.

Yet, in February, to the surprise of everyone but me … Coeur Mining’s stock price started moving up.

If I would have waited for Wall Street experts to give Coeur a buy rating … I would have missed out on ALL the gains. Take a look…

RBC Capital Markets upgraded Coeur Mining to “outperform” … in July.

And remember how Moody’s put the company on its downgrade list … well, it actually gave Coeur mining an upgrade … in September.

During the same month, Bloomberg rated Coeur Mining as the second best performing stock worldwide.

But by then … Coeur was losing steam and spiraling out of control … ultimately falling 39% from its peak in August.

Yet, I had watched as the stock soared to a high of 738%.

My point is, if I had waited for Wall Street and the media to tell me to buy, I would have actually lost money. And while I didn’t sell Coeur at its absolute peak, I made a fortune on that trade.

JL: And this is without the Rapid Profit method.

Paul: Yes, and again, the Rapid Profit method can deliver gains even faster.

JL: Paul, the more you talk, the more I think you’re underselling this method.

Paul: But I haven’t even gotten to some of the most exciting aspects of this approach.

I’m confident that, when our viewers understand and harness this, they’ll never return to regular investing again.

JL: That’s an incredible promise coming from someone like you.

After all, the gains you’ve personally enjoyed are stunning:

In fact, we pulled from of the greatest gains from your past. Now these are straight stock plays, not options like you recommend to your readers…

But I just want to showcase your incredible talent and expertise in the market.

• A 355% gain on Exact Sciences.

• A 329% gain on Olympus Corp.

• A 329% gain on Netflix.

• A 298% gain on Whole Foods.

• A 293% gain on Universal Display.

• A 268% gain on Cemex.

• A 696% gain on Ariad Pharmaceuticals.

• A 2,539% gain on Sarepta Therapeutics.

And since you’ve released this Rapid Profit strategy, the results I’ve witnessed you make a reality for the people following your research have made them very happy.

One gentleman I mentioned earlier, Ed Shapiro, sent in a snapshot of his brokerage account showing us three triple-digit gains he scored in less than two weeks…

Let’s pull it up on the screen.

He closed out 226% on one position in 13 days.

On a second position, he made another 185% in 8 days…

And went on to make 122% on a third in just 4 days…

We’re talking about doubling money multiple times over, just by acting on investment recommendations that you shared with him.

But he’s far from the only person experiencing such exceptional gains.

Here is what some of Paul’s subscribers had to say:

Cynthia Frakes, a stay-at-home mom from Omaha, Nebraska, wrote:

Don Bumgartner, who works in the auto industry out of Detroit, Michigan, said:

And Erika Hafner, a personal trainer from San Diego, California, enthusiastically shared her results:

Mary Privett, a wedding planner out of Corning, New York, has already added 200% to her account in less than 2 weeks:

These are just a few of the results — plus the ones we already discussed earlier!

People are absolutely cleaning up with your work … I mean, we’re talking about real men and women who have been harnessing the power of this method to profit for the last two years in real time … and are reporting extraordinary results.

So with that said, let’s jump into exactly how this method works.

Paul: Perfect.

Now, explaining how this works is pretty simple.

That’s how the method is designed — to appear simple, but underscored by layers and layers of high-priced technology and time-consuming data analysis.

But this is why it’s an investing game changer.

JL: So what is step 1? How does the process begin?

Paul: It starts with no stock at all.

Every investor has the cruel reality of trying to “bet” against the trend — likely trying to be a contrarian.

Others call it catching a falling knife.

I’ve lost my shirt doing this in the past and abide by one rule — don’t bet against a trend, don’t fight the tide.

JL: And how do you determine where the tide is going?

Paul: I use a multilayered momentum analysis system.

Every day, my team and I rank a model portfolio of 89 exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Eighty-nine is the strongest — that means money is moving in, the stocks in the fund are moving up, so on and so forth.

One is the weakest.

We rank them every single day to gauge their movement, since anything — from regulation changes, to falling short on earnings or a failed exploration — anything … can derail the fund.

We look for three forms of momentum:

1. Trajectory — has the ETF moved from 20 to 40 in our rankings steadily over the last few weeks? That’s good momentum trajectory.

2. Second, we look at Consistency — this is huge, because consistency tells you whether you have a flash in the pan or a real potential home run. We don’t want to look at an ETF that has gone from 20 in our rankings to 70, then 40, and bounced around wildly because that means the sector is in an extraordinarily volatile period.

3. Lastly, we analyze the ETFs’ Profitability — this is where we start thinking money. We’re looking for an ETF that has successfully passed Trajectory and Consistency and has delivered the largest return in the shortest period of time.

JL: So to recap … this is still only step 1, but you’ve already triple-screened the source that will eventually lead you to your actual investment.

But this ETF thing comes out of left field a bit. Is this an ETF trading strategy, Paul?

Paul: Not at all. It’s just the way we begin the hunt for the actual trade.

Which brings me to step 2.

Now that we know where the best investments are based on the top-performing sector and ETF, we start searching for the best stock inside that ETF to recommend.

There are a few ways we do this, but one of the most effective tools has been analyzing which stocks are hitting new 52-week highs.

JL: That seems pretty easy, but why did you choose that as the key indicator?

Paul: When a stock continuously hits new 52-week highs, it implies investors are ravenous for it. They are gladly paying more for it every day than it was valued at mere days before.

JL: So you confirm a sector has momentum … you find the best ETF in this high-momentum sector … then you find the top-selling stock in that sector.

It’s brilliant in its simplicity, and it can obviously work, but how do you make such quick gains? It seems like most of the stocks that are sector dominators tend to be large caps, based on the data you’ve demonstrated so far.

Paul: That’s where the third part of my strategy comes in.

It’s just mathematical — we find a rising tide and the fastest ship rising with it. It’s profitable enough to predict the chance to profit consistently — remember, we are averaging nearly one profitable trade per week … and our average hold for those wins is only 25 days. So the moment you start implementing this method, you’re potentially just a few weeks from your first home run.

But to your point, a lot of these industry top performers can be expensive … and despite moving up mostly consistently, they may not make the largest moves. And there’s always the risk of loss, like with any investment.

However, that’s how we mitigate our risk — by not chasing volatile stocks.

Instead, I help readers amplify their potential return while putting tight control on their risk by recommending options. To be specific, by buying options rather than shares of the stock.

JL: Wait. You recommend options to reduce risk? How is that possible?

Paul: Options have been victim of a pretty wide-scale and unjustified witch hunt. They are among the safer investment vehicles … for three reasons.

No. 1: Options are cheap.

Let’s look at Valero Energy Corporation again — one of my favorite trades I’ve recommended.

Around the time we recommended making the trade on Valero, the stock was trading for $113.

Now, you could have paid $11,300 for 100 shares…

Or you could have taken the same capital … and purchased options at $2.66 a share, just $266 total for one contract representing that same 100 shares.

So, they are significantly cheaper — giving regular folks without deep pockets the ability to invest in some of the best stocks on the planet for the same rate as a microcap.

No 2: Options are fast.

Look at Valero Energy.

Over the course of around three years, the stock has moved about 92%.

Not a terrible return … but significantly less than our 161% gain in less than two weeks.

Now for perspective … during this exact same two-week period, Valero moved just 6%.

Yet, by executing the right option, the folks following my research would have made 161%.

A $5,000 investment in the stock returned $300.

A $5,000 investment in the option, however, paid out $8,050 in just two weeks.

We’re talking a profit of 26-to-1.

Which would you rather have? That’s how I measure options.

And No 3: Options are safer.

JL: I’m definitely interested to hear this!

Paul: It is really right in front of us.

With options, you are buying more for less.

The option is cheaper than the stock and moves faster than the equity.

So you can “control” the same number of shares for a fraction of the price.

Look at it this way.

Valero moved 6%. The option our method used would have scored you an $8,050 profit with just $5,000 in 13 days.

To make the same profit with the stock, you would have had to invest around $145,000.

We’re talking a huge stake for the chance at a 6% gain.

But this is where that becomes even more important.

With options, your downside is set in stone — you can never lose more than the $5,000 — and that’s if the option goes to zero.

If the stock drops 6% with a $145,000 stake … you’re already down $8,700. If it dropped even 4%, you’re down more than $5,000 already.

God forbid it drops 15%, 20% or more — you’re out tens of thousands in a situation like that.

Now, options move faster both ways, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any plays that might move against you.

JL: And are there any criteria when it comes to which option? I don’t know if any of our viewers have seen an option chain, but it can be a pain to decipher.

Paul: I have very specific criteria, and they actually do impact which stock I will go for — so it’s not just about which stock hits a 52-week high, it’s about the stock hitting a 52-week high with the best options available.

Now, my exact criteria would be too complex to explain here, but suffice it to say … if any of our viewers ever access the Rapid Profit method research, it would be drop-dead easy. All they’d have to do is select the exact one I’d name — as easy as looking up a ticker symbol in your brokerage account.

JL: You’ve given us a great bird’s-eye view of this strategy — but can you dive in and really dig into how the method, as a whole, applies to some of your trades?

Paul: My pleasure.

Let’s look at Valero again…

Valero is part of the energy sector — which, as you can see in this chart from 2018, was experiencing a lot of growth.

I did further analysis and found that in that sector, Valero was experiencing the most parabolic and consistent momentum.

That led us to a 161% gain in 13 days.

Then there’s Intuit…

Here you can see the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund.

We tracked this ETF to triangulate Intuit, and the readers who followed my recommendation had the chance to grab a windfall.

The stock would have made you 6% — but the option made you 120% in 11 days.

We’re talking 20 times the return.

And, which we found by studying software, like the iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF.

You can see clearly the sector was on the move … and so was Salesforce.

And using my Rapid Profit method recommendations could have let you capture those profits in a big way.

You would have made a 4% gain from the stock, but grown your investment 100% in 8 days by trading the option. The same period of time, the same stock — 25 times the profit.

Of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, but facts are facts. For two years now, we’ve been using the Rapid Profit method to capture gains — averaging the equivalent of nearly one winning trade per week out of our 210 total plays.

Each of these had a surging sector, a soaring stock and the right option … and turned out to be windfalls.

JL: Paul, I have to say … as someone who never worked with options much, I feel like I’ve missed out on some huge opportunities based on what you’ve just said. You pay less, control your risk and can make more money. It’s incredible.

To review, you’re talking about a technology that finds the best sectors, places where the most money is flooding into.

You then locate the premium stock of that sector — specifically, one hitting new 52-week highs. Meaning that the folks who invest in these companies already have the comfort of knowing any option they purchase is backed by a stock that’s already going up.

And as you just demonstrated with Salesforce, Intuit and Valero, this works in a major way.

Paul: Jeff, sometimes it almost works better than I could have ever imagined.

JL: How so?

Paul: Let me remind you — this system is not designed to help me hunt “big gains.”

We want to double, triple, maybe even quadruple our money or better — sure — but the goal is much more streamlined: a lot of sizable winners, fast and often.

And sometimes … those winners can manifest in as little as 24 hours.

Trades like — which jumped 26% in a single day.

Shopify — which handed my readers a 27% gain, again, in 24 hours.

Or Motorola Solutions — this trade jumped 32% by the next day.

JL: That’s truly incredible. That’s like going to bed with $5,000 and waking up with $6,600 — a $1,600 surprise bonus overnight.

And of course, you already mentioned Amgen and Union Pacific, both of which delivered gains within four days.

Paul: There’s also some like Sunrun, which moved up 30% in only two days. Or even Brooks Automation — that’s another one that jumped 34% in four days.

JL: Paul, without a doubt, this is one of the most uniquely effective methods I’ve seen — and you’re not basing any of this on back tests, beta tests or simulated models.

These are real trade recommendations … where real people had the chance to change their lives.

Here are just a few of them:

JL: And just seeing your returns, it’s easy to see how even the most devastating losers could be wiped out by the outsized winners — like:

• 99% on AMD in 16 days.

• 100% on ConocoPhillips in 23 days.

• 100% on Salesforce in 8 days.

• 104% on Visa in 33 days.

• 107% on Stratasys in 12 days.

• 161% on Valero Energy in 13 days.

• And over 80 more additional winning trades.

Paul: That’s true. I hope anyone who uses this strategy enjoys every cent of it. Depending on starting stake, time invested and other factors that could mean eating at nice restaurants, even helping towards buying new cars, paying off homes, traveling, or just leaving the daily grind of the 40-hour week behind.

I spend 70-plus hours a week working, Jeff. Easily. But I love what I do.

It’s why I am still doing it, right now — sharing my best investment strategies and ideas with people like our viewers, helping them make their dreams possible.

JL: You’re surely doing that, according to what some of the folks from across your various services have had to say…


Listen closely, because this could be you in just a few short months.

“I made a 150% gain on AMD. This is the 2nd time I made over 100% on AMD in just a month’s time. Thank you so much.” — Eshaan Patel

“For the month of August, my portfolio was up 198%. This is just the beginning for me and my family. Thank you.” —Mark Bristol [2018]

Then there’s Gary Benson, who wrote in to say … “I follow all your recommendations and have profited greatly with my modest portfolio. Started with $5,000 in July [2018] and now it’s at $12,000 on September 5th.”

These are incredible results. Combined with the other stories we’ve heard today.

On that note, you had a pretty big announcement

Paul: It’s because of letters like those, I’ve decided to make a big professional move.

As I said, I’ve been using this method for 20 years — combining this rigorous analysis with options to make some of the biggest, fastest, most profitable investments of my career…

But I had never published a word about how this strategy works … or the trades it pinpoints until a few years ago, when I first shared my work with a special group of men and women.

In those two years, we’ve averaged nearly one winning trade per week…

We’ve seen top gains of 107% in 12 days, 121% in 11 days, and 161% in 13 days...

And while not every trade works out, when you account for all wins and losses, we are averaging a 13% gain every 29 days.

I’m so proud of the results over these last two years … I’ve decided to reopen this service — Rapid Profit Trader. And I want to give our viewers today the chance to subscribe to this elite research service.

And it’s to each of those who join me today I am guaranteeing the chance to see no fewer than 52 winning trades in my model portfolio over the next 12 months.

JL: That’s astounding. Paul, we’ve mentioned this “52 winners” promise a few times. Can you restate it clearly and concisely for our viewers?

Paul: Yes.

For anyone who joins Rapid Profit Trader today, I am guaranteeing you will see no fewer than 52 winning trades — an average of one winner a week — at minimum in my model portfolio … within the next 12 months. Period.

If I don’t hit this goal, I will work another year for you free of charge.

My goal is to give readers the chance to profit often, at their leisure. They don’t have to worry about “missing the boat” with one or two successful trades here and there. There is a surplus of opportunity — enough to secure plenty of wins every year.

JL: Well Paul, we’ve seen what you’ve done for your readers so far with the Rapid Profit method.

Paul: There are really no words to express how thrilled and honored I am by every message I receive showing results like those. It’s even more rewarding than watching my own account grow in many ways … knowing this research is changing people’s lives.

JL: Results like these are what give me the confidence in you, Paul. These are real men and women reporting massive wealth growth. And with a two-year track record behind you — it really shows how achievable your “52 winners” promise is.

I’m eager to know — how does a Rapid Profit Trader subscription work?

Paul: The service is really simple. I’ve also decided to do a few new things on my end in an effort to make it even more reliable and stress-free for members.

We take this project very seriously, since it’s the first of its kind in my professional history. It’s the only time in my history when I’ve felt comfortable with trades happening this frequently.

But that’s because the backbone of the whole thing — the Rapid Profit method — is ironclad.

But to make sure everything is done right, I have a full-time analyst to monitor positions, write alerts and more in the moments when I’m not available. His name is Ian Dyer.

Ian works with me to select every trade and spends every single day doing nothing but monitoring the model portfolio.

Each and every week, Ian and I seek out the very best options opportunities. Some weeks, we may issue one trade, on rare weeks there may not be a trade at all. But when the market is hot, we may issue at least two or three in a single week.

But every week you’ll hear from us with a detailed analysis of our Rapid Profit Trader portfolio and recommendations, along with our thorough explanation of what’s going on in the market and how our positions are impacted.

JL: So you and Ian expect to issue at least 52 unique trade recommendations a year? Is that a lot?

Paul: Right. That’s the minimum, Jeff. And the minimum number of winners we’re guaranteeing. Not every trade will work out, and while sometimes we may issue two or three recommendations in a month... as I said before, when the market is hot, we may issue two or three in a single week. We don’t limit our opportunity — we’re not trying to stay in a tight parameter … we’re aiming to give readers every good moneymaking opportunity that crosses our desks and passes our tests.

The end goal being to consistently deliver the chance at a winning gain every week … to help our readers find 52 winning opportunities over the next year.

Just this year, we actually closed a trade on Solaredge Technologies — a 38% gain in eight days.

Just a few days before that, we closed a trade on Micron for a 50% gain in six days.

JL: And to the point about those recommendations, viewers don’t have to catch each and every one — as you explained earlier.

And there will be losers along the way, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But our goal here is to have winners that offset our losers.

And on some plays, folks could have hit it out of the park with gains as high as 161% in 13 days.

Paul: Yes. Exactly. Now, I’m going to be upfront about something.

I work really hard researching these investments. Again, I even hired a full-time analyst devoted entirely to keeping up with this service.

And because I’m sharing so many of the secrets I’ve discovered during my career, secrets my inner circle has profited from over the last two years, I have one hard rule…

When someone joins my Rapid Profit Trader research service today, I am giving them an incredibly great price, but … they need to commit to it.

So, there are no refunds.

JL: Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Fact is, when people join, they will gain access to all your research — including a weekly breakdown of a strategy you’ve kept a tight lid on for 20 years … only sharing with a special group of people in a private offer two years ago.

Paul: Exactly. And I’m happy to give this research to everyone.

But unfortunately, I’ve seen some people take advantage of my generosity in the past.

They sign up for a bit, they study everything I do, they take all the research, then cancel for a refund…

That’s not fair to the others who have the right mindset when they join.

Plus, I have to protect the integrity of my research.

That’s why all sales are final.

JL: I see this as a benefit. It means that when someone signs up for Rapid Profit Trader, they’ll have the security of knowing ONLY fully committed, paid readers will see your investment selections.

Only folks serious about learning your strategy and insights.

And that’s imperative, because the time and research you put into each of these trade recommendations is immeasurable.

Paul: Jeff, I can’t even put a price tag on this stuff.

JL: Well, let’s look at it as if you were still managing a hedge fund and I was one of your clients. I would be required to put $1 million into an account with you … just to get started.

Then let’s say you made a 26% annual return … which is what you averaged at your firm.

So, in theory, my $1 million would now be worth $1.26 million.

Your firm would take 20% of that $260,000 gain — or $52,000.

And then a 2% maintenance fee — another $20,000 from my $1 million account.

So realistically, to access the full potential of the strategy you use in Rapid Profit Trader, members today would have a real cost of upward of $72,000 a year if they were investing with you at your hedge fund.

Paul: At least. And, of course, you don’t need $1 million to follow my insight in my Rapid Profit Trader service. The beauty of my newsletter is that you don’t even need to invest to still benefit from my incredible research.

JL: So, with even more years of experience and trading in the trenches to hone your skills … and more personal wealth and success under your belt than you could have ever imagined … you could justify charging a fee higher than $70,000 a year.

Paul: But that’s not why I created this Rapid Profit Trader research service. I truly enjoy helping other people learn how to make money.

JL: Which is why you’re making this “52 winners” guarantee?

Paul: I believe in total accountability. If it’s not results-driven, it doesn’t work for me.

And that’s how I want members of Rapid Profit Trader to view their subscription: results first.

Hence, I’m making a very straightforward promise: Anyone who joins my research service Rapid Profit Trader will have the chance to see no fewer than 52 winners over the next year … an average of one winning trade per week.

If we come out short even one winning trade, then I’ll work an entire second year for them, free of charge.

JL: So if your model portfolio only delivers, say, 51 winning trades, they will get a second year absolutely free.

Paul: Exactly. All they have to do is call and let me know, and they’ll get access to all my resources and recommendations for another year. At no cost. They’ll have me, hunting down the absolute best trades to make them rapid triple-digit gains, for another 12 months. Free of charge.

JL: Of course, I just can’t see how you will give them the chance at anything less. From everything we’ve seen today … from everything I know about you…

The chance to grab 52 winners a year…

What your readers have reported from their real-time results…

Well, what you’re putting on the table today just seems reasonable.

Paul: And that’s the baseline — I use that number just because it’s so easy to demonstrate and guarantee. My goal is to go for much, much bigger gains.

JL: You’ve already shown us immense proof of the potential gains straight ahead using this method. So far this strategy has helped you show your readers top gains like:

85% on Xilinx in 35 days.

99% on AMD in 16 days.

100% on ConocoPhillips in 23 days.

105% on Visa in 33 days.

105% on Salesforce in 35 days.

107% on Stratasys in 12 days.

120% on Intuit in 10 days.

A 161% gain on Valero Energy in 13 days.

JL: If this is the kind of winning potential members of Rapid Profit Trader can expect, I can’t believe anybody would turn this invitation down — especially with an unbeatable guarantee for the chance to grab 52 winners over the next year.

Overall, counting every win and loss since inception, we’ve averaged a 13% gain every 29 days. And 123 of our 210 plays have been winners.

And our win-rate this year is best yet. I am proud of these results and can’t wait to share it with new members.

But there is a catch — membership to Rapid Profit Trader is extremely limited.

Only 800 people will be able to join you today at the original charter pricing.

And considering we have over 350,000 readers … we’re talking a fraction of a percentage will be able to sign up today and access this research.

Paul: Again, I want to limit the subscription spots to serious folks only. I’ve built this for people who are eager to grow their wealth.

JL: So, let’s get back to what these 800 elite members will be able to expect if they are fortunate enough to snag one of those spots today.

Options 101 Guide

Paul: Well, first they will get immediate access to my report, The Rapid Profit Blueprint.

This lays out the exact methodology of this strategy and how it works, and essentially functions to make sure every reader hits the ground running from day 1.

Every month, I’ll issue a minimum of four brand-new trade alerts. Each alert very simply tells them what investment we’re looking at, what sector it’s in and how to execute the best option at the best price.

Options 101 Guide

And when it is time to sell, Ian or I will notify them … by both email and, if they would like, with a text message to let them know there is a new alert sitting in their inbox. The trade alerts will also give more information for those who like the details.

I’ll list out the industry … the market potential … the revenue history … the product pipeline … every investment will be thoroughly laid out. By the end of each alert, there will be no question as to why we’re recommending the trade.

Of course, when you shoot for investments like this with options, you do have to contend with volatility — which is why I have buy-up-to prices for all our options.

There’s also the 52 weekly research updates.

These are the core of my service. Consider them a way for us to touch base every week and look at where the market stands … how the model portfolio’s doing … and potentially make an emergency decision if something changes.

Options 101 Guide

Each one will be packed to the brim with my industry-leading analysis and cutting-edge research.

I could even send an early notification to take a portion of your profits off the table if one of our investment picks soars to incredible highs — like 107% in 12 days, 121% in 11 daysor even 161% in 13 days.

JL: And you’re guaranteeing all of this could result in 52 winners over the next year?

Paul: Now like I’ve said, no one has a crystal ball to the markets. But I believe if members follow all my recommendations, they’ll be in a better place than they started … it’s like the famous football coach Bill Walsh said: “The score takes care of itself.” We’ve developed a powerful method here and we let it do what it’s designed to do — allowing us to help readers scoop up the profits along the way.

JL: Paul, thank you so much for your time today. It has been truly enlightening.

Paul: My pleasure, Jeff.

JL: You’ve just heard from one of the most illustrious investors to emerge from Wall Street…

And one of the only ones, period, to openly share his findings … his research … and all his tools and tactics for achieving extraordinary wealth, starting with even a small amount of capital.

Today, you can take the next step.

As one of the few invited to attend this historic summit, you are now presented a truly life-changing opportunity.

Because you can be among the limited 800 people today to start a membership to Paul Mampilly’s VIP research service, Rapid Profit Trader.

I Want To See The Details

The spots are first come, first served.

The focus of this service is simple:

Every month, Paul will marshal his impressive resources to select the best trades…

He will use his proprietary strategy to find the prime companies in the prime sectors with the best options for the fastest returns.

Using this strategy, you are positioning yourself to get in on trades like Valero, which went up 161% in 13 days… Stratasys, which rose 107% in 12 days… two Salesforce trades that went up 100% in 7 days and 105% in 35 days … Intuit, which went up 121% in 11 days … Visa, which went up 104% in 33 days … ConocoPhillips, which went up 100% in 23 days … and dozens more…

And while these are some incredible winners, Paul is proud that his entire portfolio since inception, counting every win and loss, has averaged a 13% gain every 29 days…

Returning more every single month than the S&P 500 has returned on average in an entire year.

Paul could easily charge upward of $70,000 a year for access to this level of research.

A fee people gladly paid to invest in his hedge fund.

A fee I’m sure several people mentioned earlier would gladly pay after repeatedly earning life-changing profits with Paul’s recommendations.

But that’s nowhere near the cost today.

Because it’s not $70,000 a year.

Or $50,000.

Or even $10,000.

The retail price for Rapid Profit Trader is $5,000 per year.

But you’re not even going to pay that today.

Because as part of this special broadcast … he has negotiated a special subscription for the first 800 people who respond.

All you pay today for 12 months of in-depth access to Paul’s research…

For investment recommendations he has screened and rescreened multiple times…

Is just $2,995.

Remember, people gladly forked over upward of $70,000 a year for his advice as one of the world’s top hedge fund managers.

And I’ll bet Paul receives emails from funds and wealthy families asking him to take on their money management … probably offering seven-figure compensation packages.

But Paul is tired of making the wealthiest of people even wealthier.

He wants to celebrate big gains with you … he wants to hear from you about how these investments have changed your financial destiny … and that of your children and grandchildren as well.

It’s not only possible, it’s easily achievable with the right trades.

You get access to Rapid Profit Trader today for just $2,995 — a 40% discount from the already low retail price.

And we only have 800 of these spots open today … spots I’m sure will be vanishing quickly.

Especially because of the massive guarantee Paul has just made.

In short…

Anyone who joins Rapid Profit Trader is guaranteed the chance to see 52 winning trades over the next year. We’re talking an average of one gain per week. If you don’t, then he’ll work an entire second year for you, free of charge.

So, if at the end of one year the model portfolio falls short by even one winning trade … Paul will put all his tools and resources to work for you again, for a second year, free of charge.

As you can imagine, this guarantee is an enormous financial commitment.

Most people would think Paul’s taking on an insane level of risk.

But his track record speaks for itself. And while losses do occur, the winners can be massive.

He has used his skills to genuinely become wealthy through his investments…

And he’s going to use the same skills to give you the chance to grab the equivalent of a weekly windfall over the next 12 months.

I Want To See The Details

Let’s review everything you get by becoming a member today:

✔ Minimum 52 Trade Recommendations a Year:

Paul and his colleague Ian Dyer will send you a confidential options trade alert on a specific stock they have been doing intensive research on.

These may come a few times per month to a few times per week, depending on market conditions.

✔ Weekly Research Updates:

Each week, Paul and Ian put together a detailed market analysis … it’s important to understand what’s happening in the political sphere, the economic world and the market.

Paul has learned to identify how these three impact each other … and how to insulate your investments against them.

✔ The Rapid Profit Blueprint:

In these pages, they lay out exactly how this method works … how the strategy is able to pinpoint winning trades — having allowed his readers the opportunity to close a trade every 25 days on average.

The entire breakdown is in this document — and it’s yours, free, as a member.

✔ “52 Winners” Guarantee:

Over the next year, his model portfolio will give you the chance to grab no fewer than 52 winning investments — if it falls short even once, you’ll get a second year free of charge.

✔ A Dedicate Customer Care Hotline:

You’ll receive a confidential number, giving you direct access to our highly trained and specialized client care team.

These are men and women we’ve worked with specifically to help you with your Rapid Profit Trader subscription.

✔ Exclusive 24/7 Website Access:

Within moments, you’ll have an exclusive access login and password for our encrypted website … where you can access every report, every special weekly alert, the entire model portfolio and more.

Anything ever published for Rapid Profit Trader members will be available to you here, anytime you want to access it.

✔ Options 101:

You’ll receive a copy of our praised Options 101 Guide.

In this slim volume, everything you need to know about options trading, every question you’ve wanted answered before tackling this mysterious tool, is answered … consider this your golden key, which could help you unlock the vast profits of the options market while forever slashing your risk.

I Want To See The Details

Over the course of my career, after meeting with countless wealthy and influential men and women, I can honestly say I’ve convened with some of the most prestigious and accomplished investors and entrepreneurs on the planet…

And Paul easily ranks among them.

I’ve never seen an opportunity that gives Main Street investors the chance to learn from a Wall Street legend like Paul … especially at such a small fee.

Paul is the only one with full knowledge of this strategy — and many more.

It’s why so many have flocked to pay him thousands, tens of thousands, even millions for the opportunity to gain his investment insights.

This could be your only chance to align with him.

The potential gains made could hand you a fortune in the coming months.

To see all the details on how to join him with Rapid Profit Trader, simply click the orange button below this video.

But hurry.

This offer is limited to the first 800 people who respond today.

You’ve already seen how people just like you have seen life-changing gains in their accounts in just weeks or months.

You’ve seen how one gentleman made 226%, 185%, and 122% all within 2 weeks following Paul’s recommendations.

Now it’s your turn.

Simply click the button below to review all the details on how you could grab 52 winning trades over the next year

I’m Jeff Yastine. Thank you for your time today.

I Want To See The Details

September 2020