“Fluorescent Sand” Is the Key to
Unleashing 5G on a Mass Scale

One California company is at the forefront of it all. Its stock trades for less than $5. But it could start climbing higher any day now. Keep reading for the full story…


It’s no secret that 5G unlocks endless possibilities for America’s future.

Just to give you an idea…

National Geographic said: “5G has the potential to create millions of jobs … drive growth … and enable a host of new technologies.”

Scientific American declared: “It’s about to change your life.”

And the MIT Technology Review simply said: “It’s going to blow you away.”

However, none of this can happen without ONE critical resource.

And knowing exactly what it is could help you make a fortune in the coming months as the 5G roll out takes America — and the world — by storm.

It all starts with this petri dish of ocean sand…

Thanks to Nobel Prize-winning discovery, this sand can be harnessed into a miracle material that glows and changes color.

Which is why I call it “fluorescent sand.”

It holds the key to unleashing 5G on a mass scale.

That’s why Susan Crawford, the former White House advisor on science and technology, said it’s as “central to the next phase of human existence as electricity was a hundred years ago.”

Every other new technology you’ve been hearing about: The Internet of Things. Blockchain. Augmented reality. Autonomous vehicles. Drones. Quantum computing…

All of these disruptive trends have remained stuck in their infancies.

They’ve been nothing but talk, and are years away — if not more — from making any serious inroads into your everyday life.

Until now.

Once 5G rolls out it can help to power driverless cars … robotic surgeries … smart cities … and much more.

And fluorescent sand is finally making it all a reality.

Imagine kicking back — with a piping hot cup of coffee – reading the news in the comfort of your car… and getting to your destination without touching the steering wheel.

Or coming home and finding every item on your to-do list — grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning — totally complete.

Or how about getting a medical diagnosis right on the spot, for health issues that would have taken months — or even years — to diagnose.

Fluorescent sand is powering 5G and helping to create a modern-day Utopia right here, right now.

And it’s triggering a situation that will mint more millionaires and billionaires than ever before.

In fact, Qualcomm CEO Steven Mollenkopf is saying $12 trillion in revenue will be generated because of 5G.

Let me repeat that:

$12 trillion in REVENUE.

I’m talking about actual money that a company can rake in to drive growth through the roof and reward investors.

And by knowing the specific California company, which I’ll detail in this special opportunity, you could be a part of this windfall.

Because $12 trillion is a historic amount of money.

To give you an idea…

That’s 24 times more money than Walmart makes in a year.

And 45 times more than Apple.

In fact, it’s 11 times more revenue than Amazon has made in its ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

And it’s nearly five times all the wealth in the United Kingdom.

Make no mistake: With $12 trillion on the line, the company at the forefront of this revolution could become the most valuable company on the planet. Possibly of all time.

This one California company could be it.

That’s why you should keep reading about this opportunity, and not skip or glance over a word.

You could miss an important detail that could make you wealthy.

Less than $5 a share, this stock offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on the windfall that fluorescent sand is helping to make possible.

As you will learn, there is a real potential for triple- and quadruple-digit gains.

But we’re in a race against time.

The 5G rollout is already underway.

And the biggest, most successful companies are throwing down whatever money they can to hoard as much of the miracle material — that I call fluorescent sand — as possible.

Google and Microsoft have invested $300 million each.

Facebook has poured in $450 million.

Verizon has acquired $1.8 billion in "fluorescent sand."

Amazon has committed a staggering $2.6 billion.

It’s a race to the finish line, and no matter what company wins…

You could reap the rewards of the incoming $12 trillion windfall in the coming months!

The tiny California company — that you’ll learn about today — holds the key to unlocking the true potential of 5G.

Make no mistake. The next phase of human progress is at our doorstep.

Smart homes … driverless cars … blockchain networks … robots that perform quick, painless (and cheap) surgeries … quantum computing … augmented reality…

And every other tech trend you’ve been hearing about could soon become a reality.

Which is why leading analysts are saying, this tiny company is “in the right place at the right time.”

And you can be too.

Less than $5 a share, this is the best bargain you can find in the stock market. Period.

The world’s biggest investors know it.

BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Bancorp — to name just a few — have been quietly buying positions in this one company.

And while they like to keep things secret, you can bet these behemoths see what I do: A company that stands at the forefront of the potential $12 trillion flood of incoming revenue.

Which means it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream gets a hold of this story.

And when that happens, the price could soar, and you’ll have missed your chance at turning a small stake into huge gains.

Today, you’ll read about everything you need to capitalize on this incredible opportunity.

But I realize you probably haven’t heard this story before, and it may seem far-fetched that fluorescent sand could be the driving force behind the 5G revolution.

So allow me to introduce myself.

Ian King

My name is Ian King.

And for the last two decades, I’ve been scouring the financial markets for BIG ideas.

I started out at Salomon Brothers — the same firm where billionaire and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg got his start.

Back in those days, Salomon Brothers was THE PLACE to be.

It was a highly selective company that rewarded hard workers who produced results.

Bottom line: If you could make it there, you wrote your own ticket on Wall Street.

That’s how I went on to analyze multimillion-dollar investments for Citigroup.

And then eventually landed an even bigger role as head trader at a New York City-based hedge fund.

I bet on the subprime debacle in 2008, and our fund generated a 339% annual return.

So how did I lead them to outsized returns, when other funds and banks were going belly up?

Simple. I thought and invested unconventionally. I looked for what other people were missing and exploited those opportunities for massive profits.

And that’s what fluorescent sand represents: A hidden chance to get in on the ground floor of a tiny company that’s expected to reap the rewards of $12 trillion in revenue from the 5G revolution.

And could deliver you a triple- or quadruple-digit windfall.

This could be one of the biggest opportunities I’ve found.

That’s saying a lot considering my track record.

For example, I invested privately in electric cars long before Elon Musk’s name was making front-page news. At the time, I noticed that the fear of a short battery range was quickly being solved.

I recognized the opportunity in Tesla well before they released the Model S. Take a look at what happened.

And since then, the stock has soared as high as 1,230%.

Back in 2011, I recognized the opportunity in Amazon when it was trading for just $180 a share.

It eventually shot up to nearly $1,500 for a 720% gain.

And in 2013, I also saw the enormous opportunity in bitcoin, when it was still an idea thrown around by computer geeks on obscure internet forums.

In the past six years, bitcoin has delivered as much as 141,647% returns.

From Medifast, to Apple, Stryker Corp. and Advanced Auto Parts, many trades – from companies I predicted would provide significant gains – eventually soared into triple-digit territory.

Just these few examples have generated cumulative peak gains of 145,132% ... good enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $14.5 million!

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That’s exactly what I did.

In my mid-30s, I left the day-to-day rigors of the markets to explore other opportunities as a private investor, entrepreneur, and traveler.

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Now, I want to help others discover opportunities to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

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But wanted to go even further and do even more…

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So I’ve joined forces with an independent financial research firm to publish my insights.

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And that starts right now with this fluorescent sand opportunity.

Now in a moment, you’ll read about the details on the tiny company at the forefront of this game-changing opportunity.

And you’ll see how you could turn a small stake into life-changing gains.

But you first need to know that the 5G revolution simply is not possible without this fluorescent sand right here:

Let me explain…

Imagine the world if no new roads or highways were built.

The population would continue to grow, with more and more people owning cars and eventually the traffic would be so bad that nobody could move.

Everyday errands like getting groceries would become a hassle.

You’d have to factor in extra hours — yes, hours — for your commute to work.

And business productivity would plummet because everyone would be late for appointments and meetings … all the time.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s the exact situation that’s happening in the tech world as we speak.

We’re seeing an explosion of new devices: smartphones, tablets, home appliances and much more.

But even though companies keep releasing new models all the time, if we’re being honest, nothing has been truly revolutionary in the past few years.

Ask yourself this: Does your current smartphone feel anywhere near as magical or groundbreaking as your very first?

Has any new tablet really knocked your socks off since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad?

When was the last time you saw — or made gains — from a tech stock as revolutionary as Amazon or Apple, when they first burst onto the scene?

My point exactly.

On this trajectory, we’re headed for a situation much like a never-ending traffic jam on the streets.

We’ll soon have a pile up of these “latest and greatest” devices, but the technology in all of them will be unremarkable, stagnant and stuck in a previous era.

Worse yet, our wireless and data networks simply won’t be able to handle them all.

I’m not the only one who thinks this.

The Wall Street Journal has reported: “We’re on the cusp of an unprecedented explosion in the number of devices coming online — billions of smart-home sensors, industrial devices and artificially intelligent computers. The systems we have now simply weren’t built the handle the sheer volume.”

But rolling out 5G on a mass scale will give us the systems so that we CAN handle the sheer volume. And as you’re about to read, fluorescent sand holds the key to it all.

And this will usher in an era of technological progress unlike any the world has ever seen before.

The next generation of smartphones will be mind-blowing.

They could charge wirelessly over the air.

They could download files and browse the web at speeds that’ll make today’s connections look like dial up.

They could do tasks for you without you having to swipe the screen.

And that’s just what’s expected to happen with today’s devices.

Fluorescent sand could also expand the possibilities of 5G to open the floodgates to entirely NEW, revolutionary breakthroughs.

Driverless cars will chauffer you around town as you kick back and relax.

State-of-the-art blockchain networks will protect your digital privacy from crooks and money launders.

The best surgeons around the world will oversee robotic surgery you or your loved ones are undergoing at your local hospital. Making your recovery speedier and cutting down your long-term medical costs.

Your children and grandchildren will be able to learn from the best private tutors, athletic coaches and music instructors through augmented reality in the comfort of their own homes.

Just think of the opportunities they’ll be afforded with this kind of elite access.

The world will never be the same again.

An entire new generation of revolutionary companies will sprout up like wildfire…

Giving you a shot at life-changing gains.

Just think, if you could turn back the clock to 2007 and invest in Apple, BEFORE the first iPhone was released…

You could’ve made over 1,800% peak gains on a single stock play. Take a look...

Good enough to turn $10,000 into $193,800.

Or how about investing in Amazon when they were nothing more than an online bookstore.

You could’ve seen a profit surge as high as 104,045%.

Every $10,000 you invested would’ve transformed into $10.4 million.

$10.4 million — let that number sink in for a moment.

Do you think you’d have any trouble retiring with those kinds of profits piling up in your brokerage account?

No way.

You’d have enough to buy a vacation home in West Palm Beach…

Spend an entire summer at a private villa in Italy…

Afford a new BMW…

Pay for your kids’ AND grandkids’ college…

And STILL have money left to spare.

Of course, gains like these are rare and extraordinary. As I’m sure you know, nothing in the markets is guaranteed and investing always carries risk.

But there is a potentially massive opportunity in front of you right now. TODAY.

Starting with the California company that holds the key to unlocking the true power of fluorescent sand… and thus, 5G.

An avalanche of money-making opportunities that could cover investors in untold wealth.

To be exact — $12 trillion in wealth.

That’s why you need to understand what’s unfolding right now.

The biggest companies are engaged in land grabs and bidding wars to stockpile as much fluorescent sand as possible.

They’re well aware that this right here…

Holds the secret to powering 5G networks on a massive scale.

From a speed perspective, it’s 20 times faster than current 4G.

To give you an idea of just how revolutionary this is…

You could download 10 movies over 5G before 4G could even deliver half of one!

This is the lighting-fast wireless needed to propel the Internet of Things, virtual reality, blockchain, augmented reality … and other breakthroughs into the future.

It makes sense when you think about it…

Driverless cars can’t stop on a dime, if there’s a lag in the data they’re sending and receiving.

Surgeons can’t perform remote robotic surgery over a slow or faulty connection.

Workers can’t receive state-of-the-art job training in hyper-realistic virtual reality environments, if glitches are interrupting the simulations every few seconds.

5G simply expands the realm of what’s possible.

Which is why TechRepublic is saying it is “critical to delivering the Internet of Things at scale.”

Ericsson CEO, Borje Ekholm is saying it’s a “critical national infrastructure.”

Even President Trump and his economic advisors have vowed to take an “America first, 5G first” approach to their policies.

And none of this is entirely possible without fluorescent sand.

It’s the miracle material that’s expected to trigger a $12 trillion revenue surge.

While I can’t say for sure, you can bet that forward-thinking companies like Google, Amazon, Verizon and Facebook know this.

That’s why they’ve committed billions of dollars into acquiring as much "fluorescent sand" as they can without hesitation.

And if you follow where this money is going, you could piggyback their moves to a fortune.

Think about it this way…

There was a time when Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, thought video could never be played on mobile devices.

Then around 2010, the nation got an overhaul to 4G. All of a sudden, the possibilities expanded.

Now, we casually stream Netflix while waiting for appointments.

We send YouTube videos via text messages to friends and family for them to watch and enjoy.

And we get driving directions through GPS on our smartphones on the fly.

If you knew where to look as all of this was unfolding, you could’ve racked up a steady stream of profits.

Let me show you a few examples. T-Mobile owns and operates 4G networks around the world. And their stock shot up 291%.

Google creates the apps that make our lives more convenient. And they handed investors 256% returns.

Nvidia, who makes the chips inside all the devices we use everyday, rewarded their investors with a staggering gain as high as 1,465%.

$10,000 invested in each of these positions would’ve transformed into $264,900.

Not bad for a few short years… But as incredible as these opportunities were, they pale in comparison to what’s around the corner.

Forbes has reported that “5G will require the biggest revamp of America’s wireless networks EVER.”

As National Geographic explained it: “5G will improve on 4G LTE by creating a new architecture that will be built to last. In essence, we won’t need 6G. Unlike when previous networks were devised, in a somewhat ad hoc fashion, 5G will be based on a flexible system that can be easily upgraded.”

In other words, this is the upgrade that will end all future upgrades.

And fluorescent sand is at the center of it all.

That’s why the time to act is now. Opportunities like this rarely come around.

There’s never been a technological rollout of this magnitude before.

This is not just big. This is unprecedented.

Telecom experts are heralding the arrival of 5G as the Fourth Industrial Revolution that’ll “result in massive changes for both consumers and enterprises.”

The U.S. and China are even engaged in a headlong race to be the first to deploy their new 5G networks.

The point is this: By knowing the critical resource that ALL companies will rely on, you can make an absolute fortune in the months ahead.

Think of any technological revolution in history.

There’s always something in the background that makes the new technology relevant.

The steam engine needed coal.

Automobiles needed gasoline.

And these two industries created some of the richest men in history.

Coal magnate Francis Peabody amassed a $75 million fortune.

John D. Rockefeller was worth over $300 billion and considered the richest man in modern history.

And more recent examples prove you can make a retirement fortune without having to build your own company from scratch.

All you need to do is identify what’s needed in the background to make everything possible and invest in those companies.

AT&T owned the landlines that brought early versions of the internet to households. And take a look at their stock:

It shot up as high as 1,119%.

Verizon became the biggest mobile broadband provider to smartphone owners and returned as much as 711%.

And now there’s another potentially massive opportunity in front of you.

Thanks to fluorescent sand, it could literally happen any day now. Industry insiders have been working frantically around the clock to make 5G a reality THIS YEAR.

Sherif Hanna, who previously served as Qualcomm’s director of 5G, even said all the way back in 2018: “We’re working around the clock. Weekends, nights — it’s pretty brutal right now, to be honest.”

In 2019, The New York Times said: “It’s a once-in-a-decade upgrade to our wireless systems that will start reaching mobile users in a matter of months.”

As you can see, the groundwork has been laid. The time is NOW.

Los Angeles, Sacramento, Houston and Indianapolis have already received upgrades.

Other cities and towns are following suit.

And one California company is expected to be at the center of this technological overhaul.

Its stock trades for less than $5 a share giving you the chance — right now — to get in on the ground floor of a fast-approaching windfall of wealth.

In short, this company is advancing the true potential of smart homes, driverless cars, blockchain networks, robots, and every other tech trend you’ve been hearing about.

They hold the key to unlocking the power of ordinary sand.

You see, regular sand can be processed into glowing grains of sand. And that can light up 5G networks and usher in a technological revolution unlike the world has ever seen.

Let me explain…

The billions of new devices coming online and connecting to 5G will be using wireless networks.

But behind the scenes, wireless is never truly wireless.

Sure, your smart phone, Echo speaker, laptop and other devices connect wirelessly to your home router or the nearest cellular antenna.

But from there, the data is transported the good old-fashioned way: Through an underground network of cables and wires.

And right now, America’s wires are stuck in the stone age.

The copper and coaxial cables — that make up the vast majority of our wireless infrastructure — just don’t cut it anymore.

They can’t handle the sheer number and demand of today’s devices.

Fluorescent sand is the secret to lightning-fast 5G that’ll usher in the next wave of technological progress.

And it’s all possible thanks to a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

Physicist Sir Charles Kao figured out that ordinary sand can be transformed into crystal clear, pure glass.

And that glass can be turned into long, wire-like strands that can transmit lasers carrying data.

If you guessed that I’m talking about fiber optics, you’re absolutely correct.

In fact, you may have already heard about how fiber optics holds the key to 5G and America’s next-generation wireless network.

But you may not understand just how mission critical it really is. That’s why I couldn’t just call it fiber optics right out of the gate. You would’ve thought: Ho hum, and I wouldn’t have had your full attention.

Every time you see fiber optics flashing, it’s transmitting data almost fast enough to circle the world seven and a half times in a second.

Just one strand — as thin as human hair — is enough to carry 3 billion phone calls or web sessions.

Imagine that, enough capacity to support nearly 10 times the population of the entire U.S., talking on their phones or surfing the web at once — without slowing down or missing a beat.

And when you bundle multiple strands together, you get a super cable. One that can power the wireless networks and finally thrust us into the next Industrial Revolution.

The flexible strands of fiber optics are stable, and don’t degrade. They can last for decades and decades.

In fact, cables underneath the ocean floor can withstand the harsh conditions and work flawlessly.

Compare that to copper and coaxial cables which are made of metal and susceptible to corrosion and breakage — slowing down your connections and causing temporary outages.

Fiber optics made from ordinary beach sand is the secret to unleashing the next phase of technology.

Because by now, you should understand that 5G holds the key to ALL technology going forward.

Autonomous vehicles. Interactive augmented reality. The Internet of Things. Blockchain. Artificial intelligence — all of it.

However, the $12 trillion in revenue that could be generated has almost nothing to do with hoarding trucks full of sand…

EVERYTHING will depend on the massive, unknown, untapped network of fiber optic cable right beneath your feet.

Digging new cables takes time, money and resources.

And with the explosion of new devices coming online, we simply don’t have the luxury of waiting.

But there’s good news. And it holds the secret to potentially making a fortune as 5G sweeps the nation in the coming months.

Over the years, the U.S. has been quietly amassing a fiber optic network throughout all 50 states — even underneath the oceans.

It’s all bundled together in these “super cables” you just saw.

However, at any given moment, only a few of these strands are in use.

The vast majority are still dormant.

And believe it or not, companies can acquire rights to the unused fiber optics.

That’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

The world’s biggest companies are hoarding this unused fiber optic to brace for the imminent 5G boom.

Google and Microsoft have ponied up $300 million each.

Facebook has committed in $450 million.

Verizon has acquired unused fiber optics in a $1.8 billion deal.

Amazon is the clear leader with a staggering $2.6 billion worth of this valuable resource.

These unused cables could light up any day now.

And when they do … you could profit on the California company that’ll be critical to bringing the 5G revolution straight into your home.

You see, it really doesn’t matter who hoards the most unused fiber optics underneath your feet.

Because I predict that everyone will eventually rely on this one company to bring 5G to the more than a hundred million households across America.

This firm makes the device that links you to the fiber optics beneath your feet and to the wireless 5G networks, that’ll soon be powering your Wi-Fi devices and much much more.

Its executives come from some of the biggest names in technology.

They held key positions at Spectralink, Nortel, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Microsoft and many other companies.

And based on their latest developments, they foresaw a major problem with the coming 5G overhaul.

With smartphones, tablets, computers, autonomous cars, smart home devices and much more — billions of devices are expected to come online.

To beam all the data from fiber optic super cables to these devices, more cell towers would need to be created.

But in crowded cities there’s only so much land available.

Not to mention the public outcry at the mere hint of building unsightly towers throughout the city.

It would take years, maybe even decades, to get approval to build just one tower.

Again, another luxury we simply don’t have.

But thanks to this company’s innovation, America won’t need to wait for the 5G revolution to kick into high gear.

They’ve mass produced a simple device, roughly the size of a thermostat.

It can be placed in the corner of your living room.

In the corner of your office.

Or in the back of a store.

They’ll be practically invisible.

You won’t even notice they’re there.

But they’re critical in making the 5G rollout a reality this year.

Our existing towers keep wireless signals strong over long distances.

And these devices fill the gaps in between — especially in crowded areas.

The result: Lightning-fast wireless from the fiber optic cables beneath your feet…

To the devices in your hands, car, home, office and beyond.

In fact, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile — the leading mobile providers in the world — have ALL partnered with this one company ahead of the massive 5G upgrade.

It’s just like the early days of mobile.

These companies all had to partner with cell tower operators and owners.

Shares of these cell tower firms practically traded for pennies on the dollar — just like this California company is today.

Then, as more and more people adopted cellphones, the returns on these companies went through the stratosphere.

Crown Castle International Corp. owns and operates over 40,000 cell towers. And in 2002, their shares were trading for just $1.22.

But since then, their stock has shot up 12,011%.

Or take American Tower Corp. They own over 148,000 towers around the world.

Anyone who invested in them when they were trading at $0.75 a pop could’ve seen a staggering 24,588% return.

SBAC Communications Corporation is another example.

They traded for just $0.39 once.

But eventually surged up to $180.56.

That’s a 46,197% gain.

Again, these were rare and extraordinary gains, but I expect a similar opportunity stands before us today.

And based on the size of those historical surges, if I’m right, even a fraction of those gains could change your life.

As Verizon, Amazon, Sprint and other big tech companies rush to acquire as much dormant fiber optic as possible, they will be relying on this one company to make the next phase of technological progress a reality.

Their breakthrough device acts as a mini cell tower that’ll give you and I access to 5G.

This opportunity isn’t just big. It’s massive.

The potential for double-, triple- and quadruple-digit gains is yours for the taking if you act now.

Black Rock, JPMorgan Chase and UBS have been scooping up positions in this stock that trades less than $5 a share.

It looks like the biggest investors on Wall Street recognize what’s happening.

Look, these banks hire analysts who spend 80 hours a week looking for untapped opportunities in the stock market.

They make their living by being right.

I should know. I was one of them.

And by watching their moves — before anyone else gets word of what’s happening — you can have the best chance to cash in, in the coming months and years.

That’s why the time to get in is NOW.

Because when the mainstream catches on to what’s happening, this stock that is currently trading less than $5 could soar through the roof, and you’ll have missed your chance at historic gains.

That’s why I want to rush you a copy of my latest research briefing, The 1 Company Leading the 5G Revolution.

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The aggressive plan that could instantly roll out 151 million of these breakthrough devices in the U.S. And this is just the beginning. They’re also targeting the Asia-Pacific market which could easily give them the lion’s share of the $12 trillion in revenue up for grabs.

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You’ll also get the name, ticker symbol and recommended buy price of this stock. Small stocks like this can be volatile so you shouldn’t just leap into them headfirst, which is why it’s important for you to heed my buy price recommendation. But that also means you can still execute one trade from your brokerage account for the chance to start building a retirement fortune starting today!

After you absorb all the undisputable research and undeniable evidence…

It’ll become clear to you exactly why leading analysts are saying this company’s “5G credentials are underappreciated” and that this “worthy stock for long-term investors” is “how fortunes are made.”

Make no mistake: They are in an unmatched position to capture the lion’s share of the $12 trillion in revenue up for grabs as this 5G boom explodes across America.

Even if they only scoop up a fraction of this incoming windfall, you can be looking at tremendous gains.

If their shares shoot up to just less than $5...

That’s still good enough to double your money.

At just $40 a share you would more than QUADRUPLE your money.

The profit potential here is crystal clear.

And while you should never invest more than you’re comfortable losing, just a small stake in this opportunity could turn into a windfall of profits.

At just less than $5 a share, this is the biggest bargain you can find in the markets right now.

And speaking of bargains…

A copy of The 1 Company Leading the 5G Revolution is valued at $199.

And given everything I’ve told you today, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth every penny.

5G is only going to get bigger from here.

As a market veteran and former hedge fund manager, I’ll be the first to admit, there’s no way to know for sure just how high shares of this company will surge or even if they’ll surge at all.

But I think it’s fair to say those who grab a stake now could be positioning themselves to make a fortune.

This stock could easily climb 100% in the next year.

And then go on to 1,000% ... 2,000% ... even 3,000% or more as the 5G revolution grabs a hold of America, and the world.

When you look at it that way, this report would be a steal at $199.

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As you’ve seen today, fiber optics is going to be the key resource in transitioning to a 5G future.

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The auto parts maker has grown their earnings 20% over the past two decades.

Their stock eventually handed early investors a 7,672% profit.

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One particular company stands at the forefront of specialized components and parts for driverless cars. They’re the ones that could reward investors with astronomical gains — not the car manufacturers.

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In fact, data has been called “the oil of the 21st century.”

The company that can transform it into useful information and insight stands to become among the most valuable companies in the world.

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And I’ve identified the one company positioned to catapult onto the top of the Fortune 500 list, just like these oil giants did.

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More and more people are using PayPal and Venmo to transfer money between friends and family.

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Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes
February, 2020