Cold War Hero Issues Dire Warning To Investors:

America’s Favorite Investment Is Robbing You Blind

(And You Don’t Even Know It!)

“This one mistake can destroy 70% of your retirement. Fortunately, the same technology that helped me defeat the Soviets can save you from financial catastrophe.”
— Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr, USAF (ret), CMT CFTe
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About Michael J. Carr, CMT CFTe: Mike is the nation’s leading expert in the field of Relative Strength investing. A retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Air Force, Mike uses the skills he learned when he designed communications infrastructure at the Pentagon, security technology with the NSA, and nuclear missile flight paths for the military, to calculate the trajectory of the stock market with fine-tooth precision. Mike teaches options trading and technical analysis at the New York Institute of Finance, and he is the author of two published books: The Definite Guide to Relative Strength Investing as well as Conquering the Divide: How to Use Economic Indicators to Catch Stock Market Trends. A master of over 100 trading strategies and algorithms, this is his first public unveiling of his proprietary, patent-pending “Black Ops Code,” which he used when he managed over $200 million in investor capital. Today, he lives in Arizona with his wife and their dog, Pumpkin, and teaches investors how to manage their money on their own using the same skills that have afforded him the retirement of his dreams.