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Hi, I’m Corrina Sullivan.

And welcome to the 100X Summit.

I am joined now by world-famous investor Paul Mampilly.

Paul, thanks for joining me.

PAUL: It’s my pleasure, Corrina. First, I want to thank you for helping me put on this historic summit. I have to say, this is probably the most excited I’ve ever been to put on one of these events, and I’m so happy so many of our subscribers are here to join us.

CORRINA: Well Paul, I honestly can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us, and I’m sure our viewers can’t as well. So let’s get right to it.

You’ve just put the finishing touches on three stock recommendations you believe could be the market’s next 100-baggers.

We’re talking about stocks with the capability of rising 10,000% … 20,000% … even 50,000% over the next decade.

I have to ask — Paul, how can results like that even be possible?

PAUL: Great question, Corrina.

First, I want to say that this is not theory to me.

I have documentation of hundreds of stocks that have made these returns over the years, and I have been putting my own money to work testing this strategy in real time.

In fact, I’m already sitting on one investment right now that has soared over 3,000% … a 30X return since I bought it 10 years ago … and I believe it’s just getting started.

CORRINA: That’s a phenomenal return in its own right — even bigger than the 2,539% gain you made on Sarepta Therapeutics in eight months.

With that said, Paul, you say you have created a scientific approach for identifying stocks with the potential to surge not just 10-, 20- or 30-, but 100-fold, a 10,000% gain over the course of the next decade. Stocks like Time Warner, Biogen and Qualcomm that soared 100X over the course of just seven or eight years during the ‘90s.

PAUL: That’s right. I’ve poured through all the leading research on this topic … studied all the great minds who have looked into this … and analyzed the defining features of the hundreds of companies that have achieved this feat over the years. I’ve narrowed everything down to a few key characteristics … and I’ve spotted several stocks that have these exact criteria trading on the open markets today.

CORRINA: You know, Paul, I’ve always heard that 100X stocks are a myth. I mean, everyone knows about companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft that did it. But these kinds of returns are relatively uncommon, right?

PAUL: The truth is, Corrina, while they are certainly rare, 100X stocks have occurred more often than you might think.

A study by Thomas Phelps, released in 1972, found over 365 stocks that rose that much in the 40 years prior. Another study showed that between 1962 and 2014, 300-plus stocks soared over 10,000%. So we’re looking at over 600 stocks that did this. And considering the stock market has nearly doubled since then, I’m sure there are hundreds more.

CORRINA: Well, based on some of your results from the last few years, Paul, I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

For those watching at home, here’s a glimpse of the growing list of the more than 30 triple-digit winners you’ve recommended across your various services over the last three years, including several we’ve blurred out that are still climbing:

• 332% in MTech Acquisition Corp in three months…

• 166% in VirnetX Holding Corp in 15 months…

• 199% in Tableau Software in three years…

• 125% in PayPal in two years…

• 394% in Roku in eight months…

• 184% in Exact Sciences in two years…

• 400% in Monopar Therapeutics in one DAY…

• 524% in Foundation Medicine in 17 months…

• 443% in ArQule in a year and a half…

As incredible as it is, today, we’re upping the ante in a big way.

Because today, we’re taking aim at the holy grail of finance … a 100-bagger, a 10,000% gain. This is something I’ve never done. Even for me personally, I normally take my profits after a stock climbs two or three times over. But this time, I want to really go for it.

It’s the first strategy I’ve ever revealed that could allow folks to achieve gains like this … I’m talking 10,000% or more from a single stock pick … and I think we could see one over the course of this next decade.

CORRINA: Paul, how can returns like that even be possible?

PAUL: Simple, because we’ve never dived into this space before.

Most of the stocks I’ve recommended in the past have been stocks with the potential of soaring 100% … 300% … 1,000% in two to three years.

This time, we are lasering in on a virtually untapped sector of the market, capable of producing gains of 10,000% from a single stock this decade. And I’ve found three that I think can do just that.

CORRINA: Paul, if I was talking to anyone else, I’d be skeptical. But you have one of the most impressive track records I’ve seen from anyone in the business.

To put things in perspective, in 2016 the Financial Times reported that as many as 99% of actively managed funds FAILED to even beat the market.

And yet, you don’t just beat the market.

Some of your best research is quite literally tripling it.

Meaning while most can’t even beat the market by 1%, in some cases you’re beating it by 200%!

PAUL: It’s been an incredible journey, Corrina. But it’s just the beginning.

The stocks I’m going to tell you about today are on another level entirely.

Consider Texas Pacific. One of the largest private landowners in the state of Texas, this publicly traded land trust owns over 900,000 acres in 20 West Texas counties. In just a handful of years, this one stock soared 10,562%.

Sysco Corp. is another … an industry leader in the marketing and distribution of food products. On the face of it, there’s nothing tremendously exciting about this company. And yet it catapulted 11,831%.

Here’s Ball Corp. — you know, the company that makes the mason jars for packaging food you see everywhere? It went up 14,924%. The list goes on and on.

Look at Sherwin-Williams … it climbed 38,013%.

Aflac … look at this one … shot up 56,200%.

Heico Corp. went up 88,525%.

And finally, there’s Danaher, which soared 122,053%.

CORRINA: Hold on a second. That last one, Danaher … I mean, that could have turned a single $100 investment into $12,000.

PAUL: It would actually be $122,000. It not only soared 100 times over … over the last three decades, it has literally soared 1,220 times over.

Now, as I said before, returns like these are very rare. Getting gains of this magnitude is like winning the lottery. Some stocks achieve these kinds of gains in four to five years. Some, like Danaher, took decades. But these are just a few of the HUNDREDS of stocks I’ve discovered that have achieved these gains just in our lifetimes.

But here’s the thing, Corrina. EACH of these stocks … from Time Warner, to Biogen, to Qualcomm … had a few key characteristics in common before they surged 100X — and I’ve identified that same golden thread in the three recommendations I have prepared for our viewers today.

CORRINA: So Paul, if these gains have occurred literally hundreds of times over the years, then why does Wall Street insist that returns like this are impossible?

PAUL: I’m so glad you asked that question, Corrina.

These 100X stocks are truly an untapped treasure trove of opportunity for Main Street Americans.

But the reason you never hear about them … is because it doesn’t benefit Wall Street for you to buy them. Because they don’t get one iota of the money you put into them.

CORRINA: Explain that in a little more detail for us, Paul.

PAUL: This really gets to the heart of today’s opportunity, Corrina.

You see, most people think Wall Street has the upper hand when it comes to making money in the markets.

After all, they have multimillion-dollar trading algorithms at their disposal that allow them to trade in and out of stocks in the blink of an eye.

But what most people don’t realize is that most hedge funds — especially the big ones — are extremely limited in the types of stocks they can buy.

CORRINA: Why is that?

PAUL: It all comes down to a company’s market cap.

CORRINA: You mean a company’s size in relation to the number of shares it has in the open market.

PAUL: Correct. The bigger the hedge fund, the larger market-cap stocks they have to buy.

Think about it. If you’re a Wall Street firm working with hundreds of billions of dollars in capital, it isn’t worth it to buy a 5% stake in a small, $50 million company. Because even if the company surged 100X, it would represent such a tiny portion of the firm’s assets, it wouldn’t be worth it.

But for Main Street folks who don’t have billions of dollars, they can navigate in and out of the market’s tiniest stocks … the micro caps that Wall Street can’t touch … targeting the biggest returns before the professional investors in New York City.

CORRINA: I actually had an opportunity to interview Warren Buffett a few years ago. In the late ’90s, his investors were asking him why he wasn’t able to produce annual 50% returns like he did earlier in his career. And he said … simply put, he was operating with too much money.

PAUL: Precisely. Size is Wall Street’s Achilles’ heel. It’s like the Titanic cruising down the Mississippi River. These guys are so large and so unwieldly, they often struggle to sell their stocks for a profit without moving the market, much less buy them.

That’s why large investment firms like Berkshire Hathaway have no choice but to trade small portions of the market’s BIGGEST stocks … the stocks that, in many cases, are already overvalued.

CORRINA: But now, you don’t have that problem.

PAUL: That’s right. I’m no longer managing the fortunes of a handful of wealthy investors, searching for companies I can invest billions of dollars into. Now, I publish my recommendations to Main Street Americans — folks who are investing such little money by comparison, the market can barely detect it.

That leaves me free to recommend the kinds of companies I’ve always wanted — small, micro-cap companies that have the potential to return 100 times your money in a number of years— to regular folks who can cash in on the biggest stocks of the future while they’re still trading for just pennies on the dollar.

CORRINA: Paul, I almost hate to ask, but do you have any examples of stocks that soared this much during your Wall Street days that, even if they were glaring you in the face, you couldn’t have bought for your clients even if you wanted to?

PAUL: There were tons, Corrina.

It almost pains me to think about it, but Monster Beverage is a great example.

To put things in perspective, today the global energy drink market is worth about $53 billion.

As you know, Monster is one of the leading companies in that business.

But back in the early 2000s, no one was paying attention to it. The firm had just reinvented itself around this new trend and even went so far as to rename the company. But anyone who saw the potential in this market knew Monster was going to be an overnight success.

Back in 2003, a year after the company began selling its energy drinks, the stock was trading for as low as $0.08 per share.

Four years later, it reached a high of $10, a 12,738% gain. And in recent months, it’s traded for as high as $68.

CORRINA: So on that one stock alone, every $1,000 would have turned into $127,380. If you had held it to today, we’re talking a 77,400% return, or $774,000 in profit from a $1,000 investment.

PAUL: This is a stock I couldn’t have bought for my clients on Wall Street because it was too small. Back then, it was written off as a “penny stock,” and most hedge funds like mine were prohibited from trading stocks with that small of a market cap.

Nutrisystem is another great example.

This one, frankly, was a no-brainer in hindsight.

Nutrisystem is and was the No. 1 brand in weight loss. It has customers all over the world and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every year.

This stock was trading for $0.30 back in 2001. Even back then, the stock was a household name.

Four years later, it hit $30 a share, a crisp, clean 100X return. As the former manager of a multibillion-dollar fund, I can’t tell you the number of times there were stocks like these that would have been great to buy for my clients, but I couldn’t have even if I wanted to because I was working with too much money.

CORRINA: It’s a shame you weren’t able to buy stocks like these for your clients at the time. So did you start buying these stocks in your own account since you couldn’t invest in them for the fund?

PAUL: That’s exactly what I did. In fact, I made one of my most speculative bets ever back in 2008 … in a little-known company called Netflix.

CORRINA: Wait, you mean you were an early investor in Netflix? I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken to someone who got into one of the FAANG stocks that early.

PAUL: I was. But bear in mind, back then, Netflix was far from the international video streaming titan it is today.

At the time, Netflix mostly traded in DVDs, and the idea of video streaming via high-speed internet was still in its early stages. But I knew that if management did its job, and did it well, it would unlock a global game-changer … and make me an absolute fortune.

CORRINA: I mean, Netflix shares were as cheap as $3 or $4 back then.

PAUL: That’s true. Technically I got in at around $23, but since then the stock has gone through a 7-for-1 split.

CORRINA: And since then, the stock has literally traded for as high as $400 a share. So you literally invested in one of these 100-baggers yourself.

PAUL: That’s right. I more than quadrupled my money on the stock. So while I didn’t ride it to a 100X return … the fact remains, I made a fortune from that stock. Because I got in early — which is exactly what I’m talking about doing today.

CORRINA: And yet, you became a legend on Wall Street even without being able to buy the kind of stocks you’re talking about today.

To put it in perspective, Paul, you were at your hedge fund — the one that received a “World’s Best” ranking from Barron’s — between 2006 and 2011.

During that time, the S&P 500 made exactly … zero gains. The long-term average over the last 100 years is closer to 8% to 10% per year.

But the hedge fund you personally managed had about $1 billion in assets when you stepped in. Your performance was so incredible, getting “World’s Best” rating by Barron’s and top 1% scores from Kiplinger, that it rose to $6 billion at its peak. Of course, some of that was the additional investors your fund surely attracted, but the fact that you oversaw that tremendous growth is incredible.

PAUL: Yes. And it was a combination of incredible returns and me going out and getting new clients. But the point I want to make, is just think of the kinds of returns we could’ve made if I had been able to buy written-off, so-called penny stocks like Netflix, Monster and Nutrisystem — small niche companies that later grew into industry titans.

Today, we have that opportunity.

The three stocks I’d like to share with our audience have all the necessary ingredients to soar nothing short of 10,000% over the next decade.

CORRINA: Even if they only do half as well, those watching today could have a chance to become extraordinarily rich. After all, you’ve already seen a peak return of 30X from this exact sector you’re talking about. That’s bigger than any single gain on your record!

Of course, that’s not to say these stocks are guaranteed to go up. Smaller stocks have more potential, yes, but by the same token, they have higher levels of risk too. That’s why you like to remind folks it’s important you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

PAUL: Exactly right. But the amazing thing is, even if you lose money on 9 out of 10 of these stocks, you could still end up making a fortune on that one incredible winner. That’s the kind of potential we have here.

CORRINA: In just a moment, Paul is going to reveal the exact criteria he’s built into his 100X stock strategy — criteria that let him find stocks on the cusp of soaring 100 times over in the years to come— and tell you about the three stocks he has lined up for you today … stocks you can leap on before anyone else for your first chance at 100X returns.

Paul, before we go any further, I want to share a brief story so our viewers can understand that you are the real deal. And I can think of no better example than this story from Sydney Gallagher.

Sydney is a retired woman in her 60s who’s been following your research for just a couple of years.

Prior to discovering you, she didn’t know the first thing about investing — and those are her words.

But after she discovered your research, she made so much money investing on her own that she wanted to take control of her entire portfolio.

Her money managers didn’t want to let go. They said she was crazy! So, to be fair, she challenged them to a little competition.

They had $1 million of her money to play with. She had just $85,000.

A year later, they had generated $41,000, a pitiful 4.1% return.

Meanwhile, Sydney, with less than one-tenth of the capital, made $45,000, a near 53% gain.

She not only made a better profit, but made more than 10 times the percentage return.

After that, she took control of her assets.

And within three months, she made another $170,000.

PAUL: I’m so glad you shared that story, Corrina.

Like Sydney, I’ve seen some of my followers take the reins from their brokers and financial advisers and do incredible things with their money. With my research, they’re flourishing.

CORRINA: And the amazing thing is that she’s not alone. I have a stack of papers full of testimonials just like these for your various research services.

This subscriber followed your full conviction on Foundation Medicine, the stock that soared 524%. This guy went all in and he didn’t tell us what he put in to start but by our calculation it was around $212,000:

“Paul, since you recommended that stock a year and a half ago, I’ve made $1,109,307.47.” —Jeremy P.

Here’s a man who followed your “strong hands” philosophy … he had $450,000 and within two months, made a $150,000 profit:

“I wanted to say thank you for your advice to stay in the market … I am up almost $150,000 on what was a $450,000 portfolio January 1.”

That’s a 33% gain on his entire portfolio in just two months, Paul!

Here’s one more … I absolutely love this one:

“A year and a half ago, I began with initial working capital of about $120,000. Today, I AM A MILLIONAIRE.” —Steve G.

Some of these people weren’t even rich to begin with, Paul. That last guy went from having just over $100,000 to being a millionaire in about 18 months. It’s amazing. Of course, these are exceptional results and they don’t always represent the norm. But it goes to show you get emails like this very regularly.

PAUL: And they’re what remind me — people are very smart when it comes to investing their own money, if they have the right guidance.

Most of them know not to invest more than they can afford to lose — and they understand that the greater the potential, the less you need to invest.

And that’s the beauty of the opportunity I’m telling you about today.

Some of my readers have invested hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars into the stocks I’ve recommended to this point.

But with the three stocks I’d like to reveal to you today, you could invest no more than $10,000 in each to secure your shot at seven-figure windfalls over the next decade. In some cases, $1,000 could be enough.

It’s important to note, however, that these are highly speculative opportunities. Small companies like this can go down just as easily as they go up.

But if you have some extra money that you are comfortable risking for the chance at a 100X return, these three stocks could help punch your ticket to a retirement fortune.

CORRINA: Paul, I know our audience is itching to learn about the three stocks you’ve found. But before we get into that, you say you’ve spent the last several years mapping the DNA of stocks that went up 100 times in price — so you could identify new opportunities just like them today.

PAUL: That’s right. As mentioned, hundreds of stocks have achieved this feat over the years. I’ve studied exactly what these stocks all had in common.

After years of research — and thousands upon thousands of my own dollars spent — I’ve narrowed it down to 20 key characteristics that are the definitive factors in a stock’s ability to soar 100-fold.

CORRINA: Twenty characteristics? Can you go through a few of them?

PAUL: I’ll go through a few in detail, then I’ll briefly touch on some of the rest.

First, I’m looking for niche businesses with the potential to explode into multibillion-dollar industries.

Think of companies like Monster … its entire business is energy drinks, just one product.

It’s niche and hyperspecific. That’s one industry with limited competition it can completely and utterly dominate.

Nutrisystem is another … it went all-in on weight loss, a very niche industry, and took complete control of the market.

And Ball Corp. … its main product is mason jars. Mason jars! And between 1982 and 2012, this stock went up 100 times in price.

It goes to show that when a company can dominate ONE thing, and one thing well, the opportunity is tremendous.

CORRINA: So finding publicly traded companies that operate with niche businesses with limited competition is the first thing. What else do you look for?

PAUL: The second is that these stocks need to be small … and cheap. Very cheap.

We want to find stocks that are trading at a low price per share — one low enough it could reasonably surge 100 times in price.

That’s why I look for stocks that are priced under $10 per share. That’s because, in order to become a 100-bagger, a $10 stock would have to reach $1,000.

It’s not unheard of. Several stocks, including Google and Amazon, trade for well over $1,000 a share.

But it is rare. That’s why most of the stocks I recommend will go for $5 or less.

CORRINA: That cheap?

PAUL: Yes. After all, a $5 stock only has to go to $500 to make 100X returns … and a $1 stock just has to go to $100.

In some cases, we’ll even target stocks that are trading for as little as $0.12 per share … at that price, the stock only has to go to $12 to return 100 times your money.

Best Buy is a great example. The stock literally traded for just $0.23 in 1990 … by the end of the decade, it hit over $33 a share. That’s a 14,321% return.

CORRINA: So a low threshold is the second characteristic. What’s the third?

PAUL: The third is market cap.

Again, the smaller the stock, the greater the profit potential.

Large caps are any stocks worth $10 billion or more. But since these stocks are already mature, their upside is limited.

Mid-caps are stocks that are worth $2 billion or more. These stocks are still growing, but are already quite large.

Then there are small caps which can go as low as $300 million. They’re still growing, but even so, the potential is capped at around 1,000%.

I’ve covered all of these stocks in my services … from Profits Unlimited to True Momentum to Extreme Fortunes.

Now, I’m adding the final layer.

This time, we’re focusing on micro-cap stocks … stocks like Monster, which were worth just $50 million in 2003 … so we can go for the 10,000% … 50,000% … and even 120,000% gains over the next decade.

Now, of course, when dealing with micro-cap stocks, you are also dealing with much greater volatility and risk. Under no circumstances should you invest more than you can stand to lose.

But like I said, micro caps also give you your greatest profit potential.

CORRINA: So you want to find stocks that are uber cheap — trading for $10 or less. On top of that, you want stocks with a low market capitalization, no greater than $300 million. And beyond that, you want niche industries they can dominate with little to no competition.

PAUL: Yes, and I have several additional criteria I’ll touch on just briefly.

I’m not looking for brand new companies that have only operated for two or three years. I want mature, established businesses that have been operating for no less than five years.

Beyond that, I want to see stocks that have shown an operating profit in at least one of the last three years. Because these stocks are still growing, it’s fine to see them in the red on occasion, but I want to see that they’re on the cusp of being profitable year after year.

Next, I want to see that they have enough cash on hand to operate for the next 12 months — even if they had no revenue coming in.

I want to see gross margins of at least 20%.

I want to see a reasonable degree of liquidity — a minimum of 10,000 shares traded per day.

Companies with HUGE clients, including Fortune 500 businesses.

I want to see a management team with valuable experience working at major corporations — who have stepped in to turn these small companies into the industry titans of tomorrow.

CORRINA: And these are just 10 of the 20 things you look for. You’re not going easy on these companies, Paul, these are really difficult criteria to hit.

PAUL: We want the best of the best. That’s why I looked through thousands of different metrics … and these 20 are the most common that these 100X stocks have demonstrated throughout history.

CORRINA: And from there, you’ve narrowed everything down to the three best picks you could find.

But I know you’ve always said that picking stocks is not an exact science.

PAUL: It’s not. I always use my discretion when it comes to selecting the best stocks for my readers. That’s why it will be rare to find a stock that meets all 20 criteria perfectly.

CORRINA: But these 20 criteria points are commonalities you’ve identified time and time again across all the stocks you’ve looked at — helping you narrow down the best stocks in a vast universe of tiny companies.

PAUL: That’s right. Again … I’ve put years, even decades of thought and research into this … I’ve even put my own money at stake.

Now, I’m pulling back the curtain on my most unfiltered and explosive stock picks to date … to give my readers the ultimate chance at life-changing wealth.

CORRINA: Paul, I feel like in some ways, your entire career has been leading to this moment.

When you worked on Wall Street, you were limited on the types of stocks you could buy. But you still achieved legendary status.

Since turning your focus to Main Street, you’ve shown folks how to double and triple their money time and again — from stocks that were extremely conservative by comparison.

Now, you’re removing all limitations to show folks how to go after the kinds of stocks you’ve always wanted to invest in. The small, micro-cap companies that have the potential to grow into the industry leaders of tomorrow and surge 100-fold.

PAUL: It’s going to be incredible.

The three stocks I’ve prepared for today are quite literally my biggest recommendations to date.

CORRINA: All right, Paul … tell us about the three stocks you prepared for us today.

PAUL: So … after going through the criteria, I found the three stocks that best meet my parameters.

The first is one of the leading innovators in 5G technology. It’s a $100 million firm trading for just $5 a share. With gross margins up over 30% for the last several years in a row, it’s an absolute steal.

This company is already one of the leading producers of a certain type of microchip found in virtually every smartphone, with customers including cellular behemoths like Huawei, T-Mobile, AT&T and many more.

CORRINA: It sounds like this is a great example of a truly established business that’s trading under the radar.

PAUL: It is. And it goes to show you the companies I’m looking at aren’t no-name penny stocks. These are companies that have remained off the radar simply because Wall Street can’t buy them.

But I want to be clear … this company’s technology isn’t just essential to the mainstream adoption of 5G.

CORRINA: What other industries is it diving into?

PAUL: Several. It’s bringing better connectivity to our planes, high-speed rails and even satellites in space.

With its fingers in so many key areas — and trading for just $5 a share — I have no doubt this stock has the potential to surge 100X in the next three to five years.

CORRINA: That one stock alone sounds exciting enough — but you say you have two more on your radar right now.

PAUL: I actually have dozens, but I have two more that I’m ready to pull the trigger on right now.

The second is a much smaller company that’s redefining how electronics are made. It’s solving challenges in virtually every industry, from medical devices to cars to defense technology. And what’s more, it’s been successfully doing it for the last seven years.

CORRINA: Again, this isn’t some brand new company. They’ve been innovating for years. But you say now the company is about to go parabolic.

PAUL: I believe it is. Its revenue has been growing at an enormous rate, up 700% over the last three years, as it’s been picking up clients from the most important institutions in the world — namely the U.S. armed forces and the Department of Defense.

CORRINA: Incredible. Now, why did our military choose this company to work with?

PAUL: Simply put, Corrina, this company makes it possible for the defense industry to create the prototypes for its weapons and security systems — and not just quickly, but discreetly, in-house. We’re talking top secret, national security clearance. The big leagues, Corrina!

CORRINA: And you said that’s just one of the areas this company is innovating in.

PAUL: That’s right.

This company is making it possible for automakers to produce the sensors and smart parts for the cars of the future. For the space industry, it’s designing the manufacturing process to make complex electronic cheaper and faster.

This company is involved in so many key areas, and is one of the decade’s best opportunities for 10,000% gains I’ve uncovered. Best of all, it’s currently trading for less than $3 a share. For this stock to surge 100X, it just has to go to $300, and I believe that is well within reach.

CORRINA: So the first stock is a $100 million 5G company trading for $5 a share. The second one is even smaller … an electronics company trading for just $3 a share. Tell us about the third stock you have prepared for us today.

PAUL: The last stock is about as niche as you can get.

It’s inventing a solution for one of the most common yet overlooked problems in the medical field … a problem that afflicts nearly 400,000 people in the United States every single year.

CORRINA: And what is that, Paul?

PAUL: Well let me ask you something, Corrina … when you go to the doctor for your annual checkup, what is the one thing you dread most?

CORRINA: I think like most people, it’s the bloodwork! It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done it, I’m always apprehensive every time they stick that big needle in my arm.

PAUL: Me too. My kids and I hate going to the doctor for this exact reason. But this procedure is also extremely outdated — so much so that it ends up injuring close to 400,000 people every year.

CORRINA: I had no idea. And you’re saying this company has an alternative that addresses this?

PAUL: The great news is Corrina is that this company is working to eliminate the problem. Not only is their procedure less painful, but it eliminates the chance of injury almost entirely. Better yet, its technology is patented. That means no other competitors in this space offer what this company does. And considering this $54 million innovator is operating within a $7 TRILLION-a-year industry — and is trading for under $2 a share, Corrina — I think it has the potential for 100X gains, possibly more.

CORRINA: And you believe the time to buy this stock is now.

PAUL: Yes. The company just reported an operating profit in the last year. From here, I think it will skyrocket. And considering the stock is trading for just two times sales, we are getting in on the ground floor.

CORRINA: Paul, you’ve written up a special dossier that contains all three of these stock picks — including your analysis on each one.

You call it Micro-Cap Fortunes: Three Stocks Positioned to Become the Market’s Next 100-Baggers. And you want to rush a copy of this report to your readers.

PAUL: Yes, but I can only share it with a small group of my most loyal subscribers.

Again, these stocks are very small. I simply can’t release them to everybody. Instead, I’m going to do something better.

Again, these three stocks are just the top three on my radar.

So to help our readers monitor these positions … and recommend new ones as they appear … I’ve decided to launch a special project.

I call it The 100X Club.

CORRINA: The 100X Club, what’s that?

PAUL: It’s my most elite research advisory to date.

This is where I’m going to share all the details on the stocks that I think are best positioned to soar 100X in the coming years.

CORRINA: And you want to be very clear, this is an opportunity that only a small number of your subscribers will be able to get into.

PAUL: That’s right. These stocks are very small — smaller than any I’ve recommended to date — so we can’t have too many people investing in them all at once.

These stocks are simply too small to let the whole world in.

That’s why I’ve made a firm decision to limit The 100X Club right now … to 1,000 founding members.

CORRINA: I think that’s very bold of you, Paul. Given the sheer profit potential of these stocks, you could probably open this up to 10,000 members and make a fortune for you and your company.

But you want to limit it to make sure your members each have a great experience.

PAUL: That’s right. I wish I could release this opportunity to each of my 100,000 Profits Unlimited readers, but it simply isn’t possible.

And that’s okay. This is for a very specific type of person. A very bold kind of person.

It’s for people who want to go after the big money.

CORRINA: But at the same time, people don’t have to invest a ton of money into these stocks to have their shot at ultimate wealth.

PAUL: Exactly. We’re not talking about taking on a ton of unnecessary risk. With these stocks, you can invest with a small portion of your portfolio … as little as 1% of your net worth if you like … knowing that if it pays off, it’ll help fund a retirement legacy in as little as just one decade that could last for generations

CORRINA: And you want to be clear. The time to buy these stocks is NOW.

PAUL: Yes. In fact, I believe it’s the best time to buy these stocks in the last 20 years.

CORRINA: Even after the whirlwind year we’ve seen in the markets?

PAUL: That’s the other great thing about these stocks, Corrina. History proves it doesn’t matter when you buy 100X stocks. They can happen in any environment.

Consider the 1950s and ’60s.

It was a period very much like the one we’re in today. The market had been going up and up for years. But it didn’t stop 100X stocks from exploding higher.

During those two decades, American Express went up 11,286%.

Columbia Broadcasting Systems rose 10,496% in the same timeframe.

Same with The Walt Disney Co., except it shot up 44,803%.

Holiday Inns went up … 10,047%... this one in just 13 years.

Polaroid ... 13,011% in 16 years.

And through the '50s and '60, Tampax rose 17,845%.

All told, over 300 stocks hit the 10,000% mark during this period.

CORRINA: So you’re saying that even though the market had already gone up for years and years … nothing could stop these 100X stocks from surging higher.

PAUL: That’s absolutely correct. But let’s look at another period where the market wasn’t as good: 1966 to 1982.

Stocks literally traded sideways during this period.

And yet … 186 stocks rose 100X.

CORRINA: So you’re saying that even in a sideways market where the DOW went nowhere … 100X stocks were unstoppable.

PAUL: There’s a reason for this, Corrina.

Again, 100X stocks trade under the radar.

Wall Street doesn’t care about them because they can’t buy them. They aren’t subject to market makers manipulating their price … the mainstream media obsessing over day-to-day fluctuations in the market … or any of the usual drama that high-profile stocks are subjected to.

CORRINA: So from that perspective, 100X stocks don’t just have amazing profit potential … they’re actually a great diversification strategy.

PAUL: That’s exactly right! And when these stocks go up, they go up big.

Look at the 1990s.

It was the best decade for stocks in history.

But micro-cap stocks … the very stocks I am looking at today … outperformed all others.

Mechanical Technology Inc. soared 85,250% in just five years...

Most of these took the whole decade, but still … Semtech rose 24,985%...

Best Buy climbed 14,321%.

Safeguard Scientifics is another that climbed 15,207%.

And Applied Materials shot up 12,188%.

CORRINA: So I’m just running a quick calculation on my phone … here we go … ok, so $100 in each of those five stocks alone would’ve made investors … get this … $151,000 in a decade. I mean, that’s mind-blowing, Paul.

PAUL: And I want to be clear … I’m just highlighting some of the biggest gains.

We found over 200 opportunities in the 1990s alone that soared an average of 2,250%.

Of course, it’s easy to find these big winners with the power of hindsight. During each of these periods, there were thousands and thousands of stocks, many of which didn’t end up winners… but just imagine…

Had you put $100 in each of them … it would have grown to $498,000 over the course of the decade. And that’s on a minimum very modest investment.

CORRINA: I mean that’s exactly what you’re talking about, Paul. You don’t have to invest a whole lot of money into these stocks to secure a chance at life-changing windfalls. $250 per stock would’ve been over $1 million. $500 would be $2 million.

PAUL: It’s very difficult to achieve gains like that. I’ve never done it. A 100-bagger is the holy grail of finance and it requires investing in the right moment in the right company. The statistical probability of someone achieving these gains without proper guidance is next to none. That’s why I put this approach together … to get us as close as possible to achieving 100X gains over the next decade. Will it be difficult? Absolutely. But we’re going to go for it.

I believe the opportunity here is absolutely tremendous.

I really believe in a year, many of these stocks will already have climbed 10, 20, even 30 times in price.

That’s why the time to get in is right now.

CORRINA: Paul, I want to go ahead and give our viewers a chance to secure one of the 1,000 spots in your 100X Club. You already have your first three recommendations ready to go, and new members can expect to receive them in the next 24 hours.

PAUL: Yes. And again, those are just the first three. Beyond that, I have another 10 to 20 stocks on my watch list as we speak. The moment they become buys — based on the criteria I went over — my 100X Club members will know right away.

CORRINA: I want to ask, how many recommendations can our 100X Club members expect to receive in the next year?

PAUL: My goal is to deliver at least one new recommendation every month. So in addition to the three they get off the bat … that’s another 12 over the next year, so 15 in total.

CORRINA: And I assume that, thanks to the criteria you’ve observed across the hundreds of stocks you’ve studied, there are a lot of stocks you’re going to avoid.

PAUL: Absolutely. I’m going to recommend the 15 BEST stocks I can find.

We are looking for the diamonds in the rough, Corrina. The fact is there are thousands of publicly traded micro caps out there. In fact, they make up more than HALF of all publicly traded stocks.

CORRINA: Now I understand why you had to sort through thousands of different metrics to find the 20 most important criteria.

PAUL: That’s right. But that said, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Again, of the thousands of stocks in this sector, I have another 10 to 20 on my radar right now.

Over the coming months, I could find more.

But they will be reserved for the 1,000 people who sign up, and that’s it. Once that 1,000th spot is taken, we’re shutting the gates. There are no exceptions.

CORRINA: I see this as an absolute benefit. It means that when someone enters your 100X Club, they’ll know that these recommendations have been made exclusively for them. You’re not letting the whole world in on this. Only folks who are serious about using your most ambitious, most unfiltered research to its fullest potential.

PAUL: I can’t even put a price tag on this, Corrina.

When I worked on Wall Street, most of my clients were required to put up $1 million to invest with my company. And that was the minimum investment.

Once they were in, they understood that we would charge them 2% of their capital, in addition to 20% of their profits.

So right off the top, we charged them a $20,000 fee … and another $20,000 for every $100,000 in profits.

CORRINA: And I suspect people were more than happy to pay it.

Again, your fund went from $1 billion in assets to nearly $6 billion during your five-year tenure.

And yet … none of them ever got access to the kinds of opportunities you’re going to share with 100X Club members.

PAUL: Precisely.

These stocks have the most profit potential of any I’ve ever recommended.

And you don’t even need $1 million to take advantage of them.

In fact, I would recommend that folks invest no more than $10,000 in each recommendation. And that is the absolute max. Frankly, investing $1,000 in each stock is plenty. That way, no one is investing more than they can afford to lose.

CORRINA: But the reality is, Paul, is that if even just ONE of these stocks takes off as much as you suspect they will … I mean, that’s enough to turn a single $1,000 investment into $100,000. Or $10,000 into $1 million. And whether it takes two to three years … or three to five years … or even 10 years, Paul, a return like that would be life-changing.

I can’t get over how incredible this is, Paul.

The fact is, your subscribers across your various services have ALREADY enjoyed great returns thanks to your research.

I have 67 pages here of people who have written in with six-figure profits thanks to you.

One gentleman wrote in and said he made $29 million on your recommendations in 17 months. By our calculations, he must have invested over $5 million to make this gain … but it’s still by far the biggest return from any one of your readers that you know of.

PAUL: Just think, had he made that during my hedge fund days, he would have had to cough up 20% of it — nearly $6 million!

CORRINA: And yet, to access to your insights … he paid just a couple thousand dollars. It’s remarkable.

But with that said … as incredible as the results have been to this point … as amazing as the returns have been … this time, with the 100X Club, you’re upping the ante as much as tenfold.

PAUL: This time, we’re going all-out.

In fact, I’m going to say this now.

I believe my 100X Club will make more millionaires than all my other services … COMBINED.

In fact, I expect some of them will become millionaires many times over.

CORRINA: I mean, when you look at the evidence, Paul, I think you’re right. I mean if all 1,000 members invest even just $10,000 in these stocks … each one of them will have the chance at a $1 million fortune over the next decade.

PAUL: That’s exactly right. So I have no doubt in my mind this is going to pay off in spades for all 1,000 members. This is my expectation, but of course, I cannot guarantee those results, and there is a real chance that these members might lose some or all of the money they choose to invest.

CORRINA: Paul, I want to get your first three recommendations into our viewers’ hands right away. So real quick, let’s go over everything that your 1,000 members can expect once they enter The 100X Club.

PAUL: First and foremost, members can expect to get critical weekly updates. This will essentially serve as their “weekly newsletter.” We’ll update them on their stocks and new opportunities I am monitoring. Folks will never be left in the dark.

CORRINA: They’ll also get your special report, Micro-Cap Fortunes: Three Stocks Positioned to Become the Market’s Next 100-Baggers, within 24 hours of signing up.

In addition to that, they’re locking in another 12 opportunities at minimum, each with the potential for 100X, or 10,000%, returns this decade.

Put it together and that’s 15 opportunities in total.

PAUL: And again, that’s just the minimum.

I could dole out one of these opportunities a month. I could recommend them all in the next few weeks.

Time is truly of the essence in this situation.

Again, this is THE best time to buy these stocks in the last 20 years — but I can only share the details with my 100X Club members.

CORRINA: So they get three picks right off the bat … a minimum of 12 picks in the next year and your analysis on each one … and weekly updates so they know you’re committed to their success.

PAUL: That’s correct.

Everything will be sent out via email and stored on my company’s website, as usual.

Except this time, only 1,000 people will be able to get access.

These 1,000 people will, in many ways, be my top subscribers.

And that’s exactly how I’m going to treat them.

Anytime one of the stocks on my radar becomes a buy … I will send them a full report on the situation via email … and so no one’s glued to their computer, I’ll send a text alert if they like, telling them a new stock recommendation is waiting in their inbox. And every recommendation they receive will have the potential for 10,000% gains this decade.

CORRINA: Based on everything you’ve shared with us today, Paul, I think 10,000% gains are well within reach over the next decade.

You’ve already shown us the proof from your historical analysis.

Qualcomm soared 18,245% in just eight years.

Biogen soared 19,986% in seven years.

Time Warner soared 41,240% in seven years as well.

And some of them were even faster. Monster Beverage soared 12,738% in four years.

And Nutrisystem delivered 100X gains in the same time as well.

And these are just a sample of the hundreds, if not thousands, of stocks that have soared 100X over the years. Granted, these are simply historical examples, not stocks that you recommended members purchase.

But I want to ask, some of these returns you’ve shown us took years … even decades to materialize. So how long do you think it will take to see these 100X gains from these stocks?

PAUL: I’m glad you asked that question, Corrina, because I want to be upfront.

I want our viewers to understand these investments WILL take some time to develop.

Some may take four or five years. Some may take a decade.

If that’s too long to wait for 10,000% gains … then this strategy won’t be for you.

CORRINA: I appreciate you speaking so frankly, Paul, and I appreciate you setting the expectations for our viewers. You want people to understand that some of these stocks may drop by 10% … 30% … even 50% before they go up. Others may jump 1,000% in their first year.

But the point is that even if it takes 10 years for these stocks to surge 100X, it will be well worth the wait.

PAUL: Exactly. Just think, had you invested in Monster Beverage back in 2003 … you could have cashed out with a 100X return four years later.

The same thing with Nutrisystem. In four years, the stock surged 100 times in price.

And they’re far from the best examples. Mechanical Technology … that one soared 825 times in price — that’s 82,000% in five years.

Home Depot is another stock that went up 100X in just nine years, and since then, it’s gone up 100X AGAIN…

In total, it’s gone up an incredible 1,153,940% since day 1.

CORRINA: These are life-changing returns, Paul.

PAUL: And while I do think we’ll see our first 100X gain in the next two to three years, I want to say this again.

If you are lucky enough to hit it, 100X gains take time.

They require patience … a virtue that has been forgotten on Wall Street.

Wall Street is so obsessed with what companies report on a quarter-to-quarter basis that they forget that the biggest gains occur over a much longer haul.

But they don’t have to take 10 to 20 years, either.

CORRINA: You really think we could see our first 100-bagger in the next two to three years?

PAUL: I do. I also expect some might come on a three- to five-year time frame. And yes, some could take as long as 10 years or more.

I need to make something clear. I want to be completely upfront and completely straightforward. I have never let a stock run this high before. Had I held onto Netflix this whole time, I would’ve made well over 140 times more money and probably had more money than I knew what to do with.

Most of the time, I’ve sold my stocks when they’ve doubled, tripled or quadrupled … that was more than enough for me.

The point of the 100X Club … is to give you one of those rare changes at life-changing windfalls of 10,000% or more. Since I’ve never done it myself, and never had a chance to when I worked on Wall Street, it’s also a chance for me to put a very important notch on my belt … this is my own personal challenge, an achievement that I won’t be happy with until I make it.

But … doing things this way requires patience.

If you want to make big money fast, then this service isn’t for you.

If in two to three years you’re going to be angry because we haven’t seen a 100X return yet — again, this service isn’t for you.

But if you understand that a little bit of patience can pay off in a big way, then I hope those watching snag one of the 1,000 memberships while they last.

CORRINA: This is, in many ways, getting back to basics.

This isn’t about trying to time the best moments to get in and out of stocks.

This is about investing the way it was originally meant.

PAUL: I think a lot of people have forgotten this.

This is the way you’re supposed to invest, Corrina.

You’re not supposed to worry about what will happen in the markets in the next year, who will win in the upcoming election, any of it.

You buy the best companies you can at the best price and you dig in your feet.

CORRINA: It makes me think of one of your idols, Paul … the late John Templeton.

Templeton is arguably the greatest investor of all time.

In 1939, as World War II was breaking out, he did the unthinkable and bought a hundred dollars’ worth of every stock he could find trading for $1 or less.

He didn’t let the day-to-day fluctuations of the market scare him out of a single position and four years later, his portfolio had grown by more than 400%.

PAUL: And here’s the thing, Corrina — some of the stocks Templeton picked, didn’t go up. In fact, 32% of the companies went bankrupt.

And yet, his portfolio still surged 400%.

That’s the opportunity our viewers have in front of them, Corrina.

If just ONE of the stocks I am recommending today climbs 100X, it will set them up for life. Even if I’m only half-right and it climbs 50X, they’ll still become phenomenally wealthy. And if it takes three, five or even 10 years to do it, it will be more than worth it.

CORRINA: So let me ask you this, Paul. If these opportunities could potentially take years to play out … and folks are expected to pay an annual subscription fee to get your insights each year…

PAUL: I see where you’re going with this, and I’m glad you brought it up, because I think people are going to love this.

You see, I don’t want people to have to worry about having to pay an annual subscription fee year after year just waiting for these opportunities to play out.

Again, I expect we’ll be in many of these stocks five, 10 years or more before they surge 10,000%.

That’s why I’m not going to charge them an annual subscription fee to get in.

CORRINA: Wait … you’re not?

PAUL: You heard me right. There are no annual subscription fees. I’m throwing the traditional model out and making it much easier.

Entering The 100X Club requires just one initial membership fee, then you’re in for life.

That way, members don’t have to agonize over whether to stick around for another year and another subscription fee. Once they’re in, they’re in.

CORRINA: So they’ll never have to pay up again after today?

PAUL: After today, all they will be required to pay is a small annual maintenance fee to stay in. That will help us cover the annual costs to keep the service running. That’s it. Just one membership fee and a small annual maintenance fee, and you’re in for keeps.

CORRINA: That’s incredible, Paul. The truth is, I think any price is worth it for this level of access.

This time, you’re gunning for opportunities that can make 10,000% over the next decade on every recommendation you make.

PAUL: That’s why I think these 1,000 members are going to have the time of their lives.

This opportunity is more elite than investing with me during my hedge fund days.

These are the kinds of stocks I’ve always wanted to recommend, but was never able to. Until now.

That’s why we’re going all-out. We’re going to have fun. And if it all goes to plan, my readers will have the chance to make a killing. I believe that.

CORRINA: So let’s talk about the initial, one-time subscription fee folks pay before becoming a member. Unlike other subscription fees that are annual, you say it’s a one-time cost then they’re in for life.

PAUL: As you said, this opportunity is truly priceless.

The reality is, I could charge $100,000, and I know plenty of my subscribers would take me up on it.

With the potential for 100X gains this decade, it would be more than worth it.

CORRINA: And frankly, it would still be less than investors had to pay at your hedge fund.

Again, they had to pay a minimum fee of $20,000 per year … and another $20,000 for every $100,000 in profits.

We’re talking tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in cost.

PAUL: But not only is this more affordable … it’s an even better opportunity than investing with me on Wall Street.

These are the stocks I WANTED to buy for my Wall Street clients, but never could.

But no one has to pay $100,000 to get in.

I’ll never charge anyone that much again.

I’m doing things for a different reason now.

Not so the rich can get richer.

But so that regular, hardworking folks can achieve their dreams.

That’s why entering the 100X Club won’t cost $100,000.

Not $50,000.

Not even $20,000.

The price … is just $10,000.

And once you pay it, you’re in for good.

After today, all you’ll pay to remain a member in good standing is just $995 a year. This is to help with our publishing costs so we can continue running this service year after year, at the lowest price for our members.

I Want To See The Details

CORRINA: Keep in mind, most of your other services retail for $5,000 per year.

Over five years, that’s $25,000.

So not only is this a better value … it’s more elite … the stock picks are more select … and the profit potential is even higher, as much as tenfold.

PAUL: Frankly, this is the best offer I’ve ever made.

If folks put just $1,000 into each of the 15 stocks I recommend over the next year … and just ONE of them grows 100-fold … they’ll make $100,000 in the years to come.

CORRINA: Make it $10,000, and we’re talking $1 million over the next decade.

Again, these stocks don’t require a lot of money down to potentially rack up a fortune.

PAUL: In fact, the absolute MOST that any of our members should invest in a single one of these stocks is $10,000.

And they don’t even have to invest THAT much.

Investing just $5,000 … $2,000 … or $1,000 in these plays could make you substantial returns. Richer than all of my other research combined.

CORRINA: I’m so excited for your founding members to get started. I agree, Paul, this is truly the most exciting offer you’ve ever made.

So let’s quickly review everything your new 100X Club members are going to get when they join you today:

✔ Weekly Updates.

Because this is Paul’s most elite research, he’ll maintain regular contact with you.

Once a week, he will send you a video podcast updating you on the stocks in the model portfolio, as well as any opportunities on his radar.

This is in addition to any trade alerts you might receive that week.

Micro-Cap Fortunes: Three Stocks Positioned to Become the Market’s Next 100-Baggers.

Right out of the gate, members will receive three stock recommendations trading for under $10, with the potential to soar to $1,000 in the years to come.

✔ 12 Additional Stock Picks, Minimum.

In addition to the three stocks in their special report, lifetime members who subscribe today can expect to receive an additional 12 stock recommendations per year.

In fact, Paul already has 10 to 20 stocks on his radar right now, waiting for the best opportunity for you to buy them.

It’s possible he’ll dole out one a month for the next year … or he could issue each of them in the next week. Once these stocks become a buy, you’ll be the first to know through Paul’s…

✔ Timely Trade Alerts.

This is how Paul will alert you when a stock becomes a buy.

You’ll receive a full report via email on the situation, including the stock name and ticker symbol.

If you like, we’ll even send you a text message alerting you to check your inbox, so you can buy the stock as soon as it’s ready.

✔ Exclusive Website Access.

All your subscription benefits are stored online on our encrypted website.

You can access the model portfolio to review our stocks, read previous updates and trade recommendations, and view our special reports. These are available anytime for you to review on your schedule.

✔ An Elite Customer Service Team.

Anytime you need assistance with your subscription and call in, our professionally vetted and fully trained customer service team will know they are speaking to one of Paul’s most elite subscribers.

PAUL: Thanks for running through all that, Corrina. I’m looking forward to inviting our new members into the club.

CORRINA: It’s my pleasure, Paul.

Well, there you have it.

You just heard from Paul Mampilly — one of the true legends of Wall Street — on what is already promising to be his most exciting project to date.

Never before in his career has Paul embarked on a venture like this.

This time, you’re going to receive stock recommendations with the potential to return $100 for every dollar you invest.

These are Paul’s most exciting stock picks to date.

But they’re going to remain very exclusive.

This opportunity is limited to the first 1,000 people who take action.

Frankly, I expect each of those spaces may be taken in the next few hours.

If you want in, I encourage you to click on the button below, now.

You will be taken to a secure order page, where you can review everything Paul and I have talked about and claim one of the 1,000 spots before they’re all gone.

If you wait … you could be locked out of this opportunity forever.

With over 100,000 people subscribing to Paul’s various research services — and this thick stack of papers, 67 pages long, of folks who have made over $100,000 in a number of years, sometimes less, following his research — I promise you, these 1,000 spots will go quickly.

I encourage you to act now.

But let’s be clear.

Due to the nature of this opportunity, we cannot offer any refunds.

These stocks are too select for people who aren’t fully committed to sign up, get the picks and then cancel, expecting a full refund.

It isn’t fair to the people who understand that this is one of the best deals Paul has ever offered.

Once you pay the one-time subscription fee, you’re in for keeps.

It’s less than paying the retail price year after year for some of Paul’s other services … and this time, the profit potential is even greater.

That said … we want people who are fully committed.

People who understand the nature of the opportunity in front of them.

The kind of opportunity you could put $10,000 into … and walk away a million dollars richer a decade later.

Paul has never offered an opportunity like this, and it’s doubtful he ever will again.

These are the most profit-packed stocks Paul will ever recommend. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Remember, people have already made hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars thanks to Paul’s research.

But this is even bigger.

It is Paul’s biggest opportunity to date.

But it will only be available for a limited time.

Once the 1,000th person joins, the gates are closed. And we have no intention of letting another person in.

Simply click on the button below to review all the details and claim your spot.

I’m Corrina Sullivan. Thank you for watching the 100X Summit … and I look forward to welcoming you into The 100X Club.

I Want To See The Details

April 2020