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Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on the crypto boom … Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes has you covered.


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In fact, since inception, Ian King has 33 open and closed trade for his Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

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110% on LITE in 34 days…

104% on HEAR in 43 days…

100% on AG … in 41 days…

75% on GLUU in only 19 days…

And get this…

A 115% return on AMD in just 5 days.

A gain that would take the average buy and hold investor of the S&P 500, nearly 5 years to achieve...

But thanks to Clint’s powerful system…

His readers have seen triple-digit gains like this within days.

And with 23 winners out of 26 trades in the last year 12 months… Clint has crushed the market with an astonishing win-rate of nearly 90% win.

And Clint’s not the only one helping loyal readers like you get on the money-making power of options.

To meet the massive demand for more options insight and analysis … Chad Shoop and Mike Carr recently launched True Options Masters.


One of the fastest growing publications in Banyan history — soaring from just 4,000 subscribers to over 80,000 in less than a year.

The excitement around options has been incredible.

In fact, Chad said it best during a recent ZOOM event where he took readers step by step through an and entire options trade… LIVE ON CAMERA.

He said, “It’s hard not to get excited about options. The thrill of placing a trade on one day and cashing out 5 days later for a 270% gain — like the recent trade on 3-D Systems.. Well, it doesn’t get much better than that. In fact, as a master options trader, I’ve closed out gains of 100% or higher 29 times in the last 5 years alone. And the joy of making big, fast gains never gets old.”

And readers of Chad’s Quick Hit Profits research service couldn’t be happier seeing gains like…


244% on Tesla in 5 days.

245% on Campbell Soup Co. in 20 days.

288% on Caterpillar Inc. in 11 weeks.

Just to name a few.

Yet as great as these gains may be…

Chad’s readers are just as excited about all the cash they’ve been pulling out of the market using Chad’s “Instant Cash” options strategy called Pure Income.


In fact, Warren Buffett has used this “Instant Cash” strategy to collect a $7.5 million payment in a single day … and as much as $4.9 billion in a single year.

And with Chad’s 9-year 92% win-rate it’s easy to see why his readers are thrilled.

Of course, Chad isn’t the only options expert handing their readers some incredible profits right now.

In fact, readers following Michael Carr’s options strategies are just as excited.

Take these top-performing results for folks like…

And in just a moment, you’ll get all the details on how you can access these fast money-making opportunities along with all the other premium services we have to offer.

Services like Paul Mampilly’s Secret Portfolio, where readers had the chance to book a huge gain of 1015% on Hut 8 Mining in 17 months…


While their open positions continue to fly high with gains of:

251% on Draft Kings in 22 months.

784% on Hive in 30 months...

...and 1,718% on BIGG Digital in 21 months.


And services like Charles Mizrahi’s Lifetime Profits, where readers had the chance to bank a 270% gain on Nuance Communications in just 22 months.

All the while their open positions continue to climb with gains like:

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140% on ON Semiconductor in 11 months.

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Working with the ebb and flow of the markets, Clint uses a proprietary countdown timer to accurately identify when stocks have the potential to explode in value.

And since the launch of this brand-new options service just a few months ago…

He’s already booked gains of 13%, 33%, and even 135% in about 7 weeks.

No wonder one of his loyal readers nicknamed him “Mr. Bullseye.”

“Well Mr. Bullseye, you are right on target. I’m one of your biggest fans!”

– Richard Dunn, Petaluma, CA

Now … if seeing how he’s bagged 19 winners out of 20 trades is something that appeals to you…

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As mentioned earlier, if you feel like you’ve missed out on the massive bull market in Cryptocurrencies … and you don’t know exactly where to start … or more importantly who to trust…

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Ian King…

A driving force for crypto trading who is leading the way in this highly speculative market.

In fact, Ian King is so well versed in this new technology he was invited to create a cryptocurrency investing course for Investopedia.

To date, Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes has shown his subscribers huge, eyepopping gains, including:

Sold the first half of ChainLink for a 272% gain … in about 8 months.

Closed out Binance for 1,061% — that took about 9 months.

Closed out Terra for a 4,654% gain in 11 months.

And closed out Solana for an even bigger gain of 6,760% in just 11 months…

Not to mention 16 more triple-digit and quadruple-digit winners showing in our open and closed portfolio since we first launched this service just 3 years ago.

And after 33 trade recommendations … and only 3 losses in the books with 5 trades in the negative Next Wave Crypto Fortunes has an astonishing 75% win-rate.

And while Ian King’s expert crypto service retails for $5,000 per year.

It’s free for life, for all VIP members of Total Wealth Fellowship in good standing.

Publisher's Note: Total Wealth Fellowship requires annual dues of $475 to cover the maintenance costs associated with this elite "members only" service. All members will remain in good standing provided annual dues remain current.

Of course, Ian King’s expert crypto service is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store for you as a new member of Total Wealth Fellowship.

In fact, we’ve only just begun to tap into the brilliant minds of Banyan Hill’s investing superstars.

For example, Ian King runs two additional services that you’ll have immediate access to.

The first is his flagship newsletter Strategic Fortunes which focuses on mid to large cap companies that are innovating and transforming the way we live.


This service focuses on finding the future Apple’s and Facebook’s of the world.

He’s constantly on the hunt for “tipping points” or “special moments” when an idea or trend crosses a proven threshold for delivering incredible profits that have given his readers open gains like…

240% on AMD in 20 months…

639% on SunPower in 16 months…

And 925% on Ethereum in 12 months.

His other service is New Era Fortunes … is geared toward small-caps stocks that are focused on breakthrough technologies and market disruption.

And while no one ever bats 1,000 and all investment services can run hot and cold…

When Ian King’s New Era Fortunes is running hot, his readers have seen gains of 239% in 16 months, 341% in 14 months, and 377% in 18 months.

Whether its electric vehicles, breakthroughs in medical technology, green energy stocks, or new technologies yet to go mainstream…

In fact, Ian got in early on the bull market in Electric Vehicles … and invested in a company that eventually sold for $149 million … long before Elon Musk ever became a household name.

So, if its new, innovative, and set to disrupt a massive market … you’ll want to follow Ian’s lead as he shows you the biggest hottest trends, and how you can position yourself to maximize their profit potential.

Now, if you wanted to buy New Era Fortunes today on its own … it would cost you another $5,000 for 12 months access.

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In fact, I think of it like having a world-renowned economist and son of a former congressmen in your retirement foxhole.

I’m talking about Ted Bauman. Ted is our resident expert when it comes to finding legal and profitable ways, of protecting and getting the most out of your income and retirement savings.

Along with his signature investment newsletter, The Bauman Letter … which is designed to cover a range of investment options…


Ted has also generated over 450 pages of detailed advice in countless special reports that you’ll have immediate access to when you become a Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

Reports that cover important income boosting strategies like:

Where to Stash Your Cash Legally…


How to Get Extra Social Security…


55 Legal Loopholes For Boosting Your Retirement…


Slash Your Taxes…


And many more…

It really doesn’t stop.

There is so much included in your Total Wealth Fellowship membership you’ll never have a question unanswered.

But still, this is just the beginning.

Because I’m yet to mention the two other financial industry legends you’ll also be able to access with a few taps of the keyboard…

Paul Mampilly and Charles Mizrahi…

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But like everything else you’ve seen so far…

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And in just a moment you’ll get a complete rundown of all the services, guides, reports, video series, and everything else that’s included in your VIP membership…

In fact, you may want to get a pen and paper…

Because we’ve got a long list of powerful investment services that you’ll have at your disposal.

But first, I want to be clear…

What’s on offer today for new VIP members of Total Wealth Fellowship is much more than just an incredible deal for exclusive access to 23 of our best premium services (with a retail value in excess of $100,000)…

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Just imagine the impact this will have on your ability to build lifelong wealth … even legacy wealth that can be passed down to the next generation.

Imagine, the impact on your circle of influence, when you’re the one that gets asked for financial advice … or can offer support to a family member in needed...

Imagine the breadth of knowledge you’ll gain as work colleges and friends see you as a smart and savvy investor because of your ability to talk on any financial subject with authority.

Imagine having the confidence to make the right financial decisions for you and your family because you’re informed and educated on critical subjects that are impacting our everyday lives…

This alone is a priceless benefit of being in this exclusive club.

It’s also why so many other Total Wealth Fellowship members are able to forge ahead and take new financial ground year after year after year.

People like…

Clark J. who wrote…

“I joined Total Wealth Fellowship to gain insight on up-and-coming trends with leaders in the investing field. And with so many gifted individuals with different investing strategies I continue to grow as investor and it’s making a huge difference for an average Joe like me.”

– Clark J.

Liz B. said…

“I joined so I could have the option to sample and select among all services to find which ones work the best for me. Not to mention the ability to diversify and grow massive wealth that will last a lifetime and even future generations.”

– Liz B.

Robert G. said he became a member of Total Wealth Fellowship because…

“The philosophies, dedication, structure, and hard work of those under the Banyan Hill banner — Paul Mampilly, Ian King, Charles Mizrahi, Ted Bauman, Michael Carr, and Chad Shoop — justified the cost of a lifetime membership.”

– Robert G.

Matthew C. said…

“I joined Profits Unlimited in late 2016, after seeing a Paul Mampilly video online. I liked him right off. And with such good success I wanted to see all of Paul's picks, in addition to all the other experts at Banyan. So I joined TWF in 2017, and I have more than doubled my entire portfolio since then.”

– Matthew C.

Vanessa O. wrote in to say…

“I already had success with Profits Unlimited and True Momentum. And when considering other Banyan publications I was offered TWF with a credit for my current subscription. I was (and still am) extremely satisfied with the great returns, Getting full access was the best thing I ever did!!!”

– Vanessa O.

And Douglas H. who said…

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– Douglas H.

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In just a moment, you’ll get all the details on how you can claim a share in the biggest “giveaway” in Banyan Hill’s history when you accept this once-in-a-lifetime offer …

But first…

Let me give you a rundown of all the resources you’ll have access to as new VIP member of Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get … FOR FREE …FOR LIFE When You Join our Most Elite Level of Membership

OK, let’s start with a true superstar of investing.

Paul Mampilly.

For those who don’t know, since leaving corporate America to join us here at Banyan Hill in 2016…

Paul Mampilly, has become a powerhouse for the people and delivered some outstanding results for those who follow his work.

As part of your Total Wealth Fellowship upgrade…

You’ll now have access to seven of Paul’s Premium Services.

They are:

Premium #1


Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


Described by Paul’s as his bread-and-butter money-making technique.

This strategy has allowed Paul to pull triple-digit winners out of the market in all market conditions, with…

Winners like:

250% in Proto Labs in about 10 months…

131% on Loxo Oncology in 11 months…

123% on Nutanix in 12 months…

141% on NRG Energy in 17 months…

181% in NovoCure in just over two years…

184% on Exact Sciences in just over two years…

221% on Teladoc Health in 16 months…

Plus several more open in the 100-300% range … and still climbing.

Paul offers his readers at least 12 new opportunities a year … pure, simple stock plays like the above which had stellar growth.

And his subscribers couldn’t be happier. Here’s some of the best feedback:

Jack H. wrote in to say:

“I joined True Momentum shortly after it started [in May 2017]. I opened a new stock account and invested $40k strictly in these recommendations. In just three years this account crossed the $200k mark for a 400% gain. Paul says ‘find what matters to you and put the gains towards the things that make you happy.’ I am taking some of the gains to complete the purchase of our retirement house on the beach in Mexico. Thank you for the great success.”

– Jack H.

Dennis L. wrote:

“I have made over 20k in the past 14 months off a $3,000-$5,000 investment … Keep up the good work Paul! You have outperformed both my 401k portfolio and my other stock account managed by an investment group.”

– Dennis L.

And Zachary C. shared:

“As a small business owner for 8 years, I put everything into the business and realized my retirement savings needed diversification. 3 years ago, I started aggressively saving and following your services. I put new money into my investment account every week. Today my appreciation is much larger than the amount I add. And last year, I took the best vacation of my life. Thanks a million!”

– Zachary C.

Next is…

Premium #2

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

With Extreme Fortunes, Paul is looking for opportunities with 1,000% gain potential in as little as 12 months, using his very own three-phase strategy.

On average there are 25 opportunities every year for maximizing your profit potential.

In fact, his readers have already seen some incredible gains, such as…

1,142% in three and a half years with Plug Power (PLUG).

1,111% in seventeen months with Carvana (CVNA).

Plus, the portfolio has seen multiple triple-digit gains, on open positions that still have room to run, such as…

But it’s not just the numbers that matter. Paul’s subscribers can’t thank him enough for his in depth research and analysis…

Just look at what they have to say about some of his top trades…

Bob Harrington said: “Your research helped me payoff my home, free and clear. Retirement seemed much further away until your services came into my life.”

Bryan Holland said: “I purchased a new car and paid cash from the profits I made. My account grew from $47k to $165k in 3 to 4 years.”

Steven Gomez said: “I started without much experience in the market, but still managed to transform my $32,000 stake into $90,000 in only 9 months.”

Next up is…

Premium #3

Value: $10,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Finding well-hidden gems is no simple task…

And it often means you have to look in places that are off the beaten track and away from the prying eyes of the mainstream analysts.

And it’s why, whenever Paul and his team find the next opportunity with enormous gain potential … they keep it as close to the vest as possible … and only a select few are in on the secret.

With peak returns including double, triple, even quadruple digit gains…

This is the way Paul invests on his own — in the least obvious to mainstream ways.

With this strategy, Paul showed readers some record-breaking gains … like:

1,718% on BIGG Digital Assets in less than 2 years…

1,015% on Hut 8 Mining in 1.5 years…

360% on Tellurian in a little over a year…

And many, many more.

These diamonds in the rough can be a real treasure chest to anybody’s growing portfolio.

Premium #4

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Ever wanted to get in on the next big IPO but didn’t have the inside scoop?

Well, Paul has you covered with a service that’s 100% dedicated to everything IPO.

Combing through countless hours of research and data points…

Paul and his team have come up with a 25-point IPO rating system that identifies the most-profitable IPO opportunities…

Helping you to see what he calls an IPO's “Alpha Moment.”

The point that gives you the best chance to maximize the profit potential from a company’s IPO.

And his subscribers have shared some incredible stories!

It has been a great year!  My realized Gains this year are $49,690. My unrealized gains are 44%.  Nothing less than incredible. — Tim P.

I made a 59.8% gain [in 18 days!] on RKT this morning. I was able to get in at the pre-IPO price of $18. Great Trade! — Bob H.

Just sold my ONEM post-IPO position for an 89% gain [in seven months]. — Karen O.

Next up is…

Premium #5

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Here Paul teams up with his senior investment analyst, Ian Dyer to develop a landmark strategy which takes the guesswork out of riding rebound momentum.

Using options to capture these quick upswings, they’re able to give you the chance to see quick, explosive profits on stocks with the potential to soar above their temporary volatility.

Their simple-to-use strategy has allowed readers to reap gains ranging from one to six months, like:

111% on Invitae Corp. in 58 days (NYSE: NVTA).

103% on Grubhub Inc. in 33 days (NYSE: GRUB).

97% on Twitter Inc. in 30 days (NYSE: TWTR).

70% on Enphase Energy Inc. in 27 days (Nasdaq: ENPH).

With this strategy, you’ll never be scared of volatility again … you’ll know that with it can come some amazing profit opportunities.

You’ll also have access to…

Premium #6

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

With this service, Paul has again teamed up with Ian Dyer to take all of the guesswork out of identifying stocks that are setting up for a huge potential breakout.

Instead, they follow a proven, three-step strategy that tells them exactly which stocks have the most momentum…

And if it’s found to meet all of their specific trading criteria, they’ll find an option on that stock and recommend it.

With this strategy their readers had the chance at gains like:

121% on Intuit Inc. in just 11 days.

107% on Stratasys in 12 days.

100% on Salesforce.com Inc. in 8 days.

57% on Slack Technologies Inc. in 2 days.

Better still, this system tells us precisely when to get in and out of a position to collect the most gains.

It’s provided readers with the opportunity to make double-digit and triple-digit gains… all in a matter of weeks.

And finally, you’ll also get…

Premium #7


Value: $199 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

This research advisory gives you access to Paul’s revolutionary way of investing.

It’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of innovative companies that Paul believes are about to see explosive growth.

The types of lucrative companies that most investors don’t recognize until it’s far too late.

Using his system, readers have been able to pocket gains like:

244% on Lululemon in just over two and a half years…

217% on Teradyne Inc. in under three years…

While open positions like Wayfair and 3D Systems continue to climb with gains of 133% on in just under three years and 191% in just under two years.

Of course not every stock recommendation will be a triple-digit winner, and losses do happen. But make no mistake … Paul has trounced the market the market 4 to 1 since inception in 2016, On average, Paul’s recommendations are up 116%.

While the overall market would have generated a paltry 26.99% during the same period.

All told, that’s over $35,000 worth of Paul’s premium research and analysis, available to you 24/7… for the rest of your LIFE a new Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

And this is just the start…

We still have a ton of value prepared for new VIPs like you.

Take for instance another Wall Street legend…

Charles Mizrahi.

Starting on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange at the tender age of 20…

Charles brings over 35 years of experience to the table for his readers.

And as part of becoming a Total Wealth Fellowship member…

You’ll also have two of Charles’ premium products at your beck and call.

These are…

Premium #8

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


With this research advisory, you’re getting access to something Charles calls his “Fourth Alpha.”

A unique stock filtering system that helps him identify “special-situation” stocks Wall Street has overlooked.

Based on his highly successful Alpha-3 approach which follows a tried-and-true stock picking approach … Charles targets companies that:

Once a company meets all three of these criteria…

Charles then looks stocks that check the box of his Fourth-Alpha … special situations like mergers, acquisitions, spin offs, and four other hidden factors that most investors miss.

And in just the last few years

Giving his readers the chance to book rock-solid gains of 42%, 76%, 60%, and 270% in around 2 years or less.

Having access to Lifetime Profits will also give you a look over Charles’ shoulder as he meets with industry insiders … and uncovers winning trades the institutional money doesn’t want you to know about.

It’s the financial education of a lifetime.

Premium #9


Value: $199 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

You’ll also receive Charles’ flagship monthly research service Alpha Investor.


The place where you’ll get a look at amazing companies that often fly under Wall Street’s radar…

These are the types of lucrative companies that most investors don’t recognize until it’s far too late.

And are often varied and not exclusive to any one particular industry.

One month, there could be a recommendation telling you to buy a semiconductor company…

The next month a fast-food restaurant may be on the menu…

Followed by an artificial intelligence sensor company the month after that.

At first glance all of these businesses won’t appear to have anything in common.

Yet each one will strictly follow Charles’ groundbreaking Alpha-3 Approach…

Which uses the filters of:

Alpha Market … Alpha Management … and Alpha Money.

Here’s just some of the top results Charles’ happy subscribers have been able to pocket following his Alpha-3 recommendations…

“Great call on KKR. I saw 197% in 16 months.”

– James K.

“I am 75 years young. I subscribed to Alpha Investor with $25,000 to invest in to a 3-to-5-year approach. Remarkedly the smattering of stocks you recommended is now worth $30,000 in just 3 months.”

– Jim L.

“I’ve been a subscriber for less than a year and love the service. You are helping me to reach my retirement goals safely and confidently. Your research and clear down to earth explanations make it easy for me to make decisions about your recommendations and allow me to sleep peacefully while my account grows. Thank you for all you do.”

– John D.

Now, like I’ve already mentioned…

Just having access to these first 9 services alone would be an astonishingly good deal…

As combined they’d be valued at a whopping $45,296 … per year.

But again… you’ll get them all for free and for life … as part of your Total Wealth Fellowship upgrade.

And we won’t stop here because there's still more to come.

So, strap yourself in because your Total Wealth Fellowship membership provides you with even more great value.

As mentioned, before you’ll also gain access to 4 different services from investing dynamo, Ian King.

Ian King.

A quick rundown of his services include:

Premium #10

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


This is where Ian uses his exclusive five-step system for finding innovative companies that are gearing up to trigger a “new era.”

You’ll learn how it’s possible to spot small, innovative companies that will lead the way in developing new technologies like…

5G … Big Data … artificial intelligence … machine learning … autonomous and electric vehicles… the Internet of Things and precision medicine.

If it’s on the leading edge … Ian will be looking into it and finding the best possible ways to prosper from it.

His stock-picking system looks for the most disruptive technologies and uses time-tested strategies to capitalize on them.

And these companies won’t be the Amazons, Netflixes or Apples of the world … those are the stocks of yesteryear.

Rather, he’s looking for the next generation of these companies. Ones that are poised to return exponential growth to your portfolio…

And pinpointing a tipping-point trend right before the public catches on … capitalizing on small-cap stocks in the $300 million to $2 billion range that have grown earnings at an exponential rate.

Exponential growth that shows up in the stock price as more and more catch wind of the company’s explosive performance.

Premium #11


Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Ian’s newest service is one of the most was just most elite trading strategies ever developed. Built on Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, this strategy has been handed down from professional trader to professional trader for decades…

This powerful strategy uses what Ian call’s Profit Framing. And while the formula behind this elite trading strategy is highly complex, its simplicity lies in the ability to trade by taking advantage of how the market actually functions, not how investors wish it would work.

Instead of focusing on the latest “meme stock” or even the hottest sector, this strategy focuses on a simple premise: What is the market telling me to do? Understanding this one fact, has the power to set you apart from just about everyone else in the investment world.

What most investors don’t realize is that 80% of the time the market goes nowhere Because it actually trades sideways. Which is precisely why this elite trading strategy is so powerful.

Instead of relying on 80% of your profits from only 20% of your investment effort, Ian’s Profit Framing strategy flips the script—giving you the ability to profit when the market, spends 80% of its time… trading sideways.

Which is why Ian’s latest addition to his powerful portfolio of investment services, Elite Options Alert has already banked an 80% win rate in the sideways market we’ve seen since his service went live.

And as a member of Total Wealth Fellowship you’ll have lifetime access to this elite trading tradition that gives you another powerful weapon in your wealth building arsenal.

Next is Ian King’s explosive cryptocurrency service:

Premium #12

Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Many here believe that now is the perfect time to start investing in cryptocurrencies…

As every new innovation goes through the same process.

And cryptocurrencies are establishing themselves as a legitimate form of currency and are primed to grow well into the future.

Since the launch of Ian’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes service, his subscribers have seen some incredible gains! Even with some losses, the closed gains have reached as high as 6,760% on Solana and 4,654% gain on Terra in just 11 months. As well as gains like 551% on Sandbox in 37 days…

1,061% on Binance in 10 months…


and 2,380% on Helium in one year.

With 5 additional reports and training guides available…

Plus 7 video tutorial series … and a 5-video insider’s guide to Next Wave Crypto Fortunes…


You’ll have everything you’ll ever need to get started.

From buying your first Bitcoin to making your first crypto trade … it’s all covered.

Premium #13


Value: $199 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Here you can gain access to Ian’s exclusive four-step system for finding “tipping-point trends” which uncover major developments that are set to trigger a revolution within a specific industry.

Again, he is focusing on new technologies are springing up from trends like 5G, blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, drones, and quantum computing…

And with the right company in the right trend … the opportunities here are immense.

This service focuses primarily on midcap stocks in the $2 billion to $10 billion range… and seeks out companies that are often overlooked by Main Street and Wall Street alike…

Ian has a unique and finely tuned radar when it comes to locating these hidden treasures. His 85% win rate proves it!

Some of his top picks have readers over joyed:

“I love reading Ian’s recommendations. He is on the money every time. His advice gives me confidence. He is TRULY THE KING OF THE STOCK MARKET.”

– John D.

“This is the first time in my life that I have been a successful investor and I thank you for that.”

– Roy W.

“Thank you for all you do as I am grateful for the guidance you and others at Banyan Hill have provided me as my investment account up over 121% during the last 12 months and 237% since 2018.”

– Thomas D.

Plus… there’s still more available once you become a Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

You’ll also have access to everything Ex-World Bank and U.N. economist Ted Bauman’s has to offer.

Along with his research partner, quant genius, Clint Lee’s work…

These premium services include…

Ted Bauman.

Premium #14


Value: $2,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


Ted’s unique research advisory service helps everyone, regardless of wealth, personal background, or financial experience to become financially secure.

It doesn’t matter if you have just $1,000 to start with … $100,000 … or $1 million. Anyone can put Profit Switch to work.

Ted’s unique skill set as a trained economist and researcher focuses on answering three critical questions before recommending any trade:

1. Is the economic sector the company is in on an upswing relative to the rest of the market?

2. Is this company one of the best operating in that sector?

3. Is it the ideal time to buy the company’s stock, or sell it?

Ted knows how important it is to not only make the right financial choices … but to also be able to rest easy at night because you understand why you made them.

So, in typical Ted style…

Everything in Profit Switch is presented in easy-to-understand language … so you don’t have to wade through hype or listen to overcomplicated explanations.

You’ll just know the best stocks to buy and why. Easy!

Here are some of the top results from just a couple of current subscribers:

“[Here’s] how I did with the latest trades: Square: 206% [in eight months], and Roku: 168% [in five months]. I’m really pleased with the research and recommendations you have given me and, the education that comes along with it.”

– Michael K.

“I still have EXPI [after six months] and am up 426%. I plan to hold this one for years to come and see how it plays out.  Honestly, looking through my Profit Switch sell history (and Alpha Stock Alert), I should not have sold any stocks at all, winners and losers combined, and my portfolio would be far larger!”

– Brent J.

Ted doesn’t stop with Profit Switch. He also is giving access to his monthly newsletter…

Premium #15


Value: $199 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

The goal of The Bauman Letter is to help anyone achieve financial stability and freedom.

Having spent most of his life helping the under-privileged secure a better financial share for themselves — Ted knows what it’s like to be in a situation of worrying about both.

So, in The Bauman Letter, he’ll show you the best strategies for not only making money … but also how to keep more of it for when you need it most.


With strategies on how to slash your taxes … legal loopholes to further increase your savings…

In addition to stock strategies for steady growth potential, short-term gains and dividend-paying income investments as well.

All your financial goals will be covered…

No matter what stage of life you’re in…

Or what your investment profile looks like…

The Bauman Letter will definitely have something for you.

Next up is Clint Lee’s stuff…

Clint Lee.

Premium #16

Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


Having spent over a decade developing and deploying quantitative investing strategies for some of the biggest financial institutions on the planet…

Clint is pulling back the curtain on the mysterious world of quant funds — those funds run by advanced computer algorithms — to show you how you can tap into the secrets of their “proprietary” trading systems to identify the best time to make your move as trillions of dollars exchange in computerized quant trades.

Using his very own proprietary software Clint can see subtle market moves he calls “flashpoints.” These subtle shifts are invisible to the naked eye … but through the use of artificial intelligence and proven algorithms…

Clint’s system is almost like legally “front-running” the big money … and it’s just as much fun.

And best of all…

It’s been tested to work in any market condition … and you won’t believe how it’s performed when things get volatile.

Just look at the feedback from some of his top-performing trades:

“Thanks for the ONEM pick. I doubled my money [in two months]. Really enjoy your analysis and insight on the markets. Looking forward to another profitable year under your guidance.”

– James W.

“Sold my HEAR options for a 220.75% gain - fantastic! In at $2.65 and out at $8.50 for a $3,510 gain in just 15 days! So much thanks!”

– Brent J.

“I got out of HPE yesterday at 2.75. I got in at 1.50. I had 2 contracts so I made $250/$300 for 83% return!!! I also closed KNX yesterday for a 59% profit. Clint thx so much for the recommendations. I also won on ZNGA!”

– Brian M.

“I always invest $2,000 per trade. I did 25 contracts of DB and sold today for a profit of $1,591.84 [in under two months]. I have been trading Flashpoint Fortunes from day one. I am currently up $12,032 [in seven months]. Great job! I appreciate your work and thank you.”

– Lonnie C.

And like I mentioned before, you’ll also get access to the recently added…

Premium #17

Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

When Clint first back tested this service a year ago, the strategy could have led to a staggering 19 wins out of 20 plays … all by using his “Profit Countdown” strategy. With it, when a specific metric is triggered, it gives a literal countdown to the moment a stock is set to take off.

This has given us a completely new way to look at the stock market, and a new tool to time trades with incredible accuracy.

Today, his subscribers have been able to see closed out trades making profits from 12% up to 135% in a matter of a couple months, if not a couple of weeks! In fact, after one of Clint’s best trades emails started pouring in from countless readers. People like…

All of this and more is waiting for you once you become a member of Total Wealth Fellowship.

But if you are still on the fence…

Then let me share with you even more.

Because if you join Total Wealth Fellowship today…

You’ll also have instant access to another 6 premium options trading services.

Every strategy … all the research … and every recommendation … from our two Options Trading masterminds … Chad Shoop and Michael Carr…

All yours to access free and for life once you become one of our VIPs.

Let do a quick run-down of Chad’s 3 premium options trading services.

Chad Shoop.

These include:

Premium #18


Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


Having invested over $1 million and devoting well over 12,000 hours to create…

Quick Hit Profits is comprised of two incredible strategies that take the guesswork out of options trading…

The first strategy is Chad’s Earnings Drift system. While most investors trade in stocks BEFORE earnings are announced … Chad’s system uses statistical probabilities to show where a stock will likely go AFTER an earnings announcement…

And the second is his Shakeout Strategy. This strategy uses a statistical model called a Relative Rotation Graph which shows you the probability a stock will sell off over a short period of time (a shakeout) … before bouncing back for the next move up.

And with a clear indicator for spotting these shakeouts … Chad knows when to put money on the table and when to take it off.

Subscribers have already seen phenomenal results following these two strategies…

Charlie P. wrote…

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the Tesla trade alert! With your guidance, I was able to capture a quick hit profit of $37,200, 388% [in less than one week]!!! Beyond my wildest dreams.”

– Debbie B.

“I am a new member of your Quick Hits profits team and just sold the second half of my TSLA calls pocketing $72,386.00 on my second trade with you! Amazing return on this 3 day investment! Words can't even express my gratitude!”

– Fred W.

“My cup runneth over. Thanks. I paid $5,120 for one option and sold for $26,798. A profit of $21,678 [in three day]. I BELIEVE.”

– Fred W.

“Over the last six weeks I invested $10,014. Sold for $24,503, a $14,487 profit!!! You’ve got to love a happy customer.”

– Ron S.

And finally, Ron S. wrote in to say…

Next is Chad’s…

Premium #19


Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Another unique option strategy for you to dive straight into.

Using a proprietary setup Fast Lane Profits takes Chad’s Relative Rotation Graph to a whole new level of speed as he seeks to pinpoint quick changes in five key indexes...


Instead of trading a single stock, over a few months’ time…

Chad’s “fast lane” strategy gets you in and out of an index trade in just a couple weeks… or in many cases, a matter of a few days.

His subscribers have had some outstanding results and written in with examples of top gains like…

“Now that's what I'm talking about!! 300% in 3 days. Happy in Houston.”

– John B.

“We double-dipped on the DDD rise - bought the recommended calls and also bought stock; made over $4k on a $7k investment in just over 24 hours. Wow. THANKS!”

– Beth and Russ H..

“Since starting with Fast Lane Profits right out of the gate a little over a month ago, with 81K in my investment account … As of today, I now have 107K in my account. I really love the fast pace and movement of the service.”

– Gordon S.

So, if you like the idea of trading often then this strategy could be right up your alley and can easily put your earnings potential in the fast lane.

And last of Chad’s list is his flagship options trading service Pure Income…

Premium #20


Value: $5,000 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Since launching Pure Income over 9 years ago … this service has an overall win rate of 92%…

Which is practically unheard of in any type of investing.

Pure Income uses a simple options strategy that Chad says, “is like minting instant cash”.

In fact, Warren Buffet has used this “instant cash” strategy for a $7.5 million payment on a single day and he even collected as much as $4.9 billion in single year.

And over the last nine years, Chad has shown over six thousand people just like you how to use it.

And they love it!

People like Dan Wallace trading with about $5,000...

“$900 got deposited in my account! Incredible.

(Time-in-trade: 34 days)”


– Dan W.

Ari Shear who started with around $15,000 to trade says…

“I made $490 on my first trade with Chad. But once I saw the profits, I increased it over time. And now I usually collect around $1000 per trade.”

(Time-in-trade varies from 5 to 90 days)


– Ari S.

Then there’s Rod Hagen who said:

I’m 72 years old, and your instant income service has been a true miracle for our family! Over the last 6 months, on a $30,000 account, we’ve made over $7,000 using your trades. ”

– Rod H.

And this feedback from Hazel Moore is priceless…

Chad you are my hero with your Pure Income Option service. I am 87 years old and this is new to me. I took a risk … closed out some holdings that were not paying much if any interest ... In the last 30 days I have earned $5226.53*

– Hazel M.

Of the nearly 270 trades Chad has recommended, around 250 have been “instant cash” winners.

That’s a 92% success-rate!

And on the few “instant cash” trades that don’t work as planned … Chad’s readers were still better off than the average stock investor who bought the stock outright.

Bottom line … as a new VIP of Total Wealth Fellowship, Chad’s Pure Income service will give you the opportunity to generate “instant cash” over and over and over again… for the rest of your life.

And last but by no means lest … you’ll also get access to three more top-tier options services with option’s master, Michael Carr…

Michael Carr.

They are…

Premium #21


Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)


Having spent over 10 years testing this strategy in his own account…

Michael Carr has discovered the secret strategy behind “velocity trades.”

A tactic which flies in the face of Wall Street’s accepted “buy low and sell high” rule.

It’s his unconventional way of make life-changing amounts of money in weeks… sometimes days.

Just take a look at some of his top performers with gains like…

104% on ABT in 7 weeks

69% on BYD in 15 days

238% on FFIV in 26 days

170% on MSI in 7 weeks

114% on RMBS in 6 weeks

And many more.

Here are just a few of the raving best comments we’ve received…

Richard B. who wrote:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU as I took a $5,422.00 PROFIT this morning [January 7] on the CMC January $22.00 Calls you recommended on December 30. That paid for my lifetime membership and then some.”

– Richard B.

Troy F. who wrote:

“Held on for a 297% return [in just under two months]. Who doesn’t like that kind of return?”

– Troy F.

Joe G. who said:

“Michael, Your advice has been phenomenal. Your latest recommendation of BSX [on May 21] Call Option brought me a great return. I sold half of my holding on June 8th netting a 50%+ return and to my delight on Monday June 11th I was able to sell my remaining position for $4.60, a 350%+ return.”

– Joe G.

And Max W. who wrote:

“Thank you so much Michael! These are the kind of gains I have been waiting for! Thank you for your continuing in-depth coverage and analysis of the markets and our positions. I recently signed up for your service for life, and I can’t wait to continue exploring options with you and your team.”

– Max W.

In addition to Peak Velocity Trader, you’ll also get access to…

Premium #22

Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

Each month Precision Profits gives you the chance to uncover incredible market trends using Michael’s unique trading formula.

Mike Carr first uncovered this formula while working as a nuclear missile architect for the Pentagon in the 1980s.

It was used to make sure the missiles hit their intended targets — 100% of the time.

He figured an algorithm like this could be used to guide his stock investing strategy with similar precision… and after launching his proprietary system.

Readers have seen top-performing results that have them thrilled…

“A 139.5% gain [in two days]. WOW!!! Can’t wait for your next pick.”

– Philip K.

“Made 260% on your bonus trade in IWM … [in one week]!”

– Frank B.

“Mike the instructions were easy to understand, and that was a lot of fun!! One of, if not the best trade of the year.”

– Richard C.

“Am very excited about the bonus trades. I sold half the position at a 118% profit in a day and half! What a great performer. The other half by the end of day two was at 130% — and it’s still climbing. Great call.”

– Farrell S.

And finally, you’ll also recess access to Michael’s One Trade service…

Premium #23

Value: $3,997 per year

(For Total Wealth Fellowship Members: FREE for Life)

There are over 10,000 stocks in the U.S. market, each trading on its own unique ticker symbol across exchanges like the NYSE and Nasdaq.

With the One Trade strategy…

Michael has narrowed down this vast pool to ONE single investment you can use to target a new trade every week … on the same stock…

It’s simple to trade … simple to follow … and it’s a whole lot of fun.

All you do is make one trade — using the exact same ticker symbol — once a week…

It also comes with a comprehensive 6-part video tutorial series explaining how the One Trade system works…

How to improve performance with different order types…

How to trade options … and so much more.

Look at what current subscribers have shared…

Testimonials shown are the real experiences of paying customers. We’ve selected some of our favorite to highlight. These results are not typical of every customer and your success will depend on initial investment, effort, timing and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.

Kyle S. said:

“Captured a monster 300% gain [in one day]. This was my first trade with your strategy. Way to start out with a bang!”

– Kyle S.

Mark C. wrote:

“First trade and a newbie, 50% gain [in one day]. All I have to say is WOW.”

– Mark C.

John D. emailed:


“This was my first time trading like this, and I made 61% in 6.5 hours.”

– John D.

Together both Chad and Michael 6 options trading services are worth $24,985.

But once again … they are both free for life once you become a Total Wealth Fellowship member.

I hope you can see why we’re calling this is the biggest ever “giveaway” in our history… and our best “value deal.”

Because it is.

And if this were not enough to give you everything you’ll ever need to be wildly successful at investing…

We’re also including two BRAND NEW services that have yet to be released to the public.

The first new service is Mike Carr’s Market Leaders.

This strategy targets the best performing market sector every month. And since it only uses ETFs, it substantially lowers the risk of trading individual stocks while as Mike seeks to outperform the S&P 500 month after month.

In fact, Mike used this same strategy while managing over $200 million dollars for investors had to deposit $100,000 or more … just to gain access.

Best of all, it’s yours for FREE for LIFE when you become a new Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

The Second new service is another service from elite trading legend Ian King’s.

This service has the everyone at Banyan Hill really excited because this strategy is like nothing we’ve ever offered before.

Currently in stealth mode, this service is yet to be named, But given all the ground-breaking strategies Ian’s has used to help people profit in multiple asset classes—from the explosive growth in cryptos to elite options strategies that maximize the markets full profit potential — his newest offering will be one for the record books.

Better still, while others will have to pay as much as $5,199 for access to these new strategies… when you join Total Wealth Fellowship they’re both yours FOR FREE… FOREVER.

But believe it or not … it’s still not everything.

There’s still a couple of other very important things you’ll get once you upgrade into Total Wealth Fellowship.

However, before I get into that…

Let’s do a quick recap of ALL of the premium products you’ll receive the moment you accept our lifetime VIP invitation…

Because I know that was a lot to take in.

Included in Total Wealth Fellowship so far is…


That’s a total value of: $90,775. (per year) on our current services, plus another $5,199 (per year) for two new bonus services for a GRAND Total of $95,971!

Not to mention this also includes access to every special report…

Every how-to guide … every video tutorial.

Every trading manual … every e-book … and ever tip and trick our experts have on offer.

Now I won’t lay them all out here for you now … because quite frankly it would take way to long.

But just so you know here are some that are include:

Options Trading 101: How to Maximize Your Profits

Trade Cryptos In a Flash: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Profit Like Clockwork Trading Manual

Background on Factor Investing

Smarter Investing in Any Economy

Cryptocurrency’s Next Wave: 3 Trades to Multiply Your Money 12 Times in the Next 12 Months

Rapid Profit Blueprint

Rules of the Investing Game

10 Speculative Bets on New Future Perfect Technologies

The $10 Million Windfall Trader

4 Things You Must know Before The You Trade

Your Guide to Spotting Stock Acceleration

5 Stocks to Buy Now for Triple-Digit Gains

How to Collect “Instant Cash” Over and Over Again

The 5 Retirement Killers: How to Stop Them From Destroying Your Wealth

Plus, dozen’s more … and like I’ve stated … growing all the time.

Over $100,000 worth of the best financial advice … at your disposal, anytime you need it.

Now it’s important to remember that not every trade will be a winner, I have shown you some of the best trades from across our services today.

All investing carries risk, so never bet more than you can afford to lose.

But this membership makes it easy for you find a service that matches your risk level and goals.

Simply log on to your very own Total Wealth Fellowship members page and select anything you need.

But wait…

I can hear what you’re saying.

There’s just way too much stuff to wade through … I’ll never have enough time to look at it all.

And you’re right.

There is a mountain of high-quality information for you to look at and become familiar with…

So don’t apologize if you feel a tad overwhelmed.

We certainly don’t want that to stop you, which is why our commitment to doing everything we possibly can to help you realize your investing dreams doesn’t stop here…

As a VIP member of Total Wealth Fellowship

Every month we’ll do all the sorting and sifting for you.

And provide you with a detailed “recap” of the top picks and top strategies across all 25 Total Wealth Fellowship products.

The best of the best recommendations laid out for you in an easy-to-read … easy-to-follow report.

Delivered straight to your inbox.

This alone would be worth its weight in gold and is exclusive to Total Wealth Fellowship members.

And for those who want ready access to everything 24/7…

Nothing could be simpler than having full access to all your VIP products through our easy-to-use smartphone app.

Never Miss a Trade or Update with Full Access to All Your Products in the Banyan Hill App!

The Banyan Hill app makes it easy to review all of your premium articles, videos, trade alerts and weekly updates.


And it will revolutionize the way you receive trade alerts, updates and all your recommendations … maybe even FASTER than having to check your email.

Just turn on the app’s notifications and never miss your chance to take action on the next top picks and recommendations from all of 25 Total Wealth Fellowship products hits your home screen.

Just think … whether you’re on the go, or lounging by the pool at your favorite resort, all the money-making insights and strategies Total Wealth Fellowship has to offer will always be at your fingertips.

And it doesn’t stop there — you’ll also have the opportunity to…

Meet Our Entire Team Of Experts In Person

When we host our next four-day event at a luxurious hotel in an exciting destination.

Previous events have been in Bermuda, Mexico, Panama, and The Bahamas.

And as a Total Wealth Fellowship member you get to attend our next event FREE of charge.

I know of no better place to mingle and socialize with other like-minded individuals … than at the Total Wealth Symposium.

An event where you’ll hear from our entire team of experts … along with 30-plus leading international financial, asset protection, and legal experts.

I’m confident you’ll leave the Symposium with insights and specific investment strategies you can implement right away — just like attendees to our Symposium in The Bahamas did…

“The speakers are very approachable. Everything and more is covered at this event. I learned a lot. Thank you!”

– Dana B.

“Beyond the speakers, being new to Banyan Hill I just loved meeting other attendees and swapping stories!”

– Wendall D.

“The diversity of the topics was amazing. Everything and more was covered.”

– Peter R.

“I enjoyed all the speakers. Each contributed their unique perspectives and real world knowledge.”

– Michael S.

“I went to the Symposium to discover if this could truly be a long-term relationship based on two-way trust. I came away pleased!”

– Don K.

“Banyan Hill has an investment style for every type of investor. The trip to this even was well worth it.”

– Pamela D.

Hundreds of non-members have paid $1995 to attend the Total Wealth Symposium, and it’s worth every penny.

But for you, as a Total Wealth Fellowship member — you’ll get to attend our next event for FREE.

Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy front-and-center reserved seating in a special VIP section … that’s exclusively for Total Wealth Fellowship VIPs.

It’s just one of the many extra benefits that come with your Total Wealth Fellowship membership.

And finally…

Before I tell you the cost of membership, there’s one last benefit I’d like to tell you about.

Your Benefits Never End

As a treasured Total Wealth Fellowship member…

Your benefits never expire.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your Total Wealth Fellowship benefits FOR FREE … for the rest of our life…

You can also pass down your membership — and ALL the benefits it bestows — to your children or grandchildren.

All they have to do is cover the annual dues of $475 for maintenance of this service … they too will be set for life.

I don’t know about you, but we consider this a VERY important benefit.

It means that your membership will do much more than help grow and safeguard your own personal wealth…

It will also be a valuable part of the legacy that you can pass down to the ones you love…

Helping to ensure their wealth is kept safe and grows as well.

So, What’s It All Worth?

As I pointed out…

The list of premium resources Banyan Hill offers is growing all the time.

There has been an additional 10 services added since the last time we decided to offer this amazing value deal.

And truth be told it may be a number of years until it’s offered again … or ever offered it again for that matter.

I personally can’t say. I’ll leave that up to our CFO.

But what I can say, is that this could be your one and only chance to secure our biggest ever “value deal” for the price we are offering it at today.

As you may have guessed — with all of the benefits that are included — membership in the Total Wealth Fellowship doesn’t come cheap.

But its peanuts compared to what you are given and what you can gain by becoming a member.

And the great thing about this membership…

Is that you only have to pay for it once … and then you can enjoy everything for the rest of your life.

That’s a total value of $90,775 (per year) on our current services and another $5,199 (per year) for your two bonus services for a GRAND Total of $95,971!

And it’s all yours, for FREE.

$95,974 per year of value.

But like I’ve said … there are only 500 membership spots available with this exclusive invitation…

Which is first come first serve.

We had to have such a strict limit because in essence we are giving away over $45 million dollars’ worth of premium services every year to 500 lucky VIPs who take advantage of this one-in-a-lifetime offer.

And we’re doing it for all 500 of them … for LIFE.

And when you consider your FREE Legacy Option — that extends the value of this offer down your heirs…

You can see why we are limiting this to only 500 new VIPs.

The types of opportunities that will start coming your way as a member of this elite group must stay on a relatively small scale…

So, members who are seriously interested in experiencing a higher-level of investment performance have the opportunity to not only reach their financial goals, but to exceed them.

In fact, when you really think about it…

How can any serious investor not want to be part of a community like Total Wealth Fellowship?

It holds the answers to so many of the financial challenges any investor could face.

So, what’s it worth to gain “free anytime” access to over $90,000 worth of investment research?

Even if we offered a 40% discount…

It would still be a great deal at $54,000.

Or a 50% discount at $45,000...

Or even a 60% discount to an amazing $38,000 … would still be an exception deal for everything you’ll have access to for the rest of your LIFE.

But instead, we’re offering the 500 VIPs who respond to this offer today, a one-time-only discount of 74%…

Making your investment in Total Wealth Fellowship only $30,000…

A saving of more than $70,000 if you were to access everything we have to offer … one-by-one.

But again, I must warn you…

The price to access all of this WILL go up if we ever make an offer like this in the future.

So, I ask you ... why wait?

But just in case you are still deciding…

I’ve got one last way for you to save even more.

As you know we genuinely love finding ways of putting as much money as possible in your pocket…

Well, here’s another way of saving you some…

An Extra Special Gift:
“Loyalty Savings”

Because I value your loyalty … I want to do everything in my power to ensure you are among the fortunate few who secure one of the 500 available memberships.

So, if you decide to join us today…

You'll receive a rebate on what you’ve already paid to be a valued subscriber and you'll instantly get credit back the difference to offset against your membership upgrade to Total Wealth Fellowship.

Meaning … if you have one, two, three or more subscriptions…

You can cash them in for the price you paid for them … and take that off the price of your VIP upgrade.

Why would we do this?

Because, as one of our most loyal readers, we don’t want anything holding you back from joining this very select group of like-minded people just like you.

We want you to be one of the elite few who have the ability to peer into every single stock newsletter and experience the moneymaking recommendations inside them year after year … for LIFE.

We want you to go for rapid-fire triple-digit gains using our options services so you can experience the incredible profit potential for yourself year after year … for LIFE.

We want you to delve into every book and discover the treasure trove of money saving and wealth protecting secrets they contain year after year … for LIFE.

And we want to give you access to every report … every video … and every last ounce of research and insight we offer so you can maximize your profit potential as you seek to hit your financial goals year after year … for the rest of your LIFE.

I don’t know of anywhere else you can get this level — or value — of expert moneymaking and wealth protection guidance all in one place.

And I firmly believe membership in this small elite group is the best financial decision anyone can make.

As I said though, you’ll need to act fast. There are only 500 spots available — and I fully expect they’ll be snapped up quickly.

This really is a no-lose proposition for you.

While many people dream about a life full of wealth and financial freedom, few take the bold step forward to make it a reality.

Take that step now — while you have nothing to lose ... and while there is still time.

Remember, there are only 500 spots available … I expect them all to be taken before week’s end … and once they are gone, you’re chance to share in our biggest ever giveaway associated with any offer at an any time…

Will be gone as well.

To join the Total Wealth Fellowship, click here now.

I Want To See The Details

I look forward to welcoming you as the newest Total Wealth Fellowship member, and to seeing you prosper with ever-greater financial freedom and peace-of-mind … for many years to come.



John Wilkinson
Director of VIP Service

December 2021


(If you see a WAITING LIST notice when you click, then I’m sorry ... but all 500 memberships have been taken.)

P.S. I truly wish we could extend this offer beyond 500 new members, but we can’t. To preserve the integrity of the fellowship – and some of the profit opportunities it bestows – we must keep membership limited to a very small, tight-knit group.

So, I urge you to claim your spot and join now — before all 500 spots are gone.

Keep in mind, when you join today, you’ll get an instant rebate back on any premium products you’ve already purchase as a “loyalty discount.”

You’ll also get delivered straight to your inbox a Monthly recap giving you the best of the best investment recommendations from our fleet of experts. Saving you hours of time.

The easiest way to get started is to simply enroll online. But if you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can call one of my customer service specialists to answer any questions you may have about become a member. The toll-free number is (800) 681-6552.

But don’t wait.

We’re already fielding calls from loyal readers like you.

And we don’t want you to miss your chance to step behind the velvet ropes as our newest Total Wealth Fellowship VIP.

I Want To See The Details